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Don Felder and Gibson Guitars

Don Felder wasn't always a member of the Eagles, but the band would have never soared as high as they did without him. The twin guitars of Felder and Joe Walsh produced some timeless music indeed. Gibson guitars has produced two instruments in Felder's honor, and here is the rest of the story.


10 Most Underrated Guitar Brands

Find out why the most underrated acoustic and electric guitar brands can give you the best chance at finding a diamond in the rough. Some guitar makers never get the credit they deserve, while others are well known but undeservedly looked down on. Either way, you’d be smart to check them out.


Slash and the Gibson Les Paul

Rock guitar superstar, Slash, a man with a universally known one syllable moniker, and a visual flair so distinct he can be recognized by just his silhouette, is the global ambassador for Gibson Guitars. He almost always plays a Les Paul, and here is the rest of the story.


Are Electric Guitars Made of Wood?

Find out what electric guitars are made out of and how wood is used in different parts of the instrument. Learn what’s inside an electric guitar body, how wood is routed to accommodate the electronics, and how alternative materials may be the way of the future for electric guitars.