Top 10 Hottest, Most Popular, and Most Handsome KPOP Idols 2016-2017

Updated on December 30, 2016

As we came to love the world of Korean entertainment, we can't deny the fact that all KPOP idols are handsome, talented, great, and unique in their own ways. As fans, we all have our biases and personal favorites from the long list of all KPOP male idols. But who's got the biggest fanbase? Who is the most popular? Most handsome? Well-loved and successful? Find out who's who in this list.

10. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

A handsome man who excels in singing, dancing, and rapping. G-Dragon is one of the most popular KPOP male idols since his debut as a member of Big Bang. He is recognized in the group as the 'most fashionable' one, and is noted for his constantly changing image and tight control over his artistry and has strongly opposed the idea of singers as "products" of the entertainment industry. Isn't he cool?

Facts about G-Dragon:

  • Real name: Kwon Ji-yong
  • Born on: August 18, 1988
  • He built a pension motel as a gift to his family, and fans can also stay there! (Hooray!)
  • He had a cafe named 'Monstant Cafe' in Jeju Island.

9. L (Infinite)

His cute eyes are shaped like crescent moon when he smiles. The super adorable and handsome boy of the KPOP group, Infinite, is none other than L. He debuted as a vocalist and visual of Infinite in 2010. Since then, he became popular due to his good-looking physique. Apart from his group activities, he also had acting projects, with his debut being on a Japanese drama. Sugoi!

Facts about L:

  • His real name is Kim Myungsoo
  • He was born on March 13, 1992
  • He had a role of Ha Ji-won's homosexual intern in The Time We Were Not in Love

8. Yong-hwa (CNBLUE)

The man with a handsome voice and handsome face is Yong-hwa. He is a musician, singer, songwriter, producer and actor. He rose into fame as the leader, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the rock band CNBLUE. But what makes him internationally recognized is not just his music career, but his acting projects as well. He took the role of Kang Shin-woo in 2009 popular drama You're Beautiful, and later he played the lead role of Lee Shin in 2011 drama, Heartstrings, with Park Shin-hye as leading actress in both dramas.

Facts about Yong-hwa:

  • His full name is Jung Yong-hwa
  • Born on June 22, 1989
  • In 2009, he went to Japan to study music

7. Jong-hyun (SHINee)

A lot of handsome guys are in the KPOP world, but a lovable guy would be Jong-hyun of the boy group, SHINee. He is a popular singer, songwriter, and DJ. His brilliant mind is capable of writing songs that captures the hearts of many listeners. Of course, his talent, along with his band mates made the group internationally successful. He is also a very attractive singer, and he usually stand out in most of their music videos. We all love him for being a great man, right?

Facts about Jong-hyun:

  • His full name is Kim Jong-hyun
  • Born on April 8, 1990
  • In 2010, Jonghyun was in a relationship with actress Shin Se-kyung, but broke up after nine months.
  • He had a car accident back in 2013.

6. Sehun (EXO)

The maknae of the famous boy band group, EXO, with the best aegyo is Sehun. He is the lead dancer and lead rapper of the group. You might think that he's a cool guy at first, but when you get to know him, you'll find out how cute he is. He's shy, considerate, and always sincere for the group. He became extremely popular not only in Korea, but also in China. Thanks to this, he is confirmed to be starring as the male lead in the upcoming Korean-Chinese movie Catman.

Facts about Sehun:

  • His full name is Oh Se-hun
  • Born on April 12, 1994
  • At age 12, he ran away from the S.M. Entertainment agent who tried to scout him for 30 minutes. But he was eventually cast in 2008.

5. Jungkook (BTS)

The handsome boy Jungkook is also a maknae of the famous boy group, BTS. He is a singer, rapper and dancer. He might be the youngest among the members of the group, but it doesn't mean that his talent is inferior to the older members. In fact, he is as brilliant and talented as them that he is known as the 'Golden Maknae'. He can sing in Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese, and is one of the best dancers of the group.

Facts about Jungkook:

  • His real name is Jeon Jeong Guk
  • Born on September 1, 1997
  • He is a fast runner and also loves skateboarding.

