Tiziano Rossetti: Master of the Pianoforte

Updated on January 5, 2020
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C. De Melo is an author & art historian in Florence who specializes in historical novels set in Italy.

Tiziano Rossetti


A Prodigy

Tiziano Rossetti has performed over five hundred concerts in Italy and abroad, and has won more than sixty first-place international awards. The talented pianist has successfully mastered some of the most challenging and difficult pieces ever written in the history of the piano. Unsurprisingly, critics have described him as one of the greatest virtuosos of his generation.

The twenty-seven year old musical prodigy was born in Copertino, Puglia and studied at the Conservatory of Lecce before attending the "Verdi" Conservatory in Milan. Under the tutelage of his mentor, Maestro Cristiano Burato, Rossetti perfected his technique.

Tiziano Rossetti Performing Rachmaninoff in Zagreb (Croatia)

Tiziano Rossetti Plays Tchaikowsky Concerto n° 1

The Pianist's Loves

Rossetti refers to himself as a virtuoso pianist. This particular musical style concentrates on explosiveness, technique, and passion. His favorite composers are Liszt and Rachmaninoff. Among the most challenging pieces he has performed are Liszt's Transcendental Studies and Rachmaninoff's third concert (the famous Rach 3).

A few years ago, he performed a romantic concerto at the Monferrato Classic Festival in Piedmont. The music he chose was dedicated to his love, Simona. After listening to Rossetti's performance, one journalist writing about the event described the passionate pianist as having "fingers of steel, a heart of burning lava, and the courage of a lion."

Apt descriptions as far as this author is concerned.

Tiziano Rossetti: Schubert/Liszt "Erlkönig"

First Impression

I had never heard of Tiziano Rossetti until recently at a musical competition. Although this event was open to the public, there were less than six audience members besides the judges. Rossetti, unassuming and calm, materialized on stage after a banal introduction. The moment his fingers touched the ivory keys, I knew this was no typical concert pianist.

He had prudently selected a piece from Liszt that showcased his incredible skill, range, and passion: "Après une lecture du Dante." The composer wrote this musical masterpiece in honor of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, specifically, Dante's Inferno. Noted for its legendary difficulty, it is considered the workhorse of all the great piano virtuosos.

Music possesses the power to move and inspire us, to fill our souls and raise our spirits. Rossetti did not disappoint. Halfway through this sublime musical experience, I noticed that the pianist had no sheet music. Remarkably, Rossetti played solely from memory, the music flowing freely from him as water does from a pitcher. When he had finished, he rose, bowed, and left, leaving his listeners awestruck. The judges only looked at each other and smiled.

There are several videos of Rossetti performing on YouTube and I have selected a few for this article, including a snippet from "Après une lecture du Dante."

Thank you for reading.

"Après une lecture du Dante"


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