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100 Best K-Pop Dance Songs

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Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du you love to dance to BLACKPINK?!?!

Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du you love to dance to BLACKPINK?!?!

K-Pop Has Changed the Game

In a relatively short span of time, K-pop, a form of popular music originating in South Korea, has managed to mesmerize music fans globally. The glitzy style of Korean pop has grown into a subculture that has given new meaning to fandom.

Teenagers and young adults globally are smitten with all things K-pop. The trends that are associated with this genre of music are diverse and futuristic, emphasizing a mainstream hybrid of Western and Asian cultures. K-pop dance songs have changed the blueprint of entertainment with an engaging spectrum of musical ideas and visual elements.

The list below showcases a diverse collection of K-pop dance songs for parties. If you have a view, opinion, or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Best K-Pop Dance Songs

  1. “Dynamite”—BTS
  2. “Kill This Love”—BLACKPINK
  3. “I Am the Best”—2NE1
  4. “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du”—BLACKPINK
  5. “Mic Drop”—BTS
  6. “TT”—Twice
  7. “Dumb Dumb”—Red Velvet
  8. “On”—BTS
  9. “Gangnam Style”—PSY
  10. “I Got a Boy”—Girls' Generation

K-pop dance songs have become exceedingly popular because of their high-quality presentation that encompasses a wide spectrum of audiovisual content. The spectacular dance moves, formation changes, and point choreography that consist of hooks and repetitive movements give these songs their distinctive character.

K-Pop Synthesizes Multiple Genres

The synthesized sound of K-pop takes shape with a diverse influence of genres that include R&B, pop, rock, hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, techno, disco, house, afrobeats, and electronic music. The urban sound of modern K-pop encompasses varied elements of EDM, trap music, dubstep, electropop, house, electrohouse, hip hop, R&B, dance-pop, synth pop, bubblegum pop, funk, nu-disco, and breakbeat, which have cult appeal in the party circuit.

With Korean dance songs gaining a widespread global audience in recent years, the club scene has witnessed a new sound of dance music emerge. DJs at party hotspots around the world are incorporating the groovy beats of K-pop into their setlists to create high-octane energy that keeps audiences in frenzy.

K-Pop at the Club

K-pop songs have become party favorites because of their slick and sophisticated synthesized sound suited for ultra urban dance forms. The hypnotic sounds of Korean pop have become hugely popular at nightclubs and wedding parties. Modern K-pop has become the new dance flavor at every party destination. Some of the best club bangers in present times owe it to K-pop.

Red Velvet's name reflects the diversity of K-pop. Their "red" side is pop experimenting with electro-funk and hip hop, while their "velvet" side echoes Destiny's Child.

Red Velvet's name reflects the diversity of K-pop. Their "red" side is pop experimenting with electro-funk and hip hop, while their "velvet" side echoes Destiny's Child.


11. “Fake Love”—BTS

12. “How You Like That”—BLACKPINK

13. “Rum Pum Pum Pum”—f(x)

14. “Likey”—Twice

15. “I Need You”—BTS

16. “Red Flavor”—Red Velvet

17. “Ice Cream”—BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez

18. “Call Me Baby”—Exo

19. “Bad Boy”—Big Bang

20. “Criminal”—Taemin

Choreography in K-Pop

K-pop has taken dance choreography to a whole new level. A number of K-pop songs feature jaw-dropping dance routines shot in a spectacular camera angles. The synchronic formation changing movements in slickly choreographed dance songs are matched with the characteristics of lyrics to create an audio visual extravaganza for viewers.

K-pop choreography is known for its flawless point dance symmetrical flow made up of hooks and repetitive movements. Choreographers construct and assemble layers of dance steps and dance movements, in accordance with the tempo of the song.

Rigorous Training

While choreographing a dance sequence for groups, choreographers also need to consider the ease of dance steps for fans. Dance performances are brought to life with a simplistic vision of creativity. K-pop idols go through rigorous training schedules at a young age to develop their dance skills. Entertainment labels put in a huge effort in marketing and promotion of K-pop groups.

Choreographers that are appointed to work with K-pop groups have to submit video recordings done by professional dancers to the entertainment label. K-pop group members and choreographers watch the videos together to brainstorm ideas for dance movements in accordance with the song tempo and lyrics. Choreography for the song takes shape with inputs from the creative team. At times just expressing the feeling or meaning of lyrics with a sharp dance movement lays the foundation for a full dance sequence.

Part of the reason Twice is so popular is because their choreography is on point.

Part of the reason Twice is so popular is because their choreography is on point.


