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300 Best Dance Songs of the ‘90s

Dance music purists consider 1990–1995 to be the golden era of Eurodance.

Dance music purists consider 1990–1995 to be the golden era of Eurodance.

The ‘90s were a defining moment in music. The urban dance flavor found its way through numerous dance genres in the decade. The decade brought alive dance music trends that became the blueprint of modern dance sounds of the future. The ‘90s opened new pathways in music that laid the foundation for new dance genres. While the decade is long gone, dance songs from that nostalgic era continue to captivate heart and mind on the dancefloor.

The list below showcases an epic collection of dance songs of the ‘90s. If you are a dance music buff you will have a lot to say. Feel free with your views, opinions, or song suggestions in the comments section.

Top 10 Best Dance Songs of the ‘90s

1. “Believe”—Cher

2. “What Is Love”—Haddaway

3. “Vogue”—Madonna

4. “Beautiful Life”—Ace of Base

5. “It’s My Life”—Dr. Alban

6. “Boom Boom Boom”—The Outhere Brothers

7. “Another Night”—Real McCoy

8. “Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)”—Scatman John

9. “Bailamos”—Enrique Iglesias

10. “Coco Jambo”—Mr. President

Dance-Pop in the ‘90s

Dance-pop continued its dominance in the ‘90s. A number of emerging young artists incorporated stylistically slick rhythm structures that became the signature dancefloor sound of the decade. The catchy tunes brought to life with producer-driven techniques became hugely popular with youth. Artists associated with dance-pop started combining diverse influences of disco, contemporary R&B, hip hop, synth-pop, and post-disco in their scheme of things.

This combination resulted in an aesthetically driven dance sound that became commercially viable for record producers. A great number of dance-pop artists had phenomenal success on charts with their glitzy pop driven R&B and dance grooves. Female artists asserted their superiority in the realms of dance-pop with their club-friendly dance sounds. Alongside, dance-pop and teen pop, genres such as new jack swing, hip hop, house, and techno, garnered tremendous mainstream popularity.


11. “Macarena”—Los del Rio

12. “Be My Lover”—La Bouche

13. “Everybody Everybody”—Black Box

14. “Baby Got Back”—Sir Mix-a-Lot

15. “U Can’t Touch This”—MC Hammer

16. “Rhythm Is a Dancer”—Snap!

17. “No Limit”—2 Unlimited

18. “Mr. Vain”—Culture Beat

19. “Ooh Aah…Just a Little Bit”—Gina G

20. “I Like to Move It”—Reel 2 Real featuring The Mad Stuntman

Eurodance in the ‘90s

A genre of electronic dance music, Eurodance, which originated in Europe in the ‘80s became immensely popular in the ‘90s. The melodic hooks fused with dynamic synth sounds and hypnotic bass rhythms formed the centrifugal dance sound of this style of music. A great number of Eurodance acts of the ‘90s combined diverse elements of techno, Hi-NRG, Hip-hop, Euro disco and house in their cutting-edge dance songs.

Dance music purists consider the period from 1990-1995 as the golden era of Eurodance. A number of dance artists from European countries changed the dynamics of dance songs with their club-ready dance grooves. Numerous acts had chart-topping success on the dance club songs charts. A number of Eurodance songs became the definitive dance anthems of the ‘90s bringing the techno-dance sound to mainstream. Although the popularity of the genre lost steam towards the end of the decade, the classic Eurodance sound transitioned into a new form of progressive house.


21. “The Power”—Snap!

22. “All That She Wants”—Ace of Base

23. “More and More”—Captain Hollywood Project

24. “Barbie Girl”—Aqua

25. “Rhythm Nation”—Janet Jackson

26. “Groove Is in the Heart”—Deee-Lite

27. “Children”—Robert Miles

28. “Good Vibrations”—Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch featuring Loleatta Holloway

