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The 50 Sexiest Music Videos of the '00s

This is the third article in a series, this time for music videos released between the years 2000 and 2009. Let's start with the ground rules. These are videos I had seen within a years time of their release. In some cases I only saw part of the video during an entertainment report on a show like Entertainment Tonight, but had seen the part of the video I found sexy. Videos I saw for the first time on YouTube years later do not count. What qualifies as sexy to me was any music video that succeeded in having me thinking about someone in the video, be it the recording artist or just an actress in the video, long after it had aired. I have selected the 50 videos that effected me the most, but have not ranked them. Instead, they are listed by the approximate order I had seen them.

By the turn of the 21st Century, watching music videos became a problem. MTV abandoned it's music video roots, and had basically relegated airplay of videos to the late night hours. Weekends were permanently reserved for marathons of their inhouse programs. One of the few daytime music shows left was TRL which aired a daily countdown of videos, their ranking supposedly based on viewers requests. Most videos were only partially shown, with the bulk of the show being the host interacting with an audience of loud teenagers. VH1 continued to claim to be the MTV alternative, but while it still had the "Music First" logo, was very sneakily phasing out its music based programming. An example of this was it's award winning series Behind the Music which went from being documentaries of recording artists, to episodes about sitcoms like The Monkees and The Partridge Family, to eventually biographies of sitcoms with no music content. Similarly their weekly airing of movies went from films starring recording artists and musicals, to dance films like Saturday Night Fever and Flashdance, to films like Top Gun because of their best selling soundtrack albums, to movies with no pop music content whatsoever. As both channels reduced the hours when music videos aired, they relied more on programming their playlists based on the current Billboard pop charts, airing videos for recording acts already in the top 40, and not airing videos for new releases.

For a brief moment it seemed as if the music video scene would be saved by two new channels. Actually, Canada's MuchMusic had been around since the 80s, but could not broadcast in the United States as US law prevents foreign owned media outlets from broadcasting here. In the 90s they partnered with American company Rainbow Media who would own a channel called MuchMusic USA which would simulcast the MuchMusic channel. At the same time MTV launched MTV2, a 24 hour music video channel which claimed to air any music video from any year or genre, irregardless of the song's chart position. Neither channel found a home on basic cable, as by the 90s all 99 channels on a typical cable box had been filled, while channels like Animal Planet, FX and TV Land were ahead in line waiting for an open slot. With the introduction of digital cable boxes, the number of available channels increased to 9999. Both MTV2 and MuchMusic USA were finally available. However, MTV2 rapidly phased out it's music programming for reruns of MTV shows. MuchMusic USA also began phasing out their music videos for inhouse programs. This involved discontinuing the simulcast of MuchMusic and instead playing their own videos. MuchMusic sued to get out of the partnership, took back their name, and the channel was renamed FUSE. Just like MTV2, FUSE completely phased out it's music video format. But while that was happening, both channels cut their playlists to just videos for songs in the top 40.

MTV and VH1 began offering digital channels that aired 24 hours of music videos, each programming a specific genre of music. Most cable providers had a fool me twice attitude towards these channels. They had grown sick of the bait and switch programming where channels are sold to them as 24 hour of music videos programming, but are then turned into inhouse programming. Most of the MTV and VH1 channels would not be added to cable services until the 2010s. A new service called iN Demand offered music video channels where the videos could be played moments after being selected from the menu. However, most cable providers had limited server space, so channels like Music Choice only provided a fraction of the videos in their libraries, and usually just those currently in the top 40. Meanwhile The Box had been bought out by Viacom, and it's channels shut down. The ones that remained were used for simulcasts of MTV2. Viacom also succeeded in buying out CMT and BET, both channels becoming part of MTV Networks, who immediately decreased both channel's music video content.

