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100 Best Songs With “Chase” in the Title

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Words that spark interest and curiosity are immensely popular in songs from different genres. It’s often the simplicity or complexity of themes that tell a captivating story. The creative use of words makes songwriting a unique art form. The word “chasing” is used in different ways to express a wide range of emotions.

What Does the Word "Chasing" Convey in Songs?

The word “chasing” is used to convey a broad spectrum of thoughts and ideas. Although certain songs explore the literal sense of the term, a great number of songs metaphorically bring to life thematic concepts. Different aspects of life are imaginatively portrayed to convey a deep meaning. Singers and songwriters often narrate heartwarming tales of love and despair based on life experiences. Certain songs about chasing dreams motivate listeners to never give up. The message conveyed in these songs is often positive and uplifting. The importance of persistence and patience is highlighted in songs about achieving dreams.

Certain singers and songwriters explore dual perspectives of chasing someone or something with all heart and mind. In certain tunes, the different things a person does while perusing a love interest is described in a humorous way. The different scenarios that go into chasing a girl are narrated in songs in a lucid manner. Songs about chasing a boy are often told from the protagonist’s point of view. The dark side of obsessive romance is portrayed in a brutally honest manner through confessional lyrics. Certain songs also showcase character traits and behavioral traits of the protagonist trying to get over a breakup. Emotional sentiments associated with love and sympathy are brought to life through the protagonist’s mindset in songs.

What Does the Word "Chasing" Convey in Music?

The word “chasing” represents a diverse range of concepts in songs. Singers and songwriters often showcase their state of mind through lyrics in an engaging manner. Songs with a philosophical message bring to life different perspectives about life. In certain songs, the protagonist describes the feeling of being in a celestial world. These songs showcase a world of dreams and fantasies aligned with sparse reality. The greed for material things is represented with power in many songs. The different ways by which power corrupts the mind is exquisitely narrated by certain artists.

The things people do to achieve fame and fortune is thoughtfully represented in songs about chasing money. These songs showcase how people change when money becomes their only priority in life. The reckless lifestyle people lead is aesthetically captured in certain music videos. In songs from different genres the feeling of happiness or sadness is associated with wants and desires in life with pursuit being represented as the metaphorical element.

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TLC just said DON'T go chasing waterfalls!

TLC just said DON'T go chasing waterfalls!

The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, R&B songs, country songs, folk songs, alternative songs, indie songs, hip hop songs, reggae songs, jazz songs, blues songs, disco songs, EDM songs, and dance songs about chasing. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Songs With "Chase" in the Title

1. “Chasing After You”—Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris

2. “Chasing Fire”—Lauv

3. “Chase the Night Away”—Keane

4. “Chasing Stars”—Alesso and Marshmello featuring James Bay

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5. “Chasing Thunder”—Kesha

6. “Chasing Pirates”—Norah Jones

7. “Girls Chase Boys”—Ingrid Michaelson

8. “Chasin’ the Wind”—Chicago

9. “Chasing Time”—Azealia Banks

10. “Chasing Birds”—Foo Fighters


11. “Chase the Devil”—Max Romeo

12. “Chasing”—Aloe Blacc

13. “Chasing Cars”—Snow Patrol

14. “Chasing You”—Bethel Music and Jenn Johnson

15. “The Chasing Song”—Andrew Peterson

16. “Chasing”—Gemma Hayes

17. “Chasing Rainbows”—Shed Seven

18. “Chase”—Koda Kumi

19. “Chasing You”—Ben Platt

20. “Chasin’”—Cub Sport


21. “Chasing Ghosts”—Kylie and Garibay

22. “Chase”—Giorgio Moroder

23. “Chasing Pavements”—Adele

24. “What Are You Chasing”—Bree Taylor

25. “Chase the Feeling”—Wolfmother

26. “Chase the Money”—E-40 featuring Roddy Ricch, A$AP Ferg, ScHoolboy Q, and Quavo

