100 Best Songs for Practicing Yoga

Updated on July 15, 2019
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Learn the best songs to listen to when you practice yoga!
Learn the best songs to listen to when you practice yoga! | Source

Yoga has become exceedingly popular around the globe. It is the culmination of mental, physical, and spiritual disciplines. Modern yoga, which is associated with postures called asanas, has become a way of life for many. The different asanas and breathing techniques are often performed alongside mellow music. This helps relax the mind. During yoga classes, soothing songs are preferred listening. Since yoga practices differ according to discipline, the songs played at yoga sessions should create an ambiance that matches that discipline.

The lines below showcase a diverse list of songs (with and without lyrics) that can be played during different stages of yoga. If you have something to say about yoga and music, feel free to express yourself in the comments section

Top 10 Best Songs for Yoga

  1. “Orinoco Flow”—Enya
  2. “For the Joy of It All”—Karunesh
  3. “Nostalgia”—Yanni
  4. “Oxygene Part 4”—Jean Michel Jarre
  5. “Skellig”—Loreena McKennitt
  6. “Now We Are Free”—Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard
  7. “Lament for a Frozen Flower”—Secret Garden
  8. “Return to Innocence”—Enigma
  9. “Answer”—Sarah McLachlan
  10. “Michael Hedges”—Java Man

Yoga Music and Healing

The instrumentation and lyrics in songs played at yoga classes have a healing quality to them. A disciplined approach to yoga techniques with the aid of soothing music can help calm the mind and focus one's control over their body. When yoga is performed the right way, you are able to achieve an expansion of consciousness. Music assists in creating the right environment for different forms of yoga to achieve this goal. As the Western world has adopted yoga as an exercise routine, a number of new asanas have become an integral part of yoga.

Best Songs for Yoga #11-20

11. “Becoming One of 'The People' Becoming One With Neytiri”—James Horner

12. “Traces of You”—Anoushka Shankar

13. “Caribbean Blue”—Enya

14. “Silk Road”—Kitaro

15. “From Past to Present”—Jeremy Soule

16. “All Souls Night”—Loreena McKennitt

17. “So I Could Find My Way”—Enya

18. “Shiva Moon”—Prem Joshua

19. “In the Blue Distance”—Mark Isham

20. “Whispers In the Dark”—Yanni

What Songs Are Best Suited for Yoga?

The songs you pick for your yoga sessions depend on what mood you're attempting to achieve. Songs with mellow lyrics and instrumental tunes are known to reduce stress and relax the mind. Chanting, interspersed with meditation music, can bring about positive energy. Yoga teachers love to play soothing music while conducting classes, because it helps students find mental balance through positive thinking. Similarly, if you are doing a yoga sequence, a yoga routine, or practicing yoga poses at home, ambient music helps you attain a calm mind and a steady flow. Getting your movement and breathing in sync is easy when you have relaxing music playing in the background.

Best Songs for Yoga #21-40

21. “The English Ladye and the Knight”—Loreena McKennitt

22. “Book of Days”—Enya

23. “Until the Last Moment”—Yanni

24. “New Life”—Paul Cardall

25. “Devi Prayer”—Craig Pruess

26. “Silent Warrior”—Enigma

27. “Ever I Love You”—Tim Janis

28. “Aniron”—Enya

29. “I Have Loved You for a Thousand Lifetimes”—Michael Whalen

30. “Angels of Victory”—Aeoliah

31. “Matsuri”—Kitaro

32. “The Angels Voice”—Diane Arkenstone

33. “Night Ride Across the Caucasus”—Loreena Mckennitt

34. “May It Be”—Enya

35. “Church of Trees”—Liz Story

36. “Song for Sienna”—Brian Crain

37. “Nocturne”—Secret Garden

38. “Solitude”—Karunesh

39. “The Geometrics”—Ray Lynch

40. “Only Time”—Enya

Songs With Sounds of Nature Helps Yoga Practitioners Immensely

While performing vinyasa yoga, where breath and movement are paired, songs that include sounds from nature can help stimulate the mind and can help the body find equilibrium. In this modern age, meditative music is essential for reducing stress. This music can help us cope with the anxieties caused by our fast-paced lives. Earthy atmospheric music is often played during the relaxation and meditation phase of yoga. Songs that incorporate the sounds of chirping birds, gushing waterfalls, or water droplets can create an ambient aura that helps focus our attention.

Best Songs for Yoga #41-60

41. “Time”—Paul Cardall

42. “Amarantine”—Enya

43. “The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit”—William Ackerman

44. “Sadness”—Enigma

45. “History of My Heart”—Suzanne Ciani

46. “After the Snow, the Fragrance”—Tony Scott

47. “The Mystic’s Dream”—Loreena McKennitt

48. “Over the Next Hill”—Jeremy Soule

49. “Reference Point”—Acoustic Alchemy

50. “Caravansary”—Kitaro

51. “Dancing With the Lion”—Andreas Vollenweider

52. “The Steamroller”—Mannheim Steamroller

53. “Weightless”—Marconi Union

54. “Sailing to Byzantium”—Lisa Gerrard and Patrick Cassidy

55. “Watermark”—Enya

56. “Theme From Antartica”—Vangelis

57. “When Things Dream”—Mark Isham

58. “Sound of Invisible Waters”—Deuter

59. “Moola Mantra”—Karunesh

60. “Joy”—George Winston

The Importance of New Age Music and World Music in Yoga

New age music and world music have become exceedingly popular in modern yoga. Many yoga teachers around the globe play meditative songs by new age composers during various yoga asanas. The melodic blending of modern and ancient instruments in new age music creates an ethereal soundscape that plays a pivotal role in meditative healing. In many modern disciplines, ancient musical instruments are used for transcendental experiences. The melodic compositions in new age music are known to take yoga practitioners on a reflective journey through a meditative state of mind.

