Top 10 List of Duran Duran Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard, But Should

Updated on January 3, 2017
Duran Duran: Simon Lebon, Roger Taylor, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes.
Duran Duran: Simon Lebon, Roger Taylor, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes.

Let me start off by saying I am an admitted Duranie. I’ve seen them in concert a whole bunch of times, I had their game* and was a part of their fan club.

I even follow them on Facebook, which brings me to this list.

*If you’ve never played the Duran Duran game, let me fill you in. Not how to play, mind you because even if you had a PHD in engineering, you couldn’t figure it out. The game consisted of a bunch of pieces with a band member’s picture on it. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so to get my cat at the time, Duran (I told ya!), to get off of my bed I flicked the game pieces with Andy’s face on them at her. I’m evil, I know.

The models in Girl Panic!
The models in Girl Panic!

They have a new song out called Girl Panic, which is a Duran Duran throwback song and video. The video has a bunch of supermodels pretending to be the members of the band with Naomi Cambell as Simon LeBon, Cindy Crawford as John Taylor, Eva Herzigova as Nick Rhodes and Helena Christensen as Roger Taylor.

The models give interviews and speak as if they are the band. It’s an interesting take and an awesome spectacle, apparently so much so that the video was banned in several places because of the content. Watch the Official Video now!

Girl Panic!

Banned? It’s like the days of Girls on Film, which got me thinking about Duran Duran’s famous songs like The Reflex, Rio, Hungry Like the Wolf, Ordinary World, and so many others. But, as a true Duranie, there have been other songs that didn’t get any radio time and seem to have been left by the wayside.

Here is a list of 10 Duran Duran songs that most people have probably never heard, but should.

10. My Antarctica

Album: Liberty, 1990

If people remember any song from the Liberty CD, it’s usually “The Violence of Summer”, though if you don’t recall that one, you’re not alone. This was the first of several band member changes when Simon, John and Nick brought in Warren Cuccurullo on guitar and Sterling Campbell on drums. Later, even Simon admitted that the CD wasn’t strong enough the songs hadn’t been what he wanted. The one song that spoke to me was My Antarctica, which was the only song that really stood out as having the melody and poetic verses to make me press the repeat button.

The video below is not Duran Durans, but is pretty darn interesting nonetheless.

9. American Science

Album: Notorious, 1986

The song “Notorious” became notorious because the riff was used by Notorious B.I.G and P. Diddy, but D2 had other tracks of note on that record. Duran Duran used Chic’s Nile Rogers as a producer and tried to add a little more funk to their Euro fare. The CD didn’t line up to what they had been known for and the record sales showed that. This was the time that Roger Taylor decided to call it rest and though Andy Taylor played on many of the tracks for the CD, he left the band during the middle of creating the record.

In the end, American Science was the single that never was, which could also be said for “The Winter Marches On” and “A Matter of Feeling”. The video below is the song with a picture of Simon LeBon in a doctor's uniform along with his "patients". The quality of the sound is great though.

American Science

8. Palomino

Album: Big Thing, 1988

The album had hits in “I Don’t Want Your Love” and “All She Wants Is”. The single “Do You Believe in Shame?” was featured in the film Tequila Sunrise starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Kurt Russell and before he went loco, Mel Gibson. Palomino was never a single, but Simon’s deep to breathy vocals along with dreamy and highly visual lyrics makes for am exotic, yet still very D2 song that I still listen to often.

The video below is, once again, not Duran Duran's, but at least this one has some visuals to go with it. Whoever did it was at least kind enough to use old videos, but the song is there and ready for you to listen to!


7. Friends of Mine

Album: Duran Duran, 1981

This song is from the band’s debut album, which featured strong singles in “Girls on Film”, “Carless Memories”, “Planet Earth” and “Night Boat”. All of these were strong singles in the UK and the first four proved to be strong in the US as well. “Friends of Mine” has a similar tone as the darkly tinged song “Night Boat”, while also including a pop beat and catchy chorus. The beauty of the song is that every member of the group is featured in a way that is cohesive and fun to listen to.

