13 Best Spotify Alternatives Everyone Should Try

Updated on June 20, 2020
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Rahul is a music addict who loves listening to blues, pop rock, and alternative rock.

What Apps Are Similar to Spotify?

If you enjoy streaming music, chances are you have already heard of Spotify. While it’s the biggest music streaming service available right now, it is still to launch in many countries. India, for instance, is one of those countries where people still can’t use this service.

Update — it's available in India now.

On top of that, it’s not available for free. While there is a free version, it’s only there to push you towards purchasing the premium services. For starters, the free version doesn’t allow offline saves. Also, there are frequent commercials between songs, which can be infuriating.

With so many new music streaming services popping up in recent years, it’s about time you considered some paid and free Spotify alternatives. Take a look.

Alternatives to Spotify

  1. Slacker
  2. Apple Music
  3. Google Play Music
  4. YouTube Music
  5. SoundCloud
  6. Deezer
  7. Pandora Radio
  8. Amazon Prime Music
  9. Songmetro
  10. iTunes Music Store
  11. Stereomood
  12. Saavn
  13. Tidal

Read more about these entries below.

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1. Slacker

Available on iOS, Android, and Roku, Slacker allows you to create your own playlist according to the genre, artist, song or album. It learns your preference and comes up with similar suggestions you may like.

The free version has ads between songs with a skip limit of 6 per hour per station. Upgrading to Plus version for $4 per month has perks like offline listening and unlimited skips.

Premium version comes at $10 a month and with some additional features on top of Plus version, like playing music on demand and creating your own playlist.

It's only available in US and Canada at this moment. If you're not from there, take a look at the next entry.

2. Apple Music

Going with Apple Music has certain perks you won’t get anywhere else. For starters, it has more exclusives than its competitors. Also, new music is made available faster than anywhere else.

For $9.99/£9.99 per month, you can stream a huge collection of 50 million songs from macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, Windows or Android.

Spotify takes the cake for having a vast library of songs, but Apple Music isn’t too far behind. While the latter has amassed over 50 million subscribers in 3 years, the former is sitting at well over 80 million. The gap is still considerable, but Apple is catching up fast. In a few years, we are bound to see some fierce competition between these two giants. Exciting times ahead!

I have tried Apple Music for 3 months and discovered that its music recommendation is top notch, even toppling the likes of Spotify. Even if you are not considering switching right now, go for the trial version, which allows full access for up to 3 months.

3. Google Play Music

Available in 63 countries, Google Play Music is a streaming service like Spotify, boasting a collection of over 40 million songs from different genres and countries all over the world.

If you’ve used Spotify before, Google's subscription plans will seem familiar to you. Standard and family accounts are available for $10 and $14.99 per month respectively. While the former allows unlimited access for one person, the latter can be shared with up to 6 members.

It even allows listening to your local music. Upload up to 50,000 of your favorite songs on their platform and stream on the go. No need to worry about storage issues ever again!

4. YouTube Music

Google is getting serious about waging a war against well-established music streaming apps like Spotify, and they have come out all guns blazing.

YouTube Music aims to be a separate entity from YouTube. Former is dedicated to all things music. Along with the usual music streaming, you’ll find additional stuff like parodies and cover songs. It’s probably the only service with more songs on offer than Spotify.

YouTube Music creates mixtapes based on your previous music preferences on YouTube. If you are a regular user of YouTube, they already know everything about your taste in music. Log in, decide if you want access to their premium service, and get started right away.

Premium service can be availed for $10 per month, which provides an ad-free experience coupled with offline listening. You’ll be able to play songs in the background, which isn’t facilitated in the free version.

If you don’t want to shell out anything, the free version is not too limited. It’s better than Spotify’s free service, which lacks a lot of basic features.

YouTube Music, being a new service, is still rough around the edges. Give the free version a shot.

5. Soundcloud

Found in 2007, SoundCloud boasts a collection of over 130 million songs, podcasts, remixes, and covers. It allows you to share your music with other users. Share your music, listen to brand-new artists before they get popular, give them your feedback, and be a part of large community of musicaholics.

SoundCloud is a good alternative to Spotify if you’re looking for new music and raps. However, they need to improve their collection of original classical songs. Most of them are in form of covers, and rarely any of them ever turn out to be good.

However, if you're an artist who’s hoping to build a fanbase, you’re better off getting your songs on platforms like iTunes and Spotify.

6. Deezer

Deezer is available in 189 countries, covering almost every country on the planet. They are far ahead of their competitors in terms of having their services in more than a handful of countries.

Deezer’s three-tiered service gets you unlimited access to their catalog of over 35 million songs. They even have Taylor Swift who famously ditched Spotify in 2014.

Their basic plan is available for $9.99 per month, which enables unlimited skips and higher quality music with offline saves. If you’re a college student, you can enjoy the premium version for just $4.99.

The final tier is for those who don’t compromise with quality. For $19.99 per month, you’ll get CD-quality streams on top of all the features of the premium version.