29. “Insomnia”—Faithless

30. “This Is How We Do It”—Montell Jordan

31. “Getting’ Jiggy wit It”—Will Smith

32. “Free”—Ultra Nate

33. “2 Legit 2 Quit”—MC Hammer

34. “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!”—Vengaboys

35. “Strong Enough”—Cher

36. “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)”—C+C Music Factory

37. “Push the Feeling On”—Nightcrawlers

38. “Sandstorm”—Darude

39. “Mr. Wendal”—Arrested Development

40. “I’m Too Sexy”—Right Said Fred

House Music in the ‘90s

The characteristic four-on-the-floor beat of house music became epic in the ‘90s. DJs and music producers built an underground club culture with different styles of house and gradually incorporated these styles into mainstream pop. House music that came into prominence in the late ‘70s and ‘80s, became a worldwide phenomenon in the ‘90s. The deep basslines and synthesizer riffs accompanied with 4/4 rhythms, off beat hi-hats, bass drums, snare drums, snaps, and claps became the signature sound of numerous dance house acts of the decade.

The sensually crafted vocal cycles at the chorus, verse, and midsection built around bass heavy loops became the trademark identity in production and layering sounds. House became hugely popular on the club dance scene in the ‘90s. Some of the most eclectic rave and acid house styles were played at parties in the ‘90s. Rave culture that mushroomed through the house scene became widespread in the decade. Dance songs with house influences became excessively popular with teens and young adults. Towards the end of the ‘90s, DJ’s and producers in the underground club scene in France started experimenting creatively with filter and phaser effects which characterized the birth of the French house movement.


41. “In the Closet”—Michael Jackson

42. “If”—Janet Jackson

43. “Whoomp! (There It Is)”—Tag Team

44. “Livin’ la Vida Loca”—Ricky Martin

45. “The Rockafellar Skank”—Fatboy Slim

46. “My Love Is Your Love’—Whitney Houston

47. “Dreamer”—Livin’ Joy

48. “Sun is Shining”—Bob Marley and the Wailers

49. “Canned Heat”—Jamiroquai

50. “Jump Around”—House of Pain

51. “Twilight Zone”—2 Unlimited

52. “This Is Your Night”—Amber

53. “Show Me Love”—Robin S.

54. “Born Slippy Nuxx”—Underworld

55. “Tootsee Roll”—69 Boyz

56. “God Is a DJ”—Faithless

57. “Kernkraft 400”—Zombie Nation

58. “17 Again”—Eurthymics

59. “Up and Down”—Vengaboys

60. “Red Alert”—Basement Jaxx

Electronic Dance Music in the ‘90s

With the ‘90s taking a huge leap in innovation, computers, and technology, the cost of music equipment and studio production reduced considerably. This enabled a great number of musicians to produce different styles of electronic music with a pocket-friendly budget. A number of artists started self-producing music designed for the club scene and parties. Certain musicians started experimenting with a slower paced musical style which gradually came into being known as Electronica.

This form of music was designed purposefully for relaxation sections and chillout rooms at clubs with slow grooving and mindful listening being the criteria. Electronic sounds became magnanimous at raves and trance parties. Gradually, different styles of electronic dance music started emerging in notable dance genres of the ‘90s. Suddenly, electronic dance songs became the quintessential flavor of dancefloors across the world. Different electronic styles of the decade laid the foundation for the EDM sound of the 2000s. A great number of electronic dance artists had crossover success with their dance hits.


61. “Finally”—CeCe Peniston

62. “Music Sounds Better With You”—Stardust

63. “Frozen”—Madonna

64. “Da’ Dip”—Freak Nasty

65. “Honey”—Mariah Carey

66. “Found a Cure”—Ultra Nate

67. “Oye”—Gloria Estefan

68. “Rendez-Vu”—Basement Jaxx

69. “Sunchyme”—Dario G

70. “That’s the Way Love Is”—Ten City

71. “Moving On Up”—M People

72. “Together Again”—Janet Jackson

73. “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay”—Whitney Houston

74. “Sing it Back”—Moloko

75. “Jackie’s Strength”—Tori Amos

76. “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…”—C+C Music Factory

77. “Who Is It”—Michael Jackson

78. “Queen of the Night”—Whitney Houston

79. “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)”—Rozalla

80. “It’s Over Now”—Deborah Cox

Techno and Trance in the ‘90s

Genres of electronic dance music, both techno and trance had phenomenal success in the ‘90s. The creative use of music production technology defined the techno aesthetic. A sonic blend of techno artists emerged through the house scene of the ‘90s. In the US, the Detroit Techno scene and Chicago house scene influenced a new breed of techno musicians that incorporated their sounds in mainstream dance music. While techno acts from Germany stamped their authority in the ‘80s, the ‘90s, witnessed the new techno movement spread all across Europe. Science fiction and dreamscape themes employed articulately with the sounds of sequencers, synthesizers, and digital audio workstations mesmerized dance music fans. Techno beats in dance songs of European acts became hugely popular in the ‘90s.