Finally! Below is Duran Duran's actual video for the song.

Friends of Mine

6. The Seventh Stranger

Album: Seven and the Ragged Tiger, 1983

Seven and the Ragged Tiger was released in the middle of Duran Duran mania. It had smash singles in “The Reflex”, “New Moon on Monday” and “Union of the Snake”. The last song on the record was The Seventh Stranger, a melodic tune emphasizing a visual journey. The song has an aura of the fantastic yet almost medieval sensibility. Only later did I find out that the song was inspired by Akira Kurosawa and the Seven Samurai films. Its feel makes even more sense to me now.

Once again, there isn't a video for this and most of the fan made ones are a bit too distracting. Here is a live version, because it is just as good!

The Seventh Stranger

5. Skin Divers

Album: Red Carpet Massacre, 2007

Red Carpet Massacre is one of Duran Duran’s most underrated. The song features Timbaland and some really tight beats. It seems the mix of he and D2 members were a bit off since Timbaland doesn’t often work with full bands who play their instruments, but this song is one of several that sound insanely good despite the odd pairing. I'm still not sure why no one grabbed onto the CD or this song. It's just so good.

This one is also videoless. At least this time there are pictures of Duran Duran to go with their music.

Skin Divers

4. Breath After Breath

Album: Duran Duran (The Wedding Album), 1993

This song is from Duran Duran’s ‘comeback’ CD which featured the hits, “Ordinary World” and “Come Undone”. It features Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento who belts out Portuguese vocals, which counters Simons tone nicely. It’s got a beat that belongs on the Latin ballroom floor and is really a change from what the band is used to doing.

Another Duran Duran video! Mind you, it's not one of my favorites, but the song is!

Breath After Breath

3. Lonely In Your Nightmare

Album: Rio, 1982

Rio was Duran Duran’s breakout record in the US and had some huge hits in “Rio”, “Hungry Like the Wolf”, “Save A Prayer” and “My Own Way”. It’s no wonder this soft song that alters its chorus and straddles the line between ballad and up-tempo didn’t make it to a single. That doesn’t mean, however, that this song isn’t worthy. This song has the distinction of not sounding as pure 80’s as the #1 hits do. It also features the poetic lyrics and melodic beats that make the band what they are.

An Official video from Duran Duran, which was filmed around the same time they did Hungary Like the Wolf. They really made their time in Sri Lanka count.

Lonely In Your Nightmare

2. Secret Oktober

Album: Seven and the Ragged Tiger, 1983

If this song doesn’t sound familiar at all, don’t worry. Secret Oktober was the B-side for the hit single “Union of the Snake”. Written by Simon, the song is free flowing poetry. This song takes me somewhere else: another place, another time, another existence. It almost reminds me of a walk through a forest while walking to a nearby gypsy camp. Don’t ask me why—just listen to the song and be whisked away.

Seriously, the next 'video' is of the 45 playing. For you young folks, that's what they used to sell singles on, because there was no downloading. I know, caveman days indeed. A little bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone.

Secret Oktober

1. Box Full O’Honey

Album: Red Carpet Massacre, 2007

Justin Timberlake was featured on the (also awesome) songs “Falling Down” and “Nite Runner”, but the one song that stood out from this ignored CD is Box Full O’Honey. Nick shines on the song mixing tones and creating a distressed yet still pop-sound that feels morbid and sensual at the same time.

This is another slideshow video. I'm not sure who the Vanessa is the 'video' is dedicated to. It's not me, but I'll enjoy it nonetheless.

Box Full O’Honey

Honorable Mentions

Of course, there are other Duran Duran songs that have been ignored but are worth a listen. It seems that almost a decade went by where no one but the faithful paid notice to their music. They made great music and it’s time for some forgotten songs to be heard once again.

Now I want to include some honorable mentions. Every song on this list was written by either Nick Rhodes or Simon LeBon. The band did a tribute CD called Thank You where they performed songs from artists that has influenced their music.

