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100 Best Songs About Voices

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What does the human voice mean to you? Check out this playlist dedicated to the many ways in which voices carry our hopes, dreams, and fears.

What does the human voice mean to you? Check out this playlist dedicated to the many ways in which voices carry our hopes, dreams, and fears.

The word “voice” is used by singers and songwriters from different genres to express a wide range of emotions. While certain songs reveal the dark aspects of life, a great number of songs throw light on positive attributes showcased with a philosophical outlook. Musicians incorporate creative elements to convey the meaning of the term.

What Do Voices Signify

The word “voice” is used in songs and song titles to showcase a plethora of ideas, concepts, and beliefs associated with the heart and mind. While certain songs about voices narrate a literary account associated, majority of these songs showcase metaphorical descriptions of a deeper meaning. Singers and songwriters portray a vivid perspective about listening to your inner voice. These songs bring to life the different transitions people go through with thoughts that dictate a change. In certain songs the message conveyed is to raise your voice against someone or something to bring about a change.

The critical aspect of having a fruitful inner dialogue with oneself to achieve a fulfilling life is explained in a theatrically elegant manner in songs. In certain songs the voice represents a pattern of thoughts that bring memories of the past alive. These tunes exquisitely describe the different emotions one goes through as heart and mind conflict. Varied sensory experiences created internally or externally are distinguished in progressive ways through a narrative to arrive at a conclusion. These songs owe it to imagination and belief to interpret the meaning or purpose conceived.

Songwriters use the word "voice"  to symbolize many different things in their songs.

Songwriters use the word "voice" to symbolize many different things in their songs.

Symbolism of Voice in Songs

The voice is symbolic of different elements that represent the mind and soul. In numerous songs the word “voice” is used to showcase different avatars of an internal monologue that associates with good or evil. While good thoughts represent a voice that brings about new life, bad thoughts associate with destruction and an end. In numerous songs, inner turmoil is reflected with engaging concepts of voices in the head. These songs reflect on the dark side of the human mind with a series of negative emotions.

Whispers or voices in the head that one hears are brought to life with hallucinational episodes and mental conditions that plague the mind through a traumatic condition. These songs showcase the vagaries that result from an imbalanced mind. The negative thought processes that come to life through extreme mental or emotional stress are sometimes manifested as the work of the devil in certain songs highlighting the voice of death or suicidal tendencies. These songs showcase the voice in the head as the attributes of the evil one.

Musicians also portray the voice with different aspects of love and romance. The feelings associated with hearing the voice of the person you love are elaborated in a sensual and poetic way in certain songs. The thoughts of the protagonist are showcased with dreamlike fantasies through a recollection of past events. Certain songs highlight the importance of listening to God’s voice to find everlasting love and happiness. These songs preach the message of God’s love either with contemporary gospel lyrics or with a philosophy tuned in favor of religion. Simply put, a wide range of attributes are associated with voices in song.

From whispers to yells, the human voice is going to let you know what's up.

From whispers to yells, the human voice is going to let you know what's up.

The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, folk songs, hip hop songs, alternative songs, indie songs, reggae songs, disco songs, gospel songs, jazz songs, blues songs, new wave songs, synthpop songs, EDM songs, and dance songs about voices. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

