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100 Best Songs About Fear

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Psychological changes brought about by fear are brought to life by great songwriters.

Psychological changes brought about by fear are brought to life by great songwriters.

Fear is an emotion which is often a response to perceiving a form of threat or danger. The unpleasant feeling associated with the state of fear causes behavioral changes in human beings. The perception of danger is recognized in different ways either with a response or with attributes of escapism. Singers and songwriters bring to light varied aspects of fear through songs. How fears and phobias affect people is showcased literally or metaphorically in songs from different genres.

What Does Fear Convey in Songs?

In songs, fear conveys a wide range of negative attributes that manifest through thoughts. The cause due to which fear, or a phobia takes control is narrated with a tragic story associated with certain events in the past. These songs, typically describe the circumstances that lead to a state of fear and anxiety. The fears and apprehensions shaped by social relations are aesthetically brought to life in songs about relationships. These songs describe how hurt feelings brought upon through a toxic relationship paralyze the mind and compel the person to adopt a negative frame of mind. Certain musicians provide an empowering message about overcoming fear by facing our inner demons and emerging brand new.

In certain songs, the hesitancy of getting into a relationship with someone is showcased as a response to a stimulus occurring in the past. In certain tunes the fear of the unknown showcased in metaphorically to reveal a deeper understanding of someone or something. The psychological changes that fear brings about in a person is thoughtfully brought to life with engaging stories in certain songs. How thoughts about fear of failure affect the mindset of a person is exquisitely described in songs about anxiety. These songs highlight the negative mindset of the protagonist who perceives an act associated with someone or something as danger or risk to self.

How fear of failure affects a person is exquisitely described in songs about anxiety.

How fear of failure affects a person is exquisitely described in songs about anxiety.

What Does Fear Symbolize?

In songs, fear symbolizes different cognitive processes that take shape through manifestation of negative thoughts or phobias. How the human mind is conditioned negatively through a traumatic experience is portrayed with riveting imagery through flashbacks from the past. Certain musicians express hidden fears through a series of dreams and nightmares in songs. These songs showcase the confusion fear brings and how it affects the mental faculty of a person. How dark and destructive thoughts that stem from negativity impact the person and their family and friends is narrated in a confessional tone based on life experiences.

What causes a person to be scared or afraid of someone or something is embodied in stories about the harsh realities of life. These songs typically highlight how a person develops certain phobias through a bad experience in adolescence, teenage, or during adulthood. Certain tunes describe the fear of the protagonist being alone and lonely. These songs often portray the protagonist pondering over how the future will unfold. In certain tunes, negative thinking which arises from anxiety is showcased with different aspects of irrational fear, dread, or apprehension.

A wide spectrum of phycological attributes is associated with fear.

A wide spectrum of phycological attributes is associated with fear.

The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, folk songs, hip hop songs, alternative songs, indie songs, reggae songs, disco songs, synthpop songs, electropop songs, new wave songs, jazz songs, blues songs, EDM songs, and dance songs about fear. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Best Songs About Fear

