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100 Best Songs About Control

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Great songwriters capture how manipulative people assert power and control to make others feel like puppets.

Great songwriters capture how manipulative people assert power and control to make others feel like puppets.

The word control associates with different aspects of power and the ability to make somebody or something do what is required. A wide range of attributes relating to the heart and mind are showcased in songs from different genres. Different aspects of control are brought to life either with real life experiences or with a metaphorical storyline.

What Message Does Control Convey?

In songs, the word “control” conveys varied emotional elements that represent thoughts, ideas, and concepts. The term is used by singers and songwriters to portray the feeling that comes with power and authority. The authoritative nature and controlling personality of certain people are portrayed in contrasting ways in songs.

How control and manipulation affect the lives of people is brought to life with grim social issues. The different ways in which influential individuals assert their power and control over others is portrayed in an engaging manner in in certain songs.

The feeling associated with taking control of a situation is expressed with a sense of accomplishment that portrays strong characteristics of a person. These songs reveal how grit and determination of a person can overcome all odds. Certain songs highlight how a controlling person in a relationship can have a damaging effect on their partner.

These songs reveal how relationships crumble when one partner tries to assert authority over the other all the time. How corrupt people derive their cheap thrills from power and control is revealed through their egoistic nature and selfish motives for personal gain. These tunes highlight the cruel intent that stems from a negative mindset.

Park Ye-eun, former singer-songwriter in South Korea's Wonder Girls, admitted that K-Pop idols can struggle with control because of the stress of constant training, rehearsing, performing, and even fan adulation.

Park Ye-eun, former singer-songwriter in South Korea's Wonder Girls, admitted that K-Pop idols can struggle with control because of the stress of constant training, rehearsing, performing, and even fan adulation.

What Does Control Symbolize in Songs?

The term “control” is symbolic of a wide array of concepts and ideas pertaining to authority and dominance. The word control is often used in songs to refer to different scenarios associated with feelings and emotions. How people feel when love takes control of their lives is expressed in an endearing manner. These songs highlight how control and discipline in a relationship bring about a sense of satisfaction and contentment. The sense of accomplishment people feel when they take control of their lives is narrated in a confessional manner in certain songs.

Certain songs convey the message of controlling emotions in different phases of life. These songs typically highlight how a people emerge stronger by learning to control their emotions in different relationships. The despair and hopelessness people experience when they begin to lose control over their loved ones, friends, or situations is exquisitely narrated with figurative concepts. How having self-control enables a person to be calm in all situations, and how the lack of it leads a person on a destructive path is illustrated with exquisite comparisons and examples in certain tunes.

How different people handle situations when things go out of control is showcased in a brutally blunt manner. These songs describe how the mindset of a person impacts the lives of others positively or negatively. What it feels like being a control freak or being around one is showcased in certain songs in a diabolically humorous manner, with elements of dark sarcasm questioning what’s right and wrong. Although a wide spectrum of attributes is associated with the term control, in songs it denotes or represents the following:

















We all love songs about how self-control, grit, and determination helped people overcome adversity.

We all love songs about how self-control, grit, and determination helped people overcome adversity.

The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, folk songs, hip hop songs, alternative songs, indie songs, reggae songs, disco songs, synthpop songs, electropop songs, new wave songs, jazz songs, blues songs, EDM songs, and dance songs about control. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Best Songs About Control

1. “Lose Control”—Meduza, Becky Hill and Goodboys

2. “Control”—Zoe Wees

3. “Losin Control”—Russ

4. “I Can’t Control Myself”—The Troggs

5. “Universal Mind Control”—Common featuring Pharrell

6. “Make Me Lose Control”—Eric Carmen

7. “Lose Control (Let Me Down)”—Keri Nelly featuring Nelly

8. “Outta Control”—50 Cent featuring Mobb Deep

9. “Love Is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)”—Donna Summer

10. “Self Control”—YoungBoy Never Broke Again


11. “Let the Beat Control Your Body”—2 Unlimited

12. “I’m In Control”—AlunaGeorge featuring Popcann

13. “Under Control”—Calvin Harris and Alesso featuring Hurts

14. “Controlla”—Drake

15. “You Can’t Control It”—Jack Johnson

16. “Control Myself”—LL Cool J featuring Jennifer Lopez

17. “Control”—Big Sean featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica

18. “Y Control”—Yeah Yeah Yeahs

19. “Take Control”—Amerie

20. “Song 4 Mutya (Out of Control)”—Groove Armada featuring Mutya Buena


21. “Keep Control”—Sono

22. “She Loves Control”—Camila Cabello

23. “Control”—Janet Jackson

24. “Self Control”—Laura Branigan

25. “Take Control”—DJ BoBo

26. “Lose Control”—Hedley

27. “Outta Control”—Baby Bash featuring Pitbull

28. “Control”—Matrix & Futurebound

29. “Take Control”—Roll Deep

30. “Control”—Garbage

31. “Let the Music Take Control”—J.M. Silk

32. “Out of Control (Back for More)”—Darude

33. “Standing in the Way of Control”—Gossip

34. “Descontrol”—Daddy Yankee

35. “Lost Control”—Grinspoon

36. “Taking Back Control”—Sparta

37. “Total Control”—The Motels

38. “Loosen’ Control”—Snoop Dogg featuring Butch Cassidy

39. “Mind Control”—Tantric

40. “Self Control”—Dukes


41. “‘Til I Gain Control Again”—Crystal Gayle

42. “Out of Control”—The Chemical Brothers

43. “I Don’t Want Control of You”—Teenage Fanclub

44. “Control”—Kid Sister

45. “I Like Control”—DJ Clue featuring Missy Elliot, Nicole Wrayand Mocha

46. “Beyond My Control”—Mylene Farmer

47. “No Self Control”—Peter Gabriel

48. “Lose Control”—Kish Mauve

49. “Control”—Traci Lords

50. “Cruise Control”—Headless Chickens

51. “Lost Control”—Alan Walker featuring Sorana

52. “Remote Control”—The Clash

53. “Can’t Control Myself”—Wa Wa Nee

54. “She’s Lost Control”—Joy Division

55. “Remote Control”—Kanye West featuring Young Thug

56. “Remote Control”—The Reddings

57. “Set Controls for the Heat and Sun”—Pink Floyd

58. “Complete Control”—The Calsh

59. “Out of Control”—Kids in the Kitchen

60. “Control”—Mutemath


61. “Can’t Control Myself”—Taeyeon

62. “No Control”—One Direction

63. “Lose Control”—Missy Elliot featuring Ciara and Fatman Scoop

64. “Rollin n Controllin Freestyle”—Dusty Locane

65. “Self Control”—Bebe Rexha

66. “In Control”—Baker Boy

67. “Cruise Control”—Onefour

68. “Lose Control”—Alan Walker

69. “Device Control”—Frank Ocean

70. “Control”—Doja Cat

71. “Control’—London Grammar

72. “Control Me”—VanJess

73. “Lose Control”—The Next Step featuring Bruna Vilaca

74. “Image of Control”—Sumac

75. “In Control”—Hillsong Worship

76. “Out of Control”—U2

77. “Lose Control”—Evanesence

78. “Control”—Austin Winkler

79. “Under Control”—Ellie Goulding

80. “Damage Control”—Katharine McPhee


81. “Crowd Control”—Fisher

82. “Cruise Control”—Mariah Carey featuring Damian Marley

83. “Under Control”—Parachute

84. “God Control”—Madonna

85. “Control the Divine”—Blind Guardian

86. “In Control”—Jenniva

87. “Controller”—Hercules and Love Affair

88. “Out of Control”—Praga Khan

89. “Elle me controle”—M. Pokora

90. “Out of Control”—Rolling Stones

91. “Take Control of Your Own Life”—Sven Karlsson featuring Easton

92. “Control”—Black Dahlia Murder

93. “Take Control”—Kodaline

94. “Control Is Dead”—As I Lay Dying

95. “Lose Control”—Lay

96. “Take Control”—DMX featuring Snoop Dogg

97. “Control”—Halsey

98. “The Other Side of the Crash/Over and Out (Of Control)”—Thursday

99. “Control”—Earshot

100. “Control of the Knife”—Girls Aloud

Other Notable Control Songs

  • “Remote Control Me”—Sandi Thom
  • “Control (Somehow You Want Me)”—Tenth Avenue North
  • “Control”—Puddle of Mudd
  • “Loss of Control”—Van Halen
  • “Control”—Poe
  • “Taking Control”—Bonnie Tyler and Cliff Richard
  • “No Controles”—Nacho Cano
  • “Control Me”—YNW Melly
  • “Outta Control”—Derrick Cobb
  • “Take Control”—Lords of Acid
  • “Control”—Delta Goodrem
  • “Control”—Basement
  • “Take Control”—Weezer
  • “Danger/Disease Control”—X Marks the Pedwalk
  • “Cruise Control”—Kylie Minogue
  • “Taking Control’—Aphex Twin
  • “Control You”—Movement
  • “She’s Lost Total Control”—Ryan Adams
  • “Mind Control”—Big K.R.I.T. featuring Wiz Khalifa and E-40
  • “Take Over Control”—Afrojack featuring Eva Simmons
  • “Damage Control”—John Petrucci
  • “Cold Beer and Remote Control”—Indigo Girls
  • “I’m Taking Control”—Frankie Bones
  • “Gun Control”—Ian Hunter
  • “Out of Control”—Tuesday Knight
  • “Control Freak”—Mya
  • “Control of Me”—RIELL
  • “Full Control”—Shaggy featuring Barrington Levy
  • “Mind Control”—Harm’s Way
  • “Lose Control”—Wiz Khalifa
  • “Rock and Roll Control”—Rick James
  • “No Control”—Set It Off
  • “Dead Hand Control”—Chris Baio
  • “Control Freak”—Copeland
  • “Take Control”—Alicia Moffet
  • “You Control Me”—Kaysha featuring Elizio
  • “Power & Control”—Marina and the Diamonds
  • “Control”—Metro Station
  • “Full Control”—Digital Emotion
  • “Let Love Take Control”—Hall & Oates
  • “Mind Control”—Hardwell
  • “Can You Control Yo Hoe”—Snoop Dogg featuring Soopafly
  • “Out of Control”—The Eagles
  • “Courage and Control”—Brandon Boyd
  • “We R in Control”—Neil Young
  • “Control”—Stabbing Westward
  • “Ballin’ Out of Control”—Jermaine Dupri featuring Nate Dogg
  • “Taking Control”—Birdtalker
  • “Take Control”—Old Gods of Asgard
  • “Damage Control”—Man Overboard
  • “Mind Control”—Iya Terra
  • “Gun Control”—Molly Nilsson
  • “Out of Control”—Hoobastank
  • “Control Freak”—Steve Akoi featuring Blaqstarr & Kay
  • “Mind Control”—Jamezy
  • “Who’s In Control”—Set It Off
  • “I’m in Control”—Midwest Matthew
  • “Full Control”—Snail Mail
  • “Rap is Outta Control”—EPMD featuring Busta Rhymes
  • “Control Freak”—Danny Byrd featuring Tomahawk
  • “Rock ‘N’ Roll Pest Control”—The Young Fresh Fellows
  • “Operation: Mind Control”—Living Colour
  • “Cruise Control”—Joey Bada$$
  • “Taking Control”—Gerald Albright
  • “Control”—Feder

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