4. Taecyeon (2PM)

The main rapper of 2PM became a hot icon of KPOP because of his incredible talent, good looks, entertaining skills, and acting skills. One of the most beloved idols is Taecyeon, who is a popular singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. He originally wanted to become a model, but the judges suggested he try dancing and singing. He then joined the boy group, 2PM, and it made a huge success with their music. Apart from his music career, he also hosted SBS's music show Inkigayo and was a permanent cast on Family Outing 2.

Facts about Taecyeon:

  • His full name is Ok Taec-yeon
  • Born on December 27, 1988
  • He debuted as an actor in the Korean drama Cinderella's Sister and went on to play a main character in the KBS drama Dream High.

3. Baekhyun (EXO)

He is a man with a powerful and charismatic voice and stage presence. Who would've thought that behind the stage, he is a funny, bright, cheerful, and childlike person? Another handsome and popular KPOP idol is Baekhyun, who is the cheerful and friendly main vocalist of the boy band, EXO. He is popular for his breath-taking performances with his group and together they became one of the most successful groups. He is also well-loved by his fans because he is very sociable who loves to talk. Isn't it one of the many reasons to like him?

Fun facts about Baekhyun:

  • His full name is Byun Baek-hyun
  • Born on May 6, 1992
  • On June 19, 2014, S.M. Entertainment confirmed that Baekhyun and fellow S.M artist Girls Generation member Taeyeon are in a relationship, but it ended in 2015.

2. Nichkhun (2PM)

Who wouldn't fall in love with the sweet, handsome, and charismatic Asian Prince? Surely, he's one of the most popular and most handsome KPOP male idol. Nichkhun is a Thai rapper, singer, songwriter, model and actor. His talent in singing as well as his natural good look had contributed greatly to 2PM's international success. Apart from singing, he also appeared on several drama series, movies, and variety shows. He also appeared on the live action film of the Japanese shoujo manga, Ouran High School Host Club as Lawrence.

Facts about Nichkhun:

  • His full name is Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
  • Born on June 24, 1988
  • Because he's handsome and multi-talented, and he gained popularity worldwide, he is dubbed as the Asia's Prince

1. Taehyung (BTS)

Taehyung, who is also known by his stage name, V, is a member of the famous group BTS. He's good looking, young member who is recognized for his vocals in the said hip hop group. Many BTS fans like and love him because of his super cute habits off stage. He likes to do aegyo that makes us go 'awww'! But when it's time for him to come on stage and perform, he's completely cool and charismatic person. Even his band mates describe him as a unique person, like how can a man like that exist? He's V who came from the stars!

Facts about Taehyung:

  • His real name is Kim Taehyung
  • Born on December 30, 1995
  • His nickname is TaeTae and Blank Tae

That's it!

Did we miss your favorite K-pop idol? Who's the most handsome for you? Not to worry though, you can always leave a comment about your favorite idol. Share your thoughts below!

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      • profile image

        Tabassum 2 weeks ago

        I think v is the most cutest person in the world. Cutie..❤❤❤❤

      • profile image

        Dude 2 weeks ago

        Super true....V is the best idol I know

      • profile image

        J Yu_ Shawol 2 weeks ago

        Rest in Peace Jonghyun missed you.

      • profile image

        Sirael 3 weeks ago

        Park Jimin is missing here.

      • profile image

        MamaJin 3 weeks ago

        What about Park Jimin? He's so handsome.

      • profile image

        Where's jin 5 weeks ago

        Where's Kim seok jin? How could you forget him and not put him up there I mean he's world wide handsome!?!

      • profile image

        Rasi 5 weeks ago

        Tae tae is the best ☝

      • profile image

        Baeksmile 7 weeks ago

        Baekhyun is the best

      • profile image

        Kpop fan 7 weeks ago

        Gosh u guys don’t see how attractiv Jonghyun is? My god he should be higher up!

      • profile image

        SHAWOL SINCE 2010 7 weeks ago

        Jonghyun always ❤

      • profile image

        kpop.trash.2603 8 weeks ago

        K where's Jimin and Rest in Peace Jonghyun

      • profile image

        Jimin's Bae 8 weeks ago


      • profile image

        calaboose 2 months ago

        rest in peace, Jonghyun.

