Top 10 Best Female Rappers of K-pop Groups

Updated on January 6, 2017

When it comes to K-pop music, rap is something that makes a song more appealing, more exciting, and more energizing. Usually, male idols are known for their rapping skills, but nowadays, some talented, gorgeous, beautiful, and popular female idols can spit some fire as well. Every famous K-pop girl group has their own pride when it comes to rap. Just who are they? Find out the top 10 best female rappers of K-pop groups and discover their own strengths and styles in rap.

10. Bora- Sistar

Yoon Bo-ra, or simply Bora, is best known as a member of the girl group Sistar. Bora rise into fame when she and her group member Hyolyn formed as a sub-group Sistar19 with the single "Ma Boy", which gained popularity for its catchy tune and 'chest wave' dance move. She is also the main dancer and main rapper of the group. Besides her excellent dancing skills, her rap in moderate speed is loved by her fans. She has her own cheerful way of rapping. Her rap style may not be the same as other high-profile rappers, but she can still do her rap well.

9. Jia - Miss A

It might seem unbelievable, but this pretty lady can be a cool hip hop idol when she raps. Meng Jia, simply known as Jia, is a former rapper and singer of the girl group, Miss A. She left Miss A and JYP Entertainment in 2016 after her contract expired. She is not only popular in Korea, but in China as well, given the fact that she is Chinese. Jia is a very incredible female idol, because she can rap perfectly in Korean, Chinese, and English. Plus, her speed and flow is also good. Her feminine rap can be a fierce one that matches well with her beautiful face and slaying dance moves.

8. Baby J - Jewelry

Baby J, whose real name is Ha Joo Yeon, is a former member of the girl band, Jewelry. The group was the longest-running Korean girl group until their disbandment in 2015, surpassing the super girl group, Baby V.O.X. Baby J has indeed a very strong potential when it comes to rap, and she starred as a rapper in the group with her high-pitched rap and feminine tone that makes her voice sounds so appealing. Her rap is the proof that she's not just a sexy singer but she's got talent as well. The intro of the song 'Rhythm Ha!' shows how incredible she is when it comes to rap.

7. Amber - f(x)

Unlike the usual feminine image of many K-pop girl idols, Amber Josephine Liu, simply known as Amber, is popular for her boyish image. She is different from the rest whose focus is to be a sweet, girly, and sexy icon. Her tomboy look matches well with her strong, deep, low-toned voice that raps like a boss. Incredibly unique on her own, Amber passed her audition through singing but in the end, positioned as the rapper of the famous K-pop girl group, f(x). She actually grew up in America before moving to Korea, so her English skills is at par from the other female idols.

6. Lime - Hello Venus

Another talented female rapper is Lime of Hello Venus. Lime's real name is Kim Hye Lim, and she is the main dancer and main rapper of the said girl group. She absolutely has incredible flow, pronunciation, breathing, speed and charisma. Her rap style has a strong potential to compete with those at the top list. Her rap cover of 'Look At Me Now' is the best example of Lime's true rapping talent. She sounds perfectly in English and her fast rap nailed it. Besides, as she is spitting fire with her rap she looks more attractive and sexy! She can actually go along with the male rappers.

5. Yubin - Wonder Girls

Kim Yu-bin, or simply Yubin, is the main rapper of the girl group, Wonder Girls, after she was introduced as Hyuna's replacement in 2007. She is considered as one of the most powerful rappers because of her strong performance level. Besides rap, she is also a good dancer and vocalist. Although she is known mainly as the rapper of the group, she occasionally acts as an additional vocalist to the group. Examples of which include, "This Time" and "Wishing on a Star". In 2015, she boosts into fame as she joins Unpretty Rapstar's second season, causing the phenomenon "Girl Crush". As a consequence, her makeup and hairstyle became popular.

