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The Best Junior Drum Set for 7 to 10-Year-Old Kids

Faye is the proud grandmother of 3, including Douglas, who owns this drum set. She enjoys writing about things she loves.

Gammon Junior Drum Set

Gammon Junior Drum Set

A Drum Set Is a Fun and Educational Gift for Kids

This is a review of our personal experience with the Gammon junior drum set. We purchased this set for my grandson when he was 7 years old. He has had it for 4 years and it has been a fun and educational experience for him.

Why We Decided on This Set

Douglas wanted a new drum set from Santa, so his parents and I started looking for the best one for a 7-year-old. He already had a smaller, 3 piece set that he had received when he was younger. But, now he was ready for a larger set with more pieces. He needed it to be strong and sturdy because he likes to beat those drums hard! He also needed it to be large enough to last a few years. He was not ready for a full-size set yet, so a junior size seemed a perfect choice. It looks just like a full-size, but it's smaller and it has a better sound than a child-size set.

After doing some research online, we found that Amazon has a variety of selections, each with many customer reviews. It made it easy for us to find the best set and also the better price.

We chose the five-piece Gammon junior drum kit, shown below, for Douglas. It was the best selling drum set and that was a deciding factor, along with the good customer reviews. We've been very happy with our decision, which is why I have decided to share our experience.

This is the Drum Set We Purchased

Drums are Educational

Teaches your child how to:

1. Keep time

2. Count beats

3. Understand rhythm

Gammon Drumset

Gammon Drumset

3 Reasons Why Douglas Liked His Drum Set

On Christmas morning, Douglas was a very surprised and happy boy! He loved playing on his new junior drum set and still does to this day.

I recently asked him (at age 11) for three reasons why he would recommend it for other kids, and here they are:

  1. It looks like a real drum set, not a toy.
  2. Even though it is a simple set, it still makes a good sound.
  3. It has lasted a long time.

I love my Gammon because it looks just like a real, full size drum set! It's simple, yet still makes a good sound.

— Douglas, 11 years old

How Long Will It Last?

Since it always helps to know how long you can expect your purchase to last, I've included updates of the 5 years since Douglas received this drum set. Even as an 11-year-old and tall for his age, he was still able to use this set.

Of course, your outcome will depend on how much it is used and how it's treated, but this will give you an idea.

Douglas has used his set often and has treated it well for the most part. He has been a little hard on it at times, but it has stood up to any hard playing he could dish out. He has had to replace drum sticks several times!

If your child continues his interest in drums, you will probably want to replace it with a larger or more professional set eventually.

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  • 2013 Update: After almost a year of playing, the drum set is as strong as ever, and although he is 8 years old now and quite a bit taller, it's still plenty large for him.
  • 2014 Update: It is now 2 years later, and Douglas is 9 years old. He still has this same drum set and plays it frequently. It is in excellent condition, with no problems so far. He still has not outgrown it, and it should be plenty large enough for a few more years.
  • 2015 Update: 3 years later, Douglas is 10, and still playing the drum set. He recently began taking drum lessons and uses these drums to practice his lessons. See the photo below.
  • 2016 Update: 4 years later, Douglas is now 11 years old and still using this same drum set. He is tall for his age but is still able to sit behind the drums comfortably. He took a short break but has recently started taking drum lessons again.
  • 2018 Update: Douglas has now outgrown the junior drum set and has replaced it with an Adult Gammon Drum Set. He's very happy with this one as well.
Douglas is still playing these drums at 10 years old.

Douglas is still playing these drums at 10 years old.

  1. Extra pairs of drum sticks. Douglas broke a couple of his in the beginning before he learned not to hit the drums so hard.
  2. A DVD or book on learning to play drums. This helps to teach beginners about keeping time, counting beats, and understanding rhythm.
  3. A few beginner drum lessons. These helped Douglas to get started. Now that he is older, he is taking more advanced lessons.

A Little Advice

More than likely, if you're on this page, you're shopping for a child that has never played the drums, or one that is just beginning. You may be wondering if it's really a good idea. Will it be too hard for your child to learn this instrument? Will they just bang on it and never learn to play?

Many people asked us why we would want to get drums for a 7-year-old child because they are so loud. Yes, they are loud, but consider that they are a musical instrument, and will be a fun, yet educational gift. If your child has an interest, don't hold him or her back.

It's possible that you are a drummer yourself, and want to encourage your child to play your favorite instrument. In this case, you are probably already confident in your decision and are just looking for the right set. I can assure you that this is a well-made set and you'll be happy with your purchase.

It's possible that you've never played the drums, but your child is in love with drums and insists he wants a set for Christmas this year. You don't have a clue what to buy or how to teach anyone to play the drums. Once again, I have confidence you'll be satisfied with these drums. As far as learning to play, there are many options.

Even if your child never learns to play well or never becomes a star, a drum is a fun way to teach a child about music, beats, rhythm, and more.

Options for Learning to Play Drums

  • DVD or videos on YouTube will give your child something to start off with.
  • Sign up your child for beginner drum lessons with a local music store or local teacher. Sometimes you can find a high school or college students that give drum lessons for a very reasonable price.
  • If your child still loves the drums and wants to continue to learn, you can then decide to sign up for more advanced lessons.

Learning to Play on You Tube

Below is just an example of the many videos found on YouTube. This one has a child giving the lesson, which I liked. Maybe your child would like having a peer giving the lesson, rather than an adult. Watch and see how easy it is.

Video: How to Play Drums in 5 Minutes

Online Lessons

Below is another video you might like. This free beginner drum lesson is a bit longer and a little more in-depth. If you're interested, this video also leads you to a website that gives online lessons.

Video: Drum Lessons Online

In Summary

To summarize, if you're looking for a fairly inexpensive junior drum set that is well made and large enough to last for several years, you will love the Gammon brand. This is from our own experience over the last 4 years. They also carry a three-piece set, if you want something smaller.

Questions & Answers

Question: What's the cost of the Gammon junior drum set described in this article?

Answer: The cost of the set shown in the article is currently $169.95 and Free Shipping. You can click the "Buy Now" link under "This is the Drum Set We Purchased" to see more information about the drum set or to buy.

Question: Is this set available in red?

Answer: Yes, this set is available in red.

© 2013 Faye Rutledge


Sakina Nasir from Kuwait on November 27, 2016:

Great hub Faye! I used to play with a toy drum set when I was little. Your hub made me nostalgic now! Nevertheless I loved your hub. Keep up the good work! ☺ God bless you!

notoriouslysinglegirl on July 28, 2014:


Fay Favored from USA on July 23, 2014:

I can remember when my nephew got his first set. My brother didn't want to get a kid set, but a real one. He was two then and over twenty years later he's still playing. Good review.

Eugene Samuel Monaco from Lakewood New York on July 23, 2014:

My brother plays the drums, and now his son also plays. Both of them started at a very early age. Nice review and great recommendation!

PaigSr from State of Confusion on June 03, 2014:

I had a drum set when I was much younger. Its amazing how I still remember playing it in my room. Funny how the parents wanted the windows and door closed.

Susan Deppner from Arkansas USA on April 09, 2014:

Lucky Douglas! What a wonderful gift. I'm guessing that having a really nice set of drums like this will help him stay interested in playing and improving his music skills. Very cool review!

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