How to Play Piano Worship Chords Like a Professional

Updated on February 5, 2018

What Makes Piano Worship Chords Special?

Piano worship chords aren't very much different from the chords found in other types of music - pop, jazz, country, etc. - but they do have a certain sound to them that's a bit difficult to explain. So, instead of talking too much about it, we're going to look at two different chord progressions that should help you to create some improvised background music or figure out some nice chords for your favorite worship music.

How Do I Play Background Piano Worship Music?

Let's say you need a quick couple of minutes of music during a service or ceremony, where something is happening quietly, or quiet blessings are taking place, and you either feel the need for some music, or you've been asked beforehand to fill in a little bit at certain times.

You should play the following chord progression in the same key as the next song, if that song will be happening right away. Let's say the next song will be in the key of C, or you just like to play in the key of C, since it's pretty simple (all white keys). Here's what to do:

- Play octaves on C notes with your left hand - the C below middle C and the C one more octave below that work well

- In your right hand, play C major in 2nd inversion (G - C - E), then F major in 1st inversion (A - C - F), then G major in 1st inversion (B - D - G), then back to the F major, then back to the C major

- Keep playing the C octaves in your left hand the entire time.

- You can also improvise a light background melody on the white keys if you like

The C "pedal point" in this progression helps keep the sound anchored and provides a strong, solid foundation for your listeners (whether they know it or not!). Of course, this can be played in any key as well.

What's Your Biggest Need For Piano Worship Music?

Sometimes we have all the music we need for religious services, but other times we need to a little extra worship music.

When Do You Most Often Need Fresh Ideas For Piano Worship Music?

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What Piano Chords Make That "Gospel" Sound?

The next chord progression might be a little too much movement for background music, but that's really up to you do decide. The chords could be used for a new hymn you write, or just to improvise.

It's hard to explain, but they just have the gospel feel to them. We'll just list the chords in order, and you can play them in whatever tempo and time signature you like - 3/4, 4/4, etc. The left hand should play the chord root in octaves, unless otherwise noted. Here they are:

C (G - C - E)

C7 (G - Bb - C - E) - with E in the left hand bass

F (A - C - F)

Fm (Ab - C - F)


Am (A - C - E)

D7 (F# - A - C - D) - with F# in the left hand bass

G7 (F - G - B - D)


C7/E - C7 with E in left hand bass






Be sure to keep the chord notes as close to each other as possible, when moving from one chord to the next. This makes for nice voice leading and a more pleasing sound overall.

The main characteristics of this second progression are the movement from major to 7th (C to C7), from major to minor (F to Fm), and using 7ths to move back to the original key (D7 - G7 - C).

Find Some Ideas On Your Own

Using these two examples as a starting point, come up with some of your own ideas for playing piano worship chords. Look at the chords in some of the hymn books. What chord progressions sound good to you? Copy those progressions!

Practice in your sacred space when no one else is around, to get in the right mood.

Questions & Answers

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      • profile image

        Genesis Genesis 

        7 days ago

        Very helpful,

        I really love this.

      • profile image

        Western pattern 

        3 weeks ago

        I really love this

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        8 weeks ago

        I realy wanna know how to play piano and worship

      • profile image

        great charles 

        2 months ago

        keyboard is one of the best musical instruments to learn and its fyn

      • profile image

        bobby mumchael 

        2 months ago

        Professional player

      • profile image

        Young Prince Olanrewaju 

        3 months ago

        I wish to know how to move from major keys to minor keys

      • profile image

        opio mark 

        4 months ago

        I luv advanced chords

      • profile image

        Okorie Chinedu Gabriel 

        5 months ago

        Mainly progression is all that matters in keyboard and am finding it so difficult

      • profile image

        semilore adegoke 

        6 months ago

        I wish to know hw to accompany songs on a piano

      • profile image

        Kfuban Shermey John 

        10 months ago

        I wish to know more about F# keys on the keyboard

      • profile image

        Daniel king 

        11 months ago

        can you teach me how to play I can only Imagine if

        you got the chords for it

        and my name is Daniel king

      • profile image


        13 months ago

        I have written songs to God but I want to add a praise break how do I do that

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        For How long will it takes me to learn piano?

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        When we say use c on worship how many finger will i use

      • profile image

        worship songs 

        15 months ago

        i will be very happy to learn the piano

      • profile image

        keith caesar 

        17 months ago

        seventh add ninth

      • profile image

        Prince UB 

        20 months ago

        All the chords

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Worship songs are the most popular religious song. There are so many worship songs that I like most. What a beautiful name is my most favorite worship song. If you need the chords of this song you can visit our site.

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        It's nice that you employ jazzy ideas in your worship lens; I liked it. For anybody in to playing 'pure' jazz, my channel discusses this with a philosophical approach. Good lens, sir.

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        i want to learn some amazing chords on f major like tritones and passing chords


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