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#Synthfam Interview: Arcade Riviera


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Arcade Riviera is a synthwave duo from the Italian Riviera. Their music combines their passion for analog synths, the retro vibes of the '80s and the atmosphere of the Italian Riviera.

In an email, band member Valerio Visconti told me how Arcade Riviera came into being, their creative approach and about where they want to go in the future.

KM: How did Arcade Riviera start as a project?

Valerio Visconti: Arcade Riviera was born in spring 2019, so it’s such a very young project. We already made music together in the past with different projects, but we decided to start this fresh, new one from two big things: our love for '80s music and our love for our land, the Italian Riviera

KM: What is it about synthwave music that attracted you to making it?

VV: Well, we both love '80s culture, it reminds us to our childhoods. We are experienced musicians and we both collect analog synthesizers, so our new project is a tribute to that golden age of music, when the synthesizer was often the protagonist. We love that sound.

KM: Tell me more about how you create new music.

VV: We haven't got a unique way to create tracks. Usually one of us creates something like a nice loop or an almost entire track, and then we work on it together. We have different influences; I have cyberpunk/darkwave influences, meanwhile Valerio Rosso has pop/funk influences. We love the mix we've found in our tracks. Usually I start with a drum beat and a good bassline. I put pads or chords on top of it. Valerio R. has a different artistic process, he usually begins from guitar chords or a lyric that he wrote, but I think that every track is born in a different way.

KM: Talk to me about your latest EP Runaway.

VV: Before creating our EP, we simply tried to make new tracks with '80s influences. We realized that we could make good tracks together, so it was a really fast process. I think we created all the tracks in only a month. We then spent a lot of time mixing and mastering the album, we did everything ourselves. We took one of our favorite tracks, Runaway, and decided to give that title to the EP, Everything was really fast and exciting!

KM: What does the future hold for Arcade Riviera?

VV: Our future plans are to release a couple of singles in a few weeks. They are almost ready. We are thinking of a new EP or maybe a full album, it depends on our future engagements and inspirations.

KM: Give me your thoughts regarding the synthwave scene.

VV: The synthwave scene is actually really exciting. There are thousands of new artists only this year (like us). We listened to tons of synthwave music to find inspiration, and we realized that is a world really bigger than we expected. The healthy part of it is all of those small realities that try to give voice to a huge part of those musicians. I think that the scene was more monopolized earlier. What we would love to see is a bigger synthwave scene in Italy: there aren’t big dedicated events, and all of the biggest artists don’t schedule any gigs in our country, that is a pity. But we are a duo full of willpower: I can tell you we are thinking of a great live synthwave event, maybe this winter, in northern Italy. Stay tuned!

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