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100 Best Songs About Hotels

Good songwriters bring to life different memories associated with hotels.

Good songwriters bring to life different memories associated with hotels.

Be it a holiday or an official work trip, when we travel to a destination, we have a lot of stories to tell about the hotels we stay in. Through songs, musicians creatively bring to life the different memories associated with hotels. While certain songs with “hotel” in the title are actually about hotels and experiences about staying at hotels, a great number of songs bring to life a deeper meaning with a metaphorical explanation.

What Does the Word “Hotel” Convey in Songs?

In songs, the word “hotel” conveys a wide range of attributes associated with the heart and mind. Different aspects of the spending time at a hotel are narrated in creative ways to convey a thought process. Certain singers express their thoughts about how it feels when they are required to spend many days in hotels due to hectic touring schedules. These songs bring to life varied aspects of loneliness musicians experience when they are away from home and family. The eagerness to get back home is thoughtfully conveyed with an aesthetic sense of yearning.

Certain singers and songwriters showcase matters of the heart in a confessional tone with deep metaphorical elements in songs. These songs compare the silence in hotel rooms to the harsh reality of experiencing a bitter breakup. While certain songs present an exaggerated outlook on relationships, majority of songs bring to the forefront startling facts about heartbreak with the protagonist pondering over thoughts in a hotel room. The adventures of staying in a roadside motel are described in a lucid manner in songs about travelling.

Some hotel songs address loneliness musicians feel when they're away from home.

Some hotel songs address loneliness musicians feel when they're away from home.

What Do Hotels Symbolize in Songs?

In songs, hotels symbolize diverse aspects of life intellectually, philosophically, or rationally. Singers and songwriters may convey an idea or concept through a factual account or through a figurative interpretation. Through their travels to different destinations, certain musicians pay an ode to the best hotels to stay in. These songs often narrate the experiences of staying at a hotel with mention of extremely helpful staff who go out of their way to cater to every need. Certain songs explore the dark aspects of insecurities, social pressure, and lack of stability in real life, with hotel rooms portrayed as a way of escapism.

Sometimes aspects of dark love or lustful desire are brought to life through a series of thoughts of the protagonist who fantasizes of getting intimate with someone in a hotel room. These songs highlight the apathy of individuals who suffer from low self esteem brought on either through rejection or a traumatic episode in their life. Certain songs describe the depressing feeling of being in a hotel room and drinking or doing drugs to escape from the situation one is in. In certain music videos, a lavish lifestyle is represented through luxurious hotels, cars, and partying. These songs often showcase the dark underbelly of the flamboyant lifestyle certain celebrities lead. Although a wide spectrum of introspective elements is associated with hotels, in songs, they denote or symbolize

  • Luxury
  • Party
  • Insecurities
  • Dreams
  • Loneliness
  • Fantasies
  • Greed
  • Sex
  • Lifestyle
  • Boredom
  • Lust
  • Vacation
  • Money
  • Adventure
  • Breakup
  • Escapism
Other songs are fantasies about getting intimate in a hotel room.

Other songs are fantasies about getting intimate in a hotel room.

The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, folk songs, hip hop songs, indie songs, alternative songs, disco songs, reggae songs, jazz songs, blues songs, synthpop songs, electropop songs, EDM songs, and dance songs about hotels. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Best Songs About Hotels

1. “Hotel Room Service”—Pitbull

2. “Hotel California”—Eagles

3. “Heartbreak Hotel”—Elvis Presley

4. “Blue Hotel”—Chris Isaak

5. “Little Motel”—Modest Mouse

6. “Memory Motel”—The Rolling Stones

7. “Hotel”—Cassidy featuring R. Kelly

8. “Hotel Yorba”—The White Stripes

9. “Hotel Room”—Calum Scott

10. “Seven Doors Hotel”—Europe


11. “The London”—Young Thug featuring J. Cole and Travis Scott

12. “Imperial Hotel”—Stevie Nicks

13. “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”—Arctic Monkeys

14. “Hotel Walls”—Smith & Thell

15. “Grand Hotel”—Regina Spektor

16. “Hotel Bed”—Chelsea Collins featuring Swae Lee

17. “Tokyo Love Hotel”—Rina Sawayama

18. “Chelsea Hotel #2”—Leonard Cohen

19. “Brothers on a Hotel Bed”—Death Cab for Cutie

20. “Hotel Lobby”—Pop Smoke


21. “Hotel”—Kid Ink featuring Chris Brown

22. “Sitting in My Hotel”—The Kinks

23. “Heart Hotels”—Dan Fogelberg

24. “Hotel Lounge”—Antonia

25. “This Place Hotel”—The Jacksons

26. “Star Hotel”—Cold Chisel

27. “Motel”—Meg Myers

28. “At the Hotel”—Gunna featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Young Jordan