With both broadcast television and cable no longer being a place to find music videos, those still interested in finding videos from their favorite artists turned to the internet. At first some videos could be found on early streaming services like Yahoo Music, or even on the MTV, VH1 and MTV2 websites. But it was the launch of YouTube that was the game changer. The first videos uploaded were by individuals who had taped them off of television. Eventually the record labels began uploading videos for artist they wanted to promote. In 2007 a video by the band OK Go called Here We Go Again became the first to go viral, resulting in the single crossing into the top 40. The video hosting company Vevo began uploading high quality music videos to YouTube which most record labels ended up supporting. By 2010 new music videos by any recording artist could be found easily on the internet. But this was only on the tail end of the 00s. For others that decade, most videos came via pirated downloads. Sites like Napster and Limewire offered countless music videos uploaded and shared by users, often in good quality. The arrival of BitTorrent technology made file sharing of videos much easier. Needless to say, music video availability was at an all time low in 2000, and at an all time high by 2010.

Faith Hill - The Way You Love Me ( Version #2 )


The recording artist who closed out the 90s list opens the 00s list. Faith Hill was in the groove of sexualizing herself. But after a video like Breathe, there was no turning back. Interestingly enough, the first version of this video I saw was on CMT, which cross cut between Faith as different characters, her sexiest outfit was a diner waitress. And then I saw a different version of the video at Virgin Records on a big screen. I should point out, the best place to find new videos in the early 00s was in retail stores that ran their own in-store music video channels with commercials for the chain. The only problem was that most stores seemed to abandon this practice after a week. One week your local K-Mart is broadcasting videos over television monitors scattered about the store, the next week the monitors are all gone or turned off. The Virgin Records screen lasted a little longer than a couple of weeks, but finally succumbed to just playing whatever movie was just released on home video. The version of the Faith Hill video Virgin was showing had her playing a few more characters, including a cat burglar in a vinyl catsuit. Still uncommon in music videos, it was a pleasure to see Faith wearing one, even if she did pair it with a ridiculous cat themed mask. Eventually VH1 began airing this version of the video.

Hole - Be A Man


I am not sure this ever aired on MTV or MTV2. I recall seeing it on a screen at a record store, then years later online. For a while there Hole videos seemed to air on MTV all the time. You would think the band had a string of hits, but they didn't put any single into the top 40. The closest they came was Doll Parts which reached #58. But 1994 was about the time MTV was heavily into airing Alternative videos, and Hole was popular on the Alternative charts. By 1998 only Alternative singles that charted on the top 100 got into rotation. Hole's second album was released, and once again the singles failed to chart in the top 40. Their videos continued to air on 120 Minutes, but that was just about it. By 2000 even 120 Minutes was no longer airing Hole videos. This one featured Courtney Love in a gown walking through a football field during a rainstorm as a game is being played. At one point Courtney is tackled and ends up on her back in a mud puddle with the tackler on top of her.

Britney Spears - Oops I Did It Again


Not only did this get a lot of airplay, but was an episode of Making the Video. Each episode would document the behind the scenes of a music video shoot, followed by the world premiere of the video. The documentary part was not worth watching. For example, the cameras were there when Britney was injured on the set, but despite the accident being covered by every news outlet including MTV News, the producer of Making the Video chose to completely omit the accident ever happened. The only reason to watch the series was it was the final place on MTV to see world premiere videos. Oops I Did It Again was the first of her music videos I found sexy. Mostly because she spends most of the video in a red latex catsuit.

LL Cool J - Imagine That

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LL Cool J is a teacher to a classroom of video vixens dressed in school girl outfits. But it isn't the outfits that make this video sexy. The girls in his classroom seem very attracted to him. One of the girls is brought to his desk, and while she sits on it she palpitates in reaction to him. Perhaps the best performance by an actress in a video of being horny. Sexual excitement was so effective in videos, it is a wonder why so few videos have it. Not that there aren't a slew of videos where girls make out with guys. But there is rarely a sense that the girl was sexually attracted to the guy prior to contact.

