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The 100 Best Songs About Blood

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What Does Blood Convey?

A lot comes to mind when you hear the word “blood." In songs from different genres, the term blood is used to convey either it’s literal meaning or a deeper understanding of a concept metaphorically. A plethora of emotions are expressed by singers and songwriters to bring alive sentiments that connect with the heart and mind.

Blood conveys a wide range of attributes associated with thoughts. A number of songs with “blood” in the title portray ideas that are dark and philosophical. Lyrical themes often address the emotional mindset of people, with contemplative feelings explaining the message conveyed. Sometimes, hidden meanings in songs are left for intellectual interpretation to decode a thought process. The suffering people go through is conceptually revealed in a great number of songs about blood. Certain songs about bitter relationships highlight the bad blood between two individuals. These songs often showcase ill feelings and remorse individuals have towards each other after a breakup.

The state or condition of a person who has suffered emotionally and physically in a relationship is explained in a confessional tone in songs about breakups. These songs typically represent the “bleeding heart” that figuratively describes the difficulties of coping up after a painful breakup. The emptiness that one feels within is often associated with spiritual realms of healing through precious blood. The varying capacities of human behavior are aesthetically brought to life with blood representing comparative forms. Manipulative nature of heartless people is often showcased with different attributes of pride.

In songs, blood symbolizes a gamut of expressions and emotions. How a person feels about someone or something, is brought to life through the protagonist in songs. Evil is often depicted with a sense of revengeful desire in songs. Although blood represents divine life in its different forms, it is also associated symbolically with death. Bands and artists explore the feeling of guilt in numerous songs about unrequited love. The passion and desire to possess someone or something is often figuratively associated with warmth and blood. Different aspects of brotherhood are portrayed with blood symbolically in certain tunes.

In certain songs, blood is showcased as a sign of uncleanliness. Birth and death are often associated in variable proportions with blood. While birth announces the arrival of purity, death laments about the impurities of life. The sacrifices people make symbolically represents purity of the soul. Different aspects of family life are explained with the existence of love in its different forms, and the lack of it. In numerous music videos, blood is showcased in different ways to bring alive dark aspects of the human mind. Visual representations in videos are sometimes graphic and associate with forms of violence.


The list below showcases a collection of rock songs, pop songs, heavy metal songs, country songs, hip hop songs, folk songs, indie songs, alternative songs, new wave songs, synthpop songs, disco songs, jazz songs, blues songs, EDM songs, and dance songs about blood. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Songs About Blood