Trance came into its own deriving influences of musical styles such as house, techno, tech house, chill-out and ambient. The ‘90s trance scene was known for merging progressive musicality with pop-centric styles. The build up and release in a number of instrumental trance songs were often associated with heightened consciousness and hypnotism. Certain trance songs played at trance festivals in the decade were known to induce an emotional high, feeling, and euphoric uplifting rush among listeners. As trance grew in popularity, a number of dance music artists started employing the trippy and psychedelic sounds in their songs. This resulted in the creation of stylistic dance-trance songs that became a rage with dance music fans globally.


81. “Fever”—Madonna

82. “New York City Boy”—Pet Shop Boys

83. “We Like to Party”—Vengaboys

84. “Get Ready for This”—2 Unlimited

85. “A Deeper Love”—Clivilles and Cole

86. “Tradicion”—Gloria Estefan

87. “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”—Backstreet Boys

88. “Scream”—Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

89. “What You Need”—Powerhouse

90. “Big Time Sensuality”—Bjork

91. “Dreams”—Gabrielle

92. “All Or Nothing”—Cher

93. “So in Love With You”—Duke

94. “Fable”—Robert Miles

95. “Open Your Heart”—M People

96. “Keep it Comin’ (Dance Till You Can’t Dance No More)”—C+C Music Factory featuring Q-Unique and Deborah Cooper

97. “Beautiful People”—Barbara Tucker

98. “Situation”—Yazoo

99. “Go Deep”—Janet Jackson

100. “Never Gonna Fall”—Lisa Stansfield

Best Dance Songs of the ‘90s #101—200

101. “Space Cowboy”—Jamiroquai

102. “Gypsy Woman”—Crystal Waters

103. “Deeper and Deeper”—Madonna

104. “Circles”—Atlantic Starr

105. “Waiting for Tonight”—Jennifer Lopez

106. “Stay”—Sash! Featuring La Trec

107. “Love Is the Healer”—Donna Summer

108. “Off the Hook”—Jody Watley

109. “Dreamlover”—Mariah Carey

110. “Step By Step”—New Kids on the Block

111. “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here”—Deborah Cox

112. “Fun”—Da Mob

113. “Get Up”—Byron Stingily

114. “Heartbreak Hotel”—Whitney Houston featuring Faith Evans and Kelly Price

115. “Get Get Down”—Paul Johnson

116. “Discotheque”—U2

117. “The First Night”—Monica

118. “Do You Wanna Get Funky”—C+C Music Factory featuring Martha Wash, Zelma Davis and Trilogy

119. “Caught in the Middle”—Juliet Roberts

120. “Needin’ U”—David Morales Presents the Face

121. “It’s Over Love”—Todd Terry featuring Shannon

122. “Never Miss the Water”—Chaka Khan

123. “I’m Every Woman”—Whitney Houston

124. “Pennies From Heaven”—Inner City

125. “100% Pure Love”—Crystal Waters

126. “Secret”—Madonna

127. “Get Up Stand Up”—Phunky Phantom

128. “Sadness (Part 1)”—Enigma

129. “I Don’t Know Anybody Else”—Black Box featuring Martha Wash

130. “Here We Go Again”—Aretha Franklin

131. “Bring Me Your Love”—Deee-Lite

132. “Luv 4 Luv”—Robin S

133. “That’s the Way Love Goes”—Janet Jackson

134. “I Miss You”—Bjork

135. “Just a Touch of Love”—C+C Music Factory

136. “Lucky Love”—Ace of Base

137. “Joy”—Staxx featuring Carol Leeming

138. “Blue Skies”—BT featuring Tori Amos

139. “Someday”—Mariah Carey

140. “Don’t Call Me Baby”—Madison Avenue

141. “I’m in the Mood”—CeCe Peniston

142. “One Night in Heaven”—M People

143. “A Rose Is Still a Rose”—Aretha Franklin

144. “Misled”—Celine Dion

145. “Nothing Really Matters”—Madonna

146. “Love Is All We Need”—Mary J. Blige

147. “I’m Leavin’”—Lisa Stansfield

148. “The Right Kinda Lover”—Patti LaBelle

149. “Da Funk”—Daft Punk

150. “Pressure”—Sunscreem


151. “Anytime You Need a Friend”—Mariah Carey

152. “The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall into My Mind)”—The Bucketheads

153. “Runaway”—Nuyorican Soul

154. “Around the World”—Daft Punk

155. “(I Wanna Give You) Devotion”—Nomad featuring MC Mikee Freedom

156. “You”—Staxx

157. “Beautiful Stranger”—Madonna

158. “One More Try”—Kristine W

159. “When You Talk About Love”—Patti LaBelle

160. “Something Goin’ On (In Your Soul)”—Todd Terry featuring Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown

161. “Relax”—Crystal Waters

162. “That Sound”—Pump Friction

163. “Don’t You Want Me”—Felix

164. “Too Close”—Next

165. “I’m Gonna Get You”—Bizarre Inc featuring Angie Brown

166. “Encore une fois”—Sash! featuring Sabine Ohmes

167. “It’s No Good”—Depeche Mode

168. “One and One”—Robert Miles featuring Maria Nayler

169. “Regret”—New Order

170. “Change”—Lisa Stansfield

171. “Feel What You Want”—Kristine W

172. “LSI (Love Sex Intelligence)”—The Shamen

173. “Move”—Moby

174. “Erotica”—Madonna

175. “Carry On”—Martha Wash

176. “I Believe”—Sounds of Blackness

177. “Everybody Dance (The Horn Song)”—Barbara Tucker

178. “Hyperballad”—Bjork

179. “We Got a Love Thang”—CeCe Peniston

180. “Comin’ Back”—The Crystal Method

181. “Ecuador”—Sash! Featuring Rodriguez

182. “Ride on the Rhythm”—Little Louis Vega featuring Marc Anthony

183. “Before”—Pet Shop Boys

184. “Love U More”—Sunscreem

185. “Din Daa Daa”—George Kranz

186. “Are You Ready to Fly”—Rozalla

187. “Ghetto Day/What I Need”—Crystal Waters

188. “Keep it Together”—Madonna

189. “Power of Love”—Deee-Lite

190. “Hello”—Poe

191. “Tease Me”—Chaka Demus & Pliers

192. “Got Myself Together”—The Bucketheads

193. “Plastic Dreams”—Jaydee

194. “Not Over Yet”—Grace

195. “Dub Be Good to Me”—Beats International featuring Lindy Layton

196. “Runaway”—Deee-Lite

197. “When You Made the Mountain”—Opus 3

198. “Melody of Love (Wanna Be Loved)”—Donna Summer

199. “Anthem”—N-Joi

200. “Lifted By Love”—k.d. Lang

Best ‘90s Dance Songs #201—300

201. “Strike it Up”—Black Box

202. “Move Any Mountain”—The Shamen

203. “Go to Get It”—Culture Beat

204. “Cotton Eye Joe”—Rednex

205. “The Colour of Love”—The Reese Project

206. “Alright”—Janet Jackson

207. “Can You Forgive Her?”—Pet Shop Boys

208. “Drunk on Love”—Basia

209. “Sadness (Part 1)”—Enigma

210. “Lemon”—U2

211. “You Bring Me Joy”—Mary J. Blige

212. “Let the Beat Hit ‘Em”—Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam

213. “Give it Up”—The Good Men

214. “Call Me”—Deee-Lite

215. “Took My Love”—Bizarre inc. featuring Angie Brown

216. “Always”—MK

217. “Don’t You Love Me”—49ers

218. “Wrong”—(Everything But the Girl)

