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10 of the Best Songs to Show off Your Guitar Playing Skills

Updated on February 9, 2017

Songs to Show Off With in Front of Your Friends

Have you ever wondered how you could show off even more in front of your friends with your guitar playing skills? Well here are some songs that are fun to play will sound impressive, and will look impressive to people who know how to play guitar and to people who don't know how to play guitar. Learn these ten songs, and no one will ever tell you that you're not a good guitar player.

10. One by Metallica

Most people have heard this song at least once in their lifetime. It's a cool sounding song and is fairly easy to play. Plus, the song was Metallica's first Billboard Top 40 debut, ranking #35 on the charts. The song was also Metallica's first music video and parts of the 1971 movie Johnny Got His Gun appeared in the video. The solo has tapping in it, which amazes anyone who doesn't know how to play guitar. People will definitely think you are a good guitarist if they hear you play this song at a party.

9. Knights of Cydonia by Muse

Considering Muse is featured on all of the soundtracks of the very popular Twilight Movies (LINK 3), playing a song by them is going to go over well at a party. Knights of Cydonia (which is partly named after the region of Mars called Cydonia where some people believe life once existed)(LINK 4) is a fast, exciting song and everyone will listen when you play its opening riff. The song is inspired by corrupt political officials (LINK 4), so if you are at a party with a few strongly opinionated people, singing the lyrics might make the party a bit more..." entertaining." The song is fun to play and looks especially impressive to people who don’t know how to play guitar because your right hand will be going crazy tremolo picking.

With this song, you’ll be able to grab your friends’ attentions and hold it with the tremolo picking. And, the song is also fun to sing and if you can sing, you can easily show off your voice too, which isn’t gonna hurt anyone.

8. Cowboys From Hell by Pantera

Get ready to melt faces and bust guts with this classic Pantera song. It’s a song from Dimebag, (The guitarist most metalheads consider to be the best guitar player of all time and Rolling Stone's pick for #92 in their list for greatest guitarists of all time) so of course, it is going to be impressive. The intro is extremely impressive looking and sounds impressive, and anyone who plays guitar will know that the song is somewhat difficult to play. The song is also pretty catchy and has a lot of pinched harmonics, so it’ll sound killer.

And then, of course, is the solo. The face-melting, gut busting, spine-tingling Dimebag solo. This solo, in particular, will look incredible to anyone watching you shred through it. It's fast, it sounds good, and it is extremely fun to play. Hopefully, your friends wanted a makeover because their face will be melted after you play this song.

7. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love by Van Halen

Anything by Van Halen is gonna be a good choice if you want to show off your guitar playing skills. This song in particular though will blow people’s minds. It is likely that everyone will have heard this song and is such a fun song that your audience might even start singing the lyrics while you’re playing the song. The song sounds impressive and will look impressive to anyone. Plus, it’ll liven up the party a little bit.

6. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

It is likely that every single person you know has heard this song at some point in their life. Everyone at the party will immediately pay attention to your playing if you play the intro to this song because everyone has heard it before. Everyone will try to mimic Ozzy’s “Ai Ai Ai Ai” at the beginning of the song and the whole party will liven up.

You will be able to show off with the well known intro to the song, you will be able to show off with the moderately fast verse riffs, and you will melt faces with the signature Randy Rhoads guitar solo. You will impress people who do not play guitar and (as shown by the 957 ratings of the guitar tab on you will impress people who do play guitar.

5. Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce

This one is a no brainer. While the song is almost impossible to play perfectly to the original audio considering the audio is supposedly sped up, no one will know that. The song will sound extremely impressive and everyone will say "Dude! He's playing that song you play during the credits in Guitar Hero 3!" and everyone will think you are a real Guitar Hero.

4. Good Mourning/Black Friday by Megadeth

This song is a bit less known and it's likely no one will have heard it at a party. But that's fine because the song is definitely one of the hardest songs I have ever learned to play. The song starts off soft and clean then gets really fast really quick. The solos sound impressive and the song contains almost every technique under the sun. Anybody who knows anything about guitar will know the song is impressive, and they'll likely tell their friends that you did really well and are awesome.

3. Eruption by Van Halen

A list like this is not complete without Eruption by Van Halen. At least one person is going to have heard this song before and anyone who hasn't already is going to be amazed. The song sounds extremely impressive and it is actually difficult to play perfectly. It has a little bit of almost every impressive guitar technique. There are slides, there's tapping, and there's tremolo picking just to name a few. Also, it's a very short song so your audience won't have time to lose interest in your playing.

2. Classical Gas by Mason Williams

If you are sitting by a campfire and you are "that guy" that brought his acoustic guitar, this is the song to play. People who don't already know how to play guitar like to watch the picking hand rather than the fret hand (which is how you can tell who plays guitar and who doesn't in your audience). The song is normally played with fingerpicking which looks cool to people and if the people play guitar your left hand will look impressive too. Also, the song is known by guitarists as being a necessity for a good guitar player to be able to play. The song is beautiful sounding and is extremely fun to play.

1. Your Own Song!

That’s right, your own song. The best way to impress anyone anywhere is to play a song that you wrote yourself. After you play a song, people always ask “Did you write that?” and when you say no they say “Oh.” But, if you say yes they say “Really?? That’s awesome!” If you don’t believe me, try for yourself.

Tell us some songs you like to show off with in the comments down below.


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      Susan Deppner 3 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Great selections!

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