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100 Best Songs About Trees

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Trees make the world a better place. Here, you'll discover all the best songs about them!

Trees make the world a better place. Here, you'll discover all the best songs about them!

Tree Songs and Songs About Forests

Singers and songwriters have expressed a plethora of sentiments with trees as a metaphor. While certain songs are actually about trees in a literal sense, the majority of songs use the term tree figuratively to portray a wide range of emotions. Musicians from different genres have highlighted the importance of trees for our planet with their thought-provoking lyrics. A number of singers and songwriters have described relationships with trees and their branches as an expression.


Meaning Conveyed With Trees in Songs

Different meanings are conveyed with songs that use the word tree as a metaphor. In certain songs, the harsh realities of life are showcased with diverse expressions. The calming shade of trees is often correlated with understanding and commitment in a relationship. Memories and nostalgia of childhood and growing years are conveyed thoughtfully with trees used as an expression.

In certain songs, the spreading of branches is used as a comparison to growth in our personal and professional lives. Certain musicians from alternative genres have exquisitely showcased different stages of a relationship with their correlation to the growth of branches. The joy that one feels when admiring a beautiful tree is poetically expressed by certain songwriters in mainstream genres.


Symbolism: Trees in Songs

Trees in songs are sometimes mentioned to explain a philosophical outlook of life. The branches of trees may represent a sense of belonging with family and friends. Withering trees are often showcased to highlight dark moments, difficulties or failed relationships. In certain songs, the transitional stages from childhood to adulthood are represented by the growth of trees.

The calming sense of trees is in certain songs is used as a comparison with the human mind. The manifestation of dreams that are associated symbolically with real-life experiences are often showcased with trees as a backdrop in music videos. While trees may associate with a wide spectrum of concepts or ideas, they often represent or denote

  • Calmness
  • Growth
  • Transition
  • Life
  • Reconciliation
  • Friendship
  • Loneliness
  • Acceptance
  • Death
  • Protection
  • Celebration
  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Relationships
  • Patience
  • Relaxation

The list below showcases an epic collection of rock songs, pop songs, country songs, folk songs, alternative songs, indie songs, R&B songs, jazz songs, blues songs, EDM songs, and dance songs with trees in the title. If you have an opinion or song suggestion, let us know in the comments section.

Top 10 Songs About Trees

  1. “Coconut Tree”—Mohombi featuring Nicole Scherzinger
  2. “The Trees”—Rush
  3. “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”—Tony Orlando & Dawn
  4. “The Dreaming Tree”—Dave Matthews Band
  5. “Mango Tree”—Zac Brown Band featuring Sara Bareilles
  6. “Talk to the Trees”—Snow Patrol
  7. “Lemon Tree”—Fool’s Garden
  8. “Birch Tree”—Foals
  9. “Shaking the Tree”—Peter Gabriel featuring Youssou N’Dour
  10. “Heart of Oak”—Richard Hawley


11. “Wind in the Trees”—Joe Satriani

12. “The Apple Tree”—Nina Nesbitt

13. “Big Tree Blue Sea”—Golden Earring

14. “Cactus Tree”—Joni Mitchell

15. “Four Cypresses”—Grizzly Bear

16. “Thorn Trees in the Garden”—Derek & the Dominos

17. “Underneath the Tree”—Kelly Clarkson

18. “English Trees”—Crowded House

19. “Bare Trees”—Fleetwood Mac

20. “Christmas Tree”—Lady Gaga


21. “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)”—The Andrew Sisters

22. “Here We Go Round (The Lemon Tree)”—The Move

23. “Old Pine”—Ben Howard

24. “Valley of Calm Trees”—Klaxons

25. “Shadows and Tall Trees”—U2

26. “Fake Plastic Trees”—Radiohead

27. “Two Silver Trees”—Calexico

28. “The Memory of Trees”—Enya

29. “The Hanging Tree”—Marty Robbins

30. “Beech Like a Tree”—Lower Than Atlantis

31. “Tree of Life”—Funeral Suits

32. “New Love Grows on Trees”—Pete Doherty

33. “Coconut Tree”—Shakira

34. “In My Tree”—Pearl Jam

35. “Lime Tree”—Bright Eyes

36. “Underneath the Tree”—The Water Babies

37. “The Cherry Tree”—Sting

38. “Boys in the Trees”—Carly Simon

39. “Apple Blossom”—The White Stripes

40. “Redwood Tree”—Cam


41. “Feed the Tree”—Belly

42. “Everything is One Big Christmas Tree”—Magnetic Fields

43. “Hanging Tree”—Blackmore’s Night

44. “Little Willow”—Paul McCartney

45. “A Tree Too Weak To Stand”—Gordon Lightfoot

46. “Orange Trees”—Marina

47. “Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree”—Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