Lil Kim - How Many Licks


There was a reason why this video aired late nights only, despite the fact that MTV usually scheduled their Rap/Hiphop videos in the morning hours. Kim wears what appears at first to be the tightest latex monokini you have ever seen. But on closer inspection is actually painted on latex. Body paint had been around longer than written history itself. Artists regularly put on shows where models had clothing painted onto their nude bodies. This went mainstream in 1992 when Demi Moore graced the cover of Vanity Fair with a business suit painted onto her nude body. There was controversy. Did a thin layer of paint count as clothing, or was Demi Moore inappropriately nude on a national magazine cover for any child to see? Shortly after, skin safe latex paint was invented. Most body paint was either so thin to be transparent, or thick enough to completely conceal the skin, but would crack and flake off when the model moved. Latex paint stretched with the movements of the model's body. However, by 2000 most of the religious groups agreed that body paint was not clothing and any girl wearing it and nothing else, was nude. To avoid controversy, MTV aired the video late nights.

Spice Girls - Holler


The Spice Girls first broke onto the American charts in 1997 with their #1 hit Wannabe, six months after they had already conquered the rest of the world. What followed was a string of top ten hits, a television special, a Spice Girls motion picture, and another hit album with more hit singles. It seemed as if the Spice Girls were an unstoppable major recording act that would dominate our culture for the next decade at least. But then Geri Halliwell quit the group, and it seemed as if their fans suddenly lost interest. Record sales slumped, and MTV was one of the first to jump on the Dump the Spice Girls bandwagon. Even MTV2, which had once boasted that they were the first North American channel to air the video for Wannabe months before any of the other MTV channels would, declined to air Holler. MuchMusic aired it sparingly, then dumped the group completely when the single failed to chart. I had respect for the Spice Girls as they had worn Latex outfits in their second video, and regularly wore sexy outfits. But only this Spice Girl video was sexy enough. They do wear leather, but that's not why this video is here. Midway through the video the girls sit around a table where holograms of attractive muscular men dance for them. Each of the girls shows a variation of sexual excitement while watching the holograms, from Victoria having a stunned look on her face and palpitating, to Mel 1 looking at the men flirtishly while Mel 2 bites her lip, to Emma showing delight and looking around at her fellow Spice Girls to see if they were just as delighted.

Tamia - Stranger In My House


As if Tamia's skimpy ripped t-shirt and panties ensemble was not enough, her apartment set is almost entirely a wading pool, which has the expected results of her getting the entire outfit soaked. I saw this one thanks to BET still airing just about any black recording artists, even the ones who did the adult oriented Smooth Soul. All of that would change in a matter of months when Viacom bought out controlling shares in BET stock and gave the channel to MTV Networks.

Jessica Simpson - Irresistible


This video had no problem airing on MTV, provided you could still find music videos on the channel. The morning till noon slots were still devoted to Rap and Hiphop. Noon till 3pm were devoted to marathon reruns of past seasons of Road Rules. 3pm was daily the Jams countdown. 5pm was the TRL countdown. 7pm an hour of Beavis and Butthead reruns. And 10pm was The Ten Spot, which was supposed to have been the time slot the channel moved all of its absent of music content programming to before deciding their inhouse shows needed to be rerun at least ten times after their initial broadcast. Occasionally during this mess the occasional hour of videos aired. But one got the feeling this was only because they had just cancelled one of their inhouse shows, and needed to fill the slot. As I said, in the early 00s Jessica Simpson had no problem getting her videos aired on MTV. Many of her videos probably could have made this list. I know I debated over These Boots Are Made For Walking. But ultimately, as beautiful and shapely as she was, she often came off as asexual in her performances which killed the mood. Irresistible was just the right mix of leather outfits and Jessica not acting like she was in a Disney movie that made this her sexiest video.

