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100 Best Boy Band Love Songs

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Jonas Brothers are described as a pop boy band.

Jonas Brothers are described as a pop boy band.

Over the years, boy bands have been hugely popular with young audiences. A number of these bands were inspired by gospel music and church choral music. Talent managers hold auditions to find the right candidates for boy bands. The majority of their fans are female teenyboppers. A number of boy bands have had tremendous mainstream success. For over a decade, these bands dominated the pop music charts.

The list below showcases a diverse number of love songs by boy bands. If you are a fan of these bands, then you'll definitely have a lot to say. Feel free to share your views and opinions in the comments section.

Boy bands tend to emphasize beauty and high-style.

Boy bands tend to emphasize beauty and high-style.

Top 10 Best Boy Band Love Songs

  1. “What Makes You Beautiful”—One Direction
  2. “I Want It That Way”—Backstreet Boys
  3. “This I Promise You”—NSYNC
  4. “Back for Good”—Take That
  5. “My Love”—Westlife
  6. “I Do (Cherish You)”—98 Degrees
  7. “On Bended Knee”—Boyz 2 Men
  8. “One Love”—Blue
  9. “I Swear”—All-4-One
  10. “Lovebug”—Jonas Brothers

What Is a Boy Band?

A boy band is a vocal group that consists of young male singers who are usually in their teens or their early twenties. Typically, boy bands are marketed as having a clean and safe image. The majority of these bands are groomed by talent agencies to meet the demands of mainstream audiences. Boy bands are known for their danceable love songs. Many of the boy bands are well known for their exceptionally well choreographed dance moves.

Boy bands often sign contracts with major corporations.

Boy bands often sign contracts with major corporations.


11. “(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You”—NSYNC

12. “I Wanna Grow Old With You”—Westlife

13. “Glad You Came”—The Wanted

14. “You and I”—One Direction

15. “As Long as You Love Me”—Backstreet Boys

16. “I Can Love You Like That”—All-4-One

17. “Queen of My Heart”—Westlife

18. “End of the Road”—Boyz 2 Men

19. “I Love the Way You Love Me”—Boyzone

20. “House of Love”—East 17

The Emergence of Boy Bands

The earliest form of boy band music emerged in the ‘60s. Although the term "boy band" was not commonly used during the decade, bands such as The Osmonds and The Jackson 5 incorporated catchy pop hooks and soul harmonies with highly stylized dance moves in their live performances—all of which would later inspire the boy band craze of the '90s and early 2000s. A number of '60s bands started performing barbershop music for local audiences before being hired to perform at renowned venues. These young pop acts created the boy band blueprint that producers would later mimic.

The origins of boy bands date back to the late '60s.

The origins of boy bands date back to the late '60s.


21. “MMMBop”—Hanson

22. “Best Song Ever”—One Direction

23. “Cool It Now”—New Edition

24. “Patience”—Take That

25. “Love Me for a Reason”—Boyzone

26. “Can You Stand the Rain”—New Edition

27. “I’ll Make Love to You”—Boyz 2 Men

28. “Flying Without Wings”—Westlife

29. “When the Lights Go Out”—Five

30. “Steal My Girl”—One Direction

31. “Because of You”—98 Degrees

32. “Every Day I Love You”—Boyzone

33. “She Looks so Perfect”—5 Seconds of Summer

34. “A Million Love Songs”—Take That

35. “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)”—Backstreet Boys

36. “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)”—New Kids on the Block

37. “Please Be Mine”—Jonas Brothers

38. “My Everything”—98 Degrees

39. “I Lay My Love on You”—Westlife

40. “Incomplete”—Backstreet Boys

Boy Bands of the ‘80s

The ‘80s witnessed a number of teen acts arrive on the pop music scene. Their music was aimed at young female audiences in the teen market. A number of teenybopper bands, power pop bands, and new wave acts had a distinctive style of performing and dressing. During this decade, certain acts formulated an approach to singing, songwriting, and choreographing that targeted specific music markets in the pop genre. The boy band trend came alive in the ‘80s, when many young acts started fusing elements of R&B and soul with mainstream pop.

Boy bands often synchronize their outfits.

Boy bands often synchronize their outfits.


