The Wizards-Rise Of The Serpent

Updated on July 9, 2020
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I've listened to rock and metal for over 30 years. Co-Host on Rat Salad Review Network. also drummer in the band Project Resurrect.

The Wizards- Rise Of The Serpent Released November 9th 2018  on High Roller Records
The Wizards- Rise Of The Serpent Released November 9th 2018 on High Roller Records

The Background

"Rise Of The Serpent" is The Wizards' 3rd album. The band originally formed in the spring of 2013 in Bilbao Spain. The band says they are "Occult Heavy Metal Warriors." They play a mix of styles they all share and like. Not only will you hear heavy metal, but there are traces of '70s hard rock, doom, and even some punk. You can definitely hear all of that on "Rise Of The Serpent."

Age Of Man (Official Video)

The Review

This is the first I have heard of the band and, upon first glance of the artwork, I knew I had to see what they were all about. The first thing that really stuck out to me was the production. I was expecting a typical very overproduced sound, but I was immediatly proven wrong on the first notes of "Apocalyptic Weapons". All of the instruments sound real and not over computerized. I read that the band did things differently with recording this album, such as recording the drums the old way in a big old room. They also used microphones and some other gear from the 60's and 70's and you can really hear it with the music. If there is one thing to take away from this whole release its that the album sounds amazing and its refreshing to hear a band sound like this in a time where every band almost sounds identicle.

My one and only gripe is the vocals. They aren't terrible but they don't seem to fit with the heavyness of the music. At times the vocalist can sound like he might be struggling to belt out the chorus part in the song "Destiny" which musically is an excellent song and really catchy but the vocals and even some of the backing vocals kind of kill it for me. The band could really benefit from a singer more close to JB from Grand Magus. Again I'm not trying to put this singer down he's good but just needs to add a little more grit and more passion with the vocals. With that being said, the vocals work really well on "Distorted Mirrors" which is kind of the ballad song on the album, then it breaks out into some older type Maiden sounding riffs and solos in the middle part of the song, so he does have a lot of potential. Same goes for the over 8 minute long song "V.O.I.D." my favorite song on the album. On the slower parts vocals are good which I think suits his voice better.

Should You Buy It?

If your into bands like Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, UFO with a doom twist at times then you just might like The Wizards. I found the album pretty enjoyable. Again, it was a breath of fresh air to hear a band sound like they are using real instruments for a change. Just make some changes as far as the vocals go and I'm sure we'll be hearing more from these guys.

(In No Particular Order) Sir Ian Mason - vocals  George Dee - guitar  Phil The Pain - guitar  Baraka Boy - bass Dave O. Spare - drums
(In No Particular Order) Sir Ian Mason - vocals George Dee - guitar Phil The Pain - guitar Baraka Boy - bass Dave O. Spare - drums


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