21. “Spring Day”—BTS

22. “Touch My Body”—Sistar

23. “As If It’s Your Last”—BLACKPINK

24. “BBoom BBoom”—Momoland

25. “Life Goes On”—BTS

26. “Umpah Umpah”—Red Velvet

27. “Gashina”—Sunmi

28. “Like Ooh-Ahh”—Twice

29. “Bang Bang Bang”—Big Bang

30. “Sorry, Sorry”—Super Junior

31. “Boy With Love”—BTS

32. “Ring Ding Dong”—SHINee

33. “Blood Sweat & Tears”—BTS

34. “Jopping”—SuperM

35. “Bad Boy”—Red Velvet

36. “Save Me”—BTS

37. “New Face”—PSY

38. “Party”—Girls' Generation

39. “Eclipse”—Got7

40. “Fancy”—Twice

K-pop girl groups and K-pop boy groups are known for their highly stylized outfits during dance performances. In choreographed dance sequences, attire comprises of bright colors and graphic prints. Street, retro, black & white, and futurism fashion trends are exceedingly popular in the realms of this genre.

The styles, color schemes, and fabrics, are chosen for k-pop girl groups and k-pop boy groups to accentuate choreography moves in sharp dance routines. In recent years, dance practice videos of k-pop girl groups have become excessively popular among teenage girls.

EXO demonstrates several K-pop fashion trends.

EXO demonstrates several K-pop fashion trends.

Candy-Colored K-Pop

In certain dance songs, coordinated costumes are worn by group members to highlight different aspects of a concept. K-pop groups are known to portray a saccharine image that appeals to youth. Majority of K-pop videos emphasize cute facial expressions, flawless skin, and feminine looks.

The K-pop movement has provided a major boost for the Korean cosmetic industry in western markets. Beauty products used by K-pop idols have become immensely popular in the global skincare market.

A youthful exuberance is showcased with fashion and style in K-pop music videos. Bright, candy-colored visuals with highly-stylized choreography make K-pop dance songs visually stunning. Femininity and masculinity are showcased by girl groups and boy groups in an aesthetic manner.

Revealing outfits made from leather, satin, fur and lace are becoming increasingly popular with girl groups, to promote a futuristic outlook in videos. Accessories form an integral part of K-pop fashion. Metallic details in futuristic music videos are often showcased with an eclectic mix of accessories.

K-Pop Accessories

Oversized T Shirts

Bucket Hats

Peasant Blouses



Sleeveless Vests

Sagging Pants


Wide Pants


Messenger Bags

Boot-Cut Pants

Oversized Gloves/Mittens



Baseball Caps


Dot Prints

Ski Goggles

Hot Pants



Schoolgirl Costumes

Pompom Hair Ornaments



Hair Bands


Denim Jackets



Crop Tops

Net Stockings


Transparent Garments

High Heels

f(x)'s wardrobe might be made up entirely of accessories!

f(x)'s wardrobe might be made up entirely of accessories!


