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11 Best Songs From "Yellowstone" Season 4

Carson suffers from a serious case of melophilia. Geeking out on her favorite music artists is her guilty pleasure.

Songs from Yellowstone Season 4 you'll keep listening to.

Songs from Yellowstone Season 4 you'll keep listening to.

Yellowstone Season 4 Soundtrack

The much anticipated Season 4 of Yellowstone is finally out, and it did not disappoint! The show is back with all of the stunning landscapes and intriguing characters that we have come to love. This season, there are some new faces joining the cast, as well as some old favorites. While there are undoubtedly many standout moments in the show, here are 11 songs that perfectly capture the spirit of Yellowstone Season 4.

1. "Black Sheep"

Genre: Country

Album: Black Sheep

Artist: Hailey Whitters

Facts about “Black Sheep”

  • It is the debut album of the talented singer Hailey Whitters.
  • The song has a dark undertone that fits with the scene in which this song plays in Yellowstone.
  • The song’s lyrics make you explore your inner self so that can truly understand yourself better.
  • The best part of the song is when Whitters’ sings about how she reflects on her slow-spent youth and what she could have done in her early days.

2. "Plain to See Plainsman"

Genre: Country

Album: Songs of the Plains

Artist: Colter Bradley Wall

Facts about “Plain to See Plainsman”

  • The song focuses primarily on the hospitality of the different people that the singer has come across while traveling. He reflects on how meeting people doesn’t make him feel that he is talking to a stranger.
  • This song is not about any wanderer who roams about here and there. It’s about a man who loves his present lifestyle but also thinks about his motherland, his home. He misses the company that he had at his home and wishes that he could get one chance to go back.
  • The lyricist and singer strikes the perfect balance between trying new things while also wanting to go back and do the things that he misses.

3. "Hey Delilah"

Genres: Country, Rock, Alternative/Indie

Album: You Hear Georgia

Artist: Blackberry Smoke

Facts about “Hey Delilah”

  • Hey Delilah is the second single from Blackberry Smoke’s seventh studio album.
  • The song is about a scary story from the Bible but has a unique New Orleans groove.
  • The low-slung swamp rock beats of this song are ideal for the scene in which it plays in the show Yellowstone.
  • The release of the album marked the 20th anniversary of Blackberry Smoke.
  • The song talks about how people misunderstand the South. With so many bad people around in this tumultuous world, it is the opinion of good people that everyone should keep in mind. To highlight the influence of the South, the song has a certain southern accent.

4. "Deeper in the Woods"

Genre: Folk

Album: Forever Wild

Artist: Ross Shifflett

Facts about “Deeper in the Woods”

  • The song talks about self-transformation by metaphorically speaking about going deeper into the woods.
  • It’s about the protagonist can protect herself through the ups and downs in her life. The changes will make her want to retreat from others but she should stand strong and face whatever comes her way.
  • The lyricist and the singer concentrates on the evils or curses that may cover her for a long time but if she walks in the paths of righteousness, those curses will go away sooner or later. It is how she protects herself from the evil things that come her way that would determine how she can lead her life in the future. The self-transformation will be for her own good so that she can lead a hassle-free life.

5. "The Other Side"

Genres: Rock, Country, Spanish Rock

Album: Dead Horses

Artists: Ryan Bingham, Kim Bingham

Facts about “The Other Side”

  • The lyrics of the song are ideal for the ranch-type setting in the fourth season of the popular series, Yellowstone.
  • According to the singer and actor of the show, the setting of the song called for slightly dangerous lyrics. There is always a sense of the fear, especially when there are prying eyes around waiting for an opportunity to kill the protagonist.
  • The song talks about how the protagonist has been blinded by the sunlight and the scorching heat. It is so hot that he doesn’t recognize the place, even though it seems familiar. He wants to go to the other side but there is no one to take him there.
  • The song is close to Ryan Bingham because he grew up in a ranching family. He knows how things work in the ranches. As a result, it was easier to portray his feelings on several scenes shot at the ranch in Yellowstone.

