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Top 8 Satanic Metal Bands of All Time

I began my journey in the Occult back in 1992 when I discovered Satanism. Since then, I have shared my ideas on Satanism with the world.

Here are the top 8 Satanic metal bands you should listen to!

Here are the top 8 Satanic metal bands you should listen to!

Satanic Black Metal

This is genuine black metal, the greatest list ever of satanic music bands. Rock and roll rebels, the lawless, degenerate, and anti-social misfits of black metal and satanic metal are featured here.

These bands are Satanic, either because they associate with Satanism or because Satanists might just like their music.

8 True Satanic Metal Bands

  1. Acheron
  2. Angelcorpse
  3. Arch Enemy
  4. Archgoat
  5. Cradle of Filth
  6. Blasphemy
  7. Beherit
  8. Burzum

1. Acheron

In 1998, Acheron was formed by Reverend Vincent Crowley in Tampa, Florida. He joined forces together with Peter H. Gilmore, Magister of the Church of Satan. They released their first demon, "Messe Noir" as a limited edition 7-inch record, with only 666 copies.

In 1991 they switched record labels and produced their first full length album "Rites of the Black Mass". It was music that included the Black mass texts from the Satanic Bible with excellent Gothic styled intros and guitar solos. In 1994, Dr. LaVey appointed Crowley to the Church of Satan priesthood. Crowley was later promoted to the rank of Magister


  • Messe Noir 1988
  • Rites of the Black Mass 1991
  • Alla Xul 1992
  • Satanic Victory 1992
  • Lex Talionis 1992
  • Anti-God, Anti-Christ 1996
  • Those Who Have Risen 1997
  • Necromanteion Communion 1998
  • Compendium Diablerie: The Demo Days 2001

2. Angelcorpse

Angelcorpse is a black death metal band that formed in 1995 by Pete Helmkamp and his former band known as Order from Chaos. Angelcorpse was originally from Kansas City, but they relocated to Tampa Florida. Their music is a focus of anti-Christian themes and warfare.

Goats To Azazel was the first demo that was recorded in 1995. Angelcorpse toured Europe in 1996 in support of the band Impaled Nazarene, and again in 2007 with bands like Immortal and Watain. Pete Helmkamp wrote a book in the late 90's called 'The Conqueror Manifesto.' According to Pete, "..'The Conqueror Manifesto' hails the Self-Will as Father of All, in the same spirit of Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law, Nietzsche's 'Antichrist', and Redbeard's 'Might is Right. Through the heightening of the two Creative attributes of Strength & Wisdom, 'The Conqueror Manifesto' details how humankind can embark on the Quest towards the Plateau of Invincibility and attain Godhood (Homodeus)"


  • Goats to Azazael Demo, 1995
  • Hammer of Gods 1996
  • Nuclear Hell 1997
  • Wolflust Single, 1997
  • Exterminate 1998
  • Winds of Desecration 1999
  • The Inexorable 1999
  • Iron, Blood and Blasphemy 2000
  • Death Dragons of the Apocalypse 2002
  • Of Lucifer and Lightning 2007
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3. Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy is a melodic death metal band from Halmstad Sweden. They formed and created their first album in 1996 titled "Black Earth" They have an apocalyptic and anti-Christian metal style. The main guitarist was the former front man for the band Carcass, and his band mate John Liva both of whom played in the death metal band Carnage.

The lead singer and frontwoman of Arch Enemy since 2001 is Angela Gossow. Angela, from Germany is one of the few successful female death metal singers who uses a growing vocal style with success. Angela also provides the voice for the Metalocalypse character Lavona Succuboso. In the Dethklock episode "Klokblocked", Lavona is the leader of the group "Succuboso Explosion", a faction of obsessed and extremist women who's mission it is to capture Nathan Explosion and bear his children, thereby creating a race of warriors that will conquer the world!


  • Black Earth 1996
  • Stigmata 1998
  • Burning Bridges 1999
  • Wages of Sin 2001
  • Anthems of Rebellion 2003
  • Doomsday Machine 2005
  • Rise of the Tyrant 2007

4. Archgoat

ArchGoat is a black metal group that formed in Finland, in 1990. There are three band members: Angelslayer (Growls of the Fullmoon), Ritual Butcherer (Axe of Black Mass) and Blood Desecrator (Bombardment). Their first demo "Jesus Spawn" was released in 1992. they are known for their anti-christian and satanic lyrics, and death metal style.

