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The 100 Best Songs About Power

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What Does Power Convey in Songs?

It’s a known fact that people with power dictate terms. Power can be used in a constructive manner for wholesome benefits towards our community, or in a destructive manner to achieve selfish motive with an unfair advantage. In songs, the term “power” relates to different scenarios. Singers and songwriters often use the term to express their emotions theatrically.

A diverse range of thoughts, ideas, and concepts are conveyed with the word “power” in songs. A metaphorical mindset is used by singers and songwriters to highlight the dire consequences of power. These songs narrate an account of evil things people do for the greed of money. How negative thoughts corrupt the mind is aesthetically showcased in songs about power. The social influence powerful people use to bend the rules is portrayed in a brutally honest manner in dark tunes. Certain songs associate power with god and often spread the message of peace and joy through their lyrics.

A number of singers and songwriters showcase the power of love through their songs. These songs express earnest feelings about how people renew themselves positively when they find love. How love brings about a change is brought to life through the protagonist in songs. Certain musicians poetically describe how egoistic people absorbed with their grandiosity look down upon others and consider themselves superior. These songs are often filled with elements of sarcasm and humor that highlight the lives of pretentious people. Feminist themes that associate with power and empowerment for women often showcase strong lyrics that ooze optimism and ask women to rise up stronger.

What Does Power Symbolize in Songs?

In songs, power symbolizes a wide range of attributes associated with positivity and negativity. While certain songs showcase power in good light, a great number of songs highlight the destructive nature of power in the wrong hands. How power and corruption destroy the lives of people is exquisitely showcased in songs about greed. The manipulative nature of powerful individuals is often showcased figuratively in songs.

How lies and deceit comes to life with corrupt thinking is thoughtfully narrated in certain tunes. Different ways by which powerful people use authority and control to get things done in their favor are subtly highlighted in songs about corruption. Certain songs preach the message of utilizing power towards the betterment of humanity. These songs often portray the strength and resilience of people who take decisive decisions in implementing change in society.

What positive thinking does is beautifully explained in songs about life. Certain singers draw a thought-provoking comparison between power and money in their songs, and warn of how greed gets honest people to do wrong things for selfish gain. In a number of music videos power is depicted with a life of party, women, luxury cars, expensive clothing, and money. The lavish lifestyle showcased in music videos is also portrayed with the dark aspects of lies, betrayal, and jealousy.

The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, folk songs, hip hop songs, alternative songs, indie songs, jazz songs, blues songs, reggae songs, disco songs, synthpop songs, electropop songs, new wave songs, EDM songs, and dance songs about power. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Songs About Power

1. “Higher Power”—Coldplay

2. “Power Is Power”—SZA, The Weeknd and Travis Scott

3. “Nina Cried Power”—Hozier featuring Mavis Staples

4. “The Power Of Love”—Jennifer Rush

5. “Solar Power”—Lorde

6. “The Power”—Snap!

7. “We Appreciate Power”—Grimes featuring Hana

8. “Soul Power”—James Brown

9. “Resurrection Power”—Chris Tomlin

10. “Money And The Power”—Kid Ink


11. “The Power Of Goodbye”—Madonna

12. “Power Of A Woman”—Eternal

13. “We Got The Power”—Gorillaz featuring Jehnny Beth

14. “Powerful”—Major Lazer featuring Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley

15. “Powerglide”—Rae Sremmurd featuring Juicy J

16. “Horse Power”—The Chemical Brothers

17. “Money Power & Respect”—The Lox featuring DMX and Lil Kim

18. “The Power Of Love”—Frankie Goes To Hollywood

19. “The Power”—DJ Fresh featuring Dizzee Rascal

20. “Power Up”—Red Velvet


21. “We Got The Power”—Loreen

22. “Dangerous Power”—Gabriel & Dresden

23. “Powerful Thing”—Trisha Yearwood

24. “People Have The Power”—Patti Smith

25. “#thatPower”— featuring Justin Bieber

26. “Power”—Sharon O’Neill

27. “Power To All Our Friends”—Cliff Richard

28. “Power To The People”—John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band

29. “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power)”—The Flaming Lips

