The Top 10 Best Songs by Snow Patrol

Updated on September 10, 2018
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I'm a Scottish law student. My interests include photography and music. I'm a tech geek and a lover of science.

Snow Patrol are an Irish/Scottish alternative rock band formed in 1994. The group comprises Gary Lightbody (vocals, guitar), Jonny Quinn (drums), Nathan Connolly (guitar, backing vocals), Paul Wilson (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Tom Simpson (keyboards).

Snow Patrol happen to be one of my favourite bands, so I thought I'd compile a list of their 10 best songs. It was a bad idea. I've never had to do anything so difficult. But now it's finished and here for you to see.

10. Dark Roman Wine

A soft, somewhat haunting song, Dark Roman Wine contains some of Snow Patrol’s best lyrics. It’s a rather like a waltz without a beat, constantly sounding like it’s about to go “big”. But it never does. You could call it disappointing. I call it beautiful.

“Now your eyelids they faint and they shiver

Like the wings of the last bird to leave

For the south, for the heat, for no reason

I watch as they fly for sheer joy”


9. The Golden Floor

“The Golden Floor” should serve as a reminder to every band out there of just how simple it is to make beautiful music. This quiet, restrained song uses fingerpicking and has a certain minimalism that’s quite unusual for Snow Patrol. It’s certainly not one of their usual pop/rock ballads. This track featured on their 2008 album “A Hundred Million Suns”.

“I'm a peasant in your princess arms

Penniless with only charm

As we're levelled by the low

Hot lights and disarmed”

8. Called Out In The Dark

“Called Out In The Dark” is from their most recent album, “Fallen Empires”. The song is something of a continuation of Snow Patrol’s foray into electronica that they began with “Just Say Yes”. Despite the slightly “dancey” drumbeat and electronically heavy chorus, it still manages to sound very much like a Snow Patrol song.

The chorus was got me hooked on this song. It’s probably not their best work in terms of lyrics, but there’s something about this song which doesn’t need amazing lyrics. It also has a slightly faster tempo than many of Snow Patrol’s songs, which is a pleasant change that works very well.

“It's like we just can't help ourselves

'Cause we don't know how to back down”

7. You're All I Have

This is the first track from “Eyes Open” and boy is it a strong opener. It’s somewhat reminiscent of “Spitting Games”, at least in terms of its energy. It starts with some bright, airy piano which quickly shifts towards a driving guitar strumming rhythm that is typical Snow Patrol’s music.

With their previous album, “Final Straw”, Snow Patrol got their commercial breakthrough. On the follow-up, “Eyes Open”, they had to make it clear they weren’t just going to do the same thing again. “You’re All I Have” made that statement, loud and clear. And brilliant. Very brilliant.

“There is a darkness deep in you

A frightening magic I cling to”

6. Open Your Eyes

This song from their 2006 album “Eyes Open” is a personal favourite of mine. I love the song, being stouter than most of the other songs on the rest of the album. It somehow sounds…honest, for want of a better word. But the thing that really made me fall in love with this song was seeing the music video.

If you haven't seen it, the video for "Open Your Eyes" uses footage from "C'était un Rendezvous", a short film made in Paris in 1976 by French filmmaker Claude Lelouch. This is the only time in its 30 year history that Lelouch has granted approval to use the footage, though many others besides Snow Patrol have tried to acquire permission to use this spine-tingling, hair-raising piece of film. That alone should tell you something about how good the song is – and how perfectly it fits with the film.

“Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine

And we'll walk from this dark room for the last time”

5. Give Me Strength

“Give Me Strength” is a very strong ballad and one of their best efforts in recent years. It’s a crystal-eyed, melodic-melancholic kind of song i.e. the kind of song that Snow Patrol does best. This song was first released on their 2009 compilation album “Up To Now” which, incidentally, is well worth getting.

“Let me hold you up

Like you held me up

It's too long to never say this

You must know I've always thought”

4. Chasing Cars

“Chasing Cars” is one of Snow Patrol’s most famous songs, from their 2006 album “Eyes Open”. “Chasing Cars” was the 2nd single from that album. Chasing Cars was – and is – one of the most downloaded singles of all time. The single even went 3x Platinum in Australia.

The lyrics are quite plain, but somehow that makes the song even better. Perhaps it’s not surprising that lead singer Gary Lightbody called it “the most pure and open love song” he’s ever written.

“Those three words are said too much.

They’re not enough.”


3. Run

One of the most famous songs by Snow Patrol, this featured on “Final Straw”. More recently, it was covered by X-Factor winner Leona Lewis.

Personally, I much prefer the original. It sends shivers down the spine of the listener with its melancholy chorus and powerful, uplifting chorus.

“To think I might not see those eyes,

Makes it so hard not to cry,

And as we say our long goodbyes,

I nearly do.”

2. Signal Fire

This song was written as the theme for Spiderman 3. And it doesn’t matter, because it’s a great song, regardless of whether it’s been shackled to a blockbuster or not. The band managed to keep a sense of identity with this song – it sounds like a Snow Patrol song, not the song from Spiderman. Actually, you might say it doesn’t have much to do with the movie at all. The wonderful lyrics certainly don’t give anything away.

“The perfect words never crossed my mind

'Cause there was nothing in there but you

I felt every ounce of me screaming out

But the sound was trapped deep in me”


1. How To Be Dead

This is the first track from “Final Straw”. It has a remarkably simple chord progression, but when it’s combined with such beautiful lyrics, there’s no way the song could be anything other than brilliant.

I’m not the only one how loves the lyrics in this song; one reviewer describes them as “a pretty little knife which Gary Lightbody seems to be twisting into his own chest, a list of druggy regrets and lost loves."

“It’s a simple suggestion, can you give me some time,

So just say yes or no, why can't you shoulder the blame?

'cause both my shoulders are heavy, from the weight of us both,”

Thank you for reading

I really struggled to create this list, as I like almost every song Snow Patrol have ever released. It was extremely difficult whittle down a list of the 10 best songs from 6 studio albums.

Thanks for taking the time to read this hub. I hope you enjoyed it.

If you have any feedback or want to mention a song you think should be on this list (or one that shouldn't), please feel free to leave a comment below.


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    • profile image


      22 months ago

      This list is brilliant. I completely agree with you... although I think I’d have had to included Set Down You’re glass and Warmer Climate

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks buddy..!

      Just the perfect list I need to burn for my wife's car cd...she plays music on her way to work


    • innerspin profile image

      Kim Kennedy 

      7 years ago from uk

      Yay, you've reminded me to dig out my Snow Patrol CD to play in the car. I have trouble remembering the song titles sometimes, but love Chasing Cars and Open Your Eyes. Glad I found this hub.


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