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Synthwave Single: "Already Gone" by skimode (feat. Katie Hightower)


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Artwork for skimode's new single, "Already Gone."

Artwork for skimode's new single, "Already Gone."

skimode’s latest single, “Already Gone,” features a vocal performance by Katie Hightower that is strong and expressive over an energetic, sparkling synth melody and strong pulses of throbbing bass with driving drums. It’s a good song about getting out of a bad relationship. All of the proceeds from this single's sales will be donated to the UK charity Refuge that supports victims of domestic violence.

The track opens on a steady pulse of synth and throbbing drums before Katie Hightower’s voice comes in. She has a good voice to deliver this kind of poppy lyric and I also enjoy the catchy vocal melody. As the beat drives on, there are bursts of glowing synth and I get the sensations of rolling down the highway in that “cherry, cherry red bang top down Mustang” that the song mentions.

Relationships get complicated when someone stops falling for games that are being played. This is a song about one of those situations. I like the line, “Bet you on the black you wished that I’d come back/After I passed on a chance to fall for your regular song and dance.”

At that stage, even if someone wants back in, the song points out that “You can’t catch me on the 101/You can’t have me/Oh you can’t have what you want.” The chorus hammers home the point, “I’m already gone…” and leaves the image of heading down the road in a “cherry cherry red bang top down Mustang.”

This is a song with a cool energy to it and I definitely think that having Katie Hightower's vocal performance on the track lifted it to another level.

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