41. “I Like the Way (The Kissing Game)”—Hi-Five

42. “Save Me”—BTS

43. “I Want You Back”—Jackson 5

44. “No Matter What”—Boyzone

45. “I Adore Mi Amor”—Color Me Badd

46. “All or Nothing”—O-Town

47. “Love Shot”—EXO

48. “Closer to Me”—Five

49. “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely”—Backstreet Boys

50. “If You Ever Fall in Love”—East 17 and Gabrielle

51. “Unbreakable”—Westlife

52. “I’ll Be There”—Jackson 5

53. “Number 1 Girl”—Mindless Behavior

54. “Little Things—One Direction

55. “Hold Me Tight”—BTS

56. “When Will I See You Smile Again?”—Bell Bill DeVoe

57. “I Do”—Boyz 2 Men

58. “Beat Again”—JLS

59. “For You”—BTS

60. “Shape of My Heart”—Backstreet Boys

Boy Bands of the ‘90s

The ‘90s is known for being the decade of boy bands. The movement reached its pinnacle in the decade. A number of acts broke onto the scene, having tremendous chart-topping success with their albums and singles. These artists brought the movement to international audiences, spreading the boy band concept to international music labels.

Boy bands were regularly featured on music television channels and radio stations. With their heartwarming romantic ballads, they were able to reach mainstream global audiences. These bands owe their success to young female audiences.

Boy bands often give high-energy performances.

Boy bands often give high-energy performances.


61. “Real Face”—KAT-TUN

62. “Where’s the Love”—Hanson

63. “All I Do Is Think of You”—Jackson 5

64. “Back Here”—BBMak

65. “Strangers”—Jonas Brothers

66. “Perfect”—One Direction

67. “Butterfly”—BTS

68. “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”—Backstreet Boys

69. “Summer Girls”—LFO

70. “When You Look Me in the Eyes”—Jonas Brothers

71. “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)”—98 Degreees

72. “The Day We Find Love”—911

73. “When You’re Looking Like That”—Westlife

74. “Let’s Get Married”—Jagged Edge

75. “Be the First to Believe”—A1

76. “Words”—Boyzone

77. “The Chaser”—Infinite

78. “If You Come Back”—Blue

79. “Hold Me”—Menudo

80. “Tearin’ Up My Heart”—NSYNC

Boy Bands of the 2000s

Boy bands continued to be successful throughout the 2000s. Although many ‘90s boy bands split up and went their separate ways, some major groups continued to stir souls with their danceable love songs. Although the popularity of boy bands started to fade away in the mid-2000s due to changing music trends, certain bands continued to have mainstream success, playing a subtle blend of pop and R&B.

K-pop boy groups often have a lot of group members.

K-pop boy groups often have a lot of group members.


81. “Love Maze”—BTS

82. “All I Have to Give”—Backstreet Boys

83. “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”—New Kids on the Block

84. “Hesitate”—Jonas Brothers

85. “Iesha”—Another Bad Creation

86. “ABC”—The Jackson 5

87. “Mirotic”—TVXQ

88. “All My Life”—K-Ci & JoJo

89. “Love Guranteed”—Damage

90. “All I Want Is You”—911

91. “From the Heart”—Another Level

92. “Hello Beautiful”—Jonas Brothers

93. “Everybody in Love”—JLS

94. “If I Let You Go”—Westlife

95. “All That I Need”—Boyzone

96. “Fantastic Baby”—Big Bang

97. “Too Close”—Next

98. “Forever”—Damage

99. “A Different Beat”—Boyzone

100. “How Do You Want Me to Love You?”—911

Boy Bands Post 2010

Since the year 2010, a new wave of boy bands has emerged in pop music. This new league of popular boy bands are known for their scintillating fashion, their incredibly well choreographed dance moves, and their high-octane live performances. The success of U.S. boy bands in the '90s and 2000s inspired the K-pop explosion of the 2010s. In fact, K-pop boy bands have had tremendous chart-topping success in international markets throughout this decade.

In recent years, many disbanded boy bands have regrouped for reunion concerts—and some have even released new albums. Although the stereotypical image of boy bands has changed drastically throughout the 2010s, the core elements of the genre have remained intact.

