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100 Best Songs About Breaking

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Stay strong. Don't break.

Stay strong. Don't break.

The word “break” is hugely popular in the realm of music and literature. Singers and songwriters use the term in different ways to express their emotions. Thematically, a number of songs are about breaking things or an attitude with a blow, shock, strain, or interruption caused by a sequence of events. While certain songs explore the literal sense of the term, a great number of songs showcase a metaphorical account of breaking.

What Does the Word “Break” Convey in Songs?

In songs, the word “break” conveys a wide range of concepts and ideas. Innermost feelings of love and sadness are expressed through lyrics. How a person feels on the inside is exquisitely crafted in melancholic songs that describe the pain of parting ways. The painful memories of a failed relationship are thoughtfully showcased in songs about breaking up. The difficulties heartache brings in a person’s life are echoed with a strong sentiment of withdrawal and anger. Certain songs about breaking someone’s heart narrate a gripping story of cheating and betrayal.

These songs often showcase the thoughts of the protagonist who is deeply hurt in a relationship. The inability to move on and get back to the daily activities of everyday life is depicted with brutal honesty of thoughts. In certain tunes, the protagonist expresses their desire to break free from someone or something in a bid to make life better. These songs often vent about certain norms in society that are unacceptable to the protagonist. Certain songs that portray dark concepts of love, shed light on doubt and low self-esteem that stems from obsession and suspicion towards a partner.

What breaks you?

What breaks you?

What Does Break Symbolize in Songs?

The word “break” symbolizes a plethora of thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Although the term is used as a keyword in many songs to employ a deeper understanding of meaning, a great number of songs also relate the word to a split in a relationship with a person. Certain songs describe the thought process of the protagonist who is contemplating breaking up with someone to move toward a new direction in life. These songs often showcase incompatibility issues and sacrificial love in a theatrically lucid manner. The idea of letting go of someone or something is depicted in an endearing manner by certain bands and artists in their music videos. The rebellious attitude and angst-filled life of individuals are portrayed diabolically in certain songs about breaking rules.

These songs showcase the revolt of youth is associated with the apathy toward certain social issues. Although the entities that voice their opinions through such songs are progressive with their thoughts, the message is often aimed at changing mindsets. In certain tunes, singers and songwriters narrate their uncontrollable urge to go on a rampage. The inability to control oneself when overcome with rage is highlighted in songs about breaking things. Certain singers and songwriters express their emotions about breaking down the walls of hate and spreading peace and stopping wars. Although the word “break” is associated with varied attributes, in songs, the term denotes or symbolizes

  • Breakup
  • Guilt
  • Despair
  • Separation
  • Hate
  • Divorce
  • Anger
  • Loss
  • Aggression
  • Heartache
  • Freedom
  • Solitude
  • Obsession
  • Hopelessness
  • Disappointment
Heartbreak is a big theme in songs that use the word breaking.

Heartbreak is a big theme in songs that use the word breaking.

The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, folk songs, hip hop songs, indie songs, alternative songs, reggae songs, new wave songs, synthpop songs, disco songs, EDM songs, and dance songs about breaking. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Best Songs About Breaking

1. “Break My Heart”—Dua Lipa

2. “Break Free”—Ariana Grande featuring Zedd

3. “I Want to Break Free”—Queen

4. “Breaking the Girl”—Red Hot Chilli Peppers

5. “Break on Me”—Keith Urban

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6. “Break Up Song”—Little Mix

7. “Alone I Break”—Korn

8. “Breaking the Law”—Judas Priest

9. “Break Your Heart”—Taio Cruz

10. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”—Elton John and Kiki Dee


11. “Break”—Three Days Grace

12. “Hard Habit to Break”—Chicago

13. “Breaking Down”—I Prevail

14. “Break the Bank”—Schoolboy Q

15. “Break the Night With Colour”—Richard Ashcroft

16. “Can’t Break It to My Heart”—Tracy Lawrence

17. “Never Will I Break”—3 Doors Down

18. “Break Up With Him”—Old Dominion

19. “Break It Off”—Rihanna

20. “Break the World”—Nine Lashes


21. “Break it Off”—Pink Pantheress

22. “Break the Rules”—Charli XCX

23. “Breaking Point”—Keri Hilson

24. “Break the Ice”—Britney Spears

25. “Break Me Shake Me”—Savage Garden

26. “Break Up”—Mario featuring Gucci Mane and Sean Garrett

27. “Breaking the Habit”—Linkin Park

28. “Break My Heart Again”—Danielle Bradberry

29. “Breaking Free”—Drew Seeley, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