1. “Bad Blood”—Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar

2. “Wash Us in the Blood”—Kanye West featuring Travis Scott

3. “Bloodstream”—Ed Sheeran

4. “In Cold Blood”—alt-J

5. “Bleeding Love”—Leona Lewis

6. “Wait and Bleed”—Slipknot

7. “Blood on the Dance Floor”—Michael Jackson

8. “Until I Bleed Out”—The Weeknd

9. “Bleed It Out”—Linkin Park

10. “Out for Blood”—Sum 41


11. “Blood”—Kendrick Lamar

12. “Sunday Bloody Sunday”—U2

13. “Back in Blood”—Pooh Shiesty featuring Lil Durk

14. “Youngblood”—5 Seconds of Summer

15. “Blood and Thunder”—Mastodon

16. “Bleeding Out”—Imagine Dragons

17. “Bloody Valentine”—Machine Gun Kelly

18. “Bleed”—A Boogie wit da Hoodie

19. “Raining Blood”—Slayer

20. “It’s Okay (One Blood)”—The Game featuring Junior Reid


21. “Blood, Sweat & Tears”—Ava Max

22. “Bad Blood”—Bastille

23. “Blood on the Leaves”—Kanye West

24. “Flesh Without Blood”—Grimes

25. “In the Blood”—John Mayer

26. “Blood All on It”—Gucci Mane featuring Key Glock and Young Dolph

27. “Darker Than Blood”—Steve Akoi featuring Linkin Park

28. “Bleed”—Hot Chelle Rae

29. “Blood // Water”—Grandson

30. “Young Blood”—The Naked and Famous

31. “Bruised and Bloodied”—Seether

32. “Red Blooded Woman”—Kylie Minogue

33. “Irish Blood, English Heart”—Morrissey

34. “God Save Our Young Blood”—Borns featuring Lana Del Rey

35. “Bleed Red”—Ronnie Dunn

36. “Bleed”—Soulfly

37. “Blood for Poppies”—Garbage

38. “In My Blood”—Black Stone Cherry

39. “Blood Walk”—YG featuring Lil Wayne & D3szn

40. “Blood Bank”—Bon Iver


41. “Blood, Tears & Gold”—Hurts

42. “The Blood That Moves the Body”—A-ha

43. “My Blood”—21 Pilots

44. “Mystery of a Blood Red Rose”—Avantasia

45. “Bloodfeather”—Highly Suspect

46. “Blood Sweat & Tears”—BTS

47. “Mud Blood”—Loic Nottet

48. “Screaming Bloody Murder”—Sum 41

49. “Flesh & Blood”—Invictus Games Choir and Gareth Malone

50. “Bleed It”—Blueface

51. “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown”—Volbeat

52. “Thicker Than Blood”—Garth Brooks

53. “Blood Wolf”—Dance Gavin Dance

54. “Let It All Bleed Out”—Rob Zombie

55. “By the Blood”—Drowning Pool

56. “Bleed Together”—Soundgarden

57. “Young Blood”—Norah Jones

58. “Only Women Bleed”—Alice Cooper

59. “Too Much Blood”—The Rolling Stones

60. “Blood on My Hands”—The Used


61. “Fresh Blood”—Eels

62. “Bleed American”—Jimmy Eat World

63. “Blood Red Summer”—Coheed and Cambria

64. “Pay in Blood”—Bob Dylan

65. “Blood”—In This Moment

66. “Superblood Wolfmoon”—Pearl Jam

67. “Coldblooded”—James Brown

68. “American Blood”—Reckless Kelly

69. “Blood in My Eyes”—Sum 41

70. “Blood and Roses”—The Smithereens

71. “Williams’ Blood”—Grace Jones

72. “Bleed the Freak”—Alice in Chains

73. “Love Like Blood”—Killing Joke

74. “Blood Fire War Hate”—Soulfly

75. “Giving Blood”—Architects

76. “Bleed Like Me”—Garbage

77. “Bleeding Me”—Metallica

78. “Hot Blooded Woman”—Vanessa Petruo

79. “Bad Blood”—Ministry

80. “Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding”—Elton John


81. “Cold Blooded”—Rick James

82. “Bloody Mary Morning”—Willie Nelson

83. “In My Blood”—Shawn Mendes

84. “Blood Makes Noise”—Suzanne Vega

85. “In the Blood”—Better than Ezra

86. “Roots Bloody Roots”—Sepultura

87. “Blood Red and Goin’ Down”—Tanya Tucker

88. “Blood and Honey”—Amanda Lear

89. “She Makes My Nost Bleed”—Mansun

90. “Bleed for Me”—Dead Kennedy

91. “Romeo Is Bleeding”—Tom Waits

92. “Cain’s Blood”—4 Runner

93. “Blooddrunk”—Children of Bodom

94. “Crying Blood”—V V Brown

95. “Bloodclot”—Rancid

96. “Hot Blooded”—Foreigner

97. “Sunday Bloody Sunday”—John Lennon and Yoko Ono

98. “Give Blood”—Pete Townshend

99. “Bleed for Me”—Black Label Society

100. “Precious Blood”—The Gits

Other Notable Blood Songs

• “Wicked Blood”—Sea Wolf

• “Blood on Me”—Sampha

• “Blood, Sex and Booze”—Green Day

• “Young Blood”—Bea Miller

• “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)”—AC/DC

• “Bad Blood”—Supergrass

• “Drawn to the Blood”—Sufjan Stevens