41. “Idol”—BTS

42. “Not By the Moon”—Got7

43. “Feel Special”—Twice

44. “Peek-a-Boo”—Red Velvet

45. “Lights”—BTS

46. “Fire”—2NE1

47. “Black Swan”—BTS

48. “Catallena”—Orange Caramel

49. “Not Today”—BTS

50. “Boombayah”—BLACKPINK

51. “I Love You”—2NE1

52. “Up & Down”—EXID

53. “Ko Ko Bop”—Exo

54. “Wannabe”—Itzy

55. “Dionysus”—BTS

56. “Lovesick Girls”—BLACKPINK

57. “Sherlock”—SHINee

58. “Fire”—BTS

59. “Fantastic Baby”—Big Bang

60. “Boy in Luv”—BTS


61. “High High”—GD & TOP

62. “Latata”—(G)I-dle

63. “Don’t Know What to Do”—BLACKPINK

64. “Lullaby”—Got7

65. “Monster”—Exo

66. “Gotta Go”—Chungha

67. “The Chaser”—Infinite

68. “Noir”—Sunmi

69. “Love Scenario”—iKon

70. “Just One Day”—BTS

71. “Cheer Up”—Twice

72. “Lucifer”—SHINee

73. “Me Gustas Tu”—GFriend

74. “Fxxk It”—Big Bang

75. “A.D.T.O.Y.”—2PM

76. “Roll Deep”—Hyuna

77. “I Can’t Stop Me”—Twice

78. “DNA”—BTS

79. “Bar Bar Bar”—Crayon Pop

80. “Twit”—Hwasa


81. “Playing With Fire”—BLACKPINK

82. “Boy”—Treasure

83. “Dalla Dalla”—Itzy

84. “Abracadabra”—Brown Eyed Girls

85. “Chicken Noodle Soup”—J-Hope featuring Becky G

86. “You Calling My Name”—Got7

87. “Gentleman”—Psy

88. “Wonderland”—Ateez

89. “Psycho”—Red Velvet

90. “Dope”—BTS

91. “Whistle”—BLACKPINK

92. “Don’t Wanna Cry”—Seventeen

93. “View”—SHINee

94. “Fiesta”—Iz*One

95. “Icy”—Itzy

96. “Hip”—Mamamoo

97. “Knock Knock”—Twice

98. “Dumhdurum”—Apink

99. “Power Up”—Red Velvet

100. “Flower Shower”—Hyuna

Other Notable K-Pop Dance Songs

  • “Want”—Taemin
  • “Violeta”—Iz*One
  • “Kick It”—NCT 127
  • “Holiday”—Girls' Generation
  • “Pretty U”—Seventeen
  • “Hann (Alone)—(G)I-Dle
  • “Super Clap”—Super Junior
  • “If You Do”—Got7
  • “Why So Lonely”—Wonder Girls
  • “Siren”—Sunmi
  • “Lip & Hip”—Hyuna
  • “Secret Story of the Swan”—Iz*One
  • “Crown”—Tomorrow X Together
  • “How’s This?”—Hyuna
  • “Solo”—Jennie
  • “Boom”—NCT Dream
  • “Roly-Poly”—T-ara
  • “Feedback”—BoA featuring Nucksal
  • “The Eve”—Exo
  • “Pretty Savage”—BLACKPINK
  • “Make it Right”—BTS
  • “Very Very Very”—I.O.I.
  • “Dramarama”—Monsta X
  • “War of Hormone”—BTS
  • “Tiger Inside”—SuperM
  • “Something”—TVXQ
  • “Nobody”—Wonder Girls
  • “You’re the Best”—Mamamoo
  • “The End”—Got7
  • “Say My Name”—Ateez
  • “The 7th Sense”—NCT U
  • “Ringa Linga”—Taeyang
  • “Hate”—4Minute
  • “Fire Truck”—NCT 127
  • “Tempo”—Exo
  • “Lit”—Lay
  • “Drip Drop”—Taemin
  • “Lucky One”—Exo
  • “Double Knot”—Stray Kids
  • “Zimzalabim”—Red Velvet
  • “Helicopter”—CLC
  • “Maria”—Hwasa
  • “Getting Closer”—Seventeen
  • “I’m So Hot”—Momoland
  • “Easy”—Stray Kids
  • “Baby Don’t Stop”—NCT
  • “Now or Never”—SF9
  • “Open Mind”—Wonho
  • “All Night”—Astro
  • “Crazy”—4Minute
  • “Stuck”—Monsta X
  • “UN Village”—Baekhyun
  • “Whatcha Doin’ Today”—4Minute
  • “Red”—Hyuna
  • “All I Wanna Do”—Jay Park featuring Hoody and Loco
  • “Ice Cream Cake”—Red Velvet
  • “Adore U”—Seventeen
  • “Break All the Rules”—Cravity
  • “Shoot Out—Monsta X
  • “Black on Black”—NCT
  • “Heart Shaker”—Twice
  • “Sacrifice”—Han Seung-woo
  • “Punch”—NCT 127
  • “Beach Again”—SSAK3
  • “Sunrise”—GFriend
  • “I’m So Sick”—Apink
  • “Move”—Taemin
  • “Very Nice”—Seventeen
  • “Fly”—Got7
  • “Babe”—Hyuna
  • “Scandal”—U Kiss
  • “La Vie en Rose”—Iz*One
  • “Beautiful”—Monsta X
  • “Rough”—GFriend
  • “One More Time”—Super Junior
  • “Shine”—Pentagon
  • “Clap”—Seventeen
  • “Horololo”—Exo-CBX
  • “Shall We Dance”—Block B
  • “Growl”—Exo
  • “Step”—Kara
  • “Puma”—Tomorrow X Together
  • “Chewing Gum”—NCT Dream
  • “Thirsty”—Taemin
  • “Dance the Night Away”—Twice
  • “Ya Ya Ya”—Exo
  • “Intro: Persona”—BTS
  • “The Boys”—Girls' Generation
  • “Press Your Number”—Taemin
  • “Sorry Mama”—DKB
  • “Airplane Pt. 2”—BTS
  • “Bubble Pop”—Hyuna
  • “Forever Young”—BLACKPINK
  • “Never Ever”—Got7
  • “Excuse Me”—AOA
  • “Jenga”—Heize featuring Gaeko
  • “Inception”—Ateez
  • “My Flower”—JBJ
  • “I Knew It”—Sonamoo
  • “Aya”—Mamamoo
  • “Good Night”—Dream Catcher
  • “Black Dress”—CLC
  • “Thanks”—Seventeen
  • “Blooming Day”—Exo-CBX
  • “I’ll Be Yours”—Girl’s Day
  • “Oh NaNa”—K.A.R.D.
  • “Be My Baby”—Wonder Girls
  • “Alone”—Sistar

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