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Top 10 Cutest Male K-Pop Idols

Ma-re is a certified K-drama and K-pop enthusiast. She always likes to discover something new about the wide world of Korean entertainment.

Joshua Hong (Seventeen)

Joshua Hong (Seventeen)

The Prettiest K-Pop Male Idols

The K-Pop world is full of male idols who are good-looking. They are not just handsome but are also cute, silly, childish, and funny. We've seen many boys in K-Pop, but some of them have caught our eyes because their looks stand out above the others, and their faces are like beautiful masterpieces! These hot, sexy, and attractive K-Pop boys are known as the 'flower boys' and 'pretty boys' of their group. More than their talent, their angelic faces are definitely a sight that is hard to forget. Sometimes, these guys are even better-looking than most girls! With their milky skin, sexy jawlines, and killer smiles, they totally fit that description of a beautiful man.

Check out these top 10 male idols who are the fairest, prettiest, and most beautiful-looking of them all.

Mark Tuan

Mark Tuan

10. Mark (Got7)

Years in K-Pop: 2014–Current
Birthday: September 4, 1993
Career: Dancer, singer, actor, and solo artist

The main rapper and visual of Got7 is the handsome Mark Tuan. When you're feeling down, his bright smile and cheerful face can help you get into a better mood. He was born in Los Angeles, California, and is of Taiwanese descent. Apart from being fluent in English, he is also fluent in Chinese and Korean. He may be the oldest group member, but he is naturally very handsome and doesn't seem to age at all. Actually, he is often described as the most ' baby-faced' in the group!

His sister revealed that he is actually shy and quiet at first, but when you get to know him, you'll find out that he can also open up. He also has a very supportive father, who likes to play with his son's fans and anti-fans on Twitter. Mark's favorite foods are meat and hamburgers, and he also loves skateboarding and snowboarding. Besides singing, rapping, and dancing, he also has a talent for martial arts. He also revealed that his ideal woman is someone who makes him want to stay with her.

In 2021, the members of Got7 left their agency to each follow their own solo music careers. Since then, Mark has come out with his own music, and continues to please his fans with new songs (and his perfect face!).

Lee Hong-bin

Lee Hong-bin

9. Hongbin (VIXX)

Years in K-Pop: 2012–2020
Birthday: September 29, 1993
Career: Singer, actor, and streamer

Lee Hong-bin, who started as a contestant on the reality show, MyDOL, has an attractive face that made him not just an idol but also an actor. He has a cute pair of doe-like eyes and wonderful dimples when he smiles. His pretty and handsome look brought him some dramatic roles, including the 2016 drama Moorim School, where he was chosen for the 2nd male lead role. Apart from his group activities and acting career, Hongbin likes to play basketball and practice photography. He is also a certified animal lover, and he especially loves puppies. He has said that he would want to become one if he had the chance to become an animal. He has even admitted that he probably would become a veterinarian if he wasn't an idol.

His favorite foods are spaghetti, curry, and Korean sweet and sour pork. He is also popular for being an idol look-alike with the Korean singer, Se7en.

In August 2020, Hongbin left VIXX to enter the military. He was discharged in February of 2022 and now has a career as a Twitch streamer.

Kevin Woo

Kevin Woo

8. Kevin (U-KISS)

Years in K-Pop: 2008–Current
Birthday: November 25, 1991
Career: Singer, actor, and certified cutie

This male idol, with a very calming, charming, and handsomely pretty face, is Kevin Woo of U-KISS. His real name is Woo Sunghyun, and he was born and raised in San Francisco, California. His half-moon eyes and sweet smile make an extremely cute sight like an innocent child, and there's no doubt he was the face of the group. He is not only handsome, but he is also a talented man, especially in dancing, which made him the lead dancer of the group.

His fluency in English is also one of the many reasons why many fans love him. While some of us might not know this, Kevin used to be a member of a boy band named XING. Apart from being an idol, he is also a certified actor and television host and has achieved several MC credits to his name. Kevin revealed that his ideal type of woman is someone straightforward as well as a good listener, especially about his own life story. He also mentioned that he likes pure and innocent girls.