Other Notable Boy Band Love Songs

  • “The Love You Save”—The Jackson 5
  • “Motownphilly”—Boyz 2 Men
  • “Speechless”—Hanson
  • “If You’re Not Here (By My Side)”—Menudo
  • “Popcorn Love”—New Edition
  • “Inconsolable”—Backstreet Boys
  • “Swear It Again”—Westlife
  • “Love Me Love Me”—Big Time Rush
  • “All for Love”—O-Town
  • “Girlfriend”—NSYNC
  • “When Will I Be Famous”—Bros
  • “The Call”—Backstreet Boys
  • “She Makes Me Wanna”—JLS
  • “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”—Backstreet Boys
  • “U + Me = Us (Calculus)”—2gether
  • “Tonight”—Westlife
  • “Still on Your Side”—BBMak
  • “It’s Gonna Be Me”—NSYNC
  • “Pass the Dutchie”—Musical Youth
  • “Crazy Horses”—The Osmonds
  • “Just Want You to Know”—Backstreet Boys
  • “Please Don’t Go Girl”—New Kids of the Block
  • “Drowning”—Backstreet Boys
  • “Gone”—NSYNC
  • “Because”—Boyzone
  • “Seo Taiji and Boys”—Nan Arayo (I Know)
  • “I Owe You Nothing”—Bros
  • “Story of My Life”—One Direction
  • “Don’t Make Me Wait”—911
  • “Love Is a Hurricane”—Boyzone
  • “Ghetto Romance”—Damage
  • “(Money Can’t) Buy Me Love”—Blackstreet
  • “Gold Forever”—The Wanted
  • “What Makes a Man”—Westlife
  • “Never Gonna Fall in Love”—New Kids on the Block
  • “Do We Rock”—Point Break
  • “One Thing”—One Direction
  • “Straight Through My Heart”—Backstreet Boys
  • “If It’s Not Love”—Take That
  • “Until the Time Is Through”—Five
  • “For the Girl Who Has Everything”—NSYNC
  • “Never Let You Go”—New Kids on the Block
  • “Where Do You Go”—No Mercy
  • “Ready or Not/Everytime”—A1
  • “One Shot”—JLS
  • “I’m a Fool”—Dino, Desi & Billy
  • “Same Old Brand New”—A1
  • “The Journey”—911
  • “Fool Again”—Westlife
  • “Isn’t It a Wonder”—Boyzone
  • “Chances”—Backstreet Boys
  • “All Rise”—Blue
  • “Don’t Leave Me”—BTS
  • “Got the Feelin’”—Five
  • “Candy Girl”—New Edition
  • “The Hardest Thing”—98 Degrees
  • “I Don’t Wanna Kiss You Goodnight”—LFO
  • “Hangin’ Tough”—New Kids on the Block
  • “U Wanna Make Me Wanna”—Blue
  • “It’s the Little Things You Do”—Five
  • “Night to Remember”—911
  • “Picture of You”—Boyzone
  • “Hurt Lovers”—Blue
  • “I Have a Dream”—Westlife
  • “Thinking of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)”—NSYNC
  • “Crazy for You”—Let Loose
  • “Let’s Dance”—Five
  • “Every Other Time”—LFO
  • “Summertime of Our Lives”—A1
  • “Invisible Man”—98 Degrees
  • “If You Go Away”—New Kids on the Block
  • “Be Alone no More”—Another Level
  • “Keep on Movin’”—Five
  • “I Want You Back”—NSYNC
  • “We Fit Together”—O-Town
  • “You Raise Me Up”—Westlife
  • “Anywhere for You”—Backstreet Boys
  • “Love Will Save the Day”—Boyzone
  • “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word”—Blue
  • “Just One Day”—BTS
  • “What About Us?”—Point Break
  • “I’ve Got a Little Something for You”—MN8
  • “Bubblin’”—Blue
  • “Larger Than Life”—Backstreet Boys
  • “Like a Rose”—A1
  • “Seasons in the Sun”—Westlife
  • “Anything”—Damage
  • “Baby Can I Hold You”—Boyzone
  • “Inseparable”—Jonas Brothers
  • “Stand Tough”—Point Break
  • “How Do Ya Feel”—Five
  • “Love Jones”—The Brighter Side of Darkness
  • “I’ll Never Stop”—NSYNC
  • “Breathe Easy”—Blue
  • “I’ll Still Be Loving You”—New Kids on the Block
  • “No More”—A1
  • “Guilty”—Blue
  • “Don’t Wanna Let You Go”—Five
  • “The One”—Backstreet Boys
  • “Love You Anyway”—Boyzone

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