27. “Chasing a Feeling”—Leon

28. “Chasing Gold”—Sunset Sweatshop

29. “The Chase”—Tinashe

30. “Chasing Rivers”—Nano

31. “Chase That Feeling”—Hilltop Hoods

32. “Chasing Hearts”—Breathe Carolina featuring Tyler Carter

33. “Chasing the Tail of a Dream”—The Coral

34. “Chase the Ace”—AC/DC

35. “The Chase”—Celine Dion

36. “I Don’t Chase ‘Em”—Devin the Dude featuring Snoop Dogg

37. “Chasing a Feeling”—The Narrative

38. “Chasing Colors”—Marshmello and Ookay featuring Noah Cyrus

39. “Chase the Blues Away”—Tim Buckley

40. “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow”—Alan Jackson


41. “Chasing Summers”—R3HAB & Quintino

42. “Chase the Tear”—Portishead

43. “Chasing Shadows”—Shakira

44. “Love Me Chase Me”—Reeve Carney

45. “Chasin’ You”—Morgan Wallen

46. “Chase the Sun”—Planet Funk

47. “Chasing Love”—Reese Lansangan

48. “Darkness Keeps Chasing Me”—Grace VanderWaal

49. “Chasing the Light”—Amy Studt

50. “Chase the Feeling”—Kris Kristofferson

51. “Let the With Chase You”—Trisha Yearwood

52. “Chase Me”—Big Boi, Danger Mouse and Run the Jewels

53. “Chasing Rainbows”—Big Freedia

54. “Run Like You’re Being Chased”—Con Colour

55. “Chasing the Sun”—Enrique Iglesias

56. “Love Chaser”—Europe

57. “Chase Every Dream”—Mikey McCleary featuring Anushka Manchanda

58. “Chasing the Sun”—Billy Talent

59. “The Chase”—The Camelots

60. “Knife Chase”—Tom Waits


61. “Let’s Chase Each Other Around the Room”—Merle Haggard

62. “Cut to the Chase”—Rush

63. “Someone to Chase”—Cimorelli

64. “Chasing the Sun”—Hillary Duff

65. “Chasing Sunshine”—Mims featuring KVN

66. “Chase Me Down”—Chris Tomlin featuring RaeLyn

67. “The Chase”—Rednex

68. “Chasing Shadows”—Justin Mylo

69. “Chase the Clouds Away”—Chuck Mangione

70. “I’ll Chase the Sky”—Jessie James Decker

71. “Wild Goose Chase”—Dark Dark Dark

72. “Chasing Your Heart”—NEWPORT

73. “Police Chase”—Paperboy Gee

74. “I Chase Paper”—Piles

75. “Chase the Dark Away”—Jim White

76. “Chase No Love”—ZAZ

77. “Chase That Song”—Cody Jinks

78. “Thrill of the Chase”—Jailbirds

79. “Chasing Love Songs”—Emma G

80. “Chasing the Sunset”—Imaginary Cities


81. “Cut to the Chase—Roman Mules

82. “Chasing the Sun”—The Wanted

83. “Chasin’”—Reks

84. “Chasing Ghosts with Alcohol”—Gomez

85. “The Chase”—Queensryche

86. “Chase your Dream”—King Lik

87. “My Love Chase”—Trinidadian Deep

88. “Chase the Chance”—Namie Amuro

89. “The Chase is On”—Hoodie Allen

90. “Chasing Shadows”—Deep Purple

91. “Never Chase a Boy”—Emily James

92. “Chase You Down”—RUNAGROUND

93. “Chasing Love”—Ruby Turner

94. “Don’t Chase”—Arin Ray

95. “The Chaser”—Infinite

96. “Chase the Darkness”—Ghost Dance Collective

97. “Chase the Memory”—The Marshall Tucker Band

98. “Chase”—Leona Naess

99. “Dust of the Chase”—Ray Wylie Hubbard

100. “Chasing Shadows”—Jamie Drastik featuring Pitbull and Havana Brown

Other Songs with "Chasing" in the Title

  • “Chasing Butterflies (Song for My Dog)”—Frankly Speaking
  • “Chaser”—The Wonder Years
  • “Chasing Highs”—Alma
  • “Storm Chaser”—Rehab featuring Big Gipp and CeeLo Green
  • “Chasing the Sun”—Alex Lloyd
  • “Chase Our Love”—Goldbird
  • “Treasure Chase”—Voivod
  • “Car Chase City”—Tenacious D
  • “Chase a Check”—Shug Da Captain
  • “Chasing Clouds”—Bad Computer and Danyka Nadeau
  • “Chase the Sun”—Hardwell featuring Kelli-Leigh
  • “Chasing Forever”—Will Smith
  • “The Chase”—Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Quintino
  • “Chase the Darkness Out”—Buckethead
  • “Chasing Stars”—Rupert Pope
  • “Chase the Paper”—50 Cent featuring Kidd Kidd, Prodigy and Styles P
  • “Chasing the Moonlight”—Vion Konger featuring Swedish Red Elephant
  • “_Chasing_”—NF featuring Mikayla Sippel
  • “Storm Chaser”—Beth Crowly
  • “Good Luck Chasing Your Mind”—Jack Stauber
  • “Chasing Dragons”—1349
  • “Chase the Day”—Sammy Wilk
  • “Chasing the Fall”—The Darcys

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