Top 10 Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs

Updated on June 19, 2019
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Can't get enough of Lana Del Rey? While Lana's full-length albums are wildly popular, most people are unaware of the fact that much of her unreleased music is also brilliant. Take a listen to the best unreleased Lana Del Rey songs.

Top Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs

  1. "Your Girl"
  2. "Serial Killer"
  3. "Wayamaya"
  4. "Kinda Outta Luck"
  5. "Dreamgirl"
  6. "You Can Be the Boss"
  7. "Never Let Me Go"
  8. "Pawn Shop Blues"
  9. "Trash Magic"
  10. "Hundred Dollar Bill"

1. "Your Girl"

Although this list isn't meant to be in any particular order, this song is my personal favorite. It's an Ultraviolence outtake, which is very clear when you listen to the song's subject matter and instrumentals. The highlight of this song is its dreamy bridge, where Lana sings in a higher key.

"Call me late if you wanna get high."

— Lana Del Rey, "Your Girl"

2. "Serial Killer"

Serial Killer is a fan favorite. So much so that Lana performed it at most venues during her Endless Summer Tour. It sounds more radio-friendly than much of her released music. So, if you're not a huge fan of Lana's slower music, give this one a try. Lana's incredible songwriting shines throughout this song, comparing her obsessive love for a man to a serial killer.

"I know that what I do isn't right."

— Lana Del Rey, "Serial Killer"

3. "Wayamaya"

Before Lana was Lana, she was Lizzy Grant. Lizzy described her music as "Hawaiian glam metal" and "surf noir." This song perfectly captures the essence of these descriptions. Her voice is soft and at times whispery as she sings about a nostalgic time that she spent in Waimea, Hawaii with a lover.

"I remember we came in May and we changed our names to Lana and Ray."

— Lana Del Rey, "Wayamaya"

4. "Kinda Outta Luck"

"Kinda Outta Luck" was written around the time that Born to Die was written, so it is likely an outtake from that album (even though it has quite a different sound). The song is about Lana, a femme fatale, that is addicted to killing men. She created a homemade video for it. Although it is not posted on her own Youtube channel, it has garnered over two million views.

"I really want him back but I'm flat outta luck."

— Lana Del Rey, "Kinda Outta Luck"

5. "Dreamgirl"

Although this one is a little bit rougher than the others (due to it being unfinished), it is an adorable song nonetheless. In fact, it was leaked this month, so it is fairly new to fans. "Dreamgirl" is a classic and adorable love song which is rare to find in Lana's released discography, but is like many others which have been leaked.

"Put me on your playlist, I'm your favorite song."

— Lana Del Rey, "Dreamgirl"

6. "You Can Be the Boss"

While it did not make the final cut for Born to Die, Lana's homemade music video for "You Can Be the Boss" has reached nearly 10 million views on Youtube. In this song, Lana tells of an older man that she is seeing. He has quite a lot of control over her, but she doesn't seem to mind. In fact, her man's power draws her to him even more.

"You're wrong but you're so much fun."

— Lana Del Rey, "You Can Be the Boss"

7. "Never Let Me Go"

"Never Let Me Go" showcases how brilliant Lana's songwriting skills are. This heartfelt song discusses the relationship that Lana has with a man. She tells him not to let her go because there are still so many amazing things that could happen in their relationship. While sappy songwriting isn't too much her style, it's still based around some very Lana-like themes, such as references to pushing drugs, Los Angeles, and Sid Vicious (of the Sex Pistols) and his infamous relationship with Nancy (his girlfriend).

"Drive me in your car until the sky gets big."

— Lana Del Rey, "Never Let Me Go"

8. "Pawn Shop Blues"

"Pawn Shop Blues" was included on Lana's album Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant, which was released to the public for a short period of time before it was removed. Featuring more of Lana's incredible songwriting, the song is about letting things go (in this case a relationship) in pursuit of greater things. The song is both heartbreaking and wise. It's many people's favorite song off of AKA Lizzy Grant. Her homemade video for it shows clips of Lana along with vintage clips that she collected, like many of her homemade videos.

"In the name of higher consciousness, I let the best man I knew go."

— Lana Del Rey, "Pawn Shop Blues"

9. "Trash Magic"

Also called "Miss America" or simply "Trash," this song highlights the life she lived in a simple trailer park before she became famous. The imagery in the song makes the listener feel as though they are right there with Lana in the park. It's a rather sensual song, and it also discusses her relationship with Bill, a man she has referenced in other songs.

"All I want is to feel good."

— Lana Del Rey, "Trash Magic"

10. "Hundred Dollar Bill"

Lana sings about working as a stripper and/or prostitute in this Born To Die outtake. The lyrics likely come form the time she spent living in a trailer park, doing just about anything to make some money. She also references J, also known as "Jim" or "Jimmy." This is another man she has sung about previously in both released and unreleased songs. "Trash Magic" reveals more about her twisted attraction to men that treat her mean. There are two versions, both a final version and a demo (which I personally believe sounds less like an outtake and more like a final cut).

"I am the trailer park darling."

— Lana Del Rey, "Hundred Dollar Bill"

Demo Version

Homemade Video for the Final Version Here


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