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100 Best Thank You Songs

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Express your gratitude with these songs about being thankful.

Express your gratitude with these songs about being thankful.

At times, we fail to find the right words to say thank you. The gratitude we feel towards a person can be expressed in many ways. However, not everybody is able to express themselves clearly. A surefire way to say thank you is by dedicating a song to show your appreciation.

There isn't just one way to say thanks. You can express different emotions through the thank you songs you choose. An act of kindness deserves a thank you from the heart. Making a playlist of thoughtful songs can convey how grateful you are for what a person has done for you.

Top 10 Best Thank You Songs

  1. “Thankful”—Kelly Clarkson
  2. “Thank You For Loving Me”—Bon Jovi
  3. “Kind & Generous”—Natalie Merchant
  4. “Thank You”—Dido
  5. “Thank You”—Keith Urban
  6. “A Thank You In Fives”—Dylan Ryche
  7. “Thank God For You”—Sawyer Brown
  8. “Grateful”—Rita Ora
  9. “Thank You”—Alanis Morissette
  10. “Thank You”—Meghan Trainor and R.City

What Message Should Songs About Gratitude Convey?

While a thank you song can convey a range of emotions, it’s best to pick songs that clearly say what you want to express. Ideally, a thoughtful song should tell the listener how grateful you are to have them in your life. However, you may choose to express mixed sentiments. The type of relationship you have with an individual dictates the type of songs you may want to dedicate or compile. When you say it all through song lyrics, your thank you becomes even more meaningful.


11. “Thankful”—Shawna Edwards

12. “Thank You For Christmas”—Bee Gees

13. “A Song For Mama”—Boyz 2 Men

14. “Thankful For”—Adam Sanders

15. “Thnks Fr th Mmrs”—Fall Out Boy

16. “Thank You”—Celine Dion

17. “Kehlani”—Thank You

18. “Blessings”—Big Sean

19. “Thank You”—The Calling

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20. “Thankful”—Josh Groban

Songs to Say Thanks to Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

If you want to say thank you to your boyfriend or girlfriend for being in your life, pick songs that have undertones of love, along with a clear message of how privileged you feel to have him or her in your life.

Songs to Show Appreciation for Your Parents

When you want to say thank you to your parents, think of all the times you have had with each other since childhood. Songs become meaningful when they are associated with memories. It is wise to take the sentimental road when you pick songs for your parents.

Thoughtful songs that bring to life characteristics of your mom and dad through an emotional outlook are perfect. Songs about gratitude have lyrics that weave a picture of sacrifice and commitment of your parents during your growing years evoke special feelings that find beautiful memories through an emotional moment.


21. “Thank You For The Music”—ABBA

22. “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”—Sly & The Family Stone

23. “Gratitude”—Earth, Wind & Fire

24. “Nothing Without You”—The Weekend

25. “Thankful”—Celine Dion

26. “Thank You Friends”—Big Star

27. “Thank You”—Keyshia Cole featuring Dr. Yvonne Cole

28. “Thank You Lord (Interlude)”—Mary J. Blige

29. “Give Thanks and Praises”—Bob Marley

30. “Thank You For Sending Me an Angel”—Talking Heads

31. “Never Forget”—Judas Priest

32. “I Want To Thank You”—Alicia Myers

33. “I Wanna Thank You”—Mavin Staples

34. “Thank You For Being You”—The Pastels

35. “You Raise Me Up”—Josh Groban

36. “I Have You To Thank”—Gavin DeGraw

37. “A Moment Like This”—Kelly Clarkson

38. “Thank God and Greyhound You’re Gone”—Roy Clark

39. “Be Thankful”—Natalie Cole

40. “Thank You Love”—Stevie Wonder

Songs About Being Thankful for Your Friends

Friends make life meaningful. Saying thank you by dedicating a song or playlist to your friend will only enrich the friendship. When you have a true friend in your life, it is important to tell them how much they mean to you. When you compile thank you songs for friends, you should select songs that explore different aspects of the friendship. Songs that have a message of appreciation bring about a positive vibe that further strengthens your bond.


41. “A Token of Gratitude”—The Radio Dept

42. “Thank God I’ve Got You”—The Statler Brothers

43. “I Thank You”—Sam & Dave

44. “Thank You Boys”—Jane’s Addiction

45. “Thank You”—Boyz 2 Men

46. “Dear Mama”—2Pac

47. “Thank God For The Radio”—The Kendalls

48. “Thank God For Sinners”—Ty Segall

49. “Thank You”—Ashanti

50. “You to Thank”—Ben Folds

51. “Thanks from A Friend”—Paul McCartney

52. “Thanking The Good Lord”—Merle Haggard

53. “Thank You”—The Descendents

54. “Thanks a Lot”—Third Eye Blind

55. “Thanks That Was Fun”—Barenaked Ladies

56. “Thank God For Hometowns”—Carrie Underwood

57. “Thank You Baby (For Makin’ Somebody Come So Soon)”—Shania Twain

58. “Thankful N’ Thoughtful”—Sly & The Family Stone

59. “Thank You in Advance”—Boyz 2 Men

60 “Thanks for the Memory”—Rod Stewart

Songs to Express Appreciation for Teachers

Every student has a teacher or a mentor to thank, but they may not be able to find the right words to express their gratitude. In such times, it’s best to dedicate a thank you song to your teacher. Select songs that paint a picture that clearly expresses your gratitude for what your teacher has taught you. The hard work that teachers put in for their students is truly deserving of thanks.

Gratitude Songs for a Colleague at Work

You may want to thank your colleague at work for something they have done for you. A cute way to say thank you is by sending a song along with an appreciation message. At work you can send your colleague an email containing your appreciation message with a song attached. Make sure you select a song that is appropriate and meaningful.


