The Hair(volution) of Rihanna

Barbadian beauty Rihanna is a talented singer, fashion icon, entrepreneur and red carpet chameleon. She is famous for her versatile looks and style, and is known for reinventing her image. Since her debut, she has rocked many cuts and colors. Let's take a look at the hair(volution) of Rihanna.


An Honest Review of Taylor Swift's New Album "Lover"

Taylor Swift's seventh studio album Lover was released on August 23, and is a love letter to her beau and true love Joe Alwyn. It is easily her most romantic and dreamy album yet, and features many sweet ballads and empowering anthems. This is my honest review of the album and its 18 tracks.


Buddy Holly’s 10 Best Songs

Buddy Holly inspired so many of today's rock stars. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and so many others were influenced by this phenomenal artist. His music provided the template for some of the best rock songs ever written. Here are some of his best.


Top 10 Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs

Lana Del Rey has released four full-length LPs during her career. But, what about her unreleased music? Many of her unreleased songs are brilliant, as well. Here are 10 of her very best unreleased songs.


Ariana Grande's Worst Songs

Ariana has released a bunch of music over the course of her career, but not all of it is good. This article explores four of the worst songs in her repertoire.


13 Best Grammy Gowns of All Time

With the 61st Annual Grammy Awards ceremony set to be held on February 10, fans and music lovers alike can expect their favorite A-list acts to deliver on the red carpet. In honor of the upcoming show, let's take a look back at some of the best Grammy gowns of all time.


George Michael's Best Songs

George Michael's songs are resurfacing since the news of his death on Christmas Day 2016. George recorded so many wonderful songs, but what are some of his best?