Wow, It's Like Right Now — Beck Is back!

Updated on September 20, 2016
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Justin Rigdon is a comedian, musician, sound engineer and Chef. From Atlanta, Ga.

Beck, proven art-pop legend and master of the world viewed through a third eye is back. Quite an odd thing to say, given it was only last year he won the most coveted Grammy (the Grammy for album of the year). But for a person like Beck, "Being there" can mean many things. The Beck dressed as a rhinestone cowboy dancing on a busy Los Angeles overpass, is almost a symbol of who Beck is as an artist. It is also reminding his diehard fans of the Beck they have been missing.

Don't Forget Where You Came From

Back in the late nineteen eighties Beck was most likely found performing the proud ancient tradition of street busking. He would bring his guitar on city buses and sing old delta blues songs on street corners in Los Angeles. In 1989 Beck bought his bus ticket to New York City, where he would be just in time to catch the end of the anti-folk heyday in the east village. Not finding much success at getting a job or breaking into the music career, he would eventually prove worthy of. He decided for himself, that only one homeless New York winter would be enough for him and he came back where he came from. Back home to Los Angeles.

Back home Beck was back on the streets. Invading sidewalk cafes, busy transit stations and the odd art showing. He would occasionally get the chance to perform his songs between acts at the bars and dives where locals played. Dedicated friends and fans would invite him into their homes to perform. A few of them used cheap Fostex tape machines to record some of his earliest songs in their living rooms.

It was around this time that Beck decided to add performance art to his act. Wild dancing, colorful outfits and an attitude that said "I am a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?". A visible element that grabbed people's attention. Including the attention of publishers and record executives. Becks colorful world eventually was on televisions, tape machines and CD players across the country. His songs became instant classics as were his music videos.

The "Morning Phase"

Beck would prove to be prolific. He has released eleven albums since his 1993 debut "Golden Feelings" or 1994's "Stereopathetic Soulmanure" (depending on who you ask counts as first) That's not even counting his yet to be named album expected to be released as soon as next month. So now you might be asking yourself "why would you write an article with "beck's back" in its title?" You would not be wrong to ask such a question. But I would remind you that 2014's "morning phase" was suited to its title.

Though it was an amazing album "Morning phase" was sad and slow. Not exactly what Beck will be remembered for. I mean the lead singer of Coldplay was on it. The album was fearless and daring for Beck. Deserving of all of its accolades, despite what a certain attention hungry objector had to say about it. But for how amazingly good it was, it was also weird. For an artist whose success came by giving "weird" a home, that is also an odd thing to say. But it was a sad and creepy type of weird. It was not the colorful expect the unexpected weird Beck, for which he became so loved and known for.


But this is "like right now" and the music video for 2016"s "Wow" Beck is in true form. Featuring cowboys riding horses and slinging guns. The dance team of elementary children dressed as geishas. Flowers with eyeballs and smiling dogs, this video has a little weird for everyone. Let's not forget Beck Dancing dressed as a rhinestone cowboy. That's the price of admission right there. But with any music video of Beck's, the part that shines is the song itself.

"Wow" is infectious. One can't help but become a Bobblehead doll when in the presence of its beat. A very warm synthesizer welcomes you in. Beck's unique observation of the modern world not only gets you to stay a while, It proves once again his lyrical genius. Lines that poke fun at modern fashion trends like the "Girl in a bikini with the Lamborghini Shih Tzu" is just one example of that genius. But the best line to take away is "It's your life, You got to try to get it right, Look around, don't forget where you came from" A bit of advice from someone who was truly in that place when he gave it. That's what makes a good lyricist.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend "Wow" to anyone who welcomes the unexpected. Please enjoy the video below. Please like and comment on how you enjoyed the video and feel free to request other videos to be reviewed. Enjoy.


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