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Mozart's Most Famous & Popular Music

Updated on September 21, 2017

Most Famous & Popular Mozart Songs

There's no doubt that Mozart was a musical genius. He remains one of the greatest musical masters, not only of his day, but of all time. His best and most popular songs, concertos, symphonies and operas are some of the greatest and most famous classical music compositions ever written.

His genius has had a profound impact on the world of music and on many of his contemporaries. Beethoven, while not following Mozart's style, was highly influenced by the musical ideas Mozart put forth, as were many other composers who came after him.

Even though classical music is no longer the most popular form of music, nor is it being made as much today; people still love to hear the works of Mozart. We play his music for our babies, use it to study or work to, and use it to soothe, stimulate, or relax our minds. His music is still as popular as ever which is a massive testament to his achievements.

Below I have selected nine pieces of Mozarts most famous and popular music. It is a mixture of his most famous music by recognition of the piece as well as being played often still today. Whether that be at a live venue, a radio station, or on Youtube. While a couple of these choices might be considered stand alone "songs", most are parts of a larger piece.

An authentic painting of Mozart circa 1777.  Mozart's father said as to the resemblance of his son in this painting, "...I can assure you that it is perfect".
An authentic painting of Mozart circa 1777. Mozart's father said as to the resemblance of his son in this painting, "...I can assure you that it is perfect".

Serenade No. 13 a.k.a. "Eine Kleine Nacht-Musik"

Sometimes it is the "afterthought" pieces composers write that end up becoming some of their most famous.

Such is the case with Eine Kleine Nachtmusick. It may also be one of the most well known pieces of classical music ever written. Everyone, their mother, and their grandmother has probably heard Eine Kleine Nachtmusick in some form or another.

Symphony No. 40, 1st Movement "Allegro"

Without a doubt this is Mozart's most famous symphony. The first movement in particular is extremely well known and is one of the most famous movements he created. This is probably the second most well known piece of music Mozart wrote, especially with todays listeners.

Overture to "The Marriage of Figaro"

Possibly one of the most moving and famous opera overtures of all time. It is still played alone as a concert piece the world over. In fact, The Marriage of Figaro is considered to be one of the top ten most performed operas worldwide.

This might be my personal favorite of Mozart's most famous works. It's such a lively and invigorating piece. It always makes me soar whenever I hear it.

Here we see a Mozart family portrait circa 1780.  Seated at the piano is Mozart and his sister Maria Anne.  To the right of them is their father Leopold, and in the background is a portrait of their mother Anna Maria.
Here we see a Mozart family portrait circa 1780. Seated at the piano is Mozart and his sister Maria Anne. To the right of them is their father Leopold, and in the background is a portrait of their mother Anna Maria.

Rondo Alla Turca

Known formally as Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major. The piece actually consists of three movements with the rondo coming last, being popularly referred to as the "Turkish Rondo". This piece is often heard on it's own and without the first two movements because of its popularity.

This is another great example of Mozart's playful spirit at work. He styled the piece after Turkish "bands" that were popular at the time. It seems strange that these small, "insignificant" pieces end up becoming extremely popular.

Piano Concerto No. 21, 2nd Movement "Andante"

Wolfgang's favorite instrument was the piano. Not only that, he was a master pianist himself. And so he wrote his greatest music with the piano in mind. The emotional and stylistic range of Mozart is stunning, and only the piano can really capture that range as he knew all too well.

This 2nd movement of his 21st piano concerto shows some of that emotional range exquisitely.

Piano Concerto No. 20, 2nd Movemet "Romanze"

Another wonderful example of the heartfelt emotional range of Mozart and the piano. People love these slow, beautiful movements. His 20th piano concerto is one of my absolute favorites and this movement is one of his most famous. It's featured prominently at the end of the movie Amadeus.

Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter", 1st Movement "Allegro Vivace"

Though Mozart is probably better known for his work with the piano, he could also write a pretty good symphony as well. He seemed to really hit his stride in this regard late in his career. Both his 40th and 41st symphonies are quite famous.

Jupiter is considered to be the god of joy or jollity. Listen to this last movement of Mozarts 41st symphony and tell me that it's not full of joy. This one is Mozart through and through.

The original Requiem score.
The original Requiem score.

Requiem, "Lacrimosa"

There's a bit of controversy surrounding Mozarts death as well as his involvement with regards to his Requiem. It's not certain how much Mozart finished and how much was finished by a few other composers at the discretion of Constanze, Mozarts wife.

All that aside, it's obvious that the Requiem has the direction and thought of Mozart written all over it. Lacrimosa is one of the most famous and iconic movements from the Requiem Mass. It's both beautiful and haunting at the same time.

Overture to "The Magic Flute"

The Magic Flute was one of Mozarts greatest successes, not only while he was alive, but to this day. The opera itself is considered to be one of the top five most performed operas worldwide. While the overture to The Magic Flute may not be as popular as the overture to The Marriage of Figaro, the opera itself is.

It's another playful and lively overture, and somewhat hard to believe (or not) Mozart wrote this at the same time he wrote the Requiem. Mozart always seemed to have a flair for the dramatic and his overtures never disappoint.

Which of These Mozart Pieces Is Your Favorite?

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      Dippertrip1.2 6 weeks ago

      Love it all

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      rugay 2 months ago

      Where did he live?

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      Jk..... it is really my initials. 2 months ago

      I'm doing a summer school project about Mozart

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      Ian 5 months ago

      Symphony no. 40 4th movement is also famous.

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      Lol 7 months ago

      What about für elise

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      RogerD 7 months ago

      Thank you for this list. One that I also like is the oboe concerto, K 314.

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      No name 7 months ago

      lol this is FUNNY!!!!!!!

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      no name 9 months ago

      they are all superstitiously unique and I wish to hear more

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      Jitske 11 months ago

      Symphony 40, 3rd movement is also amazing!

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      Jan W. 16 months ago

      For me the most "famous" piece by Mozart is definetly the Requiem. This is no only due to the fact that it is his last composition, but also the myths which surround the piece!

      I don't want to be promotional, but I worte a blog post about the reasons, why Mozart’s Requiem became so famous. So if you're interested, just check out the post under:

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      No name 16 months ago

      They are all so great

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      merpa 24 months ago

      clarinet concerto seems pretty important as well :/

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      it can make me like staying on the world without lonelyness