The Top Ten Eminem Diss Tracks

Updated on October 27, 2011

The famous diss track. Something that has become a big part of rap. Countless rappers have dissed countless rappers on songs, but if there's one man who's the best at it, you know who it is. Eminem. I'm going to be counting down the king of diss track's best disses. So sit back and enjoy.

10) I Remember

Best Line : "I was right there laughing when I heard the news/I just wish the cardiac would've murdered you!"

Some consider I Remember just a poorer version of Quitter, which is true to some extent (he does talk about a lot of the same subjects), but a closer examination shows Eminem mocking Everlast in a diiferent way to Quitter. He sings half the song, and later states that he's a better singer than Everlast and he hasn't even sung before. He then does a rap segment where he discusses Everlast's jealousy of him, in further detail than he did on Quitter. Not as good as Quitter, but still a good diss track.

9) Bully

Best Line : His ass is such a puppet/Irv could shove his whole hand up it/And make him say what he wants him to say!"

In the midst of Eminem's two biggest battles, Benzino and Ja Rule, he wrote Bully against both of them. Claiming that Benzino's jealous of him, and that Ja Rule is just a fake and a puppet for Murder Inc. Not as good as his other disses to Benzino and Ja but still deserves to be in the list.

8) Can-I-B*tch?

Best Line : "His album came and it was not good/I think it went lead or double copper wood!"

The Eminem/Canibus feud has been going on longer than Eminem's career. It's unclear when and why the feud started, but the point is, Eminem and Canibus are far from friends. After several shots at each other, Eminem recorded Can-I-B*tch. The reason I'm including it in this list is because... Well... I guess it just wasn't what anyone was expecting from Eminem. He had never done nor was anyone expecting him to do a comedy-diss track. It works really well though. A very unique track.

7) Hailie's Revenge

Best Line : "Do-rae-me-far-so-la-ti-da/Don't blame me cause you lost your boss's spot/Mama-say-mama-sa-ma-macosa/Ja, quit playing, knock it off, you're not 2pac!"

50 Cent and Ja Rule had a feud and, being friends with 50, Eminem inherited the feud. Ja crossed the line when he released a song with the line "Em, you claim your mother's a crackhead, and Kim's a known sl*t, so what's Hailie gonna be when she grows up?". He gathered up 50 Cent, Obie Trice, and D12 for the massive diss track Hailie's Revenge. Although Eminem only sings the chorus, he probably sums the entire song up in a few hard-hitting lines.

6) The Warning

Best Line : "You gonna ruin my career you better get one!"

The feud between Eminem and Mariah Carey had been going on since 2001 when Eminem claimed to have had a relationship with her. Unfortunately for Nick Cannon, he was married to her just as she released her diss track Obsessed. Eminem wasn't gonna take that, and he wasn't going to let Nick Cannon get away unscathed either. Released just a month and a half after Obsessed, The Warning certainly shut Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon up. Although his shots at Carey are good, it's his disses to Nick Cannon that stands out, focusing on his failed career and his silly mocking and threatening of Eminem.

5) Go To Sleep

Best Line : You're pitiful/I'm rid of you/All of you/Ja, you'll get it too!"

Eminem has been known for always being straight-forward in his diss tracks, and it doesn't get more straight-forward than Go To Sleep. Eminem directly tells Ja to die. This is what makes the diss track good. The directness of it. Eminem had said everything he had to say about him being a puppet, and being a bad rapper, and a wannabe gangster, so this track was kinda like a little message after a long letter. The letter was Hail Mary, Bully, and Hailie's Revenge. Go To Sleep was 'P.S. Go die'.

4) Girls

Best Line : "So from doin a song with Method/To beggin to get accepted/I'm peggin Fred with the bottle of dye that he bleached his head with!"

During the Eminem/Everlast feud, Eminem asked popular band Limp Bizkit if they wanted to be on a song dissing Everlast. They agreed at first, but when the day came to recording it they pulled out. Eminem was extremely annoyed, so it sent him over the edge when he saw Limp Bizkit member DJ Lethal on TV saying that Everlast could beat Eminem up in real life. He turned right round and told Limp Bizkit how he felt, dissing Fred Durst and DJ Lethal in particular.

3) Quitter/Hit 'Em Up

Best Line : "So he picks the guitar up/And he strums a few notes/He can't rap or sing/But he wants to do both!"

The Eminem/Everlast feud started when Eminem supposedly snubbed Everlast backstage at a concert. The two traded a couple diss tracks but it was when Everlast brought Eminem's daughter into it that the feud got serious. Out of Eminem's anger came Quitter. Eminem mocks Everlast career as a singer, and in particular his bad heart condition. On the second half of the song, Eminem remakes 2pac's Hit 'Em Up to continue the attack before letting D12 get in on the action.

2) The Sauce

Best Line : "You gotta stay up till three in the morning to see your video played once on BET/So hee-hee-hee/Who has the last laugh/Aftermath, yeah!"

The feud between Eminem and Ray Benzino started when Benzino started publicly attacking Eminem and then went on to released to diss tracks against him. Eminem had had enough. He hit back with his two best diss tracks. The first being The Sauce. Tearing apart Benzino as he goes at his age, failed career, and his exploitation of his own son. He also takes down The Source magazine. Moral of the story : Don't mess with Eminem.

1) Nail In The Coffin

Best Line : "What the f*ck you stop for dummy/If you slew some crack/You'd make a lot more money then you do from rap!"

Eminem's second blow to Benzino during their feud remains one of the best diss tracks of all time. Nail In The Coffin is someone taking The Sauce and adding some Ether. Benzino should have known better, with the public put-downs and two diss tracks, he must have known Eminem would have hit back better than ever. Eminem's pride and joy when it comes to diss tracks, this shows how someone can diss every single thing about someone and still leave some more to come. The impact of this song was so big it lead to Benzino losing his job. Props, Eminem. Props.

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      Marshall Mathers!

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      There is one thing he isn't good at, knowing how to write a bad song.

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      I've always thought Eminem should be a writer or an author. The Guy is a literature genius but rap stole him away from it. nice hub. voted up and useful.