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Top 100 Most Popular K-Pop Songs of All Time

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Diana has been writing on Spinditty for over three years. She is a K-Pop enthusiast with a deep love for Korean culture.

How many of your favorite K-pop songs are in our Top 100?

How many of your favorite K-pop songs are in our Top 100?

What Are the Best K-Pop Songs of All Time?

This list covers the 100 most popular K-pop songs ever! Here you will learn about the most viewed K-pop groups (as well as some solo performers), music videos, and songs.

Top 10 K-Pop Songs of All Time

  1. “No Other” by Super Junior
  2. “Gentleman” by PSY
  3. “Oppa Is Just My Style” ("Gangnam Style 2") by PSY & Hyuna
  4. “DNA” by BTS
  5. “Fire” by BTS
  6. “TT” by Twice
  7. “Daddy” by PSY ft. CL
  8. “As If It’s Your Last” by Blackpink
  9. “Fantastic Baby” by Bigbang
  10. "Boombayah” by Blackpink

Get to Know Super Junior

  • Members: Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
  • Years Active: 2005–present
  • Label: Label SJ, S.M. Entertainment, UMG, Media Asia, Avex Trax
  • Albums by Super Junior: Super Junior 05, Don't Don, Sorry, Sorry, Bonamana, Mr. Simple, Sexy, Free & Single, Mamacita, Devil, Play, Hero
Songs 11-20AlbumRelease Year

11. “Palette” by IU ft. G-Dragon



12. “Step” by KARA



13. “Alone” by Sistar



14. “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2” by BTS

"2 Cool 4 School"


15. “A” by GOT7

"Got Love"


16. Lion Heart” by Girls´Generation

"Lion Heart"


17. “Who You?” by G-Dragon

"Coup D'etat"


18. “Peek-A-Boo” by Red Velvet

"Perfect Velvet"


19. “Sorry, Sorry” by Super Junior

"Sorry, Sorry"


20. “Just One Day” by BTS

"School Luv Affair"


Get to Know PSY (Park Jae-sang)

  • Years Active: 2001–present
  • Label: Bidman, LNLT Entertainment, Avex Trax, YG Entertainment, YGEX, Republic, Schoolboy
  • Albums by PSY: Psy from the Psycho World, Ssa2, 3 Mai, Ssajib, PsyFive, Psy 6 (Six Rules), Chiljib PSY-Da, 4X2=8
Songs 21-30AlbumRelease Year

21. “Lotto” by EXO



22. “Red Flavor” by Red Velvet

"The Red Summer"


23. “Ice Cream Cake” by Red Velvet

"Ice Cream Cake"


24. “Love Me Right” by EXO



25. “Run Devil Run” by Girls' Generation



26. “Lucifer” by SHINee



27. “Party” by Girls' Generation

"Lion Heart"


28. “Ringa Linga” by Taeyang



29. “Ring Ding Dong” by SHINee

"2009, Year of Us"


30. “Bonamana” by Super Junior



Get to Know BTS (Bangtan Boys)

  • Members: Suga, J-Hope, Jin, RM, V, Jimin, Jungkook
  • Years Active: 2013–present
  • Label: Big Hit Entertainment, Pony Canyon, Columbia Def Jam Japan
  • Albums by BTS: Dark & Wild, Wings, Love Yourself: Tear, Wake Up, Youth, Face Yourself, 2 Cool 4 Skool, MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow
Songs 31-40AlbumRelease Year

31. “Sober” by Bigbang

"Made Series"


32. Haru Haru” by Bigbang

"Number 1"


33. “Dumb Dumb” by Red Velvet

"The Red"


34. “Ice Cream” by Hyuna



35. “Bae Bae” by Bigbang

"Second Live Concert: The Great"


36. “Crazy” by 4Minute



37. “Danger” by BTS

"Dark & Wild"


38. “Oh!” by Girls' Generation



39. “Never Ever” by GOT7

"Flight Log: Arrival"


40. “Electric Shock” by f(x)

"Dimension 4—Docking Station in Japan"