48. “The Crying Tree of Mercury”—The Smashing Pumpkins

49. “Willow Tree Lullaby”—America

50. “Underneath the Big Green Tree”—Stan Ridgway

51. “I Am a Tree”—Guided By Voices

52. “Willow Weep for Me”—Ann Ronell

53. “The Sweetheart Tree”—Henry Mancini

54. “Chop ‘em Down”—Matisyahu

55. “Trees”—21 Pilots

56. “A Day in the Life of a Tree”—The Beach Boys

57. “Flame Trees”—Jimmy Barnes

58. “Del Davis Tree Farm”—Primus

58. “Seed to a Tree”—Blind Melon

60. “Redbud Tree”—Mark Knopfler


61. “Fig Tree Bay”—Peter Frampton

62. “Under My Tree”—NSYNC

63. “Withering Tree”—Traffic

64. “The Oak Tree”—Morris Day

65. “Season’s Trees”—Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi featuring Norah Jones

66. “If a Tree Falls”—Bruce Cockburn

67. “Under Giant Trees”—Agnes Obel

68. “So Tall a Tree”—Bing Crosby

69. “Hunger of the Pine”—Alt-J

70. “Treefingers”—Radiohead

71. “Apples Don’t Fall From the Tree”—Cher

72. “July Tree”—Nina Simone

73. “Kissing Tree”—Spencer Lee Band

74. “Falling Out of Trees”—Barcelona

75. “Marble Tulip Juicy Tree”—Ween

76. “King of Trees”—Cat Stevens

77. “Tree (Today is an Important Occasion)”—David Byrne

78. “Weeping Willow”—The Verve

79. “In Dark Trees”—Brian Eno

80. “Lemon Tree”—Peter, Paul and Mary


81. “Pine for Cedars”—Dan Mangan

82. “Kalimba Tree”—Earth, Wind & Fire

83. “The Shade of Poison Trees”—Dashboard Confessional

84. “I Talk to the Trees”—Chet Baker

85. “Tall Oak Tree”—Dorsey Brunette

86. “An Olive Tree”—Basia

87. “Chorus of Trees”—Hammock

88. “Apple Sucking Tree”—Bob Dylan

89. “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”—KT Tunstall

90. “The Hanging Tree”—James Newton Howard featuring Jennifer Lawrence

91. “The Cherry-Tree Carol”—Joan Baez

92. “Skeleton Tree”—Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

93. “The Tree”—Lori McKenna

94. “Lovin’ Don’t Grow on Trees”—Samantha Fox

95. “Mango Tree”—Angus & Julia Stone

96. “Pale Green Ghosts”—John Grant

97. “Under the Greenwood Tree”—Donovan

98. “Mighty Oak Tree”—Hank Williams Jr.

99. “Trees of Barcelona”—Superchunk

100. “Palm Trees, Helicopters and Gasoline”—Joe Bonamassa

Other Notable Songs With Trees in the Title

  • “A Tree in the Park”—Sarah Vaughn
  • “Fruit Tree”—Nick Drake
  • “A Forest”—The Cure
  • “The Lowest Trees Have Tops”—Sting
  • “Money Trees”—Kendrick Lamar featuring Jay Rock
  • “Tree Song”—Xylouris White
  • “Battle of Trees”—Tori Amos
  • “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”—Brenda Lee
  • “A Thousand Trees”—Stereophonics
  • “Cypress Tree”—The Black Crowes
  • “Talking of the Trees (Sanctuary)”—Children of Bodom
  • “Our Trees”—Tegan and Sara
  • “Tree Song (Branch Out and Nourish My Veins)”—Amy Montgomery
  • “Underneath the Mango Tree”—Monty Norman
  • “Through the Trees”—Wildling
  • “Coconut Tree”—Kenny Chesney with Willie Nelson
  • “Monkey Tree”—Mother Mother
  • “Trees”—Pitbull, Baby Bash and Angeldust
  • “Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow Tree”—Rosanne Cash
  • “The Olive Tree”—Leon Rosselson
  • “Shadow of the Pines”—The Innocence Mission
  • “The Trees”—Pulp
  • “As Long As There’s An Apple Tree”—Dionne Warwick
  • “Lime Tree Arbour”—Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • “The Trees They Grow So High”—Sarah Brightman
  • “Love Don’t Grow on Trees”—Johnny Burke
  • “Song for the Trees”—Sounds Like Reign
  • “The Giving Tree”—If These Trees Could Talk
  • “All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands”—Sufjan Stevens
  • “The Trees in Philadelphia”—Patti Page

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