Once you have decided, getting started it rather simple. Sign up with all the basic information and payment details and then log in. You are good to go!

7. Pandora Radio

Let’s start with the cons first. It’s only available in the US right now. While they are working to bring their services to the other parts of the world, there is no specific timeline on when it will happen.

Also, this service doesn’t offer songs above 192 kbps quality level. If you’re looking for higher quality music, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

With the drawbacks out of the way, let’s talk about their three-tiered subscription offer first. If you have used Slacker before, their plans will look familiar to you.

The free account is limited, allowing for only 6 skips per hour with frequent ads. Upgrading to Pandora Plus for $4.99 per month enables unlimited skipping, offline playback, and an ad-free experience.

For $9.99/month, you’ll get additional features like unlimited playback and creating your own customizable playback list on top of Plus benefits.

With over 40 million songs available on the platform, it’s a worthy contender for one of the better Spotify alternatives.

8. Amazon Prime Music

Apart from shopping discounts and benefits, subscribing to Amazon Prime has other underappreciated perks. For starters, you get access to Amazon Prime Video, which has tons of ever-expanding catalog of movies, TV shows, and stand-ups. The recently launched Amazon Prime Music, however, often slips under the radar of many Amazon Prime subscribers.

If you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime, you need not shell out anything extra to access their music streaming service. It’s not one of the best services around, but it’s improving all the time. With Amazon behind it, it will undoubtedly be a big player in near future.

The math is simple. If you’re already subscribed to Amazon Prime, using Amazon Prime Music is a no-brainer. However, it’s not worth spending $12.99 per month just for its music streaming service. There are better deals available at lower prices.

9. Songmetro

I recently discovered this music streaming website. It’s free and doesn't come with any catch. You can listen to the songs available on the front page or just type the name of the song you are looking for. Since it’s integrated with YouTube, you’ll most likely find whatever you are looking for.

There are no curated playlists available. If you're looking for playlists, you'll have to create your own.

10. iTunes Music Store

Available on every Apple Device, iTunes Music Store offers a wide variety of over 43 million songs to browse and buy at a reasonable price. Upgrading your account to iTunes Match will cost you $30 per year, which enables storage of your local music in iCloud. If the song is over 2.30 minutes long, you can preview the first 90 seconds of the song to decide if it's worth a buy.

If you’re someone who loves to own their favorite songs, take a look at iTunes.

11. Stereomood

Steremood offers pre-curated playlists based upon your mood. If you’re feeling happy, for instance, you’ll have a playlist full of happy songs. Simply click on any of the 50 available moods and enjoy a wide variety of songs. Songs here are categorized based on how they’d make a person feel instead of their genre.

Since users create every playlist, they are more or less accurate. If you find that any song is wrongly categorized, you can delete that song from your playlist and put a right label on it.

Since its free, you can get started right away. With its wide array of songs and interesting approach to provide on-demand music, Stereomusic is worth a shot.

12. Saavn

Available on Web, iOS, and Andriod; Saavn can be a good free or paid alternative to Spotify, if you're an Indian. There are a few more Indian-exclusive music streaming service like Gaana and Wynk, but Saavn is head and shoulders above their competition.

Though this app has a lot of curated playlists, it falls short of the mark. You must sink some time in to create your playlists.

It gets worse if you like listening to classics. I couldn't find many playlists with older songs. While there is no dearth of current content, you’ll probably have to use the search bar if you want to listen to the classics.

The free version allows unlimited streaming with ads. Pro Lite, which costs Rs. 120 per month, is ad-free and allows up to 3GB of downloads. If you’re someone who likes storing their music offline, go for the Pro version. For Rs. 250 per month, you’ll have unlimited offline downloads along with other benefits of Lite.

13. Tidal

Are you willing to shell out considerably more money to enjoy the best quality of music? If the answer is yes, you'll love what Tidal brings to the table.

While Tidal offers its standard services for $9.99 per month to compete with well-established giants like Spotify and Apple Music, their top-tier service is the main attraction for music enthusiasts. For $19.99 per month, CD-quality songs available in FLAC format. The sound quality here is unparalleled!

On top of the above standard plans, there is a family plan in place for both the tiers, which allows unlimited access up to 5 people. Head on over to their website to find out more. If you want to know more about FLAC and how it’s different from MP3, CNET’s take on FLAC vs MP3 format is a riveting read.

Are you still undecided? Take a 30-day trial to find out if it’s worthy of your consideration.

Did I miss any good alternative to Spotify? Let me know in the comments section and I’ll update the article with your suggestion.


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    • Constance Marzell Kyme profile image

      Constance Marzell-Kyme 

      4 weeks ago from London, UK

      Really good topic for an article and definitely needs to be discussed more often!

      There is another alternative I read about but can't remember the name. It was aimed at providing a more ethical alternative for musicians themselves. I wish I could find it...

    • profile image


      3 months ago

      I see no application that can replace spotify premium apk free because of its huge volume of music and reputation

    • profile image


      9 months ago

      I use Allavosft to download music from Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud etc


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