Synthpop Single Review: The Ocean Beneath (feat. Keeper of Bees), "Living Brave"

Updated on February 18, 2020
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Karl has been a freelance writer for over 10 years. He's passionate about music, art, and writing!

Artwork for The Ocean Beneath's (feat. Keeper of Bees) new single, "Living Brave"
Artwork for The Ocean Beneath's (feat. Keeper of Bees) new single, "Living Brave"

The Ocean Beneath’s latest single, "Living Brave," is a powerful adaptation of a poem by Liezel Graham by the vocalist and songwriter Vicky Richardson (The Keeper of Bees). The pair worked together on crafting this adaptation and The Ocean Beneath provides lush, emotive musical backing that allows the strength of the words and Richardson’s warm, rich voice to be delivered to full effect.

There’s a beautifully smoky quality to Richardson’s voice and she can really emote well as she sings. The power and beauty of the words needed the strength and warmth of her vocals to truly be expressed at the highest level and the combination is hard to resist on "Living Brave."

The background of deep bass, a strong but slightly stuttering beat and lengthy synth chords provide a solid foundation to underpin the vocals on this track. The Ocean Beneath has done a subtle, but beautiful job of creating a warm, rich musical framework to complement Vicky Richardson’s warm, rich voice. The backing music fully serves the purpose of allowing the beautiful qualities of the singer’s voice and the words themselves to be showcased.

This is a song that speaks of strength and resilience. The vocals clearly have deep meaning to Richardson because she imbues them with a real strength and emotional resonance. It is also a song that celebrates brave people fighting to make life better for themselves and others.

The power of the lyrics on "Living Brave" is hard to ignore. When Richardson sings, “Still she blooms in spite of winter/Still she blooms the living brave/ This wild courage, in a thousand ways…” one can feel the strength of the song’s subject pouring out.

The chorus of the song was uplifting for me as Richardson sang, “Come on rise from your slumber/There’s a new way daughters of thunder/Come on rise bring your spirit, there’s a new way you sons of thunder…” it was a call to move in newer, more positive directions.

Living Brave is one of those songs that really struck me in an emotional place. The Ocean Beneath’s rich musical backing, Vicky Richardson’s powerful voice and her adaptation (along with poet Leizel Graham) of Graham’s poem "On Living Brave" combined to create a strongly emotive, inspiring song.


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