      • profile image

        Emily1811 2 months ago

        I love jimin how can he not be on the list

      • profile image

        florence m.canoi 2 months ago

        for me v is the most handsome not because his my one and only bias but its because of his look......

      • profile image

        Jaden kryx 2 months ago

        Jung yong hwa's got it all. :) a real musician :)

      • profile image

        Kirsten 2 months ago

        I love taehyung so much

      • profile image

        Joy 3 months ago

        I love V and jungkook,they are both adorable.....

      • profile image

        Taeara 3 months ago

        V deserves it but I think Kookie should be second

      • profile image

        Bts 3 months ago

        V is the best

      • profile image

        hii 3 months ago

        i love taehyung and jungkook :) although, i wasn't able to vote for 2...

      • profile image

        diane 3 months ago

        kim taehyung is so very handsome and cute

      • profile image

        Iqra 3 months ago

        Where's Jaebam of got7?!!

      • profile image

        cheonsa 3 months ago

        taehyung deserves to be the most handsome,because he is, unlike jungkook yet jungkook deserves yo be top 5.but not really,i always,only taehyung

      • profile image

        Kokiee 3 months ago

        Jungkook is the most handsome. He's a complete package cute, cool, handaome, hot etc. Luv u kokiee

      • profile image

        Jane 3 months ago

        V should definitely be no. 1 but minho from shinee and jin from bts also deserve a place

      • profile image

        Firdous 3 months ago

        Yeyyyyyyy !!!!!!! Kim myungsoo

      • profile image

        Blank Tae 4 months ago

        V EVERYWHERE!!

        It just makes me happy when i see v in top 1.

      • profile image

        elien 4 months ago

        yeyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! the winner is V

      • profile image

        bts army 4 months ago

        where is my JK

      • profile image

        Prim July 4 months ago

        V is just a handsome, charming, lovable, cute alien i'ved ever known.

      • profile image

        Annie 4 months ago

        Hey you missed out the Worldwide Handsome Kim Seokjin aka Jin of BTS

      • profile image

        Nima 4 months ago

        You missed jin also from BTS and also Suga

      • profile image

        Hayni 4 months ago

        How could u forget BTOB's Yook Sungjae?? now a days he is Also Popular And A Rising Star. His Handsome face can't be Ignored.

      • profile image

        International A.R.M.Y 4 months ago

        I am not a big exol but isn't Sehun supposed to be hotter than baekhyun? Well... whatever . #keeplovingbangtan

        Love u BTS !!!!!

      • profile image

        sparks pop-k 4 months ago

        I agree with no-1

        But, you missed kim hyung joong oppa

        He's still handsome ....!!!!!1

      • profile image

        ddddddd 4 months ago

        for those people who are saying that jugkook has more follower on instgram than v for those this is not their personal account this is a fan made account and those people whore are saying junkook got 1500 more vote than v in tc calendar most handsome men for those v had got 6311 more vote than jugkook in most handsome men in the world 2017 and after this comback v has got more vote in billboard more vote in best member of bts in bias ranking more vote in hottest kpop idol he has also appeard in most popular idol in september in 2017 internationally with jimin i am not bts fan i am an astro fan i watch all these things and i have to say these things to make army to get rid of fights and now you have to admit that v is more popular than jungkook i have nothing against jungkook but to clear this all misunderstanding i have to write this

      • profile image

        Ms K.N Fazal 4 months ago

        Yeah you missed...Kim seokjin is also so handsom guy. A soft hearted person.

      • profile image

        taetae isthebest 4 months ago

        Yess!! Taehyung deserve it (my ultm bias:)) there is no one like him. He is talented,cutiest,funniest and the most handsome. Love him.

        Go V!! Go bts!!