61. “Thank You”—James Vincent McMorrow

62. “Thanks A Lot”—Martina McBride

63. “Thank You For Sending Me an Angel”—Talking Heads

64. “Thank God I Found You”—Mariah Carey, Joe and 98 Degrees

65. “I Want To Thank You”—Otis Redding

66. “Gratitude”—Ani DiFranco

67. “Thank Your Lucky Stars”—311

68. “Thank You”—Led Zeppelin

69. “Thank You”—MKTO

70. “Thank You For A Life”—Kris Kristofferson

71. “Thank You”—Lil Bow Wow

72. “Thanks For Bringing Love Around Again”—Ray Charles

73. “Thanks for The Memory”—Ella Fitzgerald

74. “Thank Me Someday”—Buddy Guy

75. “I Thank You”—ZZ Top

76. “Thank You”—Jay Z

77. “Thank You”—Simple Plan

78. “Thank You”—Sly & The Family Stone

79. “Thanks To You”—Nat King Cole

80. “Thank You Mom”—Good Charlotte

Songs About Being Grateful for a Generous Person

When someone goes out of their way and does you a big favor, that person deserves a thank you. If you want to dedicate a song to a person who has done you a favor, make sure you pick songs with lyrics that convey how appreciative and thankful you are. A collection of songs with lyrics that relate to admiration, regard, recognition, and acknowledgement say it loud and clear.


81. “Thank You”—DMX

82. “Thank You” (Dedication to Fans…)—Christina Aguilera

83. “Thank You”—Nujabes featuring Apani B

84. “Thank You For…”—Hall & Oates

85. “Thanks a Lot”—Johnny Cash

86. “Thank You Love”—The Doobie Brothers

87. “Thank You”—Chris Brown

88. “Thank You”—India.Arie

89. “Thanks To You”—The Flaming Lips

90. “Thank You For Christmas”—Bee Gees

91. “Thank God For Kids”—Oak Ridge Boys

92. “I Constantly Thank God For Esteban”—Panic! At The Disco

93. “Thank You”—J. Holiday

94. “Thank You”—Bonnie Raitt

95. “Thank God I’m A Country Boy”—John Denver

96. “Thank You”—Commodores

97. “Thank You For Loving Me”—Sweet

98. “Thank God For Believers”—Mark Chestnutt

99. “Thank You For Being a Friend”—Andrew Gold

100. “Thank You For the Promises”—Gordon Lightfoot

Other Notable Thank You Songs

  • “Thank You”—MercyMe
  • “Thank You”—Tesla
  • “Thanks for the Time”—Gotye
  • “I Wanna Thank Ya”—Angie Stone featuring Snoop Dogg
  • “Thank You Baby”—The Moody Blues
  • “Sincerely Yours, The D.A.C.”—Dirty Art Club
  • “Thank Heavens For Date Evans”—Dixie Chicks
  • “Thank Him For Today”—The Supremes
  • “Thanks For The Ride”—Sarah Vaughn
  • “Thank Me Now”—Drake
  • “Thank You, Pretty Baby”—Nat King Cole
  • “All I Can Do (Thank You)”—Mikeschair
  • “Appreciation Day”—Lloyd featuring Khujo Goodie
  • “Thank You”—Busta Rhymes
  • “Thank You”—New Edition
  • “Thank You Lord (Interlude)”—Faith Evans
  • “Thank God”—Hank Williams
  • “Thank Jah”—Bad Brains
  • “Thankful”—Feki
  • “Thank You For The Venom”—My Chemical Romance
  • “Thank You For Nothing”—Sum 41
  • “Thank You Mr. Churchill”—Peter Frampton
  • “Thank God It’s Monday”—NOFX
  • “Thanks Anyway”—Jerry Cantrell
  • “Oh, Thank You Great Spirit”—Chicago
  • “Thanks Again”—Ricky Skaggs
  • “I Thank You”—Bonnie Raitt
  • “Thank You Child”—Zakk Wylde
  • “You’ll Thank Me In The End”—Todd Rundgren
  • “Encore”—Jay Z
  • “Thank You Love”—Isaac Hayes
  • “Thanks for the Misery”—Monica
  • “Thank You Master (For My Soul)”—Donny Hathaway
  • “Hey Mama”—Kanye West
  • “Thank You”—Duran Duran
  • “Thank You #19”—Huey Lewis & The News
  • “Thank You Too”—My Morning Jacket
  • “Thankful For You”—TobyMac
  • “I Thank God”—Sam & Cooke
  • “Mama”—Spice Girls
  • “Thank You”—Estelle
  • “I Thank You”—Tom Jones
  • “Thanks To Uncle John”—Merle Haggard
  • “Thank The Lord for the Nighttime”—Neil Diamond
  • “Thank Youse”—Del The Funky Homosapien
  • “Thank You For The Broken Heart”—J Rice
  • “Wam Bam Thank You Ma’am”—Steve Marriot
  • “Thanks For The Information”—Van Morrison
  • “Thank You May I Have Another”—Avenue Blue featuring Jeff Golub
  • “Thank You”—Xzibit
  • “Thank You For This”—Mastodon
  • “Thanks A Lot”—Hank Williams Jr.
  • “Thank God For Kids”—Kenny Chesney
  • “Thank You”—Solomon Burke
  • “Thank You For Hearing Me”—Sinead O’ Connor
  • “Thank You Pain”—Against
  • “Thanks To You”—Emmylou Harris
  • “Thank God For Love”—Isaac Hayes
  • “Thanks To You”—John Denver
  • “Thank God For The Suffering”—Cradle of Filth
  • “Thank You”—McMaster and James
  • “God Thank You Woman”—Culture Club
  • “Thank You Lord”—Bob Marley

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