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10 Songs to Unleash Your Inner Brat

Bratty Songs

For a long time I have been obsessed with something I call “bratty” music. This made-up genre is usually female singers belting out messages of female empowerment. While I have never embraced the princess mentality bestowed upon many girls via Disney movies, many of these songs contain words like “crown,” sometimes “princess,” and often sound like they are teasing or taunting somebody. Sometimes they help broken-hearted girls become stronger, which has been my personal experience with these tunes.

Whether these women are telling you exactly what they want, showing dominance, or saying “F you” without saying "F you," these are my favorite bratty tunes by some bad bee-yotches.

1. "I Know What Boys Like" —The Waitresses

You don’t get any brattier than this. The song literally includes “nyah nyah” and psychs you out in one part. Thank goodness my dad introduced this to me via vinyl.

2. “Louboutins” —Jennifer Lopez

I put this here because it's my second favorite song ever. Originally written for singer Brandy, it's now extremely hard to find. Nevertheless, when she performed this on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, I fell in love with J-Lo and this song.

It's cheesy, but I partially molded my life around it, and I listen every time I’m ready to move on in life (especially after I am done with a dumb boy).

3. "It's My Party" —Lesley Gore

This song always reminds me of that girl in the movie, Problem Child. That girl’s ego needed to be wrecked, little monster.

4. “Sheezus” —Lily Allen

I’ve grown up with this lady. There are SO many songs of hers that could and should be included on this list, especially from her album Alright, Still (a major influence in my life), but I had to go with this one.

After putting out the bratty single, “Hard Out Here,” this one comes along and tops the cake. The lyric that kills me: “Give me that crown, bitch. I wanna be Sheezus.”

5. "Bad Girls" —M.I.A.

In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure M.I.A. is one of the greatest ever.

6. “What The Hell” —Avril Lavigne

Avril is one of the first people I think of when I hear the word “brat.” She has kept up her image as a punk music princess for years, and I feel like I have seen her wear tiaras multiple times.

Like Lily Allen, there are MANY songs I could put on this list—I debated heavily on using “Girlfriend” instead—but this is one of my absolute favorites of hers and one to which I relate.

7. “Whip My Hair” —Willow Smith

When you exist in an awesome family, this is what happens. Do more things, Willow; I love you!

8. “That’s Not My Name” —Ting Tings

Even Charlie Day likes this song.

9. “Bad Reputation” —Joan Jett

This is one I heavily considered not including due to the fact that Joan is punk. However, punks can certainly be brats, too, and this is such a classic "screw you" song.

10. "Swagger Jagger" —Cher Lloyd

I miss Cher's adorable tooth gap. First lyric: "You can't stop lookin at me, starin at me, be what I be."

Honorable Bratty Mentions

  • "None Of Your Business" —Salt 'N' Pepa
  • “Hollaback Gurl” —Gwen Stefani
  • “Look At These Hoes” —Santigold
  • “10% Dis” —MC Lyte
  • “Mickey” —Toni Basil
  • “So What” —Pink
  • “My World” —Iggy Azalea
  • “How To Be A Heartbreaker” —Marina and the Diamonds
  • “Do It Like A Dude” —Jessie J
  • “Did It On 'Em” —Nicki Minaj
  • “Boyfriend” —Best Coast
  • “Pretty Girl Rock” —Keri Hilson
  • “I Don’t Care” —Icona Pop
  • “Ladies First” —Queen Latifah
  • “Independent Women” —Destiny’s Child

More Brattiness if You Need It

  • "(We Like The ) Cars With The Boom" —L'Trimm
  • “No Scrubs” —TLC
  • “Rehab” —Amy Winehouse
  • “If You Can’t Dance” —Spice Girls
  • “That Don't Impress Me Much” —Shania Twain
  • “Go Hard” —Kreayshawn
  • “Circus” —Britney Spears
  • “Do-Qah-Doo” —Kate Nash
  • “Leave” —JoJo
  • “Roar” —Katy Perry
  • “Bulletproof” —La Roux
  • “Can’t Be Tamed” —Miley Cyrus
  • “What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)” —Kelly Clarkson
  • "My Boyfriend's Back" —The Angels