Perfect Day

Album: Thank You, 1995

Original Artist: Lou Reed

The song’s sweet prose will forever be linked to Trainspotting gritty, heroin infested visuals. Some didn’t care for this version, but Lou Reed said it was “The best cover ever completed of one of my own songs". A great compliment and though I love the original, I love this one just as much.

This is their video for the song.

Perfect Day

911 is A Joke

Album: Thank You, 1995

Original Artist: Public Enemy

Public Enemy? Don’t laugh, this version doesn’t try to be hardcore, but instead goes the route that has never been traveled by Duran Duran: a pop riddled, bluegrass variation. OK, you can laugh and this song always puts a smile on my face. It seems that people either hate this song or they find it a pure joy. But, how does a band like Duran Duran pay homage to a group like Public Enemy? This will do just fine.

OK, it's another album cover 'video', but honestly, I'm glad about that. I don't know if I'd be able to handle a full video of this song. It would be too much for my mind to grasp.

911 Is A Joke

From a Duranie

So, that's my list. Have you heard these songs or was this the first time? Are there some that will have to go on your iPod rotation? Or do you wonder what the heck I'm thinking with these choices?

Hi, my name is Vanessa and I'm a Duranie. You may not be a part of their fan club, but maybe you listened to a song to two that you'll enjoy as much as I do.

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      • profile image

        Michxo 6 months ago

        You guys!!!

        Why has nobody said UMF off of The Wedding Album? Easily one the most overlooked tracks they’ve ever done.

      • profile image

        Phoenix Hurley 8 months ago

        Yeah... I know all these songs and every one of their songs. I have been a duranie since 1979...seriously.

        Also have a tattoo of the band.

      • profile image

        iainbann 10 months ago

        All I Need to Know/ Starting to Remember/ The Universe Alone

        Other suggestions all good too.

      • profile image

        Paul Briand 12 months ago

        Love all these songs. To the shore from the first album and I believe/All I need to know ( b side of skin trade) also stand out!

      • profile image

        bwcivick 3 years ago

        I agree RCM didn't get the attention it should have. There are quite a few great songs on the album. In fact, I thought the song selection on RCM was better than their reunion album, Astronaut. It's a very listenable album.

      • profile image

        Paul Adams 3 years ago

        I executive produced RCM and it upset me how that record wasn't embraced by the core. The great thing about DD is that even after all the years they still want to be challenged musically. Whilst Justin was a more obvious pairing, Timbaland and more specifically Danja (who produced most of the record) really pushed them and I think they came up with something fresh and exciting. It's a great career regret that the record wasn't the hit I think it deserved to be. If you ever do your article on RCM and want any deets, hit me up! Love yer overall list too,

      • profile image

        Melissa Burton 3 years ago

        Hi Vanessa!

        As a fellow Duranie, I came across this post and wanted to let you know that you chose some great ones!

        I may not agree with every song on your list (the honorable mentions in particular - I wasn't a fan of the Thank You album) but Duran Duran certainly have so many songs that many people don't know and anyone spreading that kind of gospel is OK in my book.



        Registered Dietitian (RD) born to love food, fitness, family and Duran Duran.

      • profile image

        beliza 3 years ago

        Love these songs. Friends of Mine was a favorite of mine.

      • profile image

        Greg 3 years ago

        Nice selection. I share you appreciation of the more moody, grey, mean, and restless songs. Palomino slow live versions and the My Antarctica demo and instrumental (Throb) are the quintessential DD "art-rock."

      • profile image

        Paul 4 years ago

        I'm actually amazed that you chose My Antarctica over Serious from the Liberty album. In my opinion, Serious is the greatest song they ever wrote but was a complete flop and very few people would have heard it. You're pretty much spot on with the rest apart from the Red Carpet Massacre songs, NO ONE should have to endure those!

      • profile image

        Edgar 4 years ago

        Well, I´ve loved Duran Duran since they started and I knew all these songs mentioned.

