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10 Songs About Being Homeless

Joe is a writer, music composer and guitar teacher. He has been writing professionally for the last 10 years. He resides in New York City.

10. Man On The Corner - Genesis

This song, which had a small amount of airplay, is a touching song that puts the feeling that one has in the situation of desperation into your soul. Leaving you with the sense of having been through it yourself. With lyrics such as: "nobody knows and nobody cares" and "there's no hiding place for you and me" Almost anyone can relate to that and with the music projecting that emotion it makes it a lot easier to sink into that feeling. If you have ever felt down on your luck this song would be the soundtrack to that moment. Check it out for yourself but keep a box of tissues nearby, just in case.

9. Left Behind - Slipknot

After the last one, I figured that you'd need something to wake you back up to get through the list. This one is appropriate as it's about a child who was left by his parents and now has no home. I'm sure that a child would feel the way the music sounds here if they found out that their parents felt them. Cory Taylor the singer of the group was homeless for a time as a child and this song was inspired by that time period. Nothing better to inspire a song then by experiencing it yourself. With the added injection of pure angst in it to convey the emotion of a child getting left by their parents it really just gets you to feel the true pain in this song. Turn this one down as you don't want to wake the neighbors up unless you want to scare them into moving and turn the into homeless people!

8. What It's Like - Everlast

I know the entire song isn't about being homeless but I felt that the song does give you a subjective viewpoint on how one feels when they are homeless and the hopelessness that comes with it. For that reason, this song makes the list. Even though it is a brief encounter it definitely leaves you with that sorrowing idea of being down on your luck. The guitar really does its part here and gives one that freezing that this must be real and hard. The acoustic guitar leaves you with that "I'm the only one" feeling.The feeling that he has and that ever last really puts thou into his shoes for that moment you' would want to help this man out as he is a person like you that is just suffering and just needs a bit of help. Prepare yourself for some chills as you get the feeling of being that guy who can't get any change to feed himself.

7. Another Day in Paradise - Phil Collins

That's right, he made the list twice. Phil Collins really knows something about being without a home, somehow. We aren't going to dwell on that here but here is a man who has this ability to project himself into the shoes of another and communicate it very well. Here is a song that was popular when it was released and is a song that people keep on their list of all-time favorite songs. It seems a lot of people can relate to these tongue in cheek lyrics that give one the idea that there is hope out there even if things are really that bad. Go ahead and take a listen if you would like to see a hopelessness situation have a somewhat positive outlook on it.

6. Breadline - Megadeth

Poverty and homelessness in America for Dave Mustaine became too much for him stay silent (not a hard task to do anyway) and so this song was written to bring it to the attention of the people of USA. Not the typical heavy song that you'd normally expect from them this song conveys the sadness that is part and parcel of knowing that many people out there are suffering without homes, jobs, food and as the lyrics say: "Ain't got no job, ain't got no smoke, ain't got a car, his life's a joke." "Ain't" may not be a real word but it does help get the idea across about how it actually feels out there in that kind of situation. This song might inspire you to share this with your friends in hopes of giving people a fresh new look on the growing situation in the USA.

5. Even flow - Pearl Jam

Wait-what…huh? If you were able to make out the lyrics to this song, (I always hard a hard time with Eddie Vedder singing) then you knew that this song has those elements of homelessness and then gives you the hope that it can change and get better. Well, almost anything is better than a pillow made up of concrete. Even that the only heat he gets is from being in the courthouses is better. This song puts you in the day to day normal situations that another who isn't homeless wouldn't know anything about. Also, this song had a lot of airplay and I'm not sure if anyone knew what the song was about when they heard it come on the radio on the early nineties. But to revisit those days, here you go.

4. In the Ghetto - Elvis Presley

Even the King of rock and roll knew that this was a subject that can't go untouched. As there isn't much talk about Elvis these days and the sightings are getting fewer and fewer there should be some talk of him as he is still the King of Rock and Roll. Even though he doesn't mention being homeless in the song, it has all the elements such as the feeling of no true home is there and gives you the depressing effect that you would get from an experience of not having a home. Jeez! It just sounds depressing just hearing what the song is about! This song just sounds like you would feel the pain too much to even listen to it. The hopelessness that this song brings to the table here can really bring on the tears so ladies watch out! You have been warned! So listen at your on risk.

3. Is This the World We Created? - Queen

In good ol' Queen fashion they give us a song about this subject in a way that inspires people to become better people and to want to do something about it. With touching melodies and Freddie Mercury's powerful and hard hitting voice there is no way you could ignore the situation that is out in this world anymore. Despite the simplicity of the song, it does make a lasting impression on you. Also, this song gets stuck in your head. So next time you see a homeless person looking for food you'll hear this song and know that you have a responsibility to help this person out and not let him suffer. Here is the soundtrack to your future helping hand:

2. Low Man's Lyric - Metallica

Yes, even Metallica took a turn on this subject and they didn't disappoint. with a very un-Metallica type song that features a hurdy-gurdy this ballad eves one the real feeling of having lived a full life of having no home and no one to even feel sorry for him. This song really goes into the feeling of being a lost soul who is a complete contrast to his environment. All he wants is forgiveness but he can't live his life any other way. Getting into the mind of someone who has almost given up gives you the idea that these people have a story to tell and could suddenly make you interested in talking to one and finding out their story.

1. Agualung - Jethro Tull

I assume that most of you were probably wondering when this song would so up in this list. I saved this one for last as this is a song that really displays the misunderstanding of a man who is homeless and is thought to be a pedophile when he is nothing more than a man who wants to be helped and is misunderstood. The people look at him this why in order to make themselves feel better for not helping him through his struggle of being cold and hungry. The song weaves through emotions like a roller coaster and sends you through a musical journey that makes you revisit it time and time again. Even though this song didn't get much airplay due to its long length it definitely is a staple of the band and is listened popularly amongst fans.


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Grace loveday on April 22, 2018:

right , I have a question to ask. What is the genre of elvis Presley's song in the ghetto I'd really really really like to know since I am 65 and on welfare id like to get his record but I'm not going to listen to it if its pop , I only like sad depressing old music because I'm going to die soon. Yours sincerely , grace loveday.

Age 65 and not sexually active so don't ask boys ;)

Michael on October 28, 2017:

Streets Of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen didn't make the list?

liz on November 04, 2016:

what about Streets of London

Joe Lustica (author) from Manhattan on July 02, 2015:

Not a bad idea. Maybe in my next article I'll give it a mention.

Joe Lustica (author) from Manhattan on July 02, 2015:

Not a bad idea. Maybe in my next article I'll give it a mention.

Pat Mills from East Chicago, Indiana on July 01, 2015:

I'd also include Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan.

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