In an interview from August 2005, Guitarist Ritual Butcherer had this to say about Satanism and Black Metal: "I have always felt that composing music is strongly related to your ideology as well as whom you really are deep inside and to me black metal means BLACK metal. I could not think of composing any kind of different music than raw black metal. Firstly comes the philosophy and after that the music. Black metal is more philosophy and ideology orientated music than any other kind of music and my whole reason of existence is based upon Satanism and Occult, as is also my music. Music was the way that led me to my path, because when I was a young kid I read the lyrics of Venom and Hell Hammer and wanted to know the deeper meaning of the things they sang about. And on that same path I today walk…"


  • Jesus Spawn (demo, 1992)
  • Angelc*nt (Tales of Desecration) (1993)
  • Angelslaying Black F*cking Metal (2004)
  • Live Black Mass (2005)
  • Wh*re of Bethlehem (2006)

5. Cradle of Filth

Cradle of Filth is a metal band from Suffolk England, Dani Filth lead singer, Dark metal and death metal with instrumentals. They are an extreme death metal group with a style all their own. This band formed in 1991. Their style has evolved over the years from Black met into a cleaner version of gothic metal, symphonic black metal, melodic black metal, vampyric metal, and satanic metal.

The vocals of Dani filth are 'screechy' at times but this is his signature style. This band is heavily influenced by gothic literature and poetry, magic, mythology and horror films. According to the British Metal Hammer magazine they are the most successful British metal band since Iron maiden


  • The Principle of Evil Made Flesh 1994
  • Dusk... and Her Embrace 1996
  • Cruelty and the Beast 1998
  • Midian 2000
  • Damnation and a Day 2003
  • Nymphetamine 2004
  • Thornography 2006
  • Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder 2008

6. Blasphemy

Blasphemy is a black metal band that had formed in Burnaby, Canada in 1984. Their demo, titled "Blood upon the Altar" was released in 1989 and the Blasphemy Debut album "Fallen Angel of Doom" was released the following year. Blasphemy also Toured in the "F*ck Christ tour" in Germany, and they toured through Europe with famous band such as Immortal and Rotting Christ.

Blasphemy's 2001 concert in Vancouver was released in 2002 as a live album titled "Live Ritual, Friday the 13". According to the lead singer," Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds" [that is his band name!] " A lot of bands call their music Black Metal, but they sing about paganism, mythic and so on. But I think Black Metal should be satanic and with blasphemic, antichristian lyrics".


  • Fallen Angel of Doom 1990
  • Gods of War 1993
  • Live Ritual - Friday the 13th 2002

7. Beherit

Beherit—the very name means "Satan" in Syriac. They are a wicked black metal band from Finland. Formed in 1989, their music embodies what the lead singer calls, "...the most primitive, savage, hell-obsessed black metal imaginable." Band members, Holocausto, Black Jesus and Sodomatic Slaughter are known for their ambient style, their raw metal sound, deathcore and black metal. They are also known to have live shows which include pig heads and goat heads upon their stage. Beherit released three demons, Seventh Blasphemy, Morbid Rehearsals, and Demonomancy. Beherit's 1991 first full length album, a true metal assault, was titled "The Oath of Black Blood".

The Lead singer denies any claims that their band is Satanic, and they disassociate with the Death Metal scene, stating instead that they are true Black Metal."Satanism, well... there are a lot of bands about who think they're terribly Satanic because they play Death Metal and love using inverted crosses. We use some Satanic symbols, but only because they are evil. We're a Black Metal band, our music is dark and evil. When I'm on stage or when we're surrounded by nature miles from anywhere it's like a journey hundreds of years back in time, when people still had to fight to survive. That's how I live today... There are many people who attack us for what we do, but that only makes us stronger."


  • The Oath of Black Blood (1991)
  • Drawing Down the Moon (1993)
  • Dawn of Satan's Millennium (1991)
  • Werewolf, Semen and Blood (1998)
  • Messe Des Morts (1994)
  • Beast of Beherit - Complete Worxxx (1999)

8. Burzum

Burzum is one of the most infamous bands of the black metal scene. Burzum was created by Varg Vikernes, in 1991 in Bergen, Norway. In 1993, Burzum became famous for something more than their dark music style. The lead singer, Varg was convicted and imprisioned for the murder of his bandmate and guitarist Ãystein "Euronymous" Aarseth. Varg was also convicted and tried for the arson of churches in Norway. Not wanting to be held back by this Varg also recorded two albums while he was imprisioned: Dauði baldrs (1997) and Hliðskjálf (1999). During a prison release in 2003, which was supposed to last for a week, Varg was found with a stolen Volvo, handgunds, maps, a fake pasport, a GPS system, and several large knives.

The music of Burzum often involves mythc, pagan and anti-christian themes. the lead singer had this to say about the pagan influence on his music: "Witchcraft is all about Paganism. The word "witch" itself derives from the celt culture, and is, as far as I know, simply a title for a type of healer/magician. Later it has become a very negative word, and has been associated with "Satanism" and the likes, probably because the celts worship the Horned God (Pan), a male symbol for certain forces in nature (the celt Horned God and the greek Pan are, by the way, the same as our Vidarr). Witchcraft is white magic, but of course everything natural, healthy and sane is "satanic" in the eyes of the judeo-christians."


  • Burzum (1992)
  • Det som engang var (1993)
  • Hvis lyset tar oss (1994)
  • Filosofem (1996)
  • Dauði Baldrs (1997)
  • Hliðskjálf (1999)
  • Anthology (2002)

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