Missy Elliot - One Minute Man


This video got maximum airplay on MTV. It was Rap, so aired daily during the morning video block, was a TRL favorite and aired during overnights and random video blocks, was Missy Elliott who was on a roll with popular videos on MTV, had Ludacris and Trina as guest stars, and was one of the few music videos left with a big budget and special effects. It was Trina that made this video sexy, and worth watching an overplayed video without getting bored of it. It wasn't just that she is in the opening of the video wearing a vinyl corset, but is featured in an odd moment during Ludacris' solo rap. Trina and another girl are both lying on beds that rock like cradle. Ludacris rocks both girls, but we mostly see Trina who, like the other girl, stairs glassy eyed up at the ceiling, mouth agape, as if the rocking motion has overcome her with ecstasy. Ludacris then puts a bedpan underneath her bed which captures some unidentifiable liquid dripping from Trina. Could be sweat, could be she brought a drink to bed and spilled it. Or could be..... the video leaves the unidentified liquid up to your imagination, which rarely comes to a PG conclusion.

Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Light ( U.S. Version )


MuchMusic came and went from American cable all too briefly. In the short time those with digital cable were able to see the channel, a lot of acts were broken who may have otherwise been unknown in the states. Among them Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, Nickleback, and a reintroduction of Kylie Minogue to the states when MuchMusic aired Cant Get You Out Of My Head. Artist introduced on MuchMusic usually got airplay on MTV2 the following week. And if viewers reacted positively, would be added to TRL on MTV. Nelly Furtado was among the artists who owe their success in the states to MuchMusic. The channels airing of I'm Like A Bird resulted in the Canadian singer having her first top ten hit in the United States. Just as in the past, her record label shot a second video for her follow up single, turn off the lights, in a style they felt MTV2 executives would be more likely to program into their rotation. It featured Nelly sitting on a log in a swamp, then jumping into the mud with a group of dancers, getting soaked and muddy in the process. This has since become the official video for the single, while the original video is now referred to as the underground version.

Britney Spears - Slave 4 U


If you want to see the exact moment Britney Spears graduated from a Disney Channel star to a full fledged adult singer, look no further than this video. As mentioned in the past, pop music teen queens had a hard time transitioning into adult stars. In an all out attempt to keep their fans who have themselves grown into adults, they attempted to prove they had also grown into adulthood with a sexualized video that usually alienated the parents of their fans who were still underaged. But Disney channel pop stars didn't have this problem. When they reached adolescents, they were mildly sexualized. Some referred to this phenomenon as Disneyporn, and attributed it to the Disney Channel holding on to their 12 to 17 viewers by having them sexually attracted to stars their own age. Like Britney, they wore leather and skin exposing outfits, but continued to do dumb G rated television movies like High School Musical, and sing cutesy pop songs like Oops I Did It Again. Once a Zendaya, Miley, Demi or Britney was ready to graduate to a full adult career, they still had their adult fans, and the transition wasn't jarring enough to alienate the parents of their younger fans. Britney being extremely sultry in the video Slave 4 U wasn't much of a leap from her previous videos. But enough that for the first time you sensed you were watching a woman rather than a teenager.

Anastacia - One Day In Your Life


This was pretty much the tail end of VH1 airing any videos new artists outside of the top 40. Although by 2002 what time they had left for music video blocks was almost as limited as MTV, and was almost entirely the same. The only exception were some of the artists who were on one of VH1s inhouse shows. Anastasia originally belonged to MTV. She was a finalist on their competition show The Cut, so MTV had a vested interest in Anastasia becoming a household name. Supposedly the contestants were to get the exposure they needed to launch their careers, similar to the way American Idol would with it's contestants four years later. God knows MTV wanted to pretend the finalists from The Cut had all become major recording artists. It probably would have helped if they had put their videos into rotation on the channel. Anastasia was pawned off to VH1 who occasionally added her videos to rotation despite none of her albums or singles charting in the United States. She was, however, very successful everywhere else in the world. Which is probably why VH1 added her to the lineup of 2002's Divas Live. And with that, Anastasia's One Day In Your Life was added into medium rotation on the channel. For me, it had that nice little moment where a creepy next door neighbor sprays Anastasia with a hose while she is sun bathing.