30. “Break Every Chain”—Tasha Cobbs

31. “Breaking”—Anberlin

32. “Breaking All the Rules”—She Moves

33. “Break Down the Walls”—Asking Alexandria

34. “Break Anotha”—Blake Lewis

35. “Break On Through (To the Other Side)”—The Doors

36. “Breaking Up Slowly”—Kato Callebaut featuring Tom Dice

37. “Break a Sweat”—Becky G

38. “Break of a Heartache”—Avril Lavigne

39. “Break My Heart Again”—Finneas

40. “Break You”—Marion Raven


41. “Break My Fall”—Tiesto featuring BT

42. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”—Backstreet Boys

43. “Break My Bank”—New Boyz featuring Iyaz

44. “Break Up in a Small Town”—Sam Hunt

45. “Breakn’ a Sweat”—Skrillex and The Doors

46. “Break Down Here”—Julie Roberts

47. “Breaking Point”—Bullet For My Valentine

48. “Break It Down Again”—Tears for Fears

49. “Breaking It Slowly”—George

50. “Give Your Heart a Break”—Demi Lovato

51. “Break Stuff”—Limp Bizkit

52. “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”—Neil Sedaka

53. “Break It Up”—Scooter

54. “Break Me—Jewel

55. “Break Every Rule”—Tina Turner

56. “Break ‘Em Off”—Paul Wall featuring Lil’ Keke

57. “Breaking News”—Michael Jackson

58. “Breaking Up My Heart”—Shakin’ Stevens

59. “Breaking Up”—Eskimo Joe

60. “Break Da Law”—21 Savage


61. “Breakin’…There’s No Stopping Us”—Ollie & Jerry

62. “Break the Silence”—Thomas Ring

63. “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored”—Ariana Grande

64. “Breaking New Ground”—Wild Rose

65. “Breakin’ Up”—Gwen Stefani

66. “Break it to Me Gently”—Aretha Franklin

67. “Breaking Us in Two”—Joe Jackson

68. “Break 4 Love”—Raze

69. “Breaking My Fall”—Bressie

70. “Break It Up”—Rocket from the Crypt

71. “Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s”—Sam Hunt

72. “Breakin’ Away”—Kim Wilde

73. “Break Away”—Art Garfunkel

74. “Breaker 1/9”—Common

75. “Break Away”—Gail Davies

76. “Break Away”—The Beach Boys

77. “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)”—Mint Condition

78. “Don’t Break My Heart”—Romeo’s Daughter

79. “Breakin’”—The Music

80. “Break My Heart (You Really)”—Shakespears Sister


81. “Break the Line”—Guano Apes

82. “Breaking Me”—Topic and A7S

83. “Break in the Weather”—Jenny Morris

84. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”—Agnes

85. “Breaking Water”—Richard Wright

86. “Breaking Glass”—David Bowie

87. “Breakin’ It”—Loretta Lynn

88. “Breakin’ Down the Walls of Heartache”—The Bandwagon

89. “Breaking the Chains”—Dokken

90. “Breaking Me Down”—Maria Lawson

91. “Breaking the Silence”—Queensryche

92. “Breaking My Heart”—Michael Learns to Rock

93. “Breaking and Entering”—Dee Dee Sharp-Gamble

94. “Breakin’ All Over Town”—Joan Kennedy

95. “Break My Heart”—Estelle featuring Rick Ross

96. “Breakin’ in a Brand New Heart”—Connie Francis

97. “Break It Up”—Foreigner

98. “Break the Rules”—Status Quo

99. “Breaker-Breaker”—Outlaws

100. “Breaking Down”—Florence and the Machine

Other Notable Songs About Breaking

  • “Breaking”—The Swon Brothers
  • “Break Some Off”—Korn
  • “Better Than We Break”—Maroon 5
  • “If He Should Break Your Heart”—Journey
  • “Break My Heart”—Hey Violet
  • “Break”—Julia Stone
