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Top 10 Most Beautiful, Cute, and Popular K-Pop Girls

Ma-re is a certified K-drama and K-pop enthusiast. She always likes to discover something new about the wide world of Korean entertainment.

The beautiful Krystal!

The beautiful Krystal!

Korea is blessed with many beautiful women, especially in the world of entertainment. As the K-pop audience grows, fans can't get enough of these stunning and charming girls. They're all beautiful, powerful, and unique, but who's the most gorgeous and popular girl in K-pop? Find out the answer in this list.

Top 10 Prettiest and Most Talented Female Idols of K-Pop

  1. Nana
  2. Tzuyu
  3. Suzy
  4. Yura
  5. Yoona
  6. Minah
  7. Seohyun
  8. Hyeri
  9. Krystal
  10. IU

Below you will find facts and a brief bio for each artist. If you're interested in what musical projects, television shows, or feature films you can find each of these stunning pop stars in, then make sure to read the paragraphs below. I've also included music videos for each pop star.

1. Nana

Music Group: After School and its subgroup Orange Caramel

Great Album: Dress to Kill

With or without makeup, Nana is undoubtedly beautiful. Nana is a South Korean singer, actress, and model. She is the main dancer of the girl group After School and its subgroup Orange Caramel. In 2014, she started appearing on television.

She became a member of the SBS variety show called Roommate. She is also the host for OnStyle's Style Log's second season. Just this year, she was cast in a supporting role in the television drama The Good Wife and received positive reviews for her role as Kim Dan.

Fun facts:

  • Her real name is Im Jin-ah.
  • Born on September 14, 1991
  • She is currently attending Seoul Institute of the Arts (SeoulArts).
  • She ranked first in a list of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015.


2. Tzuyu

Music Group: Twice

Great Album: Merry & Happy

Chou Tzu-yu, known as Tzuyu, is a Taiwanese singer based in South Korea. She is a member of the KPOP girl group Twice, formed under JYP Entertainment. This talented 17-year-old became popular only 2 months after her debut. She is so beautiful that no one can look away. She was spotlighted for her appearance on Mnet’s ‘SIXTEEN’. Since then, a lot of fans recognize her as one of the prettiest girls in KPOP.

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Fun facts:

  • Born on June 14, 1999
  • She ranked number 13 on 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015.
  • In 2015, she had a flag controversy on the Korean variety show My Little Television.


3. Suzy

Music Group: miss A

Great Album: Our House

Suzy became popular for her powerful voice and her gorgeous face. Aside from being a singer, she is also an actress. Suzy is a member of the girl group miss A, under JYP Entertainment, and is best known for her roles in the musical drama Dream High (2011), the romantic film Architecture 101 (2012), the historical-fantasy film Gu Family Book (2013), and the melodrama Uncontrollably Fond (2016). Her natural beauty glows every time she smiles.

Fun facts:

  • Her real name is Bae Su-ji
  • Born on October 10, 1994
  • In March 2015, Suzy and South Korean actor Lee Min-ho were confirmed to be in a relationship.


4. Yura

Music Group: Girl's Day

Great Album: Love

Yura is one of the most beautiful and talented KPOP girls of all time. She is a popular singer, rapper, and actress. She is currently a member of Girl's Day under Dream Tea Entertainment.

Her outstanding beauty has made her the face of the girl group. She has extremely beautiful legs, which show off her height. This makes her a mesmerizing dancer. In 2012, she made her acting debut through Sohu TV's Chinese drama Secret Angel.

Fun facts:

  • Her real name is Kim Ah-young
  • Born on November 6, 1992
  • She is currently attending Dongduk Women's University.


5. Yoona

Music Group: Girl's Generation

Great Album: I Got a Boy

Yoona's undisputed beauty has made her a popular KPOP icon. Following the global success of Girl's Generation, she gained fame internationally and became a best-selling artist. Apart from her group's activities, she has participated in various television dramas, including You Are My Destiny (2008), which was a major success on the Korean TV ratings. You Are My Destiny was her breakthrough role and led to her being cast on Prime Minister and I (2013) for which she won an Excellence Award at the 2013 KBS Drama Awards.

Fun facts:

  • Her real name is Im Yoon-ah
  • Born on May 30, 1990
  • She has been called a "CF Queen" due to her several television commercial films.


6. Minah

Music Group: Girl's Day

Great Album: I am a Woman too

Minah is another member of the powerhouse girl group called Girl's Day. She has been a member of the girl group since 2010 and debuted as a solo singer in 2015. She has also acted on television shows, films and drama series including Vampire Idol (2011), Holly (2013) and Beautiful Gong Shim (2016). She's not only good at singing and acting, but is also a very good dancer. Her cute, innocent face makes her one of the prettiest KPOP girls of all time.