      • profile image

        vvv 4 months ago

        vvvvv kim taehyung my ultimate bias i love u

      • profile image

        SorChanXo 5 months ago

        Ohh No..!! Then where is my chanyeol?? I really don't understand y he's not included ...For me Exo Chanyeol is the best...But thank God that Baekhyun is 3rd N oppa Taetae is 1st

      • profile image

        bts vvvvvvv 5 months ago

        east and west taehyung is the best

      • profile image

        mathoi asem 5 months ago

        Exo baekhyun is the best I really love him

      • profile image

        Angelica 5 months ago

        For me Taehyung is one of the most handsome kpop idol. His feature was so perfect!

      • profile image

        jb 5 months ago

        got 7 fan but support V i hate all bts members but not v he attracts me alot i wish to god to send more people like him in this world this world need angels you have great visuals soulful voice in popularity you are always first you respect your family alot all idols love you you are cute your are physical fit you are intellegent you are actor you alove children and i am 100 percent sure you will be amzing fathaer and boyfriend and i can say 2017 is your year V please army help me to get some views for got7 mv never ever

      • profile image

        V whom i admired after pop 5 months ago

        v oppa i love you you are my ultimate bias i am new in kpop actually i saw you in billboard music awards you are one of amazing personn i have ever seen in my life love you stay strong i will always support you

      • profile image

        taekook lover 6 months ago

        I love both taehyung and jungkook.....they deserve u taetae nd kookie

      • profile image

        SAPPHIREJAY 6 months ago

        OH MY GOD,I KNEW IT!!!,I WAS NERVOUS WHEN V's name didn't appear on the screen when I SCROLL it down but I was SUPRISED when V 's name was on the top.I'M REALLY HAPPY!!!!

      • profile image

        kpop 6 months ago

        he is everything

      • profile image

        v oppa 6 months ago

        vvvvvvvvvvv oppa i love you

      • profile image

        kpop 6 months ago

        i think bts popularity ranking is 1 V 2 jungkook 3 jimin 4 suga 5 jhope 6 jin 7 rapmonster i am also a kpop fan and i stan all groups i have no bias all members have different talents all are good in their own way and its not my opinion i have searched a lot all have different talents and in exo 1 baekhyun 2 sehun 3 chanyeol 4 kai 5 do 6 chen 7 xiumin 8 suho and in got7 1 jackson 2 bambam 3 mark 4 jb 5 youngjae 6 yougueom

      • profile image

        taennie taehyung and jeenie 6 months ago

        love you v oppa

      • profile image

        Baekhyunnnn 6 months ago

        OMGGGGG two EXO members awwiee but I really like BAEKHYUN

      • profile image

        Who cares 6 months ago

        Everytime I search for the hottest men in the WORLD I always see American and white people they don't include other men from other countries. I just don't get it, it's suppose to be from every part of the world. Who agrees?

      • profile image

        Infinte 6 months ago

        myungsoo should be no.1

        Taeyung no.2

        Jungkook no.3

      • profile image

        BTS V 6 months ago

        1. TAEHUNG



      • profile image

        JUNG HOSEOK :) 6 months ago


      • profile image

        Madagaskar 6 months ago

        Kim Myungsoo ♡♡♡♡♡

        He should be No.1♡♡♡♡

        Baekhyun No.2♡♡♡♡

        And Taeyang no.3♡♡♡♡

        I love them☆•☆

      • profile image

        Sn 6 months ago

        G dragon !!! The best !!!

      • profile image

        Yenu 6 months ago

        Tae deserve it. really .. Most handsome guy of BTS.

      • profile image

        exo 6 months ago

        this is also about popularity jin is not popular therefore he is not here

      • profile image

        Jane 6 months ago

        Kim taehyung you are so cute

      • profile image

        BTS.IS.MY.LIFEU 6 months ago

        Where is mr. worldwide handsome???

        The definitely missed him ;(

      • profile image

        BTS 6 months ago

        They should have added all of the BTS members

      • profile image

        mirranda 6 months ago

        where is lee min ho oppa guys,i think the top ten is incomplete without him on top.