  • “Breaking Dawn”—Paul van Dyk with Alex M.O.R.P.H.
  • “Breaking Hearts”—Sam Smith
  • “Don’t Break My Heart”—UB40
  • “Break”—Kero Kero Bonito
  • “Break the Silence”—Jason Hartman
  • “Break Apart Her Heart”—Good Charlotte
  • “Break My Heart”—Hillary Duff
  • “Breaking the Silence”—Firewind
  • “He Will Break Your Heart”—Jerry Butler
  • “Break the House Down”—Tiesto
  • “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”—Sonic Dream Collective
  • “Break it to Me”—Muse
  • “Breaking News”—Machine Gun Kelly
  • “Don’t Break My Heart”—La Toya Jackson featuring Tom Beser
  • “Born to Break My Heart”—Carly Simon
  • “Break Your Heart Right Back”—Ariana Grande featuring Childish Gambino
  • “Break ‘Em Off Some”—Cypress Hill
  • “Breaking the Rules”—Jack Savoretti
  • “Break the Chain”—Oh Land
  • “Break My Stride”—Matthew Wilder
  • “Break Into Your Heart”—Iggy Pop
  • “Break Ya Neck”—Busta Rhymes
  • “Break Out! Break Out!”—All Time Low
  • “Break All Day!”—Alisa Mizuki
  • “Break Up To Make Up”—The Stylistics
  • “Break It to Me Gently”—Brenda Lee
  • “Break Your Heart”—Natalie Merchant featuring N’Dea Davenport
  • “Breakin’ Down”—Skid Row
  • “Give the Po’ Man a Break”—Fatboy Slim
  • “Break Ya Back”—Timbaland
  • “Break of Dawn”—Eric Saade
  • “Breaking the Chain”—Sum 41
  • “Either Way, Ill Break Your Heart Someday”—Augustana
  • “Break Ground”—Blue October
  • “Break This Heartbreak”—Kylie and Garibay
  • “Break Away (from That Boy)”—The Newbeats
  • “Breaking Up”—Charlie XCX
  • “So He Won’t Break”—The Black Keys
  • “Breakin’ Outta Hell”—Airbourne
  • “The Breaks”—Curtis Blow
  • “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart”—Louis Tomlinson
  • “Breaking Hearts”—Chara
  • “Break Through the Silence”—Martin Garrix
  • “Building Tears Will Break the Skies”—Trivium
  • “Breaking News”—Shinee
  • “Break It to Them Gently”—Burton Cummings
  • “Break Ya Ankles”—E-40 featuring Shawty Lo
  • “Breaking Hearts (Ain’t What It Used to Be)”—Elton john
  • “Break the Ice”—Stratovarius
  • “Break Your Promise”—The Delfonics
  • “Break Up in the End”—Cole Swindell
  • “Break My Heart”—Todrick Hall
  • “Break My Heart”—Malcom Middleton
  • “Breaking All Illusions”—Dream Theater
  • “Break Your Plans”—The Fray
  • “Break of Dawn”—Michael Jackson
  • “Breaking News”—Half Man Half Biscuit
  • “Breakin’ Dishes”—Rihanna
  • “Break Away”—Ivy Quainoo
  • “I Won’t Break”—Cheryl
  • “Breaking Down Paradise”—Roger Daltrey
  • “Breaking Inside”—Shinedown
  • “Break My Heart”—Blue
  • “Breakin’ the Chainz”—Crashdiet
  • “Breaks My Back”—Jerry Cantrell
  • “Breakin’ Up is Breakin’ My Heart”—Roy Orbison
  • “Don’t Break My Heart”—Vaya Con Dios
  • “Break It In”—Eli Young Band
  • “Break Out!”—Nanase Aikawa
  • “Break Your Little Heart”—All Time Low
  • “Break My Heart”—Victoria Duffield
  • “Need a Break”—Kodak Black
  • “Break My Soul”—Leela James
  • “Break the Chain”—Tourbillion
  • “Breaking All the Rules”—Ozzy Osbourne
  • “Breakers”—Local Natives
  • “Break Out! Break Out!”—All Time Low
  • “Breakin’ Point”—Peter Bjorn and John
  • “Break”—Kathrine McPhee
  • “Don’t Break My Heart”—Nicola

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