1. “Scared to Be Lonely”—Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa

2. “Fear Inoculum”—Tool

3. “Fear”—Kendrick Lamar

4. “In My Blood”—Shawn Mendes

5. “Not Afraid”—Eminem

6. “Scared to Live”—The Weeknd

7. “Conversations”—Juice Wrld

8. “Afraid to Feel”—LF System

9. “Breathin”—Ariana Grande

10. “No Fear”—Dej Loaf


11. “Feel Invincible”—Skillet

12. “Afraid”—The Neighborhood

13. “Whom Should I Fear (God of Angel Armies)”—Chris Tomlin

14. “Guts Over Fear”—Eminem featuring Sia

15. “Life is a Fear”—Editors

16. “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”—Blue Oyster Cult

17. “Scared of the Dark”—Steps

18. “Basket Case”—Green Day

19. “Hopes & Fears”—Will Young

20. “Welcome to My Nightmare”—Alice Cooper


21. “The Fear of Being Alone”—Reba McEntire

22. “Fear of the Dark”—Iron Maiden

23. “Get Well Soon”—Ariana Grande

24. “The Fear”—Lily Allen

25. “Run To the Hills”—Iron Maiden

26. “Face My Fears”—Hikaru Utada

27. “The Unnamed Feeling”—Metallica

28. “Afraid”—David Bowie

29. “Fear of a Blank Planet”—Porcupine Tree

30. “Righteous”—Juice Wrld

31. “There Goes the Fear”—Doves

32. “Concertina”—Tori Amos

33. “Light It Up”—Luke Bryan

34. “I Won’t Back Down”—Tom Petty

35. “Afraid”—Motley Crue

36. “Don’t Be Afraid”—Aaron Hall

37. “Fear Nothing”—Selah Sue

38. “No Fear”—The Rasmus

39. “Fear the Voices”—Layne Staley

40. “Fear Campaign”—Fear Factory


41. “Beginning of the End”—Weezer

42. “The Way I Am”—Charlie Puth

43. “My Worst Fear”—Rascal Flatts

44. “I’m Afraid of Americans”—David Bowie

45. “Fear Loves This Place”—Julian Hope

46. “Whatever I Fear”—Toad the Wet Sprocket

47. “No Fear”—Terri Clark

48. “(I’m So) Afraid of Losing You Again”—Charley Pride

49. “Scared of the Dark”—Lil Wayne and Ty Dolla $ign featuring XXXTentacion

50. “Greatest Fear”—Calvin Harris

51. “Party Fears Two”—The Associates

52. “Fear (of the Unknown)”—Siouxsie and the Banshees

53. “Only Fear of Death”—Tupac Shakur

54. “In Her Fear’—Gwar

55. “Man That You Fear”—Marilyn Manson

56. “Blue Fear”—Armin

57. “Scared”—The Tragically Hip

58. “Fear of Drowning”—Sea Power

59. “Battalions of Fear”—Blind Guardian

60. “The Pop Singer’s Fear of Pollen Count”—The Divine Comedy


61. “Fear of Flying”—Vitamin C

62. “Afraid of Love”—Toto

63. “The Fear”—Ben Howard

64. “I’m Not Scared”—Eighth Wonder

65. “Running Scared”—Roy Orbison

66. “Nothing to Fear”—Chris Rea

67. “Too Afraid to Love You”—The Black Keys

68. “Fear of Dying”—Jack Off Jill

69. “Mogwai Fear Satan”—Mogwai

70. “Scared of the Police”—Reuben

71. “Love and Fear”—Imelda May

72. “Fear of Dying”—Alison Wonderland

73. “Too Afraid”—Marina

74. “I’m Scared”—Young Thug featuring 21 Savage and Doe Boy

75. “Fear the Future”—St. Vincent

76. “Don’t Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You”—Suede

77. “So Afraid”—Janelle Monae

78. “Fear Machine”—The Coral

79. “Afraid of the Dark”—Young Ejecta

80. “Moment I Feared”—Snoop Dogg featuring Rick Ross


81. “Afraid of Heights”—Billy Talent

82. “I Was Scared & I’m Sorry”—The Wonder Years

83. “The Fear Inside”—Frankmusik

84. “Pretty Little Fears”—6Lack featuring J Cole