10 Best Songs About Voices

1. “Voice of the Heroes”—Lil Baby and Lil Durk

2. “Voices”—Hurts

3. “You’re the Voice”—John Farnham

4. “Voices”—Tusse

5. “A Million Voices”—Polina Gagarina

6. “Voices Carry”—'Til Tuesday

7. “Use My Voice”—Evanesence

8. “Voices”—Madonna

9. “Million Voices”—Otto Knows

10. “Ghost Voices”—Virtual Self


11. “The Voice”—Lil Durk

12. “Southern Voice”—Tim McGraw

13. “The Voice Within”—Christina Aguilera

14. “Voices”—Ann Lee

15. “Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice)”—Gloria Estefan

16. “Voices”—Disturbed

17. “Voice of God”—Dante Bowe featuring Steffany Gretzinger and Chandler Moore

18. “Voices of Babylon”—The Outfield

19. “Voice Inside My Head”—The Police

20. “One Voice”—Billy Gilman


21. “A Voice in the Wilderness”—Cliff Richard and the Shadows

22. “Forbidden Voices”—Martin Garrix

23. “Voice of the Heart”—Diana Ross

24. “Voices”—Cheap Trick

25. “I Just Had to Hear Your Voice”—Oleta Adams

26. “Voice of a Savior”—Mandisa

27. “The Voice”—The Moody Blues

28. “Voice In My Head”—Alessia Cara

29. “Voices That Care”—Voices That Care

30. “Voice of Truth”—Casting Crowns

31. “Fear the Voices”—Alice in Chains

32. “Still Within the Sound of My Voice”—Glen Campbell

33. “A Voice in the Dark”—Blind Guardian

34. “Tribal Voice”—Yothu Yindi

35. “The Voice”—Eimear Quinn

36. “Voices”—Disclosure featuring Sasha Keable

37. “The Voice of Enigma”—Enigma

38. “Voices in the Sky”—The Moody Blues

39. “A Voice of Love”—Johnny Nash

40. “The Little Voice”—Sahlene


41. “You’re the Voice”—Heart

42. “Silent Voices”—Dionne Warwick

43. “Voice of Reason”—Noiseworks

44. “Every Day My Mother’s Voice”—Paul Kelly and Dan Sultan

45. “Voices”—Motionless in White

46. “Voicemail”—Poppy

47. “13 Voices”—Sum 41

48. “Hush Little Voices”—Sophie Ellis-Bextor

49. “Voice in My Head”—Amy Lee

50. “Voices”—Our Last Night

51. “Sea of Voices”—Porter Robinson

52. “Crickets Throw Their Voice”—Basement

53. “Word of the Voice”—FLOW

54. “Voice Inside My Head”—Dixie Chicks

55. “God Has a Voice, She Speaks Through Me”—CocoRosie

56. “Voice”—Perfume

57. “The Imploding Voice”—The Smashing Pumpkins

58. “She’s Hearing Voices”—Bloc Party

59. “A Voice in the Dark”—Fancy

60. “Other Voices”—The Cure


61. “Your Voice”—Josh Baldwin

62. “The Sound of Your Voice”—38 Special

63. “A Voice of Peace”—Dan Fogelberg

64. “Voices”—Chris Young

65. “In Her Voice”—Moneybagg Yo

66. “Voice”—Ai

67. “Hearing Voices”—OneRepublic

68. “Hear My Voice”—Celeste

69. “The Voices of Sweet Jamaica”—Mr. Vegas

70. “Voices Cryin’ Out”—Donna Summer

71. “The Voice and the Snake”—Enigma

72. “Voice Green and Purple”—The Bees

73. “One Voice”—Brandy

74. “Voice of Anger”—Perkele

75. “His Voice Makes the Difference”—Jimmy Swaggart

76. “Voices”—Saosin

77. “Voice of Contention”—Hatebreed

78. “Voices in My Head”—Ashley Tisdale

79. “Love Your Voice”—JONY

80. “That Voice Again”—Peter Gabriel


81. “Voice of the Chord”—Hiroyuki Sawano

82. “Inner Voice”—Sampa the Great

83. “Who Will Listen To My Voice?”—Forever Be Sure

84. “Voice”—Porno Graffitti

85. “The Voice”—Ultravox

86. “Voice of the Soul”—Death

87. “Silence the Voices”—Chris Cornell

88. “Voice of Hope”—Lara Martin

89. “In Your Voice”—Sugar Pine 7

90. “Listen to My Voice”—Gary Numan

91. “Voices”—Russ Ballard

92. “Voices in My Head”—Falling in Reverse

93. “Voices of Freedom”—Lou Reed

94. “Hear His Voice”—Alexia Curry

95. “Other Voices”—The Cure

96. “Faraway Voice”—Katie Melua

97. “Her Voice”—Graham Phillips

98. “One Voice”—The Wailin’ Jennys

99. “I Hear Voices”—Kasabian

100. “Your Voice”—Axel Thesleff

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