Top 10 Viza Songs of All Time

Updated on July 5, 2020
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Poppy lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

Viza is a rock band from California, although many of their band members are Armenian-American and their front vocal member, K'noup Tomopoulos, is originally from Greece. Their music includes experimental rock, gypsy punk, and alternative metal, making a unique sort of Steampunk sound that is reminiscent of eastern Europe and gypsy culture.


Although they are not that well-known compared to other rock bands, they have collaborated with System of a Down and Serj Tankian and played at a number of festivals including Serj Tankian's "Imperfect Harmonies" tour in 2010 and his "Harakiri" World Tour in 2012, the Sziget Festival in Hungary, Malmöfestivalen in Sweden, and Kartfestivalen in Norway. They have also accompanied bands such as Skindred in various tours across Europe and the United States.

Serj Tankian (left) performing with Viza's K'Noup Tomopoulos (right) at Le Zénith de Paris in 2012
Serj Tankian (left) performing with Viza's K'Noup Tomopoulos (right) at Le Zénith de Paris in 2012 | Source

As of November 2017, they have released three studio albums under their current band name. Despite not being world-famous, I really like their work and believe they should have many more fans! Here are Viza's top ten songs.

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10. "Viktor"

Album: Made in Chernobyl
Year of release: 2010

"Viktor" features Serj Tankian, the frontman of System of a Down and a solo artist. "Viktor" is a wild song about a fictional character of the same name who also appears in future Viza songs.

9. "Forward March"

Album: Aria
Year of release: 2014

This song is shorter than most songs at only 1 minute 29 seconds and is the only song on the Aria album sung by Alex Khatcherian. It reminds me of marching off to battle and being as tough and fearless as possible.

8. "Viktor's Sister"

Album: Carnivalia
Year of release: 2011

I love the intro to this song. Viktor appears again, though this time Viza sings about his manipulative sister and how much trouble she gets men into. This song is a great inspiration for story writing.

7. "It's All Wrong"

Album: Made in Chernobyl
Year of release: 2010

I think this song is about being a spy or possibly a soldier, and always living a lie by deceiving people to get what you want. However, the character has regrets and hates their life but sees no way to escape it.

6. "Carnivalia"

Album: Carnivalia
Year of Release: 2011

If you want a song that mixes rock and Eastern European or gypsy punk, this is it. Carnivalia tells the story of a group of magicians and performers. The video itself tells its own story as well. It's one of my favourites because it's really catchy and conjures up images of a mysterious group of travelling outcasts.

5. "Breakout the Violins"

Album: Maktub (as Visa)
Year of release: 2006

This is another song that reminds me of gypsy travellers, a very exotic and exciting image. K'Noup also looks so handsome in this video. It's super catchy and you can hear the influence of metal band System of a Down in the second half.

4. "The Girl That Doesn't Exist"

Album: Aria
Year of Release: 2014

As the title suggests, this is a song about trying to find the perfect woman or perhaps waiting for someone you used to know. The video suggests that's it's more about an ex-girlfriend, so I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps it is a mixture of all three.

The piano and slow pace makes it an unusual but charming addition to the Aria album.

3. "Sans Red"

Album: Made in Chernobyl
Year of release: 2010

This song is special to me because when I met the Viza band members during their tour with Soil and Skindred in 2014, K'Noup signed my autograph book with a line from this song "I will wait for you" when I asked him to.

It's a sweet love song about missing someone he loves and wondering if they met again, she'd remember their time together.

2. "Never Feel"

Album: Aria
Year of release: 2014

The first on the Aria album is "Never Feel," a song full of anger and sadness at a woman who has cheated on him. He vows never to let himself fall in love again.

I think K'Noup really had recently split up with his girlfriend shortly before writing this and you can feel his pain in this awesome rock ballad.

1. "Trans-Siberian Standoff"

Album: Made in Chernobyl
Year of release: 2010

The communist flag adorns the Made in Chernobyl album and Viza's top song, "Trans-Siberian Standoff," seems to be about war, although I'm not quite sure which war. This is easily the coolest and catchiest song by this band and it was the song that caused me to listen to more of their music.

Although they've yet to become internationally loved millionaires, I really love Viza's unique sound and was lucky enough to meet them in 2014. They're really friendly guys as well as super talented, sounding great live and introducing international rock to the musical world. They haven't released any more studio albums since Aria, but here's hoping they continue to make great music, possibly again with Serj Tankian, in the near future.

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