Kevin left U-KISS in April of 2017 after his contract expired. He has since started his solo career as both a single and an actor, coming out with new music and appearing in the Broadway musical KPOP (to be released in late 2022).

Kwon Ji-yong

Kwon Ji-yong

7. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Years in K-Pop: 1994–Present
Birthday: August 18, 1988
Career: Singer, actor, and fashion icon

The King of K-Pop fashion that inspired many other idols to achieve that awesome look is none other than G-Dragon of Big Bang (also known as Kwon Ji-yong). GD is now one of the most popular and most successful icons in the K-Pop world, thanks to his exceptionally handsome look and great sense of fashion. His style does not only cater to boys but also caters to the sensitive taste of girls.

As far as looks go, everything about his face appears attractive–his eyes, nose, and lips. Have you seen him playing as a woman in Big Bang's parody of Secret Garden? His face is so pretty that it even created the phrase "GD is more beautiful than your girlfriend."

His influence on fashion and beauty has been a great contribution, giving him the recognition of being one of the most influential celebrities today. Not only does G-Dragon have great taste in fashion, but he can write and compose music like a genius.

Byun Baek-hyun

Byun Baek-hyun

6. Baekhyun (EXO)

Years in K-Pop: 2012–Present
Birthday: May 6, 1992
Career: Singer, socialite, and ambassador

His voice is charismatic on stage, but at the back of the platform, Baekhyun is a cute, bright, and childlike person who is often described as a guy who loves socializing with everyone and likes to make new friends. In fact, when he first met Tao, they communicated through body language (because of the language barrier) and became best buddies. Other EXO members say that Baekhyun is talkative, and when he is with his best friend Chanyeol, they can become total dorks. With Chanyeol, Baekhyun loves playing video games and even proudly admits he's the best at games among all EXO members.

He might always seem happy, but it annoys him when people say he's shorter than Chen and Suho, especially when he sees those kind of comments online (let's not leave a comment like that, ok?). He wants to reply to those comments but is patient enough to hold back. Awww, isn't he cute?

After EXO was split into several different sub-groups, Baekhyun went in his own direction in 2019.

Jung Jin-young

Jung Jin-young

5. Jinyoung (B1A4)

Years in K-Pop: 2011–Present
Birthday: November 18, 1991
Career: Band lead, actor, and pretty boy

The moment you see Jinyoung, you'll definitely agree that his face is more beautiful than a woman's. His face has a perfect shape, his upper lip is arched like a heart, and his sharp, fox-like eyes are so rare and attractive. He also gives a vibe of a caring, kind, and romantic person. With all the things mentioned, Jinyoung would match the very definition of a perfect boyfriend. He is also a music genius, a great actor, a former ulzzang, and has a talent in archery. While fans may have thought of him as a very sweet person that seems like your oppa and looks like a really kind leader, the other B1A4 members revealed that their leader also has his weaknesses. He is described as clumsy by Baro because he often loses his things and he has trouble with directions and finding places. But the cutest thing is when he gained the nickname 'Halbae,' which means 'grandpa' because he gets tired easily and often acts like an old man! Because he's a prince charming with the face of a flower, he will be forever known as the most handsome Halbae!

Jinyoung's contract with B1A4 ended in 2018. After that, he pursued a solo career in music and acting, working with big names like Netflix and KBS.

Kim Myungsoo

Kim Myungsoo

4. L (Infinite)

Years in K-Pop: 2010–Present
Birthday: March 13, 1992
Career: Vocalist, dancer, actor, angel

Another idol who is as handsome as a prince is Infinite's visual, Kim Myungsoo, also known as L. His hamster-like eyes are so cute and lovely, and his skin is as fair as snow (though it has been revealed that his skin is extremely sensitive and he will have breakouts if he wears a certain metal). With his charismatic smile, bright as the sunshine, L ventured from being an idol to an actor. Recognized as the face of the group, he is more than just a man with handsome features, because he is also described by the other Infinite members as a guy with a soft heart who can't stay mad for long. He is very polite, and bows 90 degrees every time he greets someone.