        I am from Brazil and they have always been my inspiration, my happiness, quality and sophistication.Duran Duran forever.They are the best!!!

      • profile image

        Barb 4 years ago

        Now I know what I'm listening to at the gym tonight - Red Carpet Massacare :)

      • profile image

        Georgia 4 years ago

        Interesting! From this list, A Matter of Feeling was a really big hit in Brazil. And Anyone Out There was the first DD hit I remember listening on the radio here. It really played a lot.

      • profile image

        Kellie 4 years ago

        This list is easy for me.

        Lonely In Your Nightmare

        New Religion

        The Chauffeur

        Love VooDoo

        Perfect Day

        Someone Else, Not Me

        Anyone Out There

        Beautiful Colors

        Finest Hour

        Box Full O'Honey

        The Man Who Stole a Leopard

        Friends of Mine

        Now there's a nice cd for ya!

      • profile image

        Billy Bob 4 years ago

        Love Voodoo

        Possibly the biggest mistake this band made was not releasing this song after Come Undone. It would have been their third straight smash. Instead, they just faded away from the public eye (and radio).

      • profile image

        samboy 4 years ago

        'Late Bar' and 'Faster than Light' are two of the best b-sides ever. They're on the 'Planet Earth' and 'Girls on Film' singles.

      • profile image

        josapa 4 years ago

        The Chauffeur (blue silver version) is great

      • profile image

        Josh 4 years ago

        Last Chance on the Stairway

        Cracks in the Pavement

        Love Voodoo

        Being Followed

      • profile image

        kellyatb 4 years ago

        Great list! Love, love, love that Secret Oktober was included. It's been one of my favorites since the first time I flipped over my 45 and listened to it.

      • profile image

        nessybabe 4 years ago

        there are tons but Meditteranean is fabulous, Beautiful Colours and Secret Oktober both should have been released as singles and Late Bar is a classic

      • profile image

        Grem 4 years ago

        Beautiful Colours

      • profile image

        Nick 4 years ago

        Here is a playlist I made several year ago called Duran Duran - Underrated. Glad to see we agree on many.

        Faith In This Colour

        The Seventh Stranger

        New Religion

        My Antarctica


        Friends Of Mine

        Do You Believe In Shame?



        Fallen Angel

      • profile image

        Alison English 4 years ago

        Late Bar is my fav song!

      • Lori Bauer profile image

        Lori Bauer 4 years ago from Carrollton, Texas

        Heard them and love them all, it's like a timeline of different sounds.

      • profile image

        Janet 4 years ago

        I knew "Girl Panic," have watched the video several times. I remember when we were all waiting for it to be posted.

      • profile image

        Chema 4 years ago

        Secret Oktober should have been a single. I remember "We need you" and "one of those days"

      • Cathy Gellis profile image

        Cathy Gellis 4 years ago from Blacksburg, Virginia

        Great choices!! I still have my Duran Duran video album on VHS that came out in the early '80's, I'm sure you know this but the video's for Lonely in your Nightmare & Save a prayer are ment to go together. I would add a few of my favorites, Faster Than Light, Hold Back the Rain, New Religon, Make Me Smile (Come up and See Me), Khanada. I could keep going...

      • profile image

        Melissa Burton 4 years ago

        Some good ones. While there's no way to include all the sleepers, I think "Hold Back The Rain", "I'm Looking For Cracks In The Pavement" and "Meet El Presidente" are great and under appreciated.

        I'm a huge Duran fan but "Make Me Smile" was where they should have stopped doing covers. I love that Duran paid tribute to songs that inspired them but I say no thanks to the "Thank You" album.

        Thank you though for this post!

