10 Most Popular Blackpink Songs

Updated on May 25, 2019
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If you're on this page, then you probably know that Blackpink are global icons who conquered the K-pop charts and are renowned for their beauty and talent. This quartet was the biggest Korean female act of the last few years. These four beautiful performers (Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rose) are storming the world and may become one of the best K-pop groups of our generation. The list below details their 10 best songs. Read on to learn more about this phenomenal K-pop group!

Most Popular Blackpink Songs

  1. "Ddu-du Ddu-du"
  2. "Kill This Love"
  3. "Boombayah"
  4. "Don't Know What to Do"
  5. "As If It's Your Last"
  6. "Whistle"
  7. "Playing With Fire"
  8. "Kiss and Make Up (ft. Dua Lipa)"
  9. "Stay"
  10. "Forever Young"

1. "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du"

Album: Blackpink in Your Area

Year released: June 15, 2018

When I first heard this song on the radio, I knew it was going to be a big hit. Why? Because, this is a trendy hip-hop song with a very danceable beat. It is pop, but it has elements of trap music that make the song catchy and exciting. The synth line will definitely make you want to dance. The song is highly addictive, because it has a chorus that is easy to remember. Just wave your body a little, point with your fingers, and say, "Hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du! Ah yeah, ay yeah!"

"Ddu-du Ddu-du" is Blackpink's most streamed single. It has 200 million streams on Spotify and will soon approach one billion views on Youtube. This single, from their EP "Square Up," was written by Teddy Park. The music video became an immediate hit, gaining massive traffic within only a few hours of being uploaded. Currently, it is the most-viewed music video by a K-pop girl group on YT. Clearly, it is one of the best songs ever made in K-pop history.

2. "Kill This Love"

Album: Kill This Love

Year released: April 4, 2019

This empowering new song from Blackpink is about ending a toxic relationship, and it's taking off on the charts. The song is stronger and heavier than "Ddu-ddu ddu-ddu," but every bit as listenable. It peaked at #2 on South Korea's Gaon Chart, #33 on the U.K. Singles' Chart, and #41 on the Billboard Hot 100 (making it the best-charting song by a South Korean girl group in the United States). This song has a powerful electro-pop feel matched with strong break-up lyrics, showing off their power and their swagger. It's no secret why this song became so commercially successful.

"Kill This Love" is their lead single for their 2019 album of the same name. The song was written by Teddy Park and American singer-songwriter Rebecca Johnson. The girls also performed at Coachella this past year, making them the first K-pop act to ever do so. This was a truly historic moment, which made all the "Blinks" very proud of their achievement.

The music video for "Kill This Love" was an instant record-breaker. It was the fastest liked video and the fastest viewed video on YouTube. It is also one of the most-viewed videos online. Within the first 24 hours of its release it almost reached 56.7 million views. They are the only female K-pop group to reach this many views in a single day!

3. "Boombayah"

Album: Square One

Year released: August 8, 2016

When Blackpink debuted, we all knew they weren't going to be an ordinary group. We could instantly see that they were going to be a blast to the industry. They were introduced as having intense girl power and incredible charm. They were poised to become singing and fashion icons. Today, they are the highest-charting female Korean act on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard 200.

"Boombayah" is one of BP's first songs. Unlike the usual K-pop songs (which are girly, cute, and bubbly), they debuted with intense booming beats that were both powerful and sexy, matching their image perfectly. After obtaining a large number of views in a short period of time, their music video has reached a milestone on YouTube. They are surely to have continued success in the future.

4. "Don't Know What to Do"

Album: Kill This Love

Year released: April 4, 2019

This is a break-up ballad with melancholic lyrics, but it tries to hide these painful lyrics behind a catchy beat. "Don't Know What to Do" is from the album "Kill This Love." It is probably one of the most beautiful songs from BP. This song conveys a message of loneliness and is about someone who decided to end a relationship, but now regrets that decision. This theme of heartbrokenness permeates the album.

This is a great song with great vocals. Their tremendous singing always causes me to get emotional while listening to this one. While we're used to seeing them be strong, in this song, we can see that they can also get hurt and be fragile at times.

5. "As if It's Your Last"

Album: Blackpink in Your Area

Year released: June 22, 2017

What makes "As If It's Your Last" different from other BP songs? It's their happiest, brightest, and most upbeat song. It features the "pink" side of Blackpink, since most of their songs are showing the "black" side. This song combines house, reggae, and moombahton and is the third from their "Square" series.

