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The Best Songs for Pregnant Women: Top 18 Pregnancy Songs

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Jessica loves making creative playlists for all of life's special moments.

Read on to discover the best songs about pregnancy!

Read on to discover the best songs about pregnancy!

Songs About Pregnancy and Having a Baby

Music is life. Maybe not for you, maybe not for everyone, but that's okay. There are men and women out there whose very livelihood has been changed for the better by music. For some people, however, it is just the background noise in the car on the way to work. It is what you listen to on the dance floor at a friend's wedding. It is what blares through the speakers at the bar. It is the beat that pulses through your veins when you're working out.

Music plays a role in most people's lives, sometimes large, sometimes small. But if you've ever put together a playlist for a road trip or a party, you know that sometimes finding the right songs for the right moment is hard. Some of the lyrics apply, but some of them don't. The beat is great, but you can't really understand the singer. We can't dance to this; should it even be on the playlist?

Some of these songs specifically reference pregnancy, while others reference parenthood. They aren't always for the mom, either. Sometimes a father feeling down in the dumps needs something to remind him that he's not the worst parent ever. And really, you aren't. None of you are. You love your children—those you're thinking about having, those currently growing in your womb, those who you've already given birth to, and those who were here for a moment and then gone.

These songs are to remind you of the special moments in life, bringing you back or helping you get through this wonderful, sometimes scary, phase in your life.

1. Darius Rucker—"It Won't Be Like This for Long"

2. Steven Curtis Chapman—"Cinderella"

3. Chuck Wicks—"Stealing Cinderella"

4. Colbie Caillat—"Capri"

There Goes My Life - Unexpected pregnancy is a very real part of many people's lives. But whether these children were expected or a surprise, they are still very much loved after their birth. Kenny Chesney speaks right to the heart of someone who found out they were pregnant and thought, for that fleeting moment, that there life was over. Until their baby was born and instead of being over, their life took on a whole new meaning.

5. Kenny Chesney—"There Goes My Life"

6. Rodney Atkins—"Watching You"

7. Chris Young—"It Takes a Man"

8. Creed—"With Arms Wide Open"

9. Rodney Atkins—"He's Mine"

10. Carrie Underwood—"All-American Girl"

Mr. Mom -- A fun little take on role reversal. In this day and age it's perfectly normal and accepted for moms to go back to the workplace after having a child. But sometimes they stay home for a while and sometimes dad doesn't always understand what it's like to be in the middle of chaos all day with a 2 year old. Lonestar offers a fun, upbeat song that every father should listen to.

11. Lonestar—"Mr. Mom"

12. George Strait—"I Saw God Today"

13. Gary Allen—"Tough Little Boys"

14. Dixie Chicks—"Lullaby"

Small Bump -- Miscarriage is an unfortunate part of many lives. Ed Sheeran may not have ever felt the pain that comes with a miscarriage, but he gives life to the feelings and the struggles that every mother and father may have faced when finding out about their own.

15. Ed Sheeran—"Small Bump"

16. Lauryn Hill—"To Zion"

17. Stevie Wonder—"Isn't She Lovely"

18. Beyonce—"Blue"

There are dozens of songs out there that will tell you about the experience that is parenthood. There have been billions of men and women who've gone through it before, and many of them have put their thoughts into writing, art, photography, and music. Some will speak to you. Some won't. You're welcome to continue your search for the perfect song, the one that speaks to your soul, because I believe that every moment and experience can be summed up by music. If these aren't your cup of tea, don't be disappointed. Someone out there has felt the same way you're feeling right now, whatever it is, and will have written those words out. You just have to keep searching.

Oh, and congratulations!


Steve & Candace on November 27, 2016:

My brother-in-law and his wife, just found out that they're pregnant and we're going to use many of these songs to celebrate their good news! Thanks for sharing!

Jane on July 12, 2016:

Don't forget "Papa Don't Preach" by Madonna. :)

GeoB on November 23, 2015:

Thankyou! I just found out im pregnant, unexpectantly at 20. This is just what i needed. Im so thankful!

Emily on September 02, 2011:

Thanks for this! I'm going to use some of these songs for my baby shower soundtrack.