• “My Blood”—Westlife

• “Bad Blood”—Neil Sedaka

• “Blood”—Illenium

• “Bleeding Heart”—Regina Spektor

• “Bad Blood”—Jess Glynne

• “Love Lies Bleeding”—Sonic Animation

• “Bleed Out”—Blue October

• “We Suck Young Blood”—Radiohead

• “Bloodshot”—Dove Cameron

• “Bloodshed”—Soulfly

• “Bitemarks and Bloodstains”—Finch

• “Blood on the Ground”—Incubus

• “Blood”—My Chemical Romance

• “Blood Red Sandman”—Lordi

• “Blood Runs Cold”—Def Leppard

• “Bleed Into Your Mind”—The All-American Rejects

• “My Heart Bleeds the Darkest Blood”—Shai Hulud

• “Bleeding Heart”—Elmore James

• “Bleeding in the Blur”—Code Orange

• “New Blood”—Bloc Party

• “Blood Honey”—Marilyn Manson

• “Warm Blood”—Carly Rae Japsen

• “Blood Brothers”—Iron Maiden

• “The Nosebleed Section”—Hilltop Hoods

• “Bloodstained Heart”—Darren Hayes

• “Hearts That Bleed”—State of Shock

• “Bad Blood”—Siobhan Fahey

• “Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool”—Editors

• “Bleed”—Meshuggah

• “Bloodstream”—Tokio Myers

• “Thin the Blood”—Airbourne

• “Flesh and Blood”—Imelda May

• “No Time to Bleed”—Suicide Silence

• “Blood on Blood”—Bon Jovi

• “Blood on the Dope”—Gunplay featuring Yo Gotti and PJK

• “Sweet Blood Call”—Eric Burdon Band

• “Blood and Fire”—Van Halen

• “My Blood is Too Thick for Nevada”—A Loss for Words

• “Bleeding You Dry”—EMF

• “Message in Blood”—Pantera

• “Bleeding”—Lovex

• “Bloody Well Right”—Supertramp

• “Drink New Blood”—Iggy Pop

• “Bleed”—Collective Soul

• “Stop the Bleeding”—Machine Head

• “Bonded By Blood”—Exodus

• “Blood of Eden”—Peter Gabriel featuring Sinead O’Connor

• “Cosmopolitan Bloodloss”—Glassjaw

• “Bleed You Dry”—Grinspoon

• “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”—Bob Dylan

• “Hollywood’s Bleeding”—Post Malone

• “Fast Blood”—Frightened Rabbit

• “Bloodfold”—alt-J

• “Still My Bleeding Heart”—Steve Vai

• “Blood From a Clone”—George Harrison

• “Blood Tears”—Blind Guardian

• “Power in the Blood”—Jimmy D Psalmist

• “The Bleeding”—Five Finger Death Punch

• “Blood in the Cut”—K. Flay

• “The Dragon Lies Bleeding”—DragonForce

• “Flesh & Blood (Sacrifice)”—Poison

• “Blue Blood Blues”—Dead Weather

• “Blue Blooded Woman”—Alan Jackson

• “Creek Mary’s Blood”—Nightwish

• “Bleed Well”—HIM

• “Through Silver In Blood”—Neurosis

• “Blood Stained”—Judas Priest

• “Thrones of Blood”—Suffocation

• “Bleeding From Every Hole”—Crowbar

• “Blood of Christ”—The Game

• “Cry Cry Blood”—Steel Pulse

• “Blood”—Editors

• “Blood of My Enemies”—Manowar

• “The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power”—Andrae Crouch and the Disciples

• “Blood on the Bricks”—Aldo Nova

• “Cold Blooded Old Times”—Smog

• “Blood to Bleed”—Rise Against

• “Blood on the World’s Hands”—IronMaiden

• “The Blood and the Name”—Dunsin Oyekan

• “Blood Drenched Execution”—Cannibal Corpse

• “Night’s Blood”—Dissection

• “Blood”—Anthrax

• “Blood Bound”—HammerFall

• “Blood, Bunny, Larkhall”—Reuben

• “We Drink Your Blood”—Powerwolf

• “Blood on the Quad”—Half Man Half Biscuit

• “All You Need is Blood”—Beatallica

• “Bloody Stream”—Koda

• “Blood (Empty Promises)”—Papa Roach

• “Blood”—The Middle East

• “World Painted Blood”—Slayer

• “Blood on the Money”—Future

• “Blood Creepin”—Death Grips

• “Flesh and Blood’—Roxy Music

• “Pink Blood”—Hikaru Utada

• “Blood Fire Death”—Bathory

• “Blood Brother”—Tom Robinson

• “Blood Stained Revolution”—Saving Abel

• “Blood Circulator”—Asian Kung-Fu Generation

• “Bleed the Same”—Mandisa

• “Let It Bleed”—The Rolling Stones

• “Bleeding All Over You”—Martha Wainwright

• “In Cold Blood”—Ric Ross

• “Blood of the Kings”—Manowar

• “Blue Blood”—Foals

• “Blood”—Priestess

• “Flesh and Blood”—Johnny Cash

• “Blood on the Ice”—Anvil

• “Blood and Water”—Palm Springs

• “Colors Bleed”—Pop Evil

• “Blood”—Pearl Jam

• “Bloody”—Five Finger Death Punch

• “Blood on Fire”—AAA

• “Love in Cold Blood”—HIM

• “Blood”—Dropkick Murphys

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