      • profile image

        Carrie 7 months ago

        FFor me taehyung is the best,handsome,cute in the world.i will always support you taehyung all the best

      • profile image

        amina AMY 7 months ago

        I like v besidejungkook☺

      • profile image

        7 months ago

        i think jin from bts should be in this list too

      • profile image

        kavi 7 months ago

        V is my cutieeeee 4ever

        Love you soo much

      • profile image

        Teema umar yero 7 months ago

        Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv!!!!!!!!!! Ernxss so much I love tae tae my nickname is ms tae tae

      • profile image

        ert 7 months ago

        i am sorry to say but i am not a bts fan and i met many peopels who dont like bts but like v and i hate all the members except V kim taehyung he is really something else and now i think he is my bias i love you v

      • profile image

        Kimi 7 months ago

        Taehyung really looks so unreal in real life

        He is so handsome no he more than that

      • profile image

        kim taehyung 7 months ago

        love you taetae oppa and baekhyun oppa

      • profile image

        Tina 7 months ago

        Kookie is #1 in my heart

      • profile image

        Jungkook's yeoja chinku 7 months ago

        I love you kookie ( my bias ) I think you should deserve high position in the list but ok no.5 no matter in which position you are , in my opinion you are my visual king

      • profile image

        Exol 7 months ago

        For me Exo Kai is the most handsome

        #exo #weareone

      • profile image

        par min kim 7 months ago

        jungkook is handsome

      • profile image

        Sarah 7 months ago

        V is the best!! ♥

      • profile image

        kpop girl 7 months ago

        Taehyung is CUTE!!

      • profile image

        I LOVE EXO Oh Sehun 7 months ago

        GO Sehun

      • profile image

        Ohh yehet 7 months ago

        For me Sehun is the most handsome

      • profile image

        eka 7 months ago

        lmao V?

      • profile image

        goldenkookiebunny 7 months ago

        Our kookieeeeee :( 5 is okay. Dont worry, for us armys you're the 2nd of all :* And for our taehyungieeeee, you deserved it :) you'll always be our one and only aegyo king, alien taetae, and our babyyyyy. We love you kookie and taetae! mwahhh (kiseu).

      • profile image

        kim taetae 7 months ago

        taetae yess well deserved

      • profile image

        Shabe calle 8 months ago

        Yeah taehyung is the most handsomemale kpop idol..he deserve it..though jungkook is also handsome his my first bias actually and taehyung was my second bias they deserve it..yeah baekhyun and sehun yo...they all deserve it..

      • profile image

        salka 8 months ago

        suga is beautiful

      • profile image

        fayyy 8 months ago

        im an exo-l and sehunie biased but V definitely deserves it. i watch bts videos only because of him,he is really something else,that attracts all kinds of people. plus he is talked about everywhere in the fandoms since he is ina very nice terms with members hahah .he is one in a million and his visuals are reaching perfection.

      • profile image

        Flower Dnce 8 months ago

        Jimin ♡

      • profile image

        kim taehung 8 months ago

        V oh yesssssssssss love you well deserved

      • profile image

        EXO L 8 months ago

        i am an exo l and i wish we should be in exo

      • profile image

        EXO L 8 months ago

        i am an EXO L i am happy for V he deserved it no dout he is also very popular among EXO L

      • profile image

        v taehung and baekhun is my life 8 months ago

        i am an exo l but i only searched bts because of V . He is really talented handsome popular . I love him alot . I wish him all the success and happiness in the world . I am so happy that my both biases are in this list .LOVE you VBAEK. VBAEK fighting.

      • profile image

        bts v taehung 8 months ago

        i was sure that taehung v will be in this list because he is most popular and handsome in bts

      • profile image

        Kookie 8 months ago

        Jungkook .. soo cute and handsome. .he deserve the first place. .our golden maknae . .excelling in almost every field

      • profile image

        Lunar 8 months ago

        I like GD

      • profile image

        V+JKis❤ 8 months ago

        OMG TaeTae... Well-deserved... Well-deserved.

      • profile image

        steffani 9 months ago

        Yassss V is most handsomes at all

        Love uu !!

      • profile image

        hande 9 months ago


      • profile image

        Kim Taehyung's yeobo 9 months ago

        Yey!!! Taetae is number one!! Good choice...

      • profile image

        kim taehyung's only wife 9 months ago

        kim taehyung