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10 Best Korean Songs About Friendship

Fairlane is a devout Asian entertainment fan. On the side, she is a professional screenwriter and author.

South Korean culture places a lot of importance on camaraderie, and with their entertainment industry being a mirror for their culture, it stands to reason that many of their songs also focus on friendship. Out of all of them, here are 10 that definitely stand out:


#1 — "Ayo" by Shinee

The song is essentially sung by friends offering each other things that camaraderie entails, such as a shoulder to cry one, or someone who would listen, or basically just someone you can joke around with. What gives it the extra oomph that elevates it into a friendship anthem is the fact that the members of Shinee all get their own stanzas, so in a way, it’s like a group of friends pledging their friendship to each other.

Best Parts of the Song

Bring it side to side, your sad tears
Side to side, all your pain
Tap, brush it off
Leave it to the rhythm, oh
Everyone a-yo, everyone a-yo


#2 — "Best Friend" by BoA

BoA’s "Best Friend" is sung from the perspective of one friend, who is thanking her best friend for always being there and being a good friend. The lyrics also work as some sort of affirmation of their bond and the strength of their friendship. In a way, it’s a song that extols the virtues of having that one friend who will stand by you through thick and thin.

Best Parts of the Song

Every time I can't see ahead and am about to collapse
You always give me courage with that smile of yours
When I feel sad and alone, you make me smile
If it's not for you then there wouldn't be the me now.


#3 — "Young Gunz" by Shinhwa

The lyrics of "Young Gunz" are not specific enough that it can be applied to just about any friendship (although the use of “bro” and “guy” can slightly limit the gender application.)

However, if you consider that some members of Shinhwa (Eric in particular) are either Christians or Catholic, the lyrics can also be interpreted as a portrayal of a man’s bond with Jesus Christ. All the talk of “everlasting” and “looking to the sky” certainly points to it, and the message somehow reminds you of Footprints in the Sand.

Best Parts of the Song

When I can't see an inch in front of myself
I know that I can't live alone
The road ahead looks so desolate and lonely
But I know I am not alone
When I look up into the clear blue sky I see my sorrow, suffering and my future
I won't be apart from that anymore
This is the beginning and it will never end


#4 — "Friendship" by FT island

If the upbeat nature of the song isn’t a dead giveaway, FT Island’s "Friendship" is a song that’s intended for friends who need to be cheered up. The lyrics address different kinds of negativity, such as sadness, heartbreak, and even plain ennui—and the solution it proposes is to just remember the friendship they share with one another, stand up, and enjoy life.

Best Parts of the Song

Stand up! Let's sing
A forever sworn friendship
Sharing both happiness and sadness
We are always together
At anxious nights and sleeping mornings
all that matters is my life-long friend that I met by chance

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#5 — "I'll Be There" by Spica

Spica’s "I’ll Be There" is addressed to friends who are afraid of being seen as weak and thus resort to bottling up pain and loneliness. The main message is that it’s okay to be weak because what’s important is to move on from past hurts and to have a friend who will be there when you need one.

Best Parts of the Song

Being weak, being weak
Is sometimes okay—just don’t give up, no
You believe, believe me, feelin on the beat
Forget all the things of the past—skip
Spread out your shoulders and look up in the sky
Don’t sigh—come out and let it fly


#6 — "A Bird That Must Fly Till its Death (To Bizzy)" by LeeSsang

"A Bird That Must Fly Till Its Death" is not a conventional song about friendship. To fully understand the context, one must understand that LeeSsang wrote it for their friend Bizzy, who at the time was just starting out in the music industry.

The lyrics are not positive at all, in fact, they paint a gloomy picture of the music industry. However, this makes it even better as a friendship song because it shows Bizzy all the hardships that he must endure if he wants to succeed in his career. It is akin to honest advice from a true friend: it might not be the one you wanted, but it’s exactly what you needed to hear.

Best Parts of the Song

My lil bro Bizzy, a musician
agonizes every day whether it's right
to crazily pursue this job that earns no money - a losing business
Though his rent might be overdue and pushed back
He can't shed the shackles of his dreams


#7 — "Those Days" by Kim Dong Ryul feat. Lee Sang Soon

Kim Dong Ryul is a gifted lyricist who doesn’t need to use slang or trendy words just to stand out since he can craft effective and relatable stories using normal parlance. When coupled with his soulful voice and brilliant melodies, his songs are some of the best experiences you can have with music. In the case of "Those Days," he manages to capture the feeling of nostalgia for days gone by, as friends lose contact with each other due to changes in their lives and the passage of time.

Best Parts of the Song

When we meet up now, over drinks
We talk about the good old times
What we don’t talk about anymore
Are the dreams from our twenties
I miss when we could encourage each other
Sometimes with a pat, sometimes with sour words
That’s why I was grateful for those days, I wasn’t lonely.


#8 — "Friend" by Ahn Jae Wook

Ahn Jae Wook’s "Friend" seems to be telling the story of two friends who have been together since they were young and have supported each other even during the worst of times—including failed relationships. They liken each other to a tree, which provides warmth and support, and will always be there no matter how much time passes.

Best Parts of the Song

When i called u cuz i felt said, u just listened to me for a long time even i cried without any words I didn't realize that feelings which is thankful and sorry
When my love is gone,u told me i can love start after i let it go.
I like the days when we were so young and brave cuz we were together
Even though everything was changed and time went away, you are still with me


#9 — "Friends" by Secret

"Friends'" lyrics is in the perspective of someone who's reaffirming his or her friendship with someone, reminding him or her of all the fun times and the hardships that they went through since school, while also asking for a guarantee that they will not forget each other even as time passes by and pulls them in different directions. It's upbeat, but it tackles one gloomy truth about friendship: that many of them struggle under the strain of age and time.

Best Parts of the Song

Even if time passes, let's not pass by each other
From now on, let's know each other's though by seeing each others eyes (In your heart)
Our harmony that has another color like Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do
Let's run together in a gym track
Let's hold hands, no matter what happens
Let's never get go
Let's be friends that depend on each other


#10 — "We Can Make It" by Wee Band (Jang Geun Suk, Tim, Son Ho Young)

At first blush, "We Can Make It" is just a generic friendship song that has one person promising to keep another company, and to help him get by even if bad things get worse, but the fact that it’s sung by three LOBE Ent artists and done to promote education in South Korea elevates it to a whole new level.

Best Parts of the Song

Catch my hand and look at my eyes
I’m around you
Feel my heart, I love you
I’ll always protect you


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