Get to Know Twice

  • Members: Nayeon, Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, Momo, Jihyo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung
  • Years Active: 2015–present
  • Label: JYP Entertainment, Warner Music Japan
  • Albums by Twice: Twicetagram, BDZ
Songs 51-60AlbumRelease Year

51. “Let’s Not Fall In Love” by Bigbang



52. “Crooked” by G-Dragon

"Coup D'etat"


53. “Love Scenario” by iKON



54. “Fxxk It” by Bigbang



55. “Mr. Simple” by Super Junior

"Mr. Simple"


56. “War of Hormone” by BTS

"Dark & Wild"


57. “I Need U” by BTS

"I Need U"


58. “I” by Taeyeon



59. “Loser” by Bigbang



60. “Ko Ko Bop” by EXO

"The War"



  • Members: Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie, Lisa
  • Years Active: 2016–present
  • Label: Avex, YG Entertainment
  • Albums by Blackpink: Square Up, Square Two, Blackpink
Songs 61-70AlbumRelease Year

61. “What Is Love?” by Twice

"What Is Love?"


62. “Growl” by EXO



63. “Overdose” by EXO



64. “Signal” by Twice



65. “Spring Day” by BTS



66. “Call Me Baby” by EXO



67. “The Boys” by Girls' Generation

"The Boys"


68. “Knock Knock” by Twice

"Twicecoaster: Lane 2"


69. “Monster” by EXO



70. “Heart Shaker” by Twice



Get to Know EXO

  • Members: Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Chen, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, D.O., Sehun, Kai
  • Years Active: 2012–present
  • Label: Avex Trax, SM Entertainment
  • Albums by EXO: XOXO, Exodus, Ex'Act, The War, Countdown
Songs 71-80AlbumRelease Year

71. “Good Boy” by G-Dragon x Taeyang

"2017 World Tour 'White Night' In Japan"

2014 (single)

72. “I Got a Boy” by Girls' Generation

"I Got a Boy"


73. “Gee” by Girls' Generation



74. “I Am the Best” by 2NE1

"Nolza Tour"


75. “Bboom Bboom” by Momoland



76. “Just Right” by GOT7

"Moriagatteyo (Type B)"


77. “Boy In Luv” by BTS

"Wake Up"


78. “Whistle” by Blackpink

"Square Two"


79. “Not Today” by BTS



80. “Playing With Fire” by Blackpink

"Square Two"


Get to Know EXID ("Exceed in Dreaming")

  • Members: Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin, Jeonghwa
  • Years Active: 2012–present
  • Labels: Banana Culture Entertainment, Tokuma Japan, AB Entertainment
  • Albums by EXID: Street, Ah Yeah, Hippity Hop, Eclipse, Full Moon
Songs 81-90AlbumRelease Year

81. “Like ooh-aah” by Twice

"The Story Begins"


82. “Ddu-du Ddu-du” by Blackpink

"Square Up"


83. “Fake Love” by BTS

"Love Yourself: Tear"


84. “Save Me” by BTS

"The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever"


85. “Likey” by Twice



86. “Cheer Up” by Twice

"Page Two"


87. “Mic Drop” (Steve Aoki Remix) by BTS

"Face Yourself"


88. “Bang Bang Bang” by Bigbang

"Made Series"


89. “Blood Sweat&Tears” by BTS



90. “Dope” by BTS

"The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1"


Songs 91-100AlbumRelease Year

91. “Lollipop” by Bigbang & 2NE1



92. “Trouble Maker” by Trouble Maker

"Trouble Maker"


93. “Monster” by Bigbang

"Alive GALAXY Tour 2013: The Final in Seoul"


94. “Twinkle” by Girls’ Generation



95. “Because I’m the Best” ("Roll Deep" internationally) by Hyuna ft. Jung Ilhoon



96. “Fire” by BTS

"The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2"


97. “Don’t Wanna Cry” by Seventeen



98.“Face” Nu’est



99. “Really Really” by Winner

"Our Twenty For"


100. “Up&Down” by EXID

"Incarnation of Money"



Army and blink on September 10, 2020:

Blackpink and Bts song

Rosanna Highs on September 04, 2020:

BTS is always the one! Army for Ever

Kookie Kookie Jungkookie on September 03, 2020:


Chou on August 30, 2020:

Psycho SOTY

Astro fans on August 23, 2020:

Astro knock

Blink on August 18, 2020:

Only Blackpink songs

Blackpink is real queens on August 09, 2020:

I just like Blackpink song i don't like other group song...

