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Top 10 Most Beautiful K-Pop Idols Without Makeup

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K-Pop Idols Without Makeup—Who Are the Prettiest?

K-pop female idols are now popular in the world of fashion as they continue to inspire many girls for their simple but stunning beauty. Today, there are many beautiful K--pop girls who are not only talented, but also gorgeous, hot, cute, and pretty. These iconic ladies proved that they are simply the best.

The ultimate key for their youthful look is their smooth, supple skin. They always look young and pretty because of their cute eyes and lips. Today, many idols and even actors rely on the power of makeup to achieve the ideal face and transform their looks. However, many K-Pop fans are curious about them in reality—the bare face behind the makeup. How do they look like if they have no makeup on? Who is the most beautiful K-Pop idol without makeup? Find it out in this article and check out who among the many idols are born with natural beauty.


10. Mina (Twice)

The famous girl group, Twice, debuted in 2015 and has already made huge success in the K-pop industry. One of the members is Mina, whose real name is Mina Myoui. Mina's beauty might not be so similar to the usual Korean idol style, and upon taking a closer look at her eyes, nose, and lips, you'll notice that she is more like a Japanese. It's because Mina has a Japanese-American nationality and was scouted by JYP when she was spotted shopping with her mother in Japan. Her Japanese beauty is clearly seen even in her 'no makeup' photo. Actually, she looks a little bit like Hinako Sano from Death Note 2015 TV Drama.

Mina is the main dancer of the group and is also recognized as a professional ballerina. Her fans love her for being so hot and gorgeous onstage, while being playful, childish, and dorky offstage. Her nickname is 'penguin' and her favorite food is ketchup, which is why red is her favorite color.


9. Eunji (Apink)

The main vocalist of the girl group, Apink, is Jung Eunji. She is also famous as an actress, playing the lead role of Sung Shi-won in the 2012 teenage drama, Reply 1997. Eunji inspired many K-Pop fans because of her cute and youthful face and her sunny smile that shows her adorable set of teeth. Even without makeup, Eunji remains cute and pretty.

Besides her cuteness overload, it's not just her face alone that makes her truly beautiful. Eunji, being the vocalist of the group, is known for her powerful voice. Her acting career is also a huge success, as she nailed each drama roles that was given to her. She is one of the few idols who can really sing and act, and of course, be brightly beautiful with or without makeup.


8. Sandara (2NE1)

Sandara of 2NE1 has the face of a flower. She is a living goddess. Just by simply looking at these pictures, we can easily tell that Sandara is a natural beauty. Since she became a rising star in the Philippines, until she became a member of the girl group, 2NE1, and up to now, her face doesn't seem to age.

She perfectly maintained her smooth skin and healthy-looking face. Even without wearing makeup, she is still beautiful. When it comes to entertainment experience, Sandara deserves recognition for being a true idol. Not only a popular icon in Korea, she is also popular in Asia and even worldwide. She is seen as one of the most influential icons in the Philippines, not only for her beauty, but even more for her talent.


7. Yura (Girl's Day)

Yura of Girl's Day is one of the most beautiful and most attractive K-Pop female idols. She has a very smooth and flawless skin, and her smile is simply captivating. There is no big difference in her makeup face and no makeup face. Her beauty is simply natural, that even the actor-model Hong Jong Hyun praised her bare face by saying “You look more beautiful without makeup on” on the variety show, We Got Married. Yura is also confident in her skin, as she bravely appeared on some shows while revealing her fresh and beautiful bare face. She said herself, “My skin is nice. My skin is the only feature that I feel confident about.”


6. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

With her heart-shaped lips and sweet-looking face, Jisoo of Black Pink is now gaining lots of love from her fans, though the group had just debuted in 2016. While some of the new K-Pop groups are suffering from negative stories about their pre-debut life, Jisoo is definitely not among them.

It is revealed that during middle school, Jisoo was good-natured, nice, and pretty. She did fall asleep a lot in class and had good relationships with classmates. She is bright and funny, and she smiles like a puppy, which is super cute! It's almost impossible not to fall for this adorable and sweet lady, especially when she smiles. Actually, her naked face looks sweeter and lovelier! Just by simply looking at her face, you'll know that Jisoo is a beautiful lady inside and out.


5. Hani (EXID)

Hani of EXID is not just a popular K-Pop female idol. She is also seen as a role model for many girls around the world. Who wouldn't inspire everyone with her beautiful look and intelligent mind? Her face is as pretty as a doll - her skin is so clear, and her eyes are round and big which makes her face so irresistibly cute.

Besides her position as the lead vocalist of the group, she is also labeled as the face of the group because of her attractive beauty. But Hani is not just popular because of her face alone. She is also known to have a brilliant mind. She has an IQ score of 145 and aspires to become a Psychologist. She is also a competitive swimmer since elementary, who specialized in butterfly, backstroke and fin swimming.


4. Yoona (Girls' Generation)

Probably one of the most famous, most popular, and most beautiful female icons in the world of K-Pop is Yoona of Girls' Generation. Labeled as the prettiest and the goddess of the group, Yoona is seen as the ideal girl by many fans.

As we can see, Yoona is definitely beautiful with or without makeup, as her bare face doesn't look very different from her camera face. Even her pre-debut photos shows that she is free from plastic surgery and she is a natural beauty. She is also nicknamed as the 'CF Queen' due to her numerous commercials. Besides her CF offers, she is also an actress, and she had several TV dramas where she played the leading role including Cinderella Man, Love Rain, Prime Minister and I, and The K2.