Best Songs for Yoga #61-80

61. “Long Time Sun”—Snatam Kaur

62. “Prayer Changes Everything”—Mark McKenzie

63. “Summer’s Child”—David Lanz

64. “Theme From Harry’s Game”—Clannad

65. “Barcelona Nights”—Ottmar Liebert

66. “Adagio for Sleep—Liquid Mind

67. “Calling Wisdom”—Karunesh

68. “Tibetan Gold”—Steven Halpern

69. “Pearls of Joy”—Kevin Kern

70. “Exile”—Enya

71. “Honor Him”—Hans Zimmer

72. “The Drawing”—Constance Demby

73. “A Welcome Return”—Phil Thornton

74. “The Wheat”—Lisa Gerrard

75. “The Garden”—Kari Jobe

76. “Gravity of Love”—Enigma

77. “Many Chinas”—Mark Isham

78. “Structures from Silence”—Steve Roach

79. “In the Garden of Souls”—Vas

80. “The Isle of Dreaming”—Kate Price

Best Songs for Yoga #81-100

81. “Earth Kisses Sky”—Prem Joshua

82. “Sacred Geometries”—Ephemeral Mists

83. “Table Breath”—Benjy Wertheimer

84. “Sacral Nirvana”—Oliver Shanti & Friends

85. “Beyond This Moment”—Patrick O’Hearn

86. “Elysium”—Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard

87. “Between Tears”—Johannes Linstead

88. “A Lovely Place to Be”—Patrick O’Hearn

89. “Leaves of Light”—Fariborz Lachini

90. “The Cause of Christ”—Kari Jobe

91. “The Mummer’s Dance”—Loreena McKennitt

92. “Gayatri Mantra”—Deva Premal

93. “Letting Go”—Isaac Shepard

94. “Breathe”—Blue Stone

95. “Mandara”—Vas

96. “Yeha-Noha (Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity)”—Sacred Spirit

97. “Tides of Eden”—Johannes Linstead

98. “Remembering the Light”—Kevin Kern

99. “Hallelujah”—Constance Demby

100. “Teach Me to Whisper”—Liquid Mind

Other Notable Yoga Songs

  • “The Cells”—Enya
  • “Caverna Magica”—Andreas Vollenweider
  • “Listening to the Heart”—Dean Evenson
  • “Inward Journey”—R. Carlos Nakai
  • “Buddham Sharanam”—Craig Pruess
  • “Tranquil Space”—Jonathan Goldman
  • “Cool Forest Rain”—Dan Gibson
  • “Anywhere Is”—Enya
  • “The View From the Pass”—Phil Thornton
  • “Silver Inches”—Enya
  • “Healing”—Kamal
  • “Morning Glory”- Anugama
  • “Wild Child”—Enya
  • “Healing Senses”—Parijat
  • “Courage”—Patrick O’Hearn
  • “Dreamcatcher”—Kamal
  • “Stratos”—Jonn Serrie
  • “Tell It By Heart”—Jami Sieber
  • “First Light”—Harold Budd and Brian Eno
  • “Song for the Morning Star”—R. Carlos Nakai
  • “Recalling Winter”—Roger Eno
  • “The Sun Won’t Set”—Anoushka Shankar
  • “Aphrodie”—Ishq
  • “Spheres of the Angles”—Shajan
  • “Hearts Awakening”—Parijat
  • “Rays of Love”—Mehdi
  • “Pachelbel’s Canon”—Angels of Venice
  • “Against the Sky”—Harold Budd
  • “Pure Essence”—Maneesh De Moor
  • “Keystone Meditation”—Max Corbacho

  • “Bard Dance”—Enya
  • “Maenam”—Jami Sieber
  • “La Brisa”—Monica Ramos
  • “Quiet Friend”—Steve Roach
  • “Goddess Evocation”—Chinmaya Dunster
  • “Escape From Gravity”—Deuter
  • “Ocean”—Monica Ramos
  • “Natural Healing”—Shajan
  • “Autumn Whispers”—Fariborz Lachini
  • “The Sea at Night”—2002
  • “Silencio Profundo”—Monica Ramos
  • “Rain”—Corciolli
  • “Sentosa”—Alessandro Boschi
  • “Angelic Voices”—B- Tribe
  • “Lothlorien”—Enya
  • “Deepspace”—Energy Failure on the Sibelius
  • “Take Me Tenderly”—Liquid Mind
  • “Olancha Farewell”—Harold Budd
  • “Lady of the Moon”—2002
  • “Intro/Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)”—Llewellyn
  • “Pachelbel for the Potomac”—Laura Sullivan
  • “Call of the Sea”—David Arkenstone
  • “Storms in Africa”—Enya
  • “Gardens of Reflection”—Ephemeral Mists
  • “Cosmic Balance”—Shajan
  • “Forgiving”—Parijat
  • “Bhakti”—Ishq
  • “Healing the Heart”—Parijat
  • “Marble Halls”—Enya
  • “Eternal Traveller”—Anugama

How do you feel after incorporating Yoga in your lifestyle?

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