Army on August 01, 2020:


in my opinion especially BTS ;)

jungkook on July 29, 2020:


Sweety on July 28, 2020:


INFINITE_LOVER... on July 24, 2020:

add INFINITE'S song their too...

moomoo on July 15, 2020:


K-luv on July 13, 2020:

This is for [ARMY TWINS] just incase you come back to this sight. even i am an army but trust me super junior deserves to be on the top of that list.

P.S. Do your homework before judging our oppas!!!!!!

lixxuy on July 08, 2020:

I'm a BTS stan but I think any Girls Generation song should be on here. I mean Run Devil Run and Gee ??????

ikonic boy on July 06, 2020:

love seniro

onceu on July 01, 2020:


Army Twins on June 30, 2020:

BTS is the top most band in k pop so it should in first list mind it

Doddy on June 27, 2020:

Where is the other groups?

This better be a joke cause half of the songs are by bts

There's some other legendary songs better than this list"

Gabrielle Phillips on June 07, 2020:

Ring Ding Dong by Shinee should have been on here... I am so disappointed

quacker on May 27, 2020:

who made this joke of a list lmao.

Yeyey on May 15, 2020:

Biased list and whoever made it has very limited knowledge.

The ff. are either not here or on the wrong number. Not ranked in any order.

1. Nobody (wonder girls)

2. Gangnam Style and gentlemen (PSY)

3. Gee (SONG OF THE DECADE), Genie, Into the new world (SNSD), but basically most of their singles should be present.

4. Fire, I am the best, cant nobody (2ne1)

Well you guys know the rest

BT21CHIMMIES on April 23, 2020:

For all of you complaining can you rlly think that every group, and every song that you specifically want will end up on this list will. You saying that a group is superior or “the best” is just bull (Beauty Blogger) for one you can search up an answer and go complain that BTS isn’t to your google screen cause that’s what everyone is doing. it doesn’t matter what group you like cause you had the chance to vote. I am an Army, and cause of that I had a hard time choosing a song. Yeah as a western fan I like songs that are catchy and will attract my attention and not slow songs that are all about love. Although BTS used the word girl in there songs I don’t feel like it’s sappy. I haven’t listened to a single song by infinite and I don’t want to feel free to recommend something to me but I am apart of many fandoms and just cause *N/A group pulled you in to Kpop doesn’t mean they are the best group, it means you like that group the best. DONT PUSH YOUR OPINION ONTO OTHERS

KPOPANIMEWEEB on April 21, 2020:

This list is kinda wrong they forgot all the other good song

kpop on April 09, 2020:

this is kinda wrong and where is gee from snsd?

kpopstan on April 05, 2020:

this list is kinda wrong no offense

kpoplover on April 02, 2020:

i stan twice blackpink and bts so it was hard to choose

Angel of dj on March 17, 2020:

Very nice hats off to black pink

Lisa on March 06, 2020:


beauty blogger on February 27, 2020:

this is so fake not even a single song from infinite


Deja on February 25, 2020:

BTS and Black Pink are sooooo gooooood! Fan Girl

yuna on February 04, 2020:

Growl by EXO or even Monster. I don't even want to mention Psy Oppa Gangnam style. The song didn't rain in Asia alone, it reigned in Africa television in fact what about Ddu du ddu du it reached a billion view and this was made in 2019 so back then it beat DNA . No wonder the person who made this was an army.

bangtan4life on February 04, 2020:

i couln't pick any!!

ChanMunBaek on February 04, 2020:

Absolutely Exo songs are the best it's true but why there's not single EXO song in the top10 it's unfair it's real mistake of someone Oh my Allah!!