      • profile image

        errbt 4 years ago

        Solid list! My "top 27" (was supposed to be top 25) "Alternative Greatest" non-singles list for a Duran forum shares 7 of your 10! My picks, listed chronologically:

        1. Anyone Out There

        2. Sound of Thunder

        3. Friends of Mine

        4. Lonely in your nightmare (Full Length Kershenbaum Mix)

        5. Hold back the rain (Full Length Kershenbaum Mix)

        6. Last chance on the stairway

        7. (I'm Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement

        8. Of Crime and Passion

        9. Shadows On Your Side

        10. Secret Oktober

        11. American Science

        12. Proposition

        13. Palomino

        14. First Impression

        15. Breath After Breath

        16. Sin of the City

        17. Success (Iggy Pop cover)

        18. Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young cover)

        19. Midnight Sun

        20. So Long Suicide

        21. Starting to Remember

        22. Kiss Goodbye/Last Day On Earth

        23. Chains

        24. Virus

        25. Box Full O' Honey

        26. The Man Who Stole a Leopard

        27. Runway Runaway

        The list had to include only officially released songs, even if only B-sides or Japan -only bonus tracks (hence Virus). Otherwise I would have included the unreleased gems Matter of Fact, Salt in the Rainbow (short "edit" version), & Beautiful Colours. Ridiculous that the band didn't see fit to include any of these on albums or even as single B-sides!

      • profile image

        Stephanie 4 years ago

        I love your list - mine would be pretty similar, however, I have to LOVE VOODOO?!?!?!?!? :)

      • profile image

        genxatmidlife 4 years ago

        Love "Friends of Mine" and anything on Seven & The Ragged Tiger. Wonder why you didn't include "The Chauffer," though.

      • profile image

        Cathy 4 years ago

        Hey V!!!

        I have to say I like My Antarctica and Breath After Breath the most.

        I'm a bluegrass country girl... And I'd have to say that 911 song SUCKED!!! Lol

        It was more of a twisted fusion of pop, punk and early rap...

        All of which I can't stand!!!

        Good share!!

      • profile image

        sheree 4 years ago

        "Ultimate Mind F***" and "White Lines"

      • profile image

        Trina 4 years ago

        Great list!! So many lesser known, wonderful songs from Duran! Agree that Red Carpet Massacre is highly underrated! I love it!

      • profile image

        bwcivick 4 years ago

        It was nice to read a Top 10 list like this, with the same songs I have always considered under-rated. Almost a perfect list! The drumming in the song 'American Science', by Steve Ferrone elevates the song to another level.

        I also have a soft spot for the DD instrumental songs, such as Tel Aviv, Tiger,Tiger, and Trick me Out. Really good stuff.

      • profile image

        treehug2415 4 years ago

        Definatey Late Bar. Has been my favorite for years!

      • vmartinezwilson profile image

        Vanessa Martinez Wilson 4 years ago from Vancouver, WA

        I'm just agreeing whole-heartedly with you EricM. I think every Duran fan should listen to So Red the Rose and especially The Promise. And if you're a blubbering fool, then we can be both be blubbering fools...for Duran Duran. When I find a Duran fan, I generally get pretty excited and start blabbering on about albums and concerts and whatnot. I have one lifelong Duran Fan and one I've known for around 15 years and that's about it. I'm so happy to have this D2 connection with more people!

        Thank you so very much!!! :D

      • profile image

        Valerie 4 years ago

        Agree with the list...100%...however...I personally feel some of the Arcadia music was so far ahead of it's time.... and should be a part of any "greatest" list. For me, Simon's sultry lyrics and voice on Keep Me in the Dark is mind blowing.

      • profile image

        EricaM 4 years ago

        Awesome! I din't mean it to read like I thought you didn't know of, or didn't like Arcadia... was meant for casual DD fans who may not know of them.

        And now I sound like an idiot! I don't know why I said the album was called "The Promise" it is of course, "So Red The Rose". FORGIVE ME! I just woke up. SEE we are all capable of mistakes! I guess it is my favorite track so I have mentally renamed the album. SHEESH! (you are kind not to have outed me as a blubbering fool).

      • vmartinezwilson profile image

        Vanessa Martinez Wilson 4 years ago from Vancouver, WA

        Steven Batty: I wasn't sure who did the video, so thank you for that! I do love it, very vintage Duran it made me swoon.