Liberty X - Just A Little


It was about this time I abandoned cable as the place to find music videos. VH1, still going by the tagline Music First, was now airing a lot of programming unrelated to music. Both VH1 and MTV had more or less banished videos to whenever you were at work or asleep. MTV2 was supposed to make up for this, but as soon as Comcast and Time Warner added the channel, the videos were replaced with reruns of MTV shows. There was MuchMusic, if you didn't mind that most Canadian recording artist were acoustic and lame. But we couldn't even have that. By 2002 half of the schedule was replaced with MuchMusic USA programs which had no music content, and the simulcast of the Canadian parent channel would be fully phased out by the end of the year. But one can't just create a void without it being filled in. I soon discovered people were uploading quality copies of music videos onto Peer-to-Peer sites. There I not only found copies of recent videos from my favorite recording acts that weren't on any cable channel, but a lot of videos from Europe that were not being shown in the United States. It was via Peer-to-Peer that I discovered Liberty X and this gem of a video where the girls in the group all wore tight latex costumes. ( Well, they had to wear latex. They were pulling off a heist. ) As it turned out, there was a lot of leather, vinyl and latex worn by British pop acts, which is why I was frequently looking for videos on P2P.

t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said


DISCLAIMER: Bios of the members of this group released years after this video aired suggest that they were 15 and 16 when they filmed it.

The Russian pop duo t.A.T.u. first gained media attention when the Russian language version of this video was banned from broadcast on Russian television due to the fact that it depicted lesbianism. According to the groups manager, Lena Katina and Julia Volkova were lesbian lovers. Released in other countries, Ya Soshia S Uma was regularly in those countries top 10s, usually reaching #1. They translated the song into English as All The Things She Said, and re-edited the video to mask the parts where the lip sync between the Russian and English lyrics didn't match, but kept almost all of the original footage. At the time it was the perfect sexy video. Two teenage girls in schoolgirl uniforms, standing in a rainstorm while their white shirts got soaked and became transparent, and then both passionately kissing. As the video made a lot of news on release in America, MTV added it to TRL, and soon to general rotation. t.A.T.u. began performing the song on various American television shows and award shows. During the instrumental break in the song, the girls would walk towards each other and begin kissing. Most shows cut away to the audience until the kissing stopped. About a year later Julia got pregnant, revealing that neither girl was a lesbian, and it all had been a publicity stunt. Their fanbase, which was mostly from the LGBT community, turned on them. By 2009 t.A.T.u. was officially broken up with both girls launching their own solo careers.

LeAnn Rimes - Life Goes On


While the entertainment industry had completely ignored that t.A.T.u. were underaged when they shot their video, they were quick to condemn Leann Rimes for her first adult video. She first burst onto the music scene at the age of 14 with the top 40 hit Blue, and since then had been thought of as that 14 year old girl. But in 2002 she was 20 and ready to break with the wholesome image she had kept up since she was a kid. Many of those who criticized the video seemed to think Leann was still that underaged girl, somehow frozen at 14 for the past six years. The whole point of this video was to dismiss of that myth once and for all. Leann wears slinky dresses. Leann flits with and has casual sex with any guy she finds attractive. Leann Rimes is now an adult. The video says so.

Bootsy Collins - Play With Bootsy


Once again you would have needed to download videos from a P2P to see this one in the states. Neither Bootsy Collins nor Kelli Ali were strangers to MTV. Bootsy had guest starred in the Deee-Lite video Grove Is In The Heart as well as sung the vocals for another heavy rotation video Weapon of Choice. Kelli was the lead singer of Sneaker Pimps, a band that had videos in mid to heavy rotation back when MTV was going through their Alternative Music phase. Play With Bootsy didn't chart in the United States, so MTV wasn't interested. Nor was anyone else. What Americans were missing was Kelli in a clear plastic catsuit. They also missed a lot of special effects and fantastic sci-fi sets.

Faith Hill - Cry


The Faith Hill music video that immediately followed The Way You Love Me was Let's Make Love, a duet with her husband Tim McGraw. This was followed by Where Are You Christmas?, the theme song for the live action movie adaptation of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It looked as if Faith's days of sexy music videos had come to an end. An then she gave us this one final sexy video. As Faith sits on the floor next to a full bath tub singing her sad song, it begins to rain in the house. Her dress gets so soaked that her slip is visible. There is a good chance the video was supposed to be artistic rather than sexy, but it was a good final bow for Faith as a sex symbol. With a husband, three children, and being midway through her 30s, Faith decided to change to a more mature image.

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life


As mentioned in past articles, women in peril were sometimes attractive. This had more to do with triggering instincts that were supposed to have the male want to save and protect the female. A remnant from our caveman days when females would be in constant danger from predators. The instinct even triggered when a fictional character is in danger in a movie. And for me it was triggered by lead singer Aimee Lee. The video opens with Aimee plummeting to her death in the middle of a city block. She awakes and realizes it was a nightmare. But then opens her window of her apartment and takes a walk on the ledge. After nearly slipping off a few times, she climbs the side of the building, seemingly attracted to the music coming from the rest of her band in an apartment two stories above. She makes it to the apartment, but is knocked off the ledge when guest rapper Paul McCoy throws the window open. She manages to catch the ledge, and what follows is the worst rescue attempt ever committed to film as Paul tries to pull Aimee back to safety. Girls in danger wasn't exactly what you would call sexy. But it occassionally had the effect of making the girl very attractive.

Jewel - Intuition


This video is usually seen as a desperate attempt by Jewel to save her declining career by adopting a sexier image. It is actually much worse than that. Record sales for her albums had been declining, which is why she suddenly abandoned Acoustic Folk Music for the still popular Dance Music genre. During the recording of the album, her management signed a deal where Jewel would write and record a song to be called Intuition, which was to be the album's first single, and was to later be used in commercials for a Schick woman's razor of the same name. Jewel tried to make up for this crass commercialism with a music video that mocked commercialism. However, very few realized the video was supposed to be a parody. At least it resulted in a segment where firemen spray Jewel with their hose, getting her soaked. Although I am not sure which commercial it was supposed to be parodying.

Ashanti - Rock Wit U ( Aww Baby )


An even better wet video was to come. In Rock Wit U ( Awww Baby ) Ashanti and a boyfriend are at a tropical beach. Throughout the video there are cutaways to her standing in the surf wearing a tan dress. Later her boyfriend finds her lying on her stomach on a bed in a hut, her dress now completely soaked and transparent. After a bit of cuddling, Ashanti gets up, and in the wet dress does a very sexy dance as her boyfriend watches.

Slow - Kylie Minogue


Thanks to MuchMusic reintroducing Kylie Minogue to the United States, which ultimately resulted in I Can't Get You Out Of My Head reaching #7 on the Billboard charts, Kylie Minogue videos were regularly added to TRL, as well as airing in full on VH1. While the bulk of these videos were nowhere as sexy as the ones she made in the 90s ( which didn't make my 90s list as I didn't see them until the 00s via the internet, ) she did occasionally make videos that relied more on her sex appeal than visual effects. Slow had Kylie lying on a towel poolside, next to what appeared to be hundreds of muscular male models wearing nothing but speedos. She doesn't interact with the men, but instead sings her song while writhing on the towel. Maybe not as intensely as Faith Hill had in Breathe, but enough that once the video ended you rewound your DVR and watched it again.

Christina Milian - Dip It Low


Before we get to the video, the weird but true backstory of the single. When Christina Milian heard the finished mix, she asked the producer if the repeating notes added were a sample. Christina disliked songs that sampled other music, and wanted her album to be sampled free. The producer assured her the added notes came from one of the studio musicians. The song was released, became a top 10 hit, and Christina was sued by a band that said Dip It Low sampled their album. Christina went to court, the producer was subpoenaed to testify, and under oath he admitted he had sampled the album. Christina ended up loosing the case and paying out a hefty settlement as well as covering all the legal fees. So she sued the producer for damages. He in turn sued Christina and her record label for not legally clearing the sample. And the record label sued Christina and the producer for legal fees of defending the producer's lawsuit. In the end the biggest hit of Christina Milian's career ended up putting her in the hole for millions. Something to think about when watching the songs music video. In it Christina removes her robe to reveal a black vinyl monokini style outfit. She then entertains the men in the room by rolling around in a patch of some unidentified black substance which covers her like paint. Christina went through all this trouble for a single that ultimately cost her money. Is it any wonder she switched her career path to acting soon after?

Nelly featuring Christina Aguilera - Tilt Ya Head Back


Many of the videos on my list need no explanation. Some need a lot of explanation. They have a single moment I found very sexy that maybe most viewers wouldn't even notice. That is the case with the Nelly and Christina Aguilera collaboration Tilt Ya Head Back where Nelly plays a 30s era gangster, and Christina a flapper who has been seducing Nelly throughout the video. The moment comes at the very tail end of the video. Nelly escapes a police raid on his hideout. He enters his getaway car with Christina, winking at the camera as if to confirm he is about to spend the evening her. Sure it sucks the police have captured his club and probably gunned down half his men. But the night isn't all that bad because he's running off with the hottest girl in town. It is then that Christina also breaks the fourth wall, gleefully glancing momentarily into the screen to confirm that they will be sharing the same bed soon, and all her efforts of seducing Nelly have paid off. Or at least that is how I interpreted it. Their glances could have easily been their characters gloating over escaping the police raid. But the idea that Cristina was signaling that she was about to have consensual sex made her extremely attractive in that moment.

Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk With My Heart


And then there are the videos that need very little explanation. In this case all I need to say is Fergie's red dress. It was tight and form fitting, and Fergie had the body this dress was designed for. Fergie was familiar to MTV viewers as she was one third of the girl group Wild Orchid. MTV only aired two of their videos in primetime, one of them being Talk To Me which was pulled the second it's single peaked at #48. Wild Orchid spent years as guests on various MTV programs, but their singles couldn't crack the top 50, so their videos only got sparse airplay. If you were up at 3am during the 90s you may have caught a rare broadcasting of a Wild Orchid video. Aside from knowing Wild Orchid from appearances on MTV live events, there was the other primetime video, Merry Kris-mix. An extremely short melody of Christmas song covers which ends with an odd service message not to drink and drive, it was released when MTV was still airing Christmas themed videos in December, and not relying on any charts to determine their rotation. But soon after MTV stopped airing Christmas themed videos as their entire December schedule was devoted to rerunning marathons of their inhouse series from the past two years. Merry Kris-mix was passed on to VH1 which still aired Christmas themed videos, but only on Christmas Eve. In 2000 VH1 aired it's last block of Christmas videos, which included the Wild Orchid, the same block which would air on VH1 Classics for the next 10 years on loop every Christmas day. Wild Orchid finally disbanded in 2003 allowing Fergie to join the Black Eyed Peas.

Charlotte Church - Call My Name


Here is another video that could only be viewed via P2P download. Charlotte Church was the last person you would expect would make a sexy video. A phenom who at age 11 was singing and recording classical music, it seemed as if she was forever a child and forever singing opera. Then someone convinced me to download this video, saying Charlotte had finally grown up, she was finally recording pop music, and you just have to see her new video. It was her, in a corset, shorts and high heels, at one point on the floor among a pile of dancers who simulate feeling her up.

Mariah Carey - Get Your Number


After her Honey video, Mariah Carey made one sexy music video after another, many which were considered for the 90s list but fell just short. One that came close was the video for the remix of Honey, which had Mariah in a metallic bikini, another scene with her in a t-shirt and shorts washing a car, and Mariah and her alter ego Bianca ( Mariah in a black wig ) having a wrestling match in a glass tank full of what is probably vanilla pudding, but looks a lot like that goo on the inside of Roach motels. The one Mariah video from the 00s that made the cut was this one, where she wore one of her sexiest outfits. A yellow latex dress.

Rihanna - S.O.S.


Rihanna was by far the sexiest recording artist of the 00s. But that only translates into two of her videos making this list. Just like Madonna two decades earlier, Rihanna was sexier in her live television performances than in her videos. The first of her videos to make this list did so because of the dress she was wearing with a tied on wrap around top that had you wondering how it wasn't slipping off as she danced around in it.