6. "Sleeping on the Blacktop"

Genres: Folk, Country

Album: Imaginary Appalachia

Artist: Colter Wall

Facts about “Sleeping on the Blacktop”

  • The song has been taken from Colter Wall’s 2015 album, Imaginary Appalachia. It became highly popular in 2016 and has been used in many other movies, such as Hell or High Water.
  • Although the song has a definite style of modern country music, the poetics roots come from the classic folk music of America. The tune has a resemblance to the songs composed by Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Townes Van Zandt.
  • The song is about a woman who wants to visit the Appalachian foothills. There is a reference to a coyote in this song. However, it doesn’t mean the animal. Instead, it refers to a smuggler who used to bring her cigarettes from the south of the border.
  • Some may consider it a spiritual song because of the references to god and the devil. It is because of the car crash that god had witnessed recently and the victims that are waiting for justice.

7. "Blind Lover"

Genre: Country

Album: Old News

Artists: The Steel Woods, Jason Cope, Wesley Bayliss

Facts about “Blind Lover”

  • The Steel Woods wanted to pay tribute to the newspapers of the early days. They wanted to relate the song to obituaries.
  • Every song from The Steel Woods has certain anecdotes about life. According to the lyricists, the anecdotes are mostly from their lives that they had always wanted to share with their fans.
  • Blind Lover is about a person who wants love in his life. He wants someone who has never seen any color or witnessed any crime. The protagonist also longs for the gentle touch of the lover so that the feeling becomes real.
  • The song is also about having faith in the Holy Spirit because finding love can be difficult. However, the protagonist shouldn’t feel discouraged or disappointed if it takes a long time. Instead, he should have faith in the Holy Spirit.

8. "All Over the Road"

Genres: Country, Alternative Indie, Rock

Album: You Hear Georgia

Artists: Blackberry Smoke, Charlie Starr

Facts about “All Over the Road”

  • Blackberry Smoke, the performer of All Over the Road, has five EPs, two live compilations, and seven studio albums to its name. Their rock and roll style of music has a huge audience, especially from the South because of the southern accent in their songs.
  • According to the lyricist of the song, the band had struggled a lot during its initial days. The songs that they write are mostly inspired by their journey so far.
  • The album managed to reach the number one position on US Americana. Many shows and movies have already used this song.
  • This song has a resemblance to the songs of the road by John Denver. It depicts the scene in the series perfectly as the protagonist drives down the road listening to this song.

9. "Take It Easy Mama"

Genres: Spanish Rock, Country, Rock

Album: Mescalito

Artist: Ryan Bingham

Facts about “Take It Easy Mama”

  • This is a melancholic song about the protagonist’s mother who tells her to get some rest because she has a long way to go.
  • Ryan Bingham’s first two albums, Dead Horses and Wishbone Saloon became immensely popular. It led Lost Highway Records to sign Ryan Bingham, after which he released his first major album, Mescalito, from which the song Take It Easy Mama has been used in the fourth season of Yellowstone.

10. "Cowboy in Me"

Genre: Country

Album: Set This Circus Down

Artist: Tim McGraw

Facts about “Cowboy in Me”

  • There are three lyricists for this song: Craig Wiseman, Al Anderson, and Jeffrey Steele. The song was released back in November, 2001 as one of the third singles from Tim McGraw.
  • Cowboy in Me managed to reach the number one spot on Hot Country Songs. Back then, it was known as Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks.
  • The song is about acknowledging the selfish and self-destructive nature of the protagonist. He is a cowboy and often has to do things that he may not like, but he has to do them anyway to maintain his reputation as a cowboy. The song is a reflection on how this personality irks the protagonist.
  • Kevin John Coyne from Country Universe said that the song has a pleasant tune, quite unlike the head-pounding loudness that many other songs of similar genres present for the audience.
  • There was also a separate music video for this song that was released in 2002. It was directed by the famous Sherman Halsey.

11. "To Keep From Being Found"

Genre: Country

Album: You Get It All

Artist: Hayes Carll

Facts about “To Keep From Being Found”

  • The song from which this album comes, You Get It All, is about communicating with the Creator (God) and meeting your neighbor. However, if everything fails, you can hide in a cheap highway motel.
  • Hayes Carll was inspired by the shrimp boats that returned every night from the Gulf of Mexico just to empty all their nets. According to Carll, those shrimpers represented an honest life and that is what he wanted to portray in this song.
  • The song speaks about how a boy wants to lead a carefree life after leaving his home. He wants to have some cigarettes, spend a few nights in a motel room, and watch TV while bathing, but he would never go back to his hometown, Texas.

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