219. “Salva Mea”—Faithless

220. “Keep on Walkin’”—CeCe Peniston

221. “Who Do U Love”—Deborah Cox

222. “Tres Deseos”—Gloria Estefan

223. “C’mon and Get My Love”—Cathy Denis with D Mob

224. “The Child (Inside)”—Qkumba Zoo

225. “You’re Makin Me High”—Toni Braxton

226. “Mindflux”—N-Joi

227. “Pump That Body”—Mr. Lee

228. “Turn it Out”—Labelle

229. “Give It to You”—Martha Wash

230. “Living in Danger”—Ace of Base

231. “The Pressure Part 1”—Sounds of Blackness

232. “U R the Best Thing”—D-Ream

233. “Happenin’ All Over Again”—Lonnie Gordon

234. “Take Me Higher”—Diana Ross

235. “Your Loving Arms”—Billie Ray Martin

236. “Another Sleepless Night”—Shawn Christopher

237. “The New Anthem”—Reel 2 Real featuring Erick More

238. “People Hold On”—Lisa Stansfield and The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

239. “Star People”—George Michael

240. “Makin’ Happy”—Crystal Waters

241. “Got a Love For You”—Jomanda

242. “People Are Still Having Sex”—LaTour

243. “Bedtime Story”—Madonna

244. “3 a.m.”—Eternal

245. “Love You All My Lifetime”—Chaka Khan

246. “I Get Lifted”—Barbara Tucker

247. “Comin’ On Strong”—Desiya featuring Melissa Yiannakou

248. “Lost in Music”—Stereo MCs

249. “Sex Drive”—Grace Jones

250. “I’ve Been Thinking About You”—Londonbeat

251. “Phorever People”—The Shamen

252. “Saved My Life”—Lil Louis & the World

253. “For an Angel"—Paul van Dyk

254. “Land of the Living”—Kristine W

255. “Fantasy”—Mariah Carey

256. “Little Bird”—Annie Lennox

257. “Take me Back to Love Again”—Kathy Sledge

258. “I Want You”—Juliet Roberts

259. “Get Off”—Prince

260. “Wiggle It”—2 in a Room

261. “Hold On”—En Vogue

262. “Leash Called Love”— The Sugarcubes

263. “How to Dance”—Bingoboys featuring Princessa

264. “Don’t Lose the Magic”—Shawn Christopher

265. “Hit By Love”—CeCe Peniston

266. “Kiss (When the Sun Don’t Shine)”—Vengaboys

267. “Such a Good Feeling”—Brothers in Rhythm

268. “It’s a Fine Day”—Opus 3

269. “House of Love”—Smooth Touch

270. “World (The Price of Love)”—New Order

271. “Excited”—M People

272. “Heartbeat”—Jimmy Somerville

273. “Surrender Yourself”—The Daou

274. “Deep in My Heart”—Clubhouse featuring Silver Pozzoli

275. “Professional Widow”—Tori Amos with Armand van Helden

276. “If I Were You”—k.d. Lang

277. “Justify My Love”—Madonna

278. “Gotta Know (Your Name)”—Malaika

279. “Hear the Music”—Todd Terry

280. “Livin’ in the Light”—UK Blak

281. “Jump”—Kriss Kross

282. “Here We Go (Let’s Rock & Roll)”—C+C Music Factory

283. “Turn Me Out”—Praxis featuring Kathy Brown

284. “Strobelite Honey”—Black Sheep

285. “Gonna Catch You”—Lonnie Gordon

286. “Things Just Ain’t the Same”—Deborah Cox

287. “Club Lonely”—Lil Louis & the World

288. “That’s the Way of the World”—D Mob featuring Cathy Dennis

289. “Back to My Roots”—RuPaul

290. “Doin’ the Do”—Betty Boo

291. “(Can You) Feel the Passion”—Blue Pearl

292. “Nothing Can Stop Us”—Saint Etienne

293. “Chic Mystique”—Chic

294. “Side on the Rhythm”—Arizona featuring Zeeteah Massiah

295. “Born to B.R.E.E.D.”—Monie Love

296. “No More “I Love You’s””–Annie Lennox

297. “Kiss You All Over”—No Mercy

298. “Everlasting Love”—Gloria Estefan

299. “Come and Get Your Love”—Real McCoy

300. “Ain’t Nobody”—Jaki Graham

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