Fun facts:

  • Her real name is Bang Min-ah
  • Born on May 13, 1993
  • She is currently majoring in Broadcasting at Dongduk Women's University.
  • Minah dated footballer Son Heung-min, but the couple broke up due to the difficulties of a long-distance relationship.


7. Seohyun

Music Group: Girls' Generation

Great Album: Lion Heart

One of the most beautiful women in all of KPOP is SNSD's Seohyun. With her gentle looks and incredible singing and dancing talent, she quickly became a fan favorite. She debuted as a member of Girls' Generation in August 2007. Girl's Generation became one of South Korea's most popular girl groups worldwide. Apart from her group's activities, she has also established herself as an actress. She's appeared in the Korean versions of the stage musicals Moon Embracing the Sun, Gone with the Wind and Mamma Mia.

Fun facts:

  • Her real name is Seo Ju-hyun
  • Born on June 28, 1991
  • A Girls' Generation subgroup named TTS was formed with Seohyun and fellow members Taeyeon and Tiffany.


8. Hyeri

Music Group: Girl's Day

Great Album: Expectation

Hyeri is the youngest member of the girl group Girl's Day, and has one of the prettiest faces in KPOP. Alongside Yura, she was announced as a new member of Girl's Day in 2010. Later, in 2012, she entered the acting world with a supporting role in SBS weekend drama Tasty Life.

With all of this increased exposure, Hyeri has become more and more popular. Recently, she has had leading roles in television dramas Reply 1988 (2015) and Entertainer (2016). The success of Reply 1988, combined with Hyeri's status as an icon of aegyo, led her to become one of the most in-demand advertising models in South Korea.

Fun facts:

  • Her real name is Lee Hye-ri
  • Born on June 9, 1994
  • She ranked 3rd in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 list in 2016.


9. Krystal

Music Group: f(x)

Great Album: Red Light

Krystal is one of the most incredible talents in all of KPOP. Krystal debuted in 2009 as a member of the South Korean girl group f(x) and has further participated in S.M. Entertainment's project group S.M. The Ballad. Aside from group activities, she also participated in various television dramas such as High Kick 3 (2011–12), The Heirs (2013), and My Lovely Girl (2014).

Fun facts:

  • Her real name is Chrystal Soo Jung
  • Born on October 24, 1994 in San Francisco, California
  • She began dating Kai, a member of labelmate boy group EXO, in early 2016.


10. IU

Music Group: N/A

Great Album: Palette

She's cute, pretty, and extraordinarily talented. Known as Korea's 'little sister', IU became one of the most popular KPOP girl icons after the huge success of 'Good Day', the lead single from her 2010 album Real. It holds the record for spending the most weeks at No. 1 on the charts (along with Psy's 'Gangnam Style').

Aside from her music career, she also hosts radio shows, television shows, and acts. Following her supporting role in the teen drama Dream High and minor appearances in several television series, IU starred in You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin, Pretty Man, The Producers and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Fun facts:

  • Her real name is Lee Ji-eun
  • Born on May 16, 1993
  • IU and South Korean singer-songwriter Chang Kiha are dating despite their 11-year age gap


10 Great KPOP Albums

Artist Album

1. GOT7

"Flight Log: Fly"

2. Mamamoo


3. Seventeen

"Going Seventeen"

4. Tiffany

"I Just Wanna Dance"



6. Dean

"130 Mood: TRBL"

7. Akdong Musician




9. DAY6


10. BTS


More Incredible Girl Groups

Girl GroupGroup Member

Red Velvet

Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy


Solar, Moonbyuk, Wheein, and Hwasa


Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo, Hayoung (the seventh member, Yookyung, left the group in 2013 to focus on her studies)

Black Pink

Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie


Sowon, Eunha, Yuju, Yerin, SinB, and Umji

Who's Your Favorite Korean Pop Star?

Did I miss your favorite KPOP female idol? There are so many more incredible singers and KPOP girl groups out there. Make sure to share your favorites with me. Let me know what you think and share your thoughts!

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RV4Life on August 20, 2020:

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Overall she is most talented one here

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8 nana

9 tzuyu

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Lady mae on August 07, 2018:

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My girls Jisoo Solar Wendy Jihyo Sana and Roseé deserve to be on the list and iu untie is all natural unlike these plastic sluts

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She should be in that no.1 position.

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She should got top 5 ..

She cute.talanted.and so gorgeous.

Blinkiee on December 10, 2017:


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