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A List of Cool Rapper Names for Guys and Girls

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Writing is one of my several hobbies, and lists like the one below help me with writer's block every now and again.

Cool rapper name or cool music? Which is more important?

Cool rapper name or cool music? Which is more important?

Cool Rapper Names to Take the Music World by Storm

While cleaning, I came across a list of rap names that I came up with when I was younger. The song that convinced me my future was in rap was "Bust a Move" by Young MC. The thing is, I was around nine years old when I made this decision, and within a few months, I had decided upon another career direction. The list brought back good memories, as I would dance and rap like a wild man while providing my family with plenty of entertainment. That list was the inspiration for this article, and those names that took me a week to come up with are mixed in with all the others found below.

A cool rapper name can make a big difference in getting your stuff noticed more often, especially if you've got the rest of your game up to par. While I am far from an expert on the rap game, I have listened to a fair amount of the music throughout my life. I've tried to make a list of cool hip-hop and rapper names that anyone can use, or at the very least, use as a jumping off point for coming up with one. I hope you find it useful in some way; thanks for giving it a look-see.

I was completely knocked off my feet the first time I heard this rap song, but seeing the video that went along with the song made me smile all the more. There aren't many rap songs that are fun and make you smile; this is definitely one of them. Kudos to Lil Nas X and the people behind this one... great job.

Cool Rapper Names for Girls

Little Pen

Sweet Time

Art Deco




Swerve Eighty-two


Slim Rhymes

Pale Blue Princess (PBP)




Persia Blue

Holly War

Weird Wendy

Doll Slayer

Over Curl


Buck Wild


Vicious Sphinx

Little Bean


Light Love


Panda Girl



Roller Coaster Love

Four Summer


Lady Vader

Cruella Crawford






Beggar Blue

Winker Link

Brick House

Yum Yum


Brave Bug

Cool Rapper Names for Guys

Bad 4X

Rude Bird

Da Bomb

Red Jersey

Boss of the Plains

Pale Blue Prince (PBP)


Chief Parish

Slingshot Dave

Cujo Proper

Microwave Iconic

Big Train

Unique Machine

Fruit Looper

Platinum Wizard

CH Temptation

Devil Dinosaur

Salty Dog

Zilla (short for Godzilla)

Summer Bear


Wish for Lemon

Dynamo D

Reliant Riddler





Beta Romeo


Mister Good Night

Florida Governor

Noah Balboa

Tibbs & Callahan


Tax Impact


Judge D

Law Down Low

Skin in the Game

Little Devil Kid

Slick Menace

Pro Max



Damn right I like the life I live because I went from negative to positive.

— Notorious B.I.G.

Add Your Name Before or After a Cool Word to Get a Cool Rapper Name

Josh Gothic

Cleotha Adorn

Vendetta Terrell

Stomp Zion

Nia Diamond

Darnell Derby

Velocity Tyrell

Flippant Ben

Nikki Rix

Disgraced Kelly

Justice Fade

Deacon Dave

Mercy Jill!

Stretch Martin

Mabel Mercury

Solo Shane

Becky Blindside

Hot Head Harry

Amelia Frosted

Heather Feather

Ziggy Chips

Marshall Mathers came up with his rap nickname from the first two letters of his real name (M & M). He does use another alter ego (Slim Shady) at times to represent a more gritty side to his personality. If you're really well known, you might be able to pull this off, but there is always a risk that some fans may be confused if you have more than one name (real name and rapper nickname). With that being said, it's not that bad of an idea to keep your real name contained to your personal life and your stage rap name to the public at large.

Another List of Cool Rapper Names




Dixie Cup


Good Hair



Symbol Seven

Bad Man Dan


Grand Slam



Cover Girl Claire

Ace J

Glow Worm

Leprechaun in Blue

Centaur Cyclops

Jet 2.0


King Dollar

Fast Rap

Early Daze




Lucky Charms for All


Big Smoke


Rooster Tramp

Diamond Hand


Old School Blue


Next House

Disaster Falls

Smells Like Food

Simple Nickel


Puzzle P

Uncle Zoo


Ghost Bird


Lean Cowboy


Chiller MD

Hip hop and rap names that will live forever.

Hip hop and rap names that will live forever.

Tips For Coming Up With a Cool Rapper Name

  • Capitalizing words that are not supposed to be capitalized will give you a really unique look that is very different from an ordinary name. Doing this can also make your name stand out more and trademarking it a little bit easier, as it won't likely be the same as others.
  • Using your real name is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you don't have to keep your two lives separate and it's easier to relate to fans. On the other hand, it is much easier to find out about every facet of your life, including your family and friends. It will all come down to how comfortable you are (if you get to become really famous) with no longer having a private life.
  • Long rap names can be interesting and unique, but just be aware that your fans may shorten it for you in ways you may or may not like. This isn't necessarily done for nefarious purposes, but to make it easier for people to talk or write about you without saying or writing a really long name. It's a risk, so think about it carefully.

Hip-hop is what makes the world go around.

— Snoop Dogg

A Good Way to Come Up With A Cool Hip Hop or Rapper Name

You can come up with some really cool rapper names by taking the first name and the last name from two different people. The people you choose should probably be someone that you have some kind of connection or admiration for, so you'll at least have a good story to tell when someone asks, "How did you choose your rapper name?".

  • Enoch Deane (after Enoch Crosby and Silas Deane / American spies)
  • Lynch Ripley (after Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley / WWE Wrestlers)
  • Maitland Slim (after Tracy Maitland and Carlos Slim / Business Owners)
  • Warhol Hendrix (after Andy Warhol the painter and Jimi Hendrix the musician)

Some Famous Rappers Everyone Already Knows

2Pac (Tupac)

Fat Joe

Busta Rhymes

Lauryn Hill

Will Smith

Method Man

Snoop Dogg

Andre 3000

Notorious B.I.G.

Big Daddy Kane


Dr. Dre

Queen Latifah

Jay Z

Missy Elliott

Ice Cube

Lil Wayne


Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

Nicki Manaj


Jack Harlow

Cardi B

Lil Nas X

50 Cent


Ghostface Killah

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