        Sorry LaMonica, but you'll have to admit there are so many Duran songs that could also make the list. They do great music and sadly most don't get to hear it because it doesn't get radio play.

        Holy Beth, thank you for that correction. You know when you read something too many times, your eyes can skip over things and I guess mine did. Taylor was even spelled wrong, lol. All fixed now.

        Brenda: All Along the Water, oh man, I do love that one too.

        Betsy: I went for Friends of Mine instead of Sounds of Thunder, although both are equally haunting.

        EricaM I so love Arcadia. I think Simon's voice along with Sting's was so made of win. Thank goodness I still have a record player, because I have yet to get it on CD or download it. I should probably do that, so I can listen to it in my I have a greater need to do it. :)

        I do think Arcadia harkens back to the original Duran Duran album, which is full of darker songs that made you think they would go goth instead of straight up pop.

        Actually I could probably do a hub just on Red Carpet Massacre and how it is filled with brilliant writing, great melody and jamming beats. So underrated it makes me weep a little inside.

        Thank you everyone for checking out my list. I do love Duran and have since...well, I'll keep that one to myself. I'll just say, I was bummed when I couldn't get my friend's older sisters to take me when they opened for Blondie.

        Huzzah to my fellow Duranies!

      • profile image

        EricaM 4 years ago

        I agree completely with this list, and I see other Duranies are happy too! What I would add are the songs from Arcadia. While not technically Duran Duran, it did consist of Simon, Nick and Roger (I know, no John so it isn't Duran Duran, right?). I find I listen to the album, "The Promise", as much as I listen to DD songs. My favorite from this album, the title track, "The Promise", is also one of my all-time DD faves. AND it has Sting on backing vocals. A collaboration between my two favorite British male singers.

        The songs, "El Diablo" and "Lady Ice" are clearly recognizable as Duran Duran-esque but they are darker and grittier. Not the bubble gum pop they were known for in 1985 but I maintain were an introduction to some of the more mature stuff they were going to do later.

        I saw them in concert a few years ago and they did sing "Election Day" so even they don't eschew these songs. Give it a listen if you have never heard of it. You won't be disappointed!

      • profile image

        Teresa Cameron 4 years ago

        Great List I totally agree, but I would have to add "Hold Back The Rain" - Favorite DD Song Ever.

      • profile image

        Jaimeek 4 years ago

        Secret Oktober is one of my favorite Duran song ever!!! They are the best'

      • profile image

        Samiris 4 years ago

        I actually have all of these in my workout list!

        I would definitely give an Honorable Mention to White Lines from the Thank You album. My favorite concert song! Talk about heart pounding! cannot go wrong when the original Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious 5 are singing along!

        So sad that the radio powers that be kept telling them "we can't play this... it has black people in it!".... They would have made a killing if they knew real Duranies have no color barriers.

      • profile image

        Ivy 4 years ago

        Salt in the Rainbow and Beautiful Colours need to be on this list.

      • profile image

        Betsy 4 years ago

        Late Bar! (and Sound of Thunder)

      • profile image

        Adam 4 years ago

        Agree with this list 100%

      • profile image

        LadyS 4 years ago

        Hear them all and I have to say there are some out there there are even more obscure .. again I agree the list is HUGE and we would be here til the end of ...well yea (not, that Im sure, anyone would mind that ;) )

        Little tid bit ... look at the vid for "Perfect Day". See anyone you know in there ? *winks and sniggers*

        DelightedDevotee ;)

      • profile image

        John 4 years ago

        We need you,winter marches on, god there's too many to mention

      • profile image

        Playing with Duranium 4 years ago

        The Chauffeur - Their Finest Hour - Khanada

      • Renee Young profile image

        Renee Young 4 years ago

        There are just way too many Duran songs that should have been on this list. They are just that damn good. Love all those songs.

        My personal addition would have been DO YOU BELIEVE IN SHAME?