29. “A House Is Not a Motel”—Love

30. “Hot-Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel”—Frank Zappa

31. “Gran Hotel”—Interpol

32. “Motels and Memories”—T.G. Sheppard

33. “(She Was A) Hotel Detective”—They Might Be Giants

34. “Hotel”—Kita Alexander

35. “Hotel Crazy”—Robbie Williams featuring Rufus Wainwright

36. “Hotel”—Koda Kumi

37. “Hotel Shampoos”—Carly Rae Jepsen

38. “N.Y. Hotel”—Knife

39. “Hungover in a Hotel Room”—Luke Bryan

40. “Trash a Hotel Room”—John Pardi


41. “Heartbreak Hotel”—Yohio

42. “Janice at the Hotel Bar”—Hailey Whitters

43. “Hotel Key”—Old Dominion

44. “Hotel”—Tori Amos

45. “Heartbreak Hotel”—Grieves

46. “Surprise Hotel”—Fool’s Gold

47. “The Old Lucky Diamond Motel”—Vince Gill

48. “This Hotel Room”—Jimmy Buffett

49. “At the Hotel”—Eunice Collins

50. “Hotel Nacional”—Gloria Estefan

51. “Hotel Arizona”—Wilco

52. “Cheap Hotel”—Mamas Gun

53. “Motel Flamingo”—Madeline Merlo

54. “Hotel Whiskey”—Hank Williams Jr.

55. “Hotel Majestic”—Fountains of Wayne

56. “Twilight Hotel”—Quiet Riot

57. “Clifton Grange Hotel”—Thin Lizzy

58. “Hotel Song”—Regina Spektor

59. “The Motel”—David Bowie

60. “Fugitive Motel”—Elbow


61. “Hotel Hell”—Skyhooks

62. “Wrecking Hotel Rooms”—MxPx

63. “Hotel Illness”—The Black Crowes

64. “Heartbreak Hotel”—Whitney Houston featuring Faith Evans and Kelly Price

65. “Buffet Hotel”—Jimmy Buffett

66. “Paper Thin Hotel”—Leonard Cohen

67. “Motel Shaker”—Foghat

68. “Hotels”—Juliana Hatfield

69. “One Way Hotel”—Slade

70. “Hotel Chelsea Nights”—Ryan Adams

71. “Hotel in Benidorm”—Paul McCartney

72. “Karma Hotel”—Spooks

73. “Broadway Hotel”—Al Stewart

74. “Hotel”—The Antlers

75. “Motel”—B’z

76. “Hotel”—Lawsy

77. “Leaving Heartbreak Hotel”—The Temper Trap

78. “The Hotel Song”—Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers

79. “Hotel Lobby”—Quavo & Takeoff

80. “The Cheatin’ Hotel”—Hank Williams Jr


81. “Cheap Motel”—Justin Mylo

82. “Hot Rod Hotel”—Billy Bragg and Wilco

83. “Hotel Bar”—The Tallest Man on Earth

84. “Hotel Ceiling”—Push Baby (Formerly Rixton)

85. “The Howl & the Hum”—A Hotel Song

86. “Hotel”—Toby Fox

87. “Hotel Party”—Lil Smurf

88. “Cheap Hotel”—Leon Elso

89. “Hotel Aurora”—Tin Hat

90. “Hotel Normandy”—Patricia Kaas

91. “Motel Song”—Hectorine

92. “The Last Frontier Hotel”—Golden Earring

93. “Gramercy Park Hotel—Edwin McCain

94. “Meet Me at the Hotel”—Joris Delacroix

95. “Hotel Happiness”—Leon Carr

96. “Hotel Hobbies”—Marillion

97. “Home Sweet Hotel”—New Rules

98. “My Heart’s Not a Hotel”—Brooks & Dunn

99. “Hotel Room View”—Vonda Shepard

100. “Hotel Pool”—Lily & Madeleine

Other Notable Hotel Songs

  • “White Hotel”—Karl S. Williams
  • “The Bristol Hotel”—LL Cool J
  • “No Hotel”—Lykke Li
  • “Hotel”—Claire Rosinkranz
  • “Ghost Hotel”—Night Traveler
  • “Floyd’s Hotel”—The J. Geils Band
  • “Hotel Motel”—K7
  • “Hotel Paper”—Michelle Branch
  • “Hotel Bars”—Ritual
  • “November Hotel”—Mad Season
  • “Looking Over From My Hotel Window”—Yoko Ono
  • “Nice Hotel”—Julian Smith
  • “Hotel Roosevelt”—Augustana
  • “There’s a Small Hotel”—Frank Sinatra
  • “Little Hotel Room”—Ray Charles and Merl Haggard
  • “Riverside Hotel”—Kiyotaka Sugiyama & Omega Tribe
  • “Hotel Radio”—Nick Frater
  • “Hotel Vegas”—Omer Balik
  • “Fat Chance Hotel”—Public Limited Company
  • “No Tell Motel”—Don Covay
  • “The Room in a Love Hotel”—Entree
  • “Big Hotel”—Big Pig
  • “Hamburg Hotel”—Underworld
  • “Dream Hotel”—Texas
  • “Back to the Hotel”—N2Deep
  • “Crow Bar Hotel”—Dirty Heads
  • “Hangdog Hotel Room”—Gordan Lightfoot
  • “Hotel Party”—Wreck the System
  • “Motel Lover”—Marvin Sease
  • “The Beat Hotel”—Allan Taylor
  • “Love Motel”—Bill Frisell
  • “Hotel Motel Holiday Inn”—Bogus Trizzy
  • “Hotel Lover”—Julian Vaughn
  • “American Hotel”—Tom Russell
  • “The Hotel”—Stevie Bill
  • “Hotel Happiness”—Brook Benton
  • “The Hotel Song”—David Numwami

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