85. “Scared of Lonely”—Beyonce

86. “Am I Going Crazy”—Korn

87. “Scared”—Paul McCartney

88. “Fear is the Key”—Iron Maiden

89. “Afraid”—Vanessa Hudgens

90. “Creature Fear”—Bon Iver

91. “Scared to Death”—HIM

92. “Fear for Nobody”—Maneskin

93. “Scared”—Jeremy Zucker

94. “The Gospels of Fear”—Septicflesh

95. “Face to Face”—Garth Brooks

96. “I Will Fear No More”—The Afters

97. “Formula of Fear”—Hybrid

98. “Nervous”—X Ambassadors

99. “Fear is the Weakness”—In Flames

100. “Scared”—John Lennon

Other Notable Songs About Fear

  • “Afraid of Everyone”—The National
  • “Glitches”—Every Time I Die
  • “Sippy Cup”—Melanie Martinez
  • “From This One Place”—Sara Groves
  • “Inner Demons”—Julia Brennan
  • “King of a One Horse Town”—Dan Auerbach
  • “The Fear”—Shins
  • “Maybe, I’m Afraid”—Lovelytheband
  • “Afraid”—Tenth Avenue North
  • “Fear of Dying”—Poppy
  • “Watching Yourself Slowly Disappear”—Mystery Jets
  • “Afraid”—Nelly Furtado
  • “Scared of Love”—Nate Dogg
  • “Fear”—Sia
  • “Who Scared You”—The Doors
  • “U Scared”—Tyrese Gibson featuring David Banner and Little Scrappy
  • “I’m So Afraid”—Fleetwood Mac
  • “Sky Musings”—Wolf Alice
  • “Brooklyn”—Fickle Friends
  • “Fear My Wrath”—Half Man Half Biscuit
  • “Afraid to Shoot Strangers”—Iron Maiden
  • “Fear of Salt”—Buckethead
  • “All Eyes on Me”—Bo Burnham
  • “Fear”—OneRepublic
  • “Are You Afraid of the Dark”—Short Stack
  • “Paradise Lost”—Fear
  • “Fear for Your Future”—Ron Wood
  • “Fear of Napalm”—Terrorizer
  • “Ain’t Afraid to Die”—Dir En Grey
  • “Pull Me Out”—Bobo Norman
  • “Fear Not of Man”—Mos Def
  • “The Fear”—Trust Company
  • “Fear”—Lenny Kravitz
  • “Waves of Fear”—Lou Reed
  • “Fear of Sleep”—The Strokes
  • “Scared”—Three Days Grace
  • “F.E.A.R.”—Ian Brown
  • “In Fear and Faith”—Crica Survive
  • “Fear”—Blue October
  • “Without Fear”—Lacuna Coil
  • “Fear City Slide”—Queensryche
  • “The Fear”—Travis
  • “Scared”—Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’ Utters
  • “The Breakup Song”—Francesca Battistelli
  • “Hidden Fear”—Richard Wright
  • “Fear”—James
  • “Afraid to Love”—Far Out & Karra
  • “Fear”—All Saints
  • “No more Fear of Flying”—Gary Brooker
  • “Fear”—Disturbed
  • “Streets of Fear”—Hawkwind
  • “The Fear”—Death Grips
  • “Fear of a Red Planet”—Red Flag
  • “Night of Fear”—The Move
  • “Fear”—Jim Martin
  • “Girl Afraid”—The Smiths
  • “Fear”—Mudvayne
  • “The Fear”—Pulp
  • “Far and Loathing”—Marina and the Diamonds
  • “Scare Me”—Kenny Chesney
  • “I’m Not Afraid”—Remy Zero
  • “Fear is A Liar”—Zach Williams
  • “Afraid of the Dark”—TryHardNinja
  • “Fear No More”—Building 29
  • “Don’t Be Scared”—Yoko Ono
  • “The Fear”—The Shins
  • “Fear”—Sarah McLachlan
  • “Scared”—Dangerous Toys
  • “It’s the Fear”—Within Temptation
  • “Fear”—Low
  • “Drenched in Fear”—In Flames
  • “Scared”—Russ
  • “Fear of Motion”—Manic Street Preachers
  • “Are You Afraid of Me”—Shaun Cassidy
  • “Scary But Fun”—Grace Jones
  • “The Fear”—Royksopp
  • “Fear”—Linkin Park
  • “I’m Scared”—Burton Cummings
  • “Afraid”—Medina
  • “Fear”—Sevendust

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