      • profile image

        kim 4 years ago

        I can think of a few others: Careless Memories, Khanada, Anyone out there

      • profile image

        Brenda 4 years ago

        How is "All Along The Water" from Liberty and "Hallucinating Elvis" from Pop Trash not on this list? :)

      • profile image

        Holly Beth 4 years ago

        Hello fellow Duranie..

        Just an FYI: It is Nick Rhodes (formerly Bates)..not Taylor.

        All of the songs listed are indeed fabulous! I simply can not think of a single song that I haven't liked or loved. Even with radio stations over-playing the "famous" songs - I love them just the same!

      • profile image

        Jack 4 years ago

        Some of the b-sides that should have been singles should be an article in of itself. My top five: Time for Temptation, Salt in the Rainbow, Khananda, Fame, and See Me Smile.

      • profile image

        Ashe 4 years ago

        Playing with Uranium, Big Bang Generation, Preposition,Drug It's A State Of Mind, Read My Lips, Lay Lady Lay, Take You Higher, to name a few but these are my favs as well.

      • profile image

        LaMonica 4 years ago

        'm a Duranie..So I know all of these songs...But WHY OH WHY IS "Venice Drowning" not on here?.... Or "Land".... AAARRRRGGGHHHHH! Why is the world not perfect?

      • profile image

        Tina 4 years ago

        Heard them all! Love them all! Secret Oktober is my favorite !

      • profile image

        Spinoolean 4 years ago

        Great list! One of my favorites is the Japan-only song, "Cry Baby Cry." Like so much from "Red Carpet Massacre," it's Duran Duran through a whole new and exciting lens.

      • profile image

        Steven Batty 4 years ago

        The video for Friends Of Mine wasn't made by the band, it's from Multi Coloured Swap Shop a BBC kids TV show that used to be on a Saturday morning in the UK.

      • profile image

        Rick Jeffreys 4 years ago

        Someone else not Me?

      • profile image

        Barb 5 years ago

        Love, love, love Duran Duran. Reading John's book now :) Want to add New Religion and She's Too Much to the list. I love Breath After Breath, Skin Divers and Box Full of Honey as well.

      • vmartinezwilson profile image

        Vanessa Martinez Wilson 5 years ago from Vancouver, WA

        I do love The Violence of Summer, but My Antarctica beat it out. It just resonated with me. Thanks a bunch Daz X

      • profile image

        Daz X 5 years ago

        brilliant love all of those tracks...I'd have included "The Violence of Summer" tho

      • vmartinezwilson profile image

        Vanessa Martinez Wilson 5 years ago from Vancouver, WA

        Thank you Peanutritious. Ever since I wrote this, I found so many other Duranies that were able to push through hard times through their music. It's comforting indeed. I'm glad that it made you happy to read it as I did to go through my albums (that's right, vinyl) and cds, list some of my favorites and search through Youtube listening to various versions they had. Sweet torture indeed :D

      • Peanutritious profile image

        Tara Carbery 5 years ago from Cheshire, UK

        Thanks so much. I really enjoyed this. I will always love Duran Duran and they got me through some hard times. Voted up and Thanks again. You've made me really happy:D

      • vmartinezwilson profile image

        Vanessa Martinez Wilson 5 years ago from Vancouver, WA

        I'm right with you. I will always love D2. There is something about the way they pull a song together that really resonates.

        Thanks sha and Jose!

      • profile image

        Jose 5 years ago

        Got to love these songs, they sound amazing going to go and download some right now. Duran Duran is and always will be my favorite group for music.

      • profile image

        sha 5 years ago

        Love most of them! I would add make me smile and Last Chance on the Stairway

      • vmartinezwilson profile image

        Vanessa Martinez Wilson 6 years ago from Vancouver, WA

        You are a Kindred spirit of mine! I love Duran Duran and as a proud Durannie, I'll agree that they are the best band ever!


      • sam032419 profile image

        sam032419 6 years ago from Largo, Florida

        Wow, I have heard all these songs, actually. I love all the songs and Duran Duran is most definitely the best band ever. :) Everybody should hear these songs.


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