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Synthwave Single Review: "Easy Lover" by Neon Arcadia


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Artwork for "Easy Lover," by Neon Arcadia

Artwork for "Easy Lover," by Neon Arcadia

Neon Arcadia's cover of Phil Collins "Easy Lover" has a nice retro opening with cool guitar chords, classic synthwave drums and a high chiming synth that carries the melody over the electric guitar that echoes it. It has that great retrowave feeling A/C. Sinclair and Emma Rowley capture that unmistakable ‘80s vocal sound both solo and in duet. Both of their voices have that same impassioned delivery, full of a great ’80s ballad vibe.

The vocal and instrumental melodies on "Easy Lover" are super catchy. As if this weren’t good enough, the sax solo that hits is everything you want a great sax solo in ‘80s pop to be. It’s energetic and just right on the edge of (but not falling into) the realms of the cheesy. The sax player is just jamming it out big time and has some chops to do it.

The lyrics have a true '80s feel and I am not saying that in a negative way at all. I love the poppy feeling from lines like “She'll get a hold on you believe it/Like no other/Before you know it you'll be on your knees/She's an easy lover.”

There are also some fun rhyming moments like, “You'd better forget it/You'll never get it/She will play around and leave you/Leave you and deceive you.” It’s just one of those songs that’s catchy and entertaining to listen to. There’s no serious message, but there doesn’t need to be one!

It’s nice to hear a talented artist like Neon Arcadia just kicking back and having some fun, along with some collaborators. Everything about "Easy Lover" just feels like everyone’s enjoying themselves and kicking out some first-rate jams.

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