Idk on December 19, 2019:

kinda sad that nct wasn’t on here

Name on November 27, 2019:

This list is obviously biased. The author has limited knowledge, not doing proper research or anything, just putting down songs of their own liking and knowledge. This isn’t a reliable list — not even adding some of the most well-known groups and some of their most famous songs, an example being Growl by EXO.


please know what you’re talking about before saying it or posting it online.

SSW from England on November 08, 2019:

This is clearly a biased list, and proves limited knowledge on Kpop. BTS are not the only group with catchy songs. Groups like GOT7, Monsta X, Stray Kids, Red Velvet, NCT, and Mamamoo should have been seen more often on here. They are by far some of the most popular groups in kpop. And solo artists like IU, Sunmi, Chung Ha, Dean, etc should be here too. Also, did the early years of kpop disappear or something?

Please get to know what you're talking about before you talk about it, or post something online.

Vida on October 26, 2019:

Lucifer is the best :)

bella on September 25, 2019:

I like the song just one day because it means a lot to me thanks bts for the energy you put in .

keep it up

ARMY jimin Spain on August 11, 2019:

Fake love is one of my favourite, but y they didn't add that

Convex lens on August 10, 2019:

Beast fiction is missing

Noyb on July 03, 2019:

They are missing some of the best bts and got7 songs out there.. And, wheres monsta x? Straykids???????????

Monbebe on July 03, 2019:

Monsta X is missing and it's one most famous group. They even made a world tour !!!!!!

Aaliyah on June 26, 2019:

Exo Growl is missing

simply Japanese on June 22, 2019:

No. 1 is Lovelyz yein she's beautiful in Korea ....

No. 2 is lovelyz mijoo she's so beautiful

Supporting the best # on June 09, 2019:

I don't support this list it's not right growl or monster and a lot of other singes it's only have bts B.B. twice there is ohers songs better a lot

dan2L on June 06, 2019:

This list is utter garbage. It shows your limited knowledge on Korean music. I guess Kpop didn't exist from 1993-2007, right?

nami on May 20, 2019:

smh help me god

Dekky on May 17, 2019:

I do not support this list at all. Some song of the year are really missing. No Growl by EXO or even Monster. I dont even want to mention Psy Oppa Gangnam style. The song didnt rain in Asia alone, it reigned in Africa television infact in my country Nigeria that year, Dstv music channel played it alot. Nrver knew he was a Korean musician. He should makr oy as number 1 on the list.

Bored on May 15, 2019:

Seriously Ddu du ddu du at 82?

jess on May 09, 2019:

where is NCT????

aeriii on May 09, 2019:

I think a multilateral list will never put an exo song in a moment where I think exo's monster is one of the best groups of kpop.

Gaurav on May 02, 2019:

It feels like a list of songs the author is biased too. Roly-Poly was the best selling single in 2011 and it isn't even in the top 100 of this list

btsunshine on April 29, 2019:

hmm have you heard of NCT dream,NCT U or NCT 127 all of them should be up there and also astro.

Nakachuta on April 25, 2019:

Never heard of nct? Unfair

VIPBLACKJACK angel on February 07, 2019:

BIG BANG and 2EN1 songs is the BEST kpop songs EVER!

bang,bang,bang...fantastic am the best and soooo oonnn...

mins pengu on January 31, 2019:

where's "MIROTIC" by TVXQ? It's one of many well-known K-Pop songs out there!

Mamoru on January 29, 2019:

Gagnam Style should be at first place LMFAOOO...

A Zach on January 17, 2019:

What are the criteria for this list? Is it just personal opinion or you have based it on something

hhnn on January 05, 2019:

no wonder the one who prepare this is ARMY.....

Kpop lover on December 01, 2018:

How about NCT

April lover on November 15, 2018:

April are the best girl group. No doubt. And all they songs should be in the top of the list.

Lovely Pantaran on October 30, 2018:

Where's NCT'S SONGS? This is unfairrr!

Binu jokkam on September 28, 2018:

My favorite song is all big bang songs

The legend

Megoo on September 24, 2018:

Have you ever heard of super junior

Jane on August 26, 2018:

Where is exo's growl

Liz Westwood from UK on August 07, 2018:

This is a comprehensive list.