With an exciting beat and a colorful music video, nobody can help but fall in love with this "pinkish" song. After uploading it on YT, it surpassed BTS' record for being the fastest music video to exceed 10 million views by a K-pop group, which was previously held by the song "Not Today." In Japan, it debuted at number 19 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100, making it BP's highest charting effort in the country. The week following its release, the song stayed in position 19 on the chart. It also debuted at number one on Billboard World Digital Songs after selling 4,000 copies the first week, despite the limited window.

6. "Whistle"

Album: Blackpink in Your Area

Year released: August 8, 2016

"Whistle" is from their double A-side single "Square One." The song's catchy whistling gets caught in your head. They debuted with this song, alongside Boombayah. The song blends minimalist hip-hop with guitar-driven pop. Just like a whistle, this song calls for our attention. This song makes you want to dance and snap your fingers to the beat. And, let's not forget Lisa's admirable rapping skills, which she displays for the first time in this song. Her pace is incredibly fast, it's hard to keep up! She's so full of swag, and we like it!

It was "Whistle" that won them the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Music Video. It was praised for being wonderfully directed, highlighting not just the members' stunning visuals, but also showing how talented they are. They also appeared on the famous TV program Inkigayo, where they bagged their very first number 1 trophy (with "Whistle") in just 13 days, overtaking Miss A's record as the fastest girl group to win No.1 on a music show.

7. Playing With Fire

Album: Blackpink in Your Area

Year released: November 1, 2016

"Playing With Fire" is another remarkable song from Blackpink's early days. It was released as the title track for their second single "Square Two." This is a good track to listen to when you want to chill for a moment. Described as "tropical house," the song has a lively beat with a slow tempo (unlike their other songs). I love the line, "my love is on fire." It makes the song one hundred times hotter!

In the MV, we see well-choreographed dance moves with cut scenes that showcase each of the members' fierce outfits. The lyrics are about a love that burns with a fiery passion. Her feelings are untamed and uncontrollable. I love when Lisa sings, "so don't play with me boy." Overall, "Playing With Fire" is a favorite of most "Blinks." In fact, the song topped the weekly Billboard World Digital Songs chart, showing that it has become popular in the United States.

8. Kiss and Make Up (with Dua Lipa)

Album: Dua Lipa

Year released: October 19, 2018

Even the biggest music stars in the world are fond of Blackpink. This collaboration with "New Rules" British singer Dua Lipa is truly phenomenal. "Kiss and Make-up" is a song written by Dua Lipa herself, together with Teddy Park, who wrote most of BP's songs. The track is included on her "Dua Lipa: Complete Edition" album, which was released in 2018. Right now, the official audio has over 110 million views on YT, and 225 million streams on Spotify. Sadly, there's no music video for this song. But, "Kiss and Make-Up" is still an excellent song. It is certified gold in Australia.

During their 2019 "In Your Area" world tour at Newark’s Prudential Center, BP performed this song onstage, and to everyone's surprise, they were joined by Dua Lipa herself. This made the fans feel incredibly excited! It really would be a pleasure to see them all having fun together. In fact, Dua Lipa looks like she could be the fifth member of Blackpink!

9. "Stay"

Album: Blackpink in Your Area

Year released: November 1, 2016

"Stay" is a calm, refreshing, and relaxing song that uses guitar and harmonica to build its melodies. It is a folk-pop song that is included on their "Square Two" single. It's also an A-side on "Playing With Fire."

This beautiful piece is definitely an example of one of their "pink" concepts, as it features the lovely and sweet side of the foursome. Considering that they are still a rookie group, when this song was released, it showed just how creative and versatile Blackpink is. They can shift from being a symbolically "black" (powerful, fierce, and intense) girl group to being a symbolically "pink" (light, charming, and sweet) girl group.

10. "Forever Young"

Album: Blackpink in Your Area

Year released: 2018

This track is taken from the "Square Up" EP. It also has a Japanese version that is included on their first Japanese studio album Blackpink in Your Area.

On this song, Blackpink slay the dance floor. The music video has solid choreography that compliments the beat perfectly. As strong as their dance moves are, the message of the song is even stronger. The song is about having freedom. It's about living how you want to while you're young. It's about living a life with no regrets.

What is your favorite Blackpink song?

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