Knowing how pretty and kind L is, he seems like the ideal guy for every dreaming girl out there. But there's also something interesting about him: He is called 'Grandpa' because he can get tired easily and loves to sleep all day long!

Though still a member of Infinite, L's contract ended in 2019. He continues to make music, and is even part of an upcoming military musical titled The Meisa's Song.

Hong Jisoo

Hong Jisoo

3. Joshua (Seventeen)

Years in K-Pop: 2015–Present
Birthday: December 30, 1995
Career: Singer, guitar player, and language enthusiast

Joshua of Seventeen has a very pretty face that will not fail to make you look at him again and again. Just by simply looking into his eyes, you'll find yourself smiling all of a sudden. His baby-faced image and his sweet charisma are just some of the many reasons why Joshua is a beautiful man.

Just like some of the other idols, he was born in Los Angeles, California. He likes singing, reading, playing the guitar, learning languages (he knows five!), and watching anime, and he is also a fan of EXO. As beautiful as his face is his kind heart and slow temper, which is why he gained the title of being the gentleman of Seventeen because he doesn't get angry easily, and he also talks calmly and softly. He has a gentle, sweet voice and is a well-mannered man who always knows how to be polite. He is notable for his 'Good Morning' greeting whenever he wakes up in the morning. Because he views himself as a calm person, his ideal girl is someone who is kind.

Jeon Jung-kook

Jeon Jung-kook

2. Jungkook (BTS)

Years in K-Pop: 2013–Present
Birthday: September 1, 1997
Career: Singer, collaborator, and pro dancer

Jungkook of BTS has been gaining a lot of attention lately, not just because he is the 'golden maknae' of the group, but because his good looks are so hard to get enough of. As the group's youngest member, our beloved Kookie is giving his all when it comes to performances. His vocals will make you left stunned as you hear his gentle songs and see how versatile he is when singing a wide range of genres. But more than his voice, his dance moves are everything.

Apart from being a member of the group, his personality offstage is also one of the reasons why he is a dream to every fangirl. He is a dog lover, a loving and caring son who goes on shopping dates with his mom, a young man with athletic and sporty skills, and has a funny and dorky side, which made him super close to the other members of BTS.

Kim Tae-hyung

Kim Tae-hyung

1. V (BTS)

Years in K-Pop: 2013–Present
Birthday: December 30, 1995
Career: Band member, independent artist, and number one on this list!

The most popular, most handsome, most beautiful, and simply the man to your everything is the former Ulzzang and the current vocalist of BTS, Kim Taehyung, also known as V, TaeTae, and Blank Tae (because he always has a blank expression). He is one of the most unique idols in K-Pop, not only for his pretty face but also because of his cute personality (which is so weird that even Jungkook cannot describe him!). Other members describe him as a cheerful, playful, and innocent person who doesn't seem to care what others think, and according to Jin, he is the noisiest member of the group.

Apart from being naturally good-looking, he also likes amusement parks and has fun riding roller coasters, gyro swings, and gyro drops. He also has the skill of climbing up trees but doesn't know how to go down. He can be cute, hot, and funny without trying so much effort! Isn't he really unique? Even so, one thing is always true: V's beauty is immeasurable.

Honorable Mentions

I know, I know, there are so many others that belong on this list. That is why I've decided to name some honorable mentions. There are so many pretty faces in K-pop; I couldn't leave these ones out!

  • All of the BTS members (Jimin, we see you!)
  • Suga
  • Onew
  • Yoon Jeonghan (Seventeen)
  • Chanyeol (Exo)

Who Is the Cutest Boy in K-Pop?

Who is your favorite pretty male idol of K-Pop? Did we miss your favorite pretty boys and flower boys? Not to worry though, you can share us your thoughts below.

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