30. “Faith (In The Power Of Love)”—Rozalla

31. “Power”—Katy Perry

32. “HiiiPoWeR”—Kendrick Lamar

33. “Love Power”—Dionne Warwick and Jeffery Osbourne

34. “Fight The Power (Part 1 & 2)”—The Isley Brothers

35. “Blues Power”—Eric Clapton

36. “Destroyed By Hippie Powers”—Car Seat Headrest

37. “Power”—Exo

38. “The Power Of Christmas”—Lisa, Amy & Shelley

39. “Lady Powers”—Vera Blue featuring Kodie Shane

40. “Power Of The Paradise”—Arashi


41. “Power of American Natives”—Dance 2 Trance featuring Linda Rocco

42. “The Power”—Vanessa Amorosi

43. “Power”—Little Mix

44. “Power of Positive Drinkin’”—Chris Janson

45. “Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love”—Trisha Yearwood

46. “Music is Power”—Richard Ashcroft

47. “Fight the Power”—Public Enemy

48. “Two to the Power of Love”—Janet Jackson and Cliff Richard

49. “The Power of One”—Donna Summer

50. “New Power Generation”—Prince

51. “The Power of Love”—Huey Lewis and the News

52. “I Gave You Power”—Nas

53. “For God’s Sake (Give More Power to the People)”—The Chi-Lites

54. “Turtle Power!”—Partners in Kryme

55. “Power of the Gospel”—Ben Harper

56. “The Power of the Dream”—Celine Dion

57. “Power House”—Rob‘n’Raz

58. “Power and the Passion”—Midnight Oil

59. “The Power of Music”—Kristine W

60. “Power Struggle”—Sunna


61. “The Power Is On”—The Go! Team

62. “Power of One”—Merril Bainbridge

63. “Starpower”—Sonic Youth

64. “Power”—Kanye West

65. “You’ve Got the Power”—Van Morrison

66. “Power of Love”—Deee-Lite

67. “Power of Love/Love Power”—Luther Vandross

68. “Staying Power”—Barry White

69. “Power Rangers”—Might Morph’n Power Rangers

70. “Power”—Leona Lewis

71. “Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)”—Bob Dylan

72. “I Have Learned to Respect the Power of Love”—Rene & Angela

73. “Brainpower”—Freezepop

74. “Power of Love”—Joe Simon

75. “(You Got) The Power of Love”—The Everly Brothers

76. “Power of Positive Drinkin’”—Mickey Gilley

77. “Raw Power”—Iggy Pop

78. “You’ve Got the Power”—James Brown

79. “Panther Power”—Tupac Shakur featuring Ray Luv

80. “Take the Power Back”—Rage Against the Machine


81. “Power of Two”—Indigo Girls

82. “Power & Control”—Marina and the Diamonds

83. “Power Company”—Eric Burdon

84. “The Power of Love”—Charley Pride

85. “Power and the Glory”—Phil Ochs

86. “Truth To Power”—OneRepublic

87. “Lady Willpower”—Gary Puckket & The Union Gap

88. “There is Power in a Union”—Billy Bragg

89. “You’re the Power”—Kathy Mattea

90. “Power”—KMFDM

91. “My Power”—Beyonce

92. “Soft Power”—Arcade Fire

93. “Money Power Glory”—Lana Del Rey

94. “Power to the People”—Basement Jaxx

95. “Power to Believe”—The Dream Academy

96. “Receive the Power”—Guy Sebastian and Paulini

97. “The Power of Prayer”—Bruce Springsteen

98. “Power to the Peaceful”—Paloma Faith

99. “Powershifter”—Fear Factory

100. “He’s Got the Power”—The Exciters

Other Notable Power Songs

• “Woman Power”—Yoko Ono

• “Higher Power”—Anna Bergendahl

• “Power Over Me”—Dermot Kennedy

• “Come Out of That Grave (Resurrection Power)”—Bethel Music and Brandon Lake

• “Ultra Music Power”—Hey! Say! JUMP

• “Your Power”—Billie Eilish

• “Flower Power”—Girls’ Generation

• “Power in the Darkness”—Tom Robinson Band

• “Love Power”—Praga Khan

• “The Power of the Cross”—Kristyn Getty

• “Hyperpower!”—Nine Inch Nails

• “Power”—B.A.P.

• “Power Circle”—MMG

• “Power and the Glory”—Saxon

• “Shining Power”—Berryz Kobo

• “The Manpower!!!”—Morning Musume

• “Powerslave”—Iron Maiden

• “Love Power”—The Boss

• “Diesel Power”—Prodigy

• “Power”—Isak Danielson

• “Respect the Power of Love”—Namie Amuro

• “The Power”—Duke Dumont featuring Zak Abel

• “Powercell”—Invincible Overload

• “Magic Power”—Triumph

• “Power of Your Name”—Lincoln Brewster

• “Superpower”—Beyonce featuring Frank Ocean

• “Power of You”—DJ Tiesto featuring Christian Burns

• “Children Power”—Yoko Ono

• “Power”—Rainbow

• “Girl Power”—The Cheetah Girls

• “The Power of Gold”—Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg

• “Go Go Power Rangers”—Ron Wasserman

• “Speed Up/Girl’s Power”—Kara

• “Miss Teen Worldpower”—The New Pornographers

• “The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power”—Andrae Crouch and the Disciples

• “Seriously Yours/Can You Feel the Power of Words”—Rina Aluchi

• “Solar Power Girl”—Brad Paisley

• “The Power”—Suede

• “The Power of the Heart”—Peter Gabriel

• “Psi Power”—Hawkwind

• “Power Up Turtles”—Hironobu Kageyama

• “Powers That Be”—Rick Ross

• “Magic Power”—Hey! Say! JUMP

• “Power (In Your Soul)”—Interupt featuring Luna LePage

• “Power of Thy Sword”—Manowar

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