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Review of Prism Music for Plex and iOS

Prism Music App: Like a Familiar Old Friend

When you open Prism Music for iOS, you almost instantly feel like you have stumbled onto an old friend—namely, the original iTunes interface. The design of the player itself is clean and minimal, with the focus of the app showing the album cover artwork, the name of the artist and song (in a small, clean font), and simple, straightforward player controls for pause, fast forward or back, file information, and bluetooth/airplay.

How does Prism compare to iTunes?

All of this makes for easy operation of the app, and it is a great improvement in my opinion over the multiple screens and gestures approach used by the latest version of the iTunes app.

Prism Music: How It Works

Behind that clean and pleasant player screen, however, are multiple smart filters that you can apply for your listening experience.

You can sort your library by your personal favorites, by most or least played, by artist, album, or songs. Click on any one of these filters once it has been added, and it applies the reverse option to your choice.

So, for example, I keep my instance of Prism fairly simple by choosing the filter for "Played," which by default selects my most-played music: however, I tap on this a second time to get a reverse effect, which is to play my least-played music.

I find that this keeps me constantly and comfortably immersed in my entire music library rather than listening to the same handful of songs over and over.

The Play Screen for Prism Music

The Play Screen for Prism Music

Ways to Customize the Look and Feel of Prism

In the settings portion of the app, you can fully customize the way your Prism will look on your device.

  • Under the Playback options, you can disable the iPhone's auto-lock feature so that your phone screen isn't constantly going into lock mode while you're driving.
  • The Prism theme can be set to light, dark or darker, and you can choose a custom-colored icon for the app.
  • Prism also offers one-touch downloading, so if you need to avoid using your data plan when listening to your music, you can quickly download music based on the filters you set earlier or by using a new filter to download specific artists or albums.
  • Prism fully supports Carplay, and even with the 13.1 release of IOS, works perfectly with your Carplay display.
  • Prism also looks great and is even easier to navigate on an iPad. I used mine many times to quickly select and play music for my live acoustic gigs as background music for my breaks.

PLEX Media Server

Prism works not only with your iTunes iCloud library, it works extremely well with PLEX. If you are not familiar with Plex, it's a media server that is easy to install on a home computer that will then manage your home media library, everything from music to movies, podcasts, and now even live television. Once you are up and running with a Plex media server, you can easily stream content to your mobile device wherever you have connectivity.

An overview of Plex is outside of the intended scope of this article, but I will follow up with a subsequent article on how to setup and use Plex for your home media. My favorite aspect of Plex is that I can stream music to my phone in a full, lossless file format. Compared to iTunes music streamed at 256kbps, lossless music from Plex sounds far superior. Listening to every song from the Beatles newly remastered White Album in lossless format is simply incredible sounding!

Prism Music on the App Store

The light version of Prism Music player is free from the Apple App Store, with a paid full version costing a one time fee of $7.99. I highly recommend the full version, because once you start using this app, you will absolutely want to unlock its themes and full filter controls for the best listening experience.

Prism Music is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on the Apple app store.

Prism Music on Reddit

The developer of Prism Music is active and available on Reddit, and there are many users there who are also fans of the app that are easy to reach out to with any questions you might have.

Prism Music will soon be releasing the latest version 2.0 which the developer documents in the Reddit channel described above.