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The Biography of Karun Mungai–Kenyan Songstress and Former Camp Mulla Member

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Karun Mungai

Karun Mungai

Who Is Karun Mungai?

Karungari Mungai, professionally known as Karun (formerly Miss Karun), is an R&B singer-songwriter from Kenya and former member of the legendary Camp Mulla music group. She was born in 1994 to Eric and Molly Mungai, who are both among the richest people in Kenya.

Karun started singing in her teenage years on Camp Mulla, where she was able to gather a large following with her fellow group members. After the group’s unexpected split in 2013, she moved to Boston to further her studies.

Four years later, the talented singer came back to Kenya with an advanced stage pregnancy. Karun gave birth to her precious son, Prince Mungai-Kiwango, in March 2017 but kept the details of the child’s father private. However, later on, she revealed that the child’s dad is Joseph Kiwango, a Tanzanian superstar.

If you are a major fan of Karun like me, please read on to the end to know much more about the beautifully talented Kenyan songstress.


Miss Karun on Camp Mulla

Camp Mulla is an urban pop group from Nairobi, Kenya. When the group began in 2009, it consisted of five members: Miss Karun, Taio Tripper, K’Cous, Shappa Man, and Mykie Toni. The group was very popular across Africa, and it went on to receive a 2012 BET award nomination for the Best International Act.

Camp Mulla came into the public limelight after their catchy debut single, “Party Don’t Stop” in 2010. Miss Karun served as the group’s lead singer, and she added an exceptional R&B vibe to their music.

After three years of success and fame, the group disbanded as Miss Karun and Taio (currently known as Thee MC Africa) confirmed their exit. It was a very sad day for most of their fans (including me).

Below I’ll take a look at some of the songs Camp Mulla released from 2010 to 2013.

1. “Party Don’t Stop”

Camp Mulla’s debut single, “Party Don’t Stop” was well-received by Kenyans, and it went on to peak at position two on Capital FM’s Hits Not Homework radio playlist. In addition, the jam won an award at the 2012 Chaguo La Teeniz Awards. Collins Majale, who is another famous Kenyan act, was also featured in the song.

2. “Hold It Down (254Low Tribute)”

“Hold It Down” was a tribute to Nairobi, which is the city the band members were born and raised in. The video, which was shot in Nairobi CBD, shows their appreciation for all factors that propelled them forward in the music industry. “Hold it Down” was released in 2012.

3. “Addicted”

In their continued reign of East Africa airwaves, Camp Mulla went on to release “Addicted” on 17 September 2011. It was a chilled-out, club-friendly jam that got fans more “addicted” to the group’s music.

4. “Fresh All Day”

In 2012, Camp Mulla released another captivating tune called “Fresh All Day.” It revolves around swagger, looking good, and being successful.

5. “Feel No Pain”

“Feel No Pain” is a nice party track that talks about feeling no pain after a breakup. The excellent song was released in September.

Karun Mungai's Solo Music Career

After leaving Camp Mulla, Karun went on to release her first solo album, titled Sun & Moon, alongside a weekly video blog leading up to the unveiling of “The Lady Bug Project.”

The gifted artist also proceeded to enroll at the renowned Berklee College of Music in the United States. At the prestigious institution, Karun’s Major was in Electronic Music Production and Design. In addition, she became a member of a pop a cappella group known as Kepoambe and performed at several festivals in the US, such as the Madaraka Festival in Seattle. Karun also joined a group called Cosmic Homies, which is an electro-soul collective of East Africans.

She has also done solo projects over the years and has received numerous award nominations, including the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 2019 Award (Creative Category).

Here are some of Karun’s best hits during her solo career.

1. “Glow Up”

“Glow Up” is one of the most loveable songs from Karun. It’s a danceable track about a woman realizing her worth and not tearing up other females. The uplifting and feel-good pop song was released in 2019.

2. “Hit Me Up”

“Hit Me Up” is an adorable love song where Karun sings about missing a lover and tells him to hit her up. Karun looks lovely in the video with her fantastic makeup, colorful braids, and beautiful jewelry. The catchy hit was released in 2019.

3. “Feels Good”

Karun teamed up with Fena Gitu, another Kenyan female singer, to produce a phenomenal track titled “Feels Good.” The 2014 song combines the exceptional gifts of both musicians, and it feels good for sure.

4. “Roses”

Karun is, without a doubt, a talented vocalist, as can be seen on the track “Roses.” The soul-touching 2018 song is suitable for all sorts of laid-back, romantic settings.

Karun's Music Continues to Delight

As Karun continues on her musical journey, I wish her all the best. May she continue to wow us with her beautiful voice and win as many awards as possible.

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