Cassie - Me & U ( American Version )


The video for singer Cassie's only hit song, reaching #3 on the Billboard top 100. There is a racier video for this song which was unreleased, but was later released in Europe. But the video I saw, the one that became the song's official video, had her dancing in front of a wall of mirrors in a dance hall. A the midpoint she changes out of her gym clothes and into a tight black minidress and high heels, and continues dancing. This was a case of me reading something into a video that wasn't there. I thought Cassie was checking out how hot she was in the mirror, and even enjoying how she looked. Actually, she was using the mirror to practice new dance moves, and was looking at her footwork to see if she was getting it right. The version I was imagining was a lot sexier.

Meg and Dia - Monster


There definitely seemed to be a trend of Rock bands fronted by two sisters. From Disney's Aly & AJ, to Canada's Tegan and Sara, to Australia's The Veronicas. And there was Meg and Dia Frampton, who had very little in record sales, but gained some fame when Dia became a contestant on the first season of The Voice, coming in second place the iN Demand music video channel Music Choice would often add videos for songs that weren't hits, including the video for Monster which I played a lot, even after preserving it to my own videotape collection. The sisters are both wearing white dresses and performing their song with their band inside a room. Somehow the sprinkler system is set off, and the final minute of the video is the sisters getting soaked.

Sugababes - Easy


Yet another British pop group who's videos I download via P2P. You may wonder how I found these videos. Mostly from forums where British members mentioned the recording artists they found sexy, followed by a search in the P2P database for those artists, and then downloading every video by the group, after which I could finally watch their music video output and judge for myself. This all became a lot simpler when YouTube became a thing, and instead of waiting days for Sugababe videos to completely download, you could watch them all immediately. And this video was worth waiting for the download. Made for a greatest hits album ( hits on the British charts ), this video had the girls wearing various outfits utilizing black latex. The best was Keisha Buchanan's outfit. Latex stockings, tight latex mini skirt, a black ruffled shirt, unbuttoned and fully exposing latex bra/bikini top

Belinda - Bella Traición


The good and bad about Music Choice.
GOOD.. much like The Box, you could order videos from a menu and watch them, only for free, and immediately after you ordered the video, and without the codes for the other videos scrolling across the screen.
BAD.. most cable companies that had iN Demand didn't have big enough servers to store every current iN Demand show, so would not add random episodes, then blame it on the providers for not adding them. This was evident with Music Choice which had a pathetic selection of videos, which in reality was your local cable company only adding a tenth of the videos that were supposed to be on Music Choice that month.
THE ALMOST GOOD.. since Music Choice was still a free service rather than a commercial service, they had no problem adding videos that were not of mainstream hits. So you would occasionally get something you could not find on MTV, such as the occasional Spanish language video. There is nothing much here to recommend, other than the video's closing shot. Taking place in a library setting, it ends in a tracking shot with Belinda arched backwards over a pile of books. This was a recreation of the cover of her album Utopia. It may have been in the video for just a few seconds, but had me thinking of her all night.

Christina Aguilera - Candyman


Christina wears latex fashion for the first time. It may have been a cutesy sailor costume, but was undoubtedly tight glossy latex. Latex fashion was just starting to make it's way onto American recording artists, and into videos that got airplay in this country. But it was still a rarity when it happened. New artists like Katy Perry embraced latex, but frustratingly only wore it during their concerts. Tight latex outfits takes a lot of effort and time to put on. Some outfits up to an hour even with the aid of talcum powder. Then another 20 minutes of buffing the outfit so it is glossy. Many video directors on a tight shooting schedule disliked waiting that long to begin shooting. There was also the same problem with Vinyl, that without proper lighting the gloss wouldn't register on the video. Still, some recording stars saw how attractive it made the person wearing it look, and were eventually willing to go through the effort of wearing it.

Beyoncé and Shakira - Beautiful Liar