4. Hyuna - 4Minute

Kim Hyun-a, better known as Hyuna, is previously a member of the K-pop girl group 4Minute, and was one of the first five original members of Wonder Girls. As she joins 4Minute, their debut single, "Hot Issue", was immediately successful as it grabbed attention from the public even before their debut stage. Hyuna is also well known for her appearance in Psy's worldwide hit "Gangnam Style", which also led to a successful duet rendition of the song. Her cute, energetic, and girly rap style became iconic and has established her image as a sexy rapper and singer.

3. LE - EXID

Many K-pop female idol rappers became popular only because of the groups they joined in, but LE of EXID has a totally different story. LE, whose real name is Ahn Hyo-jin, made her debut as a rapper with the underground rap group Jiggy Fellaz, performing under the stage name "Elly". She was a famous underground rapper even before EXID, and as she joins the group, her rapping skills is something that the group is very proud of. Not only her rap talent is her pride, she is also naturally beautiful, sexy, and fierce. No one can ever say bad about LE's rap because her low-toned voice is so good.

2. Miryo - Brown Eyed Girls

A charming rapper with a refined rapping skills is Jo Mi-hye, popularly known as Miryo. She is the rapper of the girl group, Brown Eyed Girls, and is considered as an extremely talented rapper who can do rap on the spot. Her flow is excellent and her speed rap can totally blow the rest. Many fans have even compared her to the 'baddest rapper' CL and the 'legendary rap queen' Yoon Mi Rae. In addition to being a rapper, Miryo is also a songwriter. Among female idols, Miryo has copyright to the most songs, having a total of 56 songs by March 2013. She is indeed a genius.

1. CL - 2NE1

Nicknamed as 'The Baddest K-pop Female Idol', CL, whose real name is Lee Chae-rin, is currently the most popular and the most iconic female rapper of K-pop music. She became a superstar and is also a well-known songwriter, rapper, and model. Her strong charisma and powerful personality best suits her role as the leader and main rapper of the internationally famous girl group, 2NE1. Her rap style has a totally different level of attraction and her fame is nowhere near the others. She had also collaborated with label-mates G-Dragon and Teddy Park. She is currently working on an American album, after gaining worldwide popularity as a rap icon.

Bonus: Yoon Mi Rae (aka T/Tasha)

Although she is not a member of any K-pop girl group, but we can never complete the countdown without including the ultimate rap queen, Yoon Mi Rae. Also known as Tasha from her American name, she raps like a boss since the start of her career. Actually, she did not audition herself, but a World Records representative heard her singing outside of the audition room and signed her to join a new group called Uptown. Totally incredible, right? If she happened to be in a girl group today, she will definitely be slaying all the other female idol rappers. Being the legendary rap queen of Korea, she earned the #1 spot on 2013 Billboard's Korea K-Pop Hot 100 list with her song "Touch Love" from the South Korean drama Master's Sun.

Every time she performs, she literally swipes off the other performers as she began to conquer the stage with her strong and powerful level of rap performance. No doubt about it, she is definitely the queen of K-pop rap. Watch the video below to see how she nailed it while showing the younger idols how to rap:

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        Where is yezi?!?!

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        Twice’s Chaeyoung, BlackPink’s Jennie & Pristin’s Rena

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        Sorry, but Lisa isn’t THE best

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        Moonbyul from Mamamoo could destroy some of these top 10 Pop Rappers.

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        Lisa Is The Best Where Lisa ?

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        Jennie is better

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        Lisa and Jennie should be in the list their rappings are very good. Why they are not in the list?

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        where's Lisa and Jennie unnie they're great

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        ''jennie and lisa''

        no stfu they cant compare to anyone on this list actually

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        Lisa needs to be here

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        As anybody thought of Jimin or maybe even Jessi like seriously some of these girls I agree should be on the list be these two girls have unique voices like literally Jimin everytime she raps her voice is high pitched and Jessi has a husky voice which makes them really unique rappers like they are legit well known in the rapping game for their different voices not saying that some these girls can't rap it's just that these two girls unique voices that you can't even find in Korea not hating here just speaking my mind here do not hate yeah these some girls have nice flow, but there are also people with unique voices just saying like LE

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        Moonbyul !

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        Uhhh where's Jennie and Lisa?