3. Krystal (fx)

Another natural beauty of K-Pop is Krystal from the girl group, f(x). She has a fierce but sweet looking face that gives an impression of a lady who used to grow in a rich and exclusive environment. Her elegant beauty can also be transformed into cute and lovely. Her natural face doesn't seem so far from her makeup face, which proves that Krystal's beauty is not fake.

Her pretty face runs in the family, as it is also seen in her sister, Jessica. Apart from being the lead vocalist of the group, she is also known for her talent in figure-skating, while being praised by Kim Yuna as a natural 'ice dancer'. She is also an actress, playing various supporting roles which is hard to forget, such as playing the spoiled Lee Bo-na in The Heirs.


2. Suzy (miss A)

A successful artist in the mainstream K-Pop is Bae Suzy from the girl group, miss A. Apart from her group activities, she is also popular as an actress. Her immense success brought her several awards and recognition, and she is also announced to be the first Korean female celebrity to reach over one million followers on Twitter.

At a young age, she had proven herself talented in the entertainment world by being a popular icon not only in Korea, but also in Asia and even around the world. Besides her success, she had inspired many fashion lovers to achieve her simple but gorgeous look. Many girls are so fond of her because her face is so beautiful even without makeup on. Just by simply looking at her fresh bare face is already enough to tell us that Suzy will always be pretty.


1. IU (artist)

A successful artist both in music and entertainment is Lee Ji-eun, who is better known by her stage name, IU. She has established herself with an image of a 'girl next door' which made her loved by many and nicknamed her as 'The Nation's Little Sister'. She is also one of the highest-earning K-pop icons, with her CFs as a huge contributing factor.

She is always chosen for endorsements because of her pure and innocent image which makes persuasion a little easier. Her baby-face image has a strong impact which made her even more popular and successful. Even IU doesn't have any makeup on, her face remains so innocent. She looked baby-face even more without wearing makeup.

Her skin is so smooth and flawless, and her cheeks are plump like a baby. Her eyes are also naturally cute. Actually, she looks just the same with or without wearing makeup. Her overall image makes her totally look younger than her real age.


That's It!

Did we miss your favorite K-Pop female idol? Don't worry, you can always leave a comment and share your thoughts. Who is the most beautiful idol without makeup? You can also participate in the poll below.


Hana on September 06, 2020:

I don't like girls with plastic surgery so i pick Jisoo from Blackpink.

Zainab on August 25, 2020:

Just because jennie isnt here people are making fun of jisoo. She is so pretty without makeup. The quality of the camera isnt good. Even nancy from momoland said that even camera cant capture her beauty properly. She is called the visual of blackpink because she fits the korean standards. She is called miss korea for her visuals. Because she is the least popular member of blackpink thats why people dont see her. She is talented she has a nice voice. She is a good vocalist for sure. I am not hating on jennie but you guys shouldnt say jennie is better than jisoo. You shouldnt compare them.

Blink on August 18, 2020:

Jisoo is number 1 to me

Iu love on July 26, 2020:

Iu is naturally beautiful with and without makeup. There is no much changes from her childhood till now.

Uwgd on July 20, 2020:

Iu is no joke....she looks stunning with or without makeup. Dosen't make much difference.

. on June 23, 2020:

Chungha or Shu hua ????

Teana on June 07, 2020:

Jisoo hahaha seriously i think jennei from blackpink is so beautifull without make up even lisa said that jennei is the most beautifull member without makeup jisoo looks so old without makeup and were are sana and tzuyu from twice i think they also stand out in prettiness even with out make up

My ranking

1 iu

2 suzy

3 tzuyu

4 jennei

5 sana

6 yoona

7 eunji

8 yeonwoo

paul on April 30, 2019:





Aloha on April 05, 2019:

TBH Jennie looks exceptionally gorgeouse without make-up from what I've seen...I don't know blackpink THAT well but Jennie to me is overly beautiful with and without make-up..People must be really lucky to have Jennie as their known one, this girl is filled with talent and her rapping skills are just amazing...But her vocals!! Ithink she's the main/lead vocal or smthing... Her dance is beautiful too... Honestly one of the most attractive girl idol i've ever known..I mean who can hate her?You all fans are really lucky to have her as an idol!~ Best wishes to blackpink,YG and their family!~

97kookJKbts on November 05, 2018:

They are all very beautiful. I love IU she is so amazing, she has a beautiful voice as well. I love Jisoo too... they are all so pretty!!

DAWN13 on June 25, 2018:

IU is so pretty and talented

miss purple on May 05, 2018:

Wahhh~ Eunji unnie and jieun 93 line friendship...They are absolutely pretty with or without make up..i agree..

All of them in the list are also look so pretty..i agree..

XXXX on April 06, 2018:

Minari is number 1

pauline mendoza on March 05, 2018:

wheres tzuyu she deserved no. 1 than IU look at her face without make up shes so beautiful with or without make up

Ms. Nice girl on February 24, 2018:

IU is much more pretty with or without make up she looks so innocent and preventing her baby face

Itō Kenji on January 26, 2018:


have a nice day.

Kathleen IU on January 12, 2018:


maria on December 23, 2017:

IU is so pretty , i was doubting because is just a photo, but I watched a video of her without make up, and she is freaking pretty

linggi on December 21, 2017:

Jisoo is the best

찌릿 on September 20, 2017:

